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Discuss everything and anything Flight Rising.
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What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]





Update: The new clan directory by @ZincAlloy is over here:

This list is inactive! Thank you SO much to everyone who has contributed and shared your clans! Please direct your responses to the thread linked above, where you can manually enter your information into a spreadsheet via survey.


Have you given your dragons an official clan name? I want to compile a list of all the named clans on FR! Tell me what yours is called, and feel free to talk about them a bit if you want!

Mine is the Redwood Reach clan, of the Sunbeam Ruins. Originally named for the massive tree my progenitor chose as a lair site, they've branched out into the western edge of Light territory overlooking the sea, where they put their scholarly skills to work in the study and treatment of disease. (An excuse to collect gross-looking dragons without having to switch Flights :P)

How about yours?

If you get pinged after replying to this thread, it means I've added your clan to the list. If you accidentally get pinged again after I've added you, it probably means someone else has posted who shares part of your username. I will eventually be going back and adding URLs manually to lead to the proper profiles!

Q: Do I have to register my clan in this thread to make it 'legit'?
A: Not at all, this listing is just for fun, so you can see what kinds of names players have chosen for their clans and get to know them a little. You're not obligated to add yours to the list, though I'd love it if you did!

Q: I changed Flights/usernames/clan names/I want my clan taken down.
A: Just ping me here or message me. Let me know what I should change and I'll edit the post, simple as that! If you have a new name or Flight I would really appreciate it if you could remind me what your previous info was so I can find your entry that much quicker; there are hundreds of clans listed here!

Q: I submitted my clan name a while ago and it's still not on the list.
A: It's easier for me to update in batches rather than edit the list every time a single person replies. I'll get to it eventually! If you think I may have skipped you by accident, feel free to post again.

Some other clan lore resources you might enjoy:
note- these are not run by me

Interactive Clan Map: With these interactive maps created by @Mary you can place markers to show exactly where on Sornieth your clan resides!

Clan Alliances: If your clan is looking for allies, check out this survey and spreadsheet created by @Patch to find players whose dragons may fit the bill.

Please keep dragon images in this thread to a minimum.
I love seeing all your clan leaders, but I don't want this thread to get too image-heavy and moved to Dragon Share!

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My username is
Cynictis and misspelled pings make me cry.
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]






the Allegiance of Eleven (@FlyingSharks)
Animist Clan/Star Shrine (@Animist)
Arcane Mist (@Safikei)
the Arcane Teapot (@Takoto)
Archive of the Eleven (@hatterlet)
Armored Raven Services (@CursedVanguard)
Aurvandil (@scuttlebuggy)
the Bara Clan (@Bara)
Bonnie's Cove (@Chomwqoek)
Caedem Clan (@Shogo)
the Celestial Strand (@Fuchsia)
Clan _______ (@ZincAlloy)
Clan Amare (@Melneth)
Clan Apogee (@cniht)
Clan Arcane Moon (@Rangiku)
Clan Bevel (@Steex)
Clan Chaotic (@Etcetera7)
Clan Corinthian (@Plenilune)
Clan Diadem (@TheHeroQueen)
Clan Dragnier (@Teepo)
Clan Ethereal (@totallynotsuper)
Clan Fairbloom (@Thefantasticj)
Clan Fiersha (@Waltergirl)
Clan Futhark (@dagasisa)
Clan Goldscale (@Orenildur)
Clan Inkstain (@BallpointTattoos)
Clan Kaitos (@Zenelle)
Clan Lloernen (@GillyRae)
Clan Moon Whale (@allrealelements)
Clan Mythos (@ReginaCordium)
Clan of Anamnesis (@Erpelding)
Clan of Astroviators (@AviatorPi)
Clan of the Amethyst Tower (@Jallycyn)
the Clan of Cthulhu (@colorsoutofspace)
the Clan of Pastel Starlets (@Luvs)
Clan of the Spire Ward (@Istoki)
Clan of the Wandering Stars (@Remorium)
Clan Ostarax (@Shellamander)
Clan Pink-Spectrum (@KairiDragoness)
Clan Promethean (@CosmicRust)
Clan Regal (@Rey)
Clan Rune Hive (@iHibariKyoya)
Clan Shardik (@XenSilverQuill)
Clan Stark (@TheDragonLord)
Clan Starkeeper (@Mags)
Clan Starscythe (@Minstrel)
Clan Starweaver (@pinkiestink)
Clan Stellae (@Paradoxmagic)
Clan Unicorn Coast (@lemontart)
Clan Vesperia (@Thraka)
Clan Wandering Mind/the Shrieking Nether Rogues (@mindsend)
the Crimson Peaks (@ShadowSoul)
Cult of the Arcanist (@caligulette)
Dark Moon Clan (@DarkMoonDragon)
Deoradhan-Kunibert (@sgkat)
Drag0nstuck (@Aradiabot)
Dragons of the British Empire (@Briton)
Dreams Seekers (@Seebaru)
the Ehwaz Clan (@Soil)
Enchanted Masquerade (@Shika)
Esoteric (@Ghyra)
Falling Stars Clan (@kittenboops)
Fenice Normandy (@NerakaFenice)
the Fiarastele (@BrightEyedBeast)
Fox Clan (@FabLittleFox)
the Golden Sun (@PsySpark)
the Gloom Clan (@Arinna)
the Hidden Mystics (@OceanEyesofJune)
the Iski Clan (@shoujolegs)
Kyanite Sentinels (@runetarot)
the Ley Clan (@Kittenklaws13)
the Library of the Nephilim (@Outer)
LOSAD Clan (@AlbaliKursal)
the Lundlaevungar (@Lundlaeva)
Magic Crafters (@Trym)
the Montolians (@Bailmint)
the Nebula Guild (@ProfessorGator)
the Night-Star Clan (@AntiFerret)
Opal-Eye Clan (@dragonknight32)
Paradise (@Zyll)
the Passage Bonding (@Mammarmiar)
Rain Clan (@RainWolfheart)
Ravenskull (@Zephemeral)
Rose Clan (@Rosie115)
Rose Quartz Clan (@IceQueenGlace)
Spirit Quartz (@palinoiia)
Star Clan of the Fae Fields (@Airys)
Star-Bard Clan (@Foxhall)
the Starblooded (@dreaming)
the Stardancer Fleet (@Cepheus)
Stardust Wanderers (@Sildrael)
Stargazers Alliance (@RoyalSorceress)
the Starlight Inn (@celestialsqr)
Starline Clan Bed & Breakfast (@Tocabella)
Starshine Dreamer (@oneirodrakon)
Starwood Sanctuary (@Adu)
Sunset Shimmers (@riiverstaared)
Super Awesome Cool Clan (@PinkWater)
Supernova Clan (@RaveLegend)
Twilight Stars Clan (@Patch)
Wilting Willows (@TCTLG)


