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Exalting, a summary.

The reward has been increased to 25k, roughly double. I still think it's lackluster, but hey, it's an improvement. We can only hope they care more about those who enjoy levelling their dragons.

I just exalted my Level 25, Riptide, to participate in Dominance for my clan. Having only exalted a level 1 before, and getting 1.5k for it, I expected something not too bad to come from this. I read on one of the Flight Rising Questions and Answers that:

"If you exalt a level 7 dragon, you would get many more times the rewards of exalting a level 1 dragon."

So I was very excited to do a level 25!


~12,000 Treasure. It's like a joke. Apparently 'many more times the rewards' is less than 10 times. All the time spent in the coliseum, gone. The Battle Stones required to make it able to level properly cost more than that. You get more in the auction house for selling a LEVEL 1 HATCHLING then exalting a FULLY GROWN LEVEL 25 DRAGON.

This is ridiculous, it felt like I was robbed. I would have rather kept him in my clan, safe and sound to farm/level my other dragons, instead of giving him up for POCKET CHANGE. It's like flushing them down the toilet.

Not to mention we don't have an abundance of dragons. If we had enough to where pouring them into the Exalting Funnel wouldn't hurt, then it would be fine. But even the most basic dragons take 15 days to breed, then the eggs have to hatch, and even then we may only have one egg in that clutch.

Dominance? Barely worth it, especially if we have to exalt more dragons than every other flight. So after throwing away all our hard earned dragons, we get a WEEK of benefits. Let's break this down.
  • 1,750 treasure.
  • 7 gathering turns, less than half a day.
  • 10% off Marketplace items, meaning if you spent 100k in the marketplace, you'd be saving 10k. IF you spent that much at all.
  • +1 to all dragons stats, giving pretty much no advantage in the coliseum, thanks to the battle stones' dependence on focused stat raising.
Do not take this for petty complaining, I want to hear discussion about this. Personally, as you can tell, I feel exalting is more akin to the Recycle Bin on your desktop than an efficient 'fun' way to retire a dragon and help your clan.

Any thoughts?

Last edited on Jul 16, 2013, 05:21:20 by TechyConversant
Exalting, a summary.





I never put any thought into this, since I havent done it yet, I didnt even know you got treasure for it. But really? To me this seems like a rip off. expecially if its stated you get many times more for it. but 12k is barely anything, you can get more than that for an EGG!
I thin this should be edited to fix it up some ;u;
Exalting, a summary.





I definitely agree that 12k for a level 25 exalt is ridiculously low, considering the time spent to actually get a dragon up that level is ridiculous in comparison. (I wish I had some sort of table that had a full list of exalt values per level, that'd be great to bring into this.)
It's pretty much going at a rate of 500 treasure per level, in which as you pointed out Tech, is nothing compared to the cost to actually leveling the dragon.

I'd love to see this changed in the future, maybe having higher treasure rate percentages based upon level would work better, instead of an *almost fixed rate.