Angry Bunny Clan (@Tengu)
Briarwood Grotto (@Ore)
the Brimstone Legion (@Asmo)
Clan 302 (@DepravityInBlack)
Clan Amyslays (@SlainCane)
Clan Earthcarver (@Ner)
Clan Irondock (@Thekrackensmeow)
Clan Lisandre of Travertine Bluffs (@Lisandre)
the Clan of Earthen Tricksters (@KylenTeriva)
the Clan of Eon (@Eon)
Clan of the Immortal Sun (@Suncatcher)
Clan of Painted Stone (@EclipseDragon)
Clan of Soaring Cliffs (@JackalBones)
the Clan of Song and Claw (@SilverShadow)
Clan Rockspeaker (@Meirya)
Clan Solum Ater Castrum (@Eraser)
Clan Spazzy (@SpazzyJenny)
Clan Spikemantle (@Garuna)
Clan Stone Clover (@celelorien)
Clan Strunmah-krenok (@paintedpolarbear)
Clan Unconquorubble (@Mallicat)
Clan WindwardBirds (@WindwardBirds)
the Clanhome (@Founder)
Cliff Lion Clan (@Temerity)
Earth Bound Tribe (@Nayya)
the Earth Clan (@Earth)
Forgotten Orphanage (@Februari)
Freelance Mercenary Company (@Falsan)
Galaxywood Clan (@Pollack)
Glittering Gem Clan (@thequeenofhearts)
Gloamchasm Irregulars (@Greenzaku)
Grit Clan (@Dreu)
the Hall of the Mountain Queen (@Cherubim)
Haelfury Clan (@Takora)
the Mineral Clan (@Mineral)
the Misfits of the Shattered Plain (@boothbiscuit)
Pipsqueak Clan (@Fezzywigg)
Ro-Ro Clans (Rockfalls Trench/Clan Rosebay) (@Roro)
Sankari Clan (@Abia)
the Scrolls Clan (@Abril)
Stillheart Clan (@vonRothbart)
Wingfold Canyon Clan (@Wingfold)
Wolf Fang Clan (@FoxonStilts)


the Alloy (@Rako)
Angband Clan (@philstar22)
Askival (@Coolkid)
Bluehaven Forge (@Ingemar)
Casa Incendio (@KhaleesiMyr)
Clan Airmura (@Zygarde)
Clan Alvangaar (@Noble)
Clan Asenoi (@raktajino)
Clan Aves (@ArcherAnders)
Clan Candescence (@obscuresoul)
Clan Cedar View (@GiddyExcitement)
Clan Corsair (@Mudkip)
Clan Firelight (@Reyna)
Clan of Glass Bells (@AedenSolus)
Clan Ghost Lights (@IronPen)
Clan Hottits (@Navella)
Clan Ikposa (@somnomania)
Clan Lasair (@commentgirl102)
Clan Mirage (@hologramblue)
Clan Nakama of the Molten Spire (@Rexi)
Clan of the Burning Night (@SonicZeroFire)
Clan of the Burrows (@Arcaii)
Clan of the Northwestern Mines (@Harkness)
the Clan of Rising Embers (@Xotis)
Clan of Second Night (@Rivix)
Clan Orodres (@Meridok)
Clan Protector (@CrossHound)
Clan Pyrefly (@Pearlcatcher)
Clan PyreLight (@Serendipity82)
Clan Rosary (@Heartmane)
Clan Runescar (@Jaidyn)
Clan Scorched Rock (@Fawntastic)
Clan Spartacus (@LucisAbsentia)
Clan Talandreth (@KatieKat)
Clan Vesuvius (@Firetear)
Clan Von Brandt (@theviolentlolita)
Clockwork Forge (@clockworkMoose)
Ember Clan of the Ashfall Waste (@alagasianflame)
Eventide's Famine (@Shadifax)
Fandom (@CaptainFleeper)
the Firefalls Tribe (@MadamWinter)
the Firefly Keep (@MrPrince)
Firespirit Clan (@VVolfspirit)
Flamedün Clan Hatchery (@SierraKomodo)
FlameWing Forge (@AlphaRaposa)
Fluttering Flames Clan (@Digipup)
Heated Lair of the Bubbling Pit (@VeiledOverdose)
Hissear (@Hissear)
the Host of the Heights (@Garney)
House Finchcatcher (@GibbysDragons)
Infernal Summit (@AlpineHell)
Lights Clan/Fire Ritual Clan (@Elliethefox)
the Magmatic Flux (@Upsil0n)
Prism Hearth Lair (@Midnightpinto)
the Pyroclast (@MissMad)
the Rottenwoods Clan (@Soujun)
Scythe Drake (@IvoryFrost)
Seer's Ridge (@AetherSeer)
Skywatchers (@wingdingdong)
Spriggan Hearth (@Soro)
Stoneflame (@SandstormL)
Sunlit Silver (@danidawn)
Unshakable Hearth (@KittyLune)
Veldfire Furnace (@Lynchly)
Voodoo Clan (@WhoDoVoodoo)
the Wandering Reef (@willster8ds)
Windwatchers' Grove (@madmadsmadly)
World 8 (@Koopaling)


the Assassin's Den (@B1ueFlame)
Aurora Falls (@quailheart)
the Aurorium (@Anjila)
Blacksnow Clan (@HarumiMiharu)
Brokenwing Clan (@Brokenwing)
Casgliad Clan (@Amulet)
Clan Andaluse (@Lorii)
Clan Congeal (@Leopardbreath)
Clan Death Watch/Kyr'tsad (@NorthDakota)
Clan Diamond Dust (@JinxMoonstone)
Clan Draiglas (@Draiglas)
Clan Fluffbutts (@Caerbannog)
Clan Ice Storm (@Ravage)
Clan Lacunae (@Ayulsa)
Clan Midnight Sun (@LordLauri)
Clan Moonfrost (@Lunarsnow)
Clan Morganite (@Murasaki)
Clan of 1000 Sculptures (@Quix)
Clan of the Crystal Lights (@KnightOfScarves)
Clan of the Dark Frost (@Kerriganne)
Clan of the Frozen Void (@Icefury34)
Clan of the Glacial Tempest (@Mashiara)
the Clan of Imps in Funky Fierce Fedoras and Glamorous Guardian Gals (@Xylom)
Clan of the Lunar Frost Caverns (@CrystalSiren7)
Clan of the Ravenmoon (@Ravenmoon)
Clan of Refugees (@GamerShelke)
Clan of the Wanderer (@HazelJade)
Clan of the Winter's Wrath (@Solarin)
Clan Pruina (@Korento)
Clan Rimesky (@RimeRind)
Clan WinterStorm (@Brikita)
Clan Yggdrasil (@Bragi)
the Cloudscrape Marauders (@applejuice)
Crabcastle Rock (@HermitQueen)
the Crimson Warriors (@CopperRose)
Crystalborn (@Mida)
Crystallos Clan (@DoomedDaphnia)
the Empire of Guarded Crystals (@Icecreampants)
Faeclaw Clan (@Silverskeejee)
Frostbite Woodwinds (@Frostwind)
Frostbone Clan (@Markoh)
Frostfang (@CorNocte)
the Frostjaw Zenith (@Bluesnow26)
Frostlight Henge Monastery (@JulesTheObscure)
FrostWolf (@BananaDog)
the Frozen Archives (@TheChronicler)
Frozen Lightning Clan (@mutedwolf)
the Horefrost Clan (@Frozenbullies)
IceFall Clan (@LoneVarg)
Ice Lilies (@WaterLillyHearts)
Lair of the Far Reaches (@Azure)
the Monastery (@Felahr)
the Monochrome Empire (@Knockout)
Peregrinus Clan (@Rayinuya)
Permafrost Clan (@CozyCoz)
Realm of the Corvidae (@Lizardheart)
Reflection Weyr (@Zebedee4122)
the Rejects Club (@Nelaros)
Screepa (@Screepa)
the Silt Wyrms (@Valenci)
the Starbound Clan (@Zeco5000)
Umbral Wight Clan (@valure)
Wandering Snows Clan (@mewhaku)
Winterfellen Clan (@demiseandkiss)
Winterlings (@Winterling)
Winterspell Pirates (@Akia)


the 38th Street Dragons (@steamworkBlue)
Antelope Peak (@Eimitan)
Brave Vesperia (@ShiniIllumi)
Bricolage (@jmiller2see)
Bright Cosmos Clan (@Atropteryx)
Burning Sun (@TiggerPup91)
Chiara Dawn (@taat60)
Citrine Garden (@Dande)
Clan Apricitas (@Suicidalpickles)
Clan Archlight (@femequius)
Clan Auran (@Auran)
Clan Brightwing (@drgnhawk)
Clan Crescentia (@NuclearWaffles)
Clan Daybreak (@KittyHamilton)
Clan Fintan (@Ryuka)
Clan Gamma Rays (@Antlrs)
Clan Genesis (@jeheil)
Clan Gréine (@MoodyRebelMage)
Clan Helavalkea (@narrw)
Clan Hyacinth (@junipa)
Clan Journey (@Journey)
Clan Lamprey (@Lamprey)
Clan Lightblind (@HaleyLiz)
Clan Lightshade (@kerru)
Clan Longwing (@Hiss)
Clan Marvel (@MewBladeXxX)
Clan Mindfang (@marquiseMindfang)
Clan Morning Glory (@Itsy)
the Clan of Dawn's Dusk (@Merethic)
the Clan of Dusk and Dawn (@ArgenteaMoon)
Clan of Gilded Lilies (@Glassbeakers)
Clan of Painted Horizons (@machine)
Clan of the Bearded Iris (@TigerLily)
Clan of the Blue Moon (@CeruleanBlue)
Clan of the Labyrinth (@doctorlecter)
Clan of the Radiant Star (@Clocks)
Clan of the Sheathed Claw (@Calidragon)
Clan of the Silver Star (@Lunetaria)
Clan of Strong Hearts (@ChibiKittens)
Clan of the Sunweave Tangle (@Oceanas)
Clan of the Wandering Sun (@Tetrino)
Clan Parhelion (@spacestraw)
Clan Paroxysm (@Paroxysmal)
Clan Réalta (@Arxon)
Clan Scrivener (@ScrivenerLielac)
Clan Starkhaven (@SebastianVael)
Clan Sunsharp (@Pinnithin)
Clan Whalebelly (@lostballoon)
the Covalence (@ophician)
Daystar Clan (@Azophel)
the Dreaming Dragons (@LunaChi)
Ellora Clan (@Booker)
the Epekhein Archive (@Reptyrian)
Equinox (@Effs)
Evening Star Clan (@Xenysia)
Flint Weyr (@Flintlocke)
the Following of the Daylight Star (@Ruination)
Forgotten Tower (@chaaro)
the Golden Eagle Clan (@BlueDragon42)
the Gourmet Gang (@Swizzle)
Guardian Clan (@warriorjames)
Heliopolis (@thalassiq)
Hero's Light (@AlfredFJones)
Hollow Court (@Khoshekh)
the Illuminated Clan (@VianTheGryphon)
Infiralem (@CicadaGhost)
the Invisus Lair (@Evermagical)
the Ivory Dragons (@Alecko)
Iubaris (@dandylion)
Ivrit Clan (@NotHarvard)
Keeper's Clan (@Jayfrost)
Lightbringer (@Cailean)
the Lightkeeper Clan (@Satchen)
Lumenlit Refuge (@Sunsward)
Moor's Edge Refuge (@Chee)
the Pantheon (@Fara)
Path's End (@Oathfinder)
Ravencry Clan (@Croatoan)
Realgar Clan (@Kraevin)
Realm of Gilded Rays (@Stitched)
Redwood Reach (@Cynictis)
the Ridge (@Fluke)
R'lyeh (@Eldritch)
Seeking Clan (@Shadowfire9)
Sequoiacliff Aerie (@madmadsmadly)
Shining Light (@WishingCharm)
Shining Vigil Clan (@Moonlost)
Silver Wing (@Averis)
the SilverLight Clan (@SilverDragoness)
the Sinnastrae Clan (@youalwayscount)
Slumbering Wood (@YawningDodo)
Smoldering Skies Clan (@Smolderingskies)
Soulhearth Clan (@Aveta)
Stoneprism Clan (@Dragondrop)
Sun Seeds Clan (@sourfox)
Sun Singer Clan (@Sumbril)
the Sunbeam Weyr (@IcefireStarfire)
Sundier Righs (@dragoncrystal)
the SunDragon Clan (@SunDragon)
Sunforger Clan (@Ladystarry)
the Sunshield Clan (@birdzilla)
Sunwell Clan (@legendbeary)
Tsukuri (@Slaine)
White Cliffs Clan (@Leun)
Yellow Eel Clan (@xantheel)
Yuèlǎo (@CaptainxSpacey)


Ad Astra Clan (@Haymitch)
Azuresky (@BloodLugia)
Baraekiel Clan (@queenxolarii)
Blacklight Clan (@Alternatewarning)
BlueThunder Clan (@NanciuX)
the Brass Knuckled Hooligans (@Teenwolf)
C.A.R.C.A.S.S. (@chordeilinae)
Carmine Clan/Flyer Clan (@Carmine)
Circuitbreaker (@toostupidtocare)
Clan 404 (@Sylvette)
Clan Adelaron (@HowlingHooves)
Clan Altitonant (@Sedakari)
Clan Atirifámi (@Keileon)
Clan Bismark (@LibraryWhale)
Clan Blackout (@Lacuna)
Clan Bowie (@jarethbowie)
Clan Brontide (@Aslee)
Clan Candeloro (@Mami)
Clan Carlyte (@Grit)
Clan C.O.R.V.U.S. (@Corvus)
Clan de l'Éclair (@Delinne)
Clan Dirge (@Scapegoat)
Clan Divergent (@Zagreus)
Clan Elixir (@Gilan)
Clan Fulgaro (@Esdese)
Clan Jinetjade (@Jinetjade)
Clan Leucetius (@Tymache)
Clan Lightning-Rod (@Rosarya)
Clan Moru (@KatAclysm)
Clan Motley (@Tsaiah)
Clan Mutation (@Toxoid)
Clan Night Vale (@NightVale)
Clan Nihon (@Petrazilla)
Clan Noir (@Leder)
Clan of Jin (@Raitoyami)
Clan of the Broken Sky (@Stormrunner)
Clan of the Chargeless (@maskofketer)
Clan of the Howling Tempest (@Ototo)
Clan of the Mystery Machine/R&D Laboratories (@Kaj)
Clan of the Screaming Storm (@Ciphers)
the Clan of Stygian Skies (@Heliolisk)
Clan of the Weathered Storm (@Sunspark)
Clan Prometheus (@tinydobes)
Clan Pulse (@Marshell)
Clan Quietkeep (@Siraiceshine)
Clan Skyglow (@pyrictechno)
Clan Starcircuit (@starz)
Clan Storm Gear (@ZabetTheRabbit)
Clan Stormrunner (@Th13teen)
Clan Stormwatch (@StarrySpelunker)
Clan Tinkertal (@Tinkertal)
Conglomerate of Ships (@Fujoshi)
Digsite #6362 (@Bennie)
Dragons in Disguise (@Battlehog)
Dragons of the Shatterclaw Mesa (@Metacron)
the Electrized Plateau (@Nimitsu)
Elysia (@Yakuza)
Emerybane (@CrimsonWerewolf)
Fulmen Fabrications (@Anher)
Glaive Clan (@ChaseTokki)
Groundhaven Clan (@Jinxdroid)
Hivernal Storm Clan (@Darkersolstice)
House Galla (@TeaLeafves)
House Tigris (@Rayen)
the Lightning Refuge (@Dauziel)
Lightning Weather Forecasters (@Mydragonsfly)
Lux Caeli (@WaywardMind)
Lyrium Light (@spiritrogue)
Mirror's Light (@NonstopDoodle)
the Mischief (@Delillah)
the Node (@Sonne)
Nomads of the Shifting Sands (@SandScales)
Obsidian Order (@CyberNexus)
the Outlast (@Nanosaur)
Reanimation (@Hausdaddy)
Rogue Science Corporation (@Rogue)
the Seeker Cavern Division (@Resurgent)
Sharrak Clan (@PepperHead)
Shatterblast Clan (@Skykitty)
Shriekwinds Clan (@Mirmulnir)
the Skystrikers (@Shadowrunner)
SLACKERS Inc. (@Sidia)
Staticlack (@puckbuddy)
Stormcliff House (@ShadesofCyan)
the Stormcrawlers (@Narvix)
Stormwalker Laboratories (@Scientist)
Stormwing Clan (@Foxdancer)
the Stryke (@Alei)
the Ultra-Manly Man-Clan of Manly Mangenta Mans (@Spooner)
Unevenstar Clan (@Nequam)
Zion Tribe (@Kitkatmreow)


Apple Clan (@smallapple)
Arden Clan (@raeofsunshine)
the Barrow (@HolrinnLair)
Black Scorpion Clan (@Scorpius)
Blooming Moon Clan (@KaidaHime)
Blushing Trees (@Pastel)
the CavannaRose Collective (@CavannaRose)
Charya Clan (@Charya)
the Church of Leafianity (@SirLeafheart)
Clan Camelot (@Antrey)
Clan Candidum (@DragonChatter)
Clan Canovis (@wailshark)
Clan Erdig (@picklemeister)
Clan Evervale (@Deenath)
Clan Green-Fruit-Grows-On-The-Dawn-Side-Of-The-Hills/Dawnside (@kiwisson)
Clan Greenleaf (@Ravenhill)
Clan Kronole (@Groot)
Clan Mayflower (@SquidMage)
Clan MightyOak (@FeatherAsh)
Clan Mouse (@littlewhitemouse)
Clan Oakheart (@Horticulture)
Clan of Aubade (@jaredleto)
Clan of the Bramblewood Grove (@Liatai)
Clan of Colours (@Rhea)
the Clan of Diversity (@SephyAthredon123)
Clan of Endless Gardens (@WolfyTheCat)
Clan of the Fallen Trees (@Svarog)
Clan of the Flowering Glen (@ChristianCutie)
Clan of Gardenweyr/Petrichor Hill (@Mielikki)
Clan of Good Will/Clan of the Golden Rose (@Frostpelt)
Clan of the Great Baobab Tree (@Lishadra)
Clan of Halcyon Nights (@zingara)
Clan of Iridescent Leaves (@ActualWildclaw)
Clan of Lost Dreams (@Arianthe)
Clan of the Rose Glade (@RosemaryWood)
Clan of the Shaded Wood (@Zhi)
Clan of the Shiny Pink Rock (@RainbowRay)
Clan of the Torrential Vale (@Foxxtrot)
Clan of Woodland Trails (@DancingCorgi)
Clan Orwyn (@Fortuna)
Clan Potato Chip (@Lewa)
Clan Riversong (@Battler)
Clan Roma (@StevenStone)
Clan Sacridite (@Barbie)
Clan Stormfall (@LadyMunin)
Clan Sunfall (@lisasunny)
Clan Sunleaf (@MantisBard)
Clan Viridia (@Lupen)
Clan Zenith Eryn (@Cereious)
Clarus Clan (@clarax)
Cracked Skull Clan (@Talonr)
Crow Winged Clan (@Heeroku)
the Crystal Blooms (@FrozenStarlight)
DarkenedForest (@Mutation)
Datura (@Nanshe)
Dawnflight Clan (@20firebird)
Dolloff Clan (@Riley92)
the Dovah Clan (@loveverly)
the Drakel Clan (@Drakel)
Dryads Rest (@Finnley)
Evarinya (@Niernen)
Ferinon's Clan (@fiffelsniff)
Forestwalker Clan (@Verdice)
Fortgrove Clan (@Livestraes)
Ginkgo Clan (@BatCatization)
the Godswood (@Devildove)
Golden Canopy Clan (@ryttu3k)
Haven Clan (@Havendre)
Heartwood Clan (@AmityWall)
Hibiscus Clan (@Kell)
Ibiliven Clan (@MagicHats)
Iron Oak Clan (@SecretHeritage)
Isle of Gymnopedies (@gymnopaedy)
Kodama Tribe (@PeaceTree)
Korith Clan (@Kraal)
Laurel Copse (@sprigeooooo)
the Lionheart Guild (@SlashQueen)
Los Bohemios/Lesbohemia (@Lesbohemian)
Medezveris Clan (@CatellaArs)
Moongrove Clan (@Elegantly)
Moonstone Efflorescence (@Ravera)
Morning Star (@morningstar1)
Mushberry Kingdom (@Zoeya)
Myrkvidr Clan (@Quickbeam)
the Nerdclan (@Meezerqueen)
the Orchard (@peachymomo)
the Palmetto Clan (@Merion)
Peacock Fern Clan (@Ashawott)
Perennials of the Quiet Garden (@CobaltCupcakes)
the Rootdweller Clan (@Voltaire)
Royal Muffin Bakery (@DerbyGirl)
Sacred Dragon Forest (@Morichinatsu)
Second Chance (@Solaristigres)
the Sherlockian Clan (@Rednettle25)
Shimmering Glen Clan (@Alacri)
the Shirelings of Mirkwood (@ChildOfWater13)
the Shrine (@maryamshrine)
Shuttered Clan (@Havelocked)
Sideris Clan (@Saccharine)
Silvhaven Grove Clan (@Fleaqueen)
Singing Stone Clan (@opus13)
the SnakeBite Clan (@AdderSnakeBite)
Stonehead Clan (@bananasheep)
Sunrise Hibiscus (@Ikunoche)
the Tarot Clan of Everbloom (@Pandalovvy)
Terrepaix Clan (@SalaamEnder)
the Treebloom Tribe (@Amazonite)
the Underclan (@acorncap)
United Federation of Planets (@bcrush)
Verdant Clan/Astral Clan (@tacroy)
the Whispering Glades (@Darillion)
Wild Moss Clan (@owlfeathers)
Woodwind Grove (@Asashi)
Yelling Bird Clan (@Velociparrot)
Yew Clan (@DragonElliott)
Yggdrasil's Canopy (@NornVerdandi)


the Abandoned (@BasementBeast)
Apocalypse (@Apocalyptichorse)
Ashwound Clan (@Sosiqui)
the Augury (@subobo)
Barbvine Clan (@LittlestMedic)
Th' Black Firebird (@Firefeather)
Blight Wing Clan (@Miashin)
Blisterclan (@PantherTheRogue)
the Bone Castle Court (@Mary)
Bonetaker Clan (@mngwa)
the Cassetticons (@Poplock)
the Children of Pestilence (@Beelzebub)
Cirque des Damnés (@Yonderly)
Clan Asylum (@FireIceAndRage)
Clan Catalyst (@shinyferaligatr)
Clan Cynderbark (@Cynderbark)
Clan Dark Woods (@MinkxAoba)
Clan Durano (@ClawsThatCatch)
Clan FainéantAcroamatic (@apatheticOccult)
Clan Eczema (@Kahvinporo)
Clan from Prion (@Colic)
Clan Ge-Rouge (@redwerecat)
Clan Haj-Atthirar (@Maus)
Clan Klok (@Morticia)
Clan Loimic (@ocularoracle)
Clan Lues et Bellum (@Nekokittybird23)
Clan Miasma (@LupisDarkmoon)
Clan Nomadbound/Clan Rookery (@Rookery)
Clan November (@KellerJo)
Clan of the Coiling Maw (@ArkleeTerror)
Clan of Contagion Cave (@PlagueArcher)
Clan of Cyanide (@Cyanide)
Clan of the Faes' Eyes (@werewhiskey)
Clan of the Hallow Hand (@Skreel)
Clan of the Pervading Pandemic (@Survivors)
Clan of the Plaguetide Scrolls (@rookjay)
Clan of Psychosis (@interestingword)
Clan of the Putrid Plague (@Surgetic)
Clan of Sick Reflections (@LoverOfLostSouls)
Clan of Singing Blood (@Minstri)
Clan of the Sunlit Song (@tinyelephant)
the Clan of Toxic Shock (@Elismist)
Clan of Trumpeters (@HoennTrumpeter)
Clan of the Wandering Scorpion (@MorbidArachnid)
Clan Passus (@MasterofIntrigue)
Clan Persephone (@modbox)
Clan Ravenswing (@MidnightRaven)
Clan Rin'hi bah Htisah (@Thrawn)
Clan Saeva Renatus (@Carnifex)
Clan Sangviničan (@TheJinxedFox)
Clan Seiryuu (@Seiryuu)
Clan Senta?guloj (@bubbie)
Clan Sharktooth (@Kendrell)
Clan Taxidermy (@Taxidermy)
Clan Wyrm (@YseTheGreat)
the Cocoon (@vmprsm)
the Consuming Locust (@Woundwort)
the Contagion (@Bubonic)
Contagion Creek (@BlueEmbers)
Contagion Rising (@Rose202)
Contamination (@Contamination)
the Cult of Boil and Bone (@Adletian)
Cybercide (@Aazhie)
Daanik Kendov (@Separatist)
Elder Guardians (@lunusdragoness)
Enduring Remnants (@Zhombi)
Fallen Sky Clan (@Mikki)
Fell Wind (@Bluradic)
Geistclaw Clan (@Ghostlyvolk)
Gnawing Clot (@Vaphire)
Glitter Lighthouse Clan (@NeophyteRedglare)
Grimrot Gulch (@Skellri)
Harbingers of the Damned (@JonsieMcJones)
the HBs (@StopTheBats)
Hellclaw Canyon Clan (@Deino909)
the Hunting Party (@xXDeathFuryXx)
Immortalis Mortem (@MorganK)
Influenza (@Verona)
Ironwill Fortress (@Power)
Isle of the Rotting Oasis (@AjiFox)
Kibougamine Academy (@Foxling)
Komdela Clan/Misfit Pirates (@Blessings)
the Kuru Clan (@CannibalOrca)
the Letumis Court (@NearMiss)
the Lurking Fear (@rayray450)
the Mirage Clan (@Salvation)
Mordant Reckoning (@Inskora)
Mordraci Clan (@Skifter)
Mortaliz Lethe (@Magpies)
Necrosis Clan (@HecateScourge)
Nocte Morbus (@Swift)
Pack Reflection (@finchthewyrmling)
Parasites Lost (@chlorokinetic)
Pestilentia Clan (@temptingglow)
the Prismatic Dragonflight (@Kich)
Red Rock Clan (@Jackalope)
Rot's Revelers (@Ecxcabre)
Rukei Clan (@OndineNova)
Safe Haven (@SharkBite)
Scarred Wings (@FlameShuken)
Scath (@Marceline)
Shadowsong Clan (@Fenix)
Sole Luna (@miasuper2014)
the Sons of Ayne (@NamelessTraveler)
Spiraling Sickness Clan (@JackSkells)
Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron (@Psycho)
Thunderwing Clan (@Korival)
Träume von Mephistopheles (@Eriecht)
Tribe of the Festering Scar (@7thUtopia)
the Tunnel of Love (@Taarnfalk)
Valebane Clan (@Namira)
the Warriors of Dreadspire (@Raberelyssa)
Wasteland Weyr (@TimeShadow)
Watership Down (@saintmayhem)
the Wings of Ragnarok (@stephonatron)
Winter's Kiss (@Botulism)


the Abbey of Azrael's Keep (@Mort)
Agg'killor (@Skarm)
Amberglow (@LadyKilana)
Arca Reliquary (@reliquiaen)
Azaryxe Clan (@phoeniixfire)
Boreas Clan (@Wolfsong1994)
the Blüdwing Clan (@TheSomnambulist)
Cacodyl Creeks (@Cacogen)
Caecus Sonus (@Lyriel)
Caliginous Grove (@biohazardBroski)
Candle Caves (@empTEA)
Candysweet Clan (@trickstersweet)
Castle Duskhallow (@Nicolas)
Clan Ambrosia (@Delight)
Clan Anesidora (@PandragonsBox)
Clan Blackreach (@MissMorior)
Clan Bucket-for-Prez (@typicalFeline)
Clan Camelcase (@dracoon)
Clan Caniis (@FriskyDingo)
Clan Chiaroscuro (@DoktorGilda)
Clan Dark-Blood (@stealthclaw)
Clan Dark Sun (@DarkSunflower)
Clan Darkstar (@NikitaDarkstar)
Clan Glowcap (@Vihn)
Clan Joshëse (@VigilanteSnail)
Clan Lucida (@Roguish)
Clan Luna (@JadeRabbit)
Clan Lunaerium (@BeingOfNature)
Clan Moonwing (@qwertypi303)
Clan Nebthetite (@Lorebeq)
Clan Nightblaze (@Nightblaze)
Clan Nightshade (@biqua)
Clan Nikephoros (@kingofeli)
Clan Nocturne (@sadey)
Clan of the Atrum Hollow (@waywardCarousel)
Clan of Dancing Shadows (@AsmaetheFox)
Clan of the Eclipse (@EclipseDraculine)
Clan of the Fallen (@PhantomNyx)
Clan of Hidden Tricks (@TinyDancer)
Clan of the Hunting Dark (@beckyh2112)
Clan of Lost Hatchlings (@EvekiClival)
Clan of Promise (@Promise)
Clan of the Roaming Shadows (@Rose6060)
Clan of Silenced Shadows (@Wolfgirl)
Clan of Starless Nights (@pajamawizard)
Clan of the Starlit Hollow (@Akaittou)
Clan of the Cold-Blooded (@Nerisatra)
Clan of Vagdon (@ZenEffy)
Clan of Wilde Hearts (@Wildehearted)
Clan Penumbra (@crepuscine)
Clan Persemarsh (@Felixitous)
Clan Sha Ka Ree (@Sybok)
Clan Shadestar (@Shadowspirit)
Clan Skotádi (@AdrestiaEris)
Clan Vasslvar (@malsetkai)
Clan Within the Shadows (@Endeavorly)
Clockwork Tempest (@Zephyria)
Crescent Hollow (@missmonet)
Dark River (@Kayle)
the Den of Tricksters (@Fiendish)
the Dicebreaker Clan (@ravenclawcole)
Draco Inanis (@Giratina)
the Dusk Garden Clan (@Grizabella)
Duskhollow Haven (@Sabariel)
the Eventide Union (@Driskol)
Fallen Dusk (@Shinehollow)
Foxfire Woods (@Vallantis)
Glow Wood Clan (@Taznea)
the Hallowed Umbra (@SlimShady)
Haven Zero (@FalconRex121)
the Imperium (@Vinsomer)
Littlefern Hall (@fennekin)
Met by Starlight (@PlushiePalooza)
Middle Earth Rollers (@TrundlingPumpkin)
Mishmash of Misfits (@Fixeddotdice)
Moonlit Waltz Clan/Pearlescent Conglomeration (@CarnivaleWaltz)
Murky Woodlands of Eraber (@WinterCrow)
Myth Haven Clan (@MythrianAlpha)
the Nightsmiths (@Nightsmith)
Pinewood Mire (@Ismaiel)
the Ravenwatchers (@Sellenair)
the Riftshade (@Corvix)
Ryst-Derezst Clan (@Ryst)
the Salt Clan (@Gerbilfuzz)
Scattershot Clan (@kaosblaze)
Scribite (@Upstart)
Scripted Shadows Clan (@firewyrm2018)
Seekers of Crystals (@Munak)
the Shadeveil (@Raptress)
Shaded Roost (@Dragonlaird)
Shadow Fang Clan (@RoxySantana)
the Shadow Realm (@Vergil)
the Shadow Sanctuary (@SybilRamkin)
the Shadowdancers (@tyshalae)
the ShadowHoof Allies (@TrickMurk)
the Shadowscales Clan (@Rockelle)
the Shadowstorm Clan (@lupadracolis)
Shadowsworth (@MilliesMillions)
Shadow-walker's Glen (@KitsuneXIII)
Shady Maple Grove (@AgentModem)
the Shianage (@Pasafatu)
Silent Darkness Clan (@SaturnsSenshi)
Silent Shimmer Clan (@Sparkle)
Silver Aura (@Boruteeji)
the Sombre Shade (@GiftOfArtemis)
Soulbinders (@Rexcaliburr)
the Spinel Vulstal's Hideout (@Midnightscroll)
Starlit Sanctuary (@Umbra)
Tithe Collectors (@Kyomu)
Trail Mix (@itstherene)
Trembling Pine Clan (@Tussle)
the Trickster Mages (@willowminnow)
Valdruk Clan (@Velg)
Volatile Crepuscule (@CynicalFanfares)
the WispHollow Den (@Voidtech)
the Zeinfalen Clan of Shadows (@SinDarkblade)


Azure Cove (@AzureSky)
the Calm Deep (@CatDetective)
Chlorine Channel Clan (@poolwater)
Clan Abyss (@Graveforth)
Clan Alpha (@AlphaThirteen)
Clan Andriora (@Pegasus2o5)
Clan Ciklakah (@xXBlaydedXx)
Clan Greyjoy (@Greyjoy)
Clan Meur (@chaosheart13)
Clan MoonGlow (@Daypaw)
Clan of the Abyss Guard (@Twelvewishes)
Clan of the Bathysmal Wash (@asenji)
the Clan of High Seas (@Emputti)
the Clan of the Monkfish (@monkfishlover)
Clan of the Moonlit Lagoon (@MoonlitFox)
Clan of the Moonlit Reef (@Somniaat)
Clan of the Next Wave (@loracarol)
Clan of the Radiant Caverns (@Alaia)
the Clan of Rising Tides (@lusikkanikula)
the Clan of Rushing Ripples (@Sleepykitty)
the Clan of Singing Seas (@lemonadesoda)
Clan of a Thousand Waves (@keyestawren)
Clan Pool Noodle (@Elsa)
Clan Simbi (@Krakauer)
Clan Star Shine (@steampunkdNinja)
Clan Stormfront (@mechadragon)
Clan Tidesong (@Chanilove)
Clan Underwater Currents (@xlilCarol)
Clan V (@rbb)
Clan Vharrus-Har'ol (@Mirsheb)
Clan Vinculum (@rubeofkubic)
Clan Vissen (@OwlRecluse)
Clan WindyWaves (@Alethia)
Crystal Cavern Clan (@Spatial)
Crystal Springs Clan (@Cutiepaws)
Echo Clan (@icenice)
Erebos Cove (@Heisitaka)
Flightless (@Darkdragonfiend)
Fusilli Falls (@pastabilities)
Geyser Grotto Clan (@brit)
Great Coral Reef (@HSoup)
Hadopelagic Clan (@Thunderwalker)
Kabachu (@Ryoga)
the Leaping Water Clan (@Pinkangel725)
Lost Pebbles (@AMSherwood)
Lunara Gatekeeper Clan (@LunaraGK)
Maren Boneyards (@SyiiTormey)
NOODLEs (@devilltrigger)
the Not-Quite-Drowned (@Velsim)
Ópal Hylinn (@KaidaStrife)
Pandora's Aquarium (@Girolamo)
Peaceful Tides (@Coolangel533)
Pearls Cove (@Loddie)
Pontos Axenos (@PontosAxenos)
Power Team Mirror (@Buckyroba)
Rainsky Clan (@Hurricanesong)
Redwater Clan (@Meymo)
Riptide Clan (@gurubot)
Rising Tides Clan (@KiraJacqueline)
the Sargassum Gyre (@taeniura)
SeaRuffle Clan (@Merellia)
Sea Song Tribe (@LonelyBird)
Seer's Cove Clan (@dragonoffate)
the Shallows (@Raikdow)
the Shipwreck (@Qella)
Shore Cove Clan (@deeproar)
the Silver Pond (@Stormagedon)
Siren Clan (@FridaWoolf)
Spring Tide Clan (@nerk2486)
Steel Crest Clan (@AbanAtaashi)
Stella Maris Clan (@DraconicGiggles)
Stormtide Clan (@MusicalMaladies)
Tide Temporal (@Quamosthy)
Tidecliff Clan (@kiwisue)
Tsunami Clan (@Orcinus)
Wavecaller Clan (@Ithyldin)
WaveSingers Clan (@Frailty)


the Aerius Clan (@LilyRoseZ)
Airy Heights Clan (@Silvanuyx)
Alpha Clan (@HailfireAlicorn)
the Amber Clan (@amberwing)
Artorias Knights (@Artorias)
Asyli de Alienus Animae/Sanctuary of the Misfit Souls (@Canbeezy)
Bamboo Hollow (@Pandatao)
Bleakfalls Clan (@Dragoness)
the Breeze-Errants (@RogueGhost)
the Butterfly Ascent (@SadariEvenstar)
Caeleste Ventus (@CaelesteVentus)
the Church of the Foundations (@MxMyaku)
Clan Ahava (@SobiMoppi)
Clan Avare (@paradoxwizard)
Clan Bane (@marcobane)
Clan Bargello (@SketchySituation)
Clan Breezebreak (@Kizmetto)
Clan Breezewings (@katiewhy)
Clan Clarion (@Clarinetosaurus)
Clan Colorful (@colorfulcotton)
Clan Fabulous (@Frostycloud)
Clan Fairewind (@kokobean22)
Clan Flügel der Freiheit (@BunyipSong)
Clan Haiirokaze (@Amalya)
Clan Himinn of Eyvindr (@ZolfJKimbleeXME)
Clan Hizasone (@Winterferns)
Clan Hullabaloo (@JiggertyPokery)
Clan Hurricanos (@TheLOAD)
Clan Ironkite (@Bauble)
Clan Lesser Lights (@ArouraBorealice)
Clan Martlet (@siuyiu)
Clan Moiety (@Risper)
Clan Morgenlied (@silentsnowdrop)
Clan na Gaoithe Thudaidh (@chezameed)
the Clan of Drifting Dreams (@TheShadowsReturn)
Clan of the Forgotten Eyrie (@spocksocks)
Clan of Kells (@Kuhli)
Clan of the Haven Cluster (@Dragonpuff)
Clan of the Moonlit Zephyr (@MoonlightDragon)
Clan of Murky Spirits (@Purnima)
Clan of the Painted Song (@Citric)
Clan of Steel Wings (@Aggron)
Clan of the Singing Reeds (@Yaeger)
Clan of the Singing Winds/the Windy Warren (@Rabbithearts)
Clan of the Wandering Breeze (@Lyric)
Clan of Wayward Breezes (@Thipnip)
Clan of Whistling Winds (@Lipizzara)
Clan of Windsong Valley (@Yumi9011)
Clan of the Zephyr Tower (@Mythie)
Clan Saltstream (@Toothless)
Clan Skyroad (@Lae)
Clan Starshine (@shinyswablu)
Clan Stormsong (@Stormsinger)
Clan Swiftsong (@englishcapital)
Clan Transient/Vagrant Clan (@Extraterrestrial)
Clan Wanderbreeze (@tacocat)
Clan Windswept (@Esterie)
the Corinium (@Dragonweaver)
Cosmic Gem Clan (@NikkiNicole)
the Crosswinds Clan (@NotQuiteToxic)
the Den Tree (@Luciellia)
Descendants of the Sky (@WhiteSparrow)
Eledh-gweren (@frozenpumpkin)
Feathered Tales (@botoluvr)
the Fruity Clan (@raptorix)
Guardians of the Singing Gorge/Singing Gorge Clan (@RagingBluMunky)
House Insight (@TheWinterSoldier)
House Maelstrom (@PoofinBurd)
Hurricane Clan (@Liah)
the iBurners (@Win)
Jadewind (@Noctis)
Kāinga Taniwha (@miasimia)
Kawaru (@Kawaru)
the Kitewind Clan (@Adi486)
Lair of the Whistling Winds (@Wisecakes)
the Last Retreat (@Zael)
the Martlet's Dream (@FlyingNorth)
MistSong Ridge (@SourPlacebo)
Mythos Helwyr/Myth Hunters (@bloodscribbler)
Narrowsky Clan (@owlstar7)
New Liberty (@Heliopunk)
the Night Sky Clan (@ArtimisNight)
Nightwind Clan (@Taskuhecate)
the Nightwinds (@NightwindDragon)
Northbreeze Clan (@Corgite)
Openbreeze Clan (@thefrayna)
Purgatory (@Noxdragon)
the Rainbow Winds (@CitrusHeart)
the Rainbowstone Clan (@unidra)
the Seekers of Tales (@Xeka)
Shrine of Warm Wishes (@Gwee)
Singing Hollow (@Aerionai)
the Skyborn Kin (@The13Inquisitor)
Skyfloof Clan (@LightConcorde)
SkyLantern Clan (@SkyLantern)
the Skylarking Carnival and Travelling Show (@tacitpermission)
Snapdragon Steppe (@Snapdragon)
Snoop Clan (@Duh)
Sohl Saire (@Serpenthyne)
Song of the Reeds (@NoodleWorship)
Storm Haven (@ShayBre)
the Storm's Eye Clan (@Amut)
Stormwings Clan (@WyvernVenom)
the Sturmbringer Clan (@TropiNui)
the Summer Squalls (@ScrivenerRook)
Sundercloud Clan (@Quantari)
Sylphwood Grove (@Mikaze)
Tailwind Trailblazers (@Khrysteen)
Tainted Crosswinds Clan (@TheKoiCorgi)
Tempest (@SilencedMe)
Thy Elementals (@Dragos1)
Time's Freedom (@foxofwonders)
Tree of Dawn (@Eraea)
Trylium Covenant (@Avarule)
Twilight Skies Clan (@TwilitRaven)
the Twin Lamps (@Resdayn)
Typhoon Clan (@Sketchpad)
the Wanderer's Brook (@Stormbreeze)
Whimsy (@Antarctica)
the Whirlwind Clan (@thegoogy)
the Wind Assassins (@iownfish)
the Windlocked Clan (@Trident)
the Windscripters (@mirrordescent)
Vwilex Clan (@LostUmbreon)
Yoevi Clan (@EuphoriaMorning)
Zephyr Clan (@Sucrechat)

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-FR Sketchbook-Old Clan Listing-Adoptables-Accents-Exalt Guide-
My username is
Cynictis and misspelled pings make me cry.
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]
I've had an idea for a clan for a long time. That was the great clan of Screepa. Given my seriousness towards completing a clan dedicated to this idea, I've named all my dragons things that work well in my fantasy. Some of my dragons live in differeant clans (they don't exist on FR).

For example, there is the For'eh Draknos, which is a group of mages. My dragon Aeirexe represents the High Mages. Here he is:


Also, there is the Rejection. They are a clan of dragons that exist outside of every element and make friends with no one but the fellow outcast. All of the dragons in this clan are tough and scarred. They are outcasts for numerous reasons. Here is Voidrenn, outcast for her rages and scars:


That's my clan!
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]





My Plague clan is called the Fell Wind clan since it used to be a Wind clan before moving. We prize change and adaptability above all. We also cultivate diseases/poisons in order to test our strength and that of others. I even made a nifty logo for it (see signature)!
~~The Fell Wind Clan~~tumblr_n5fg4eLeFM1shqk6ho1_500.gif
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]





@Cynictis - My dragons live in the Great Coral Reef Clan of the Water Flight, led by Oceania.

ruNnigQ.gif For Sale 36173229.png 36265033.png 38788575.png
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]






My clan is known as the Clan of Kells.
The lair is built into a cliffside on the eastern side of the Windswept Plateau, overlooking the Sea of a Thousand Currents. The area is called Kells, so it makes sense.
It also helps my clan has a lot of Irish and Celtic mythology interwoven.
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]





My clan name. Hm. Never really thought about it, but I suppose it'd have to be the Clan of Psychosis, led by Jectoma and Laramis. Loyal to Plague and to Plaguebringer only, we welcome dragons of all flights to join our ranks. Any power is useful, whether water, fire, wind, light, or anything, we will put it to work.
A nature and a plague working together, side by side, is a rare sight. This clan has made it work, and are striding forward faster than expected due to this. Opposites attract, and we are the most opposite in the whole of the site.
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]






Oh man my poor clan

When I was in Shadow, it was the Black Wolf Clan. After my switch to Lightning, it became the Dark Lightning Clan. When it was taken over by Jackal's forces, it was split into the DLC and the Pack. Upon reunification it's currently the Dark Lightning Pack, although that's probably subject to change.
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]





Ooooh I never thought about naming mine... gonna think about it and post it later!
What's Your Clan's Name? [INACTIVE]






Mine is ~The Clan of the Haven Cluster~.

I always tend to name my home-places in games something along the line of 'haven', because I like the word and what it means. Everything is always a haven of some sort! And it works especially well with Wind, I think, to be an open, welcoming home to any Dragon that finds the need for it. ^w^
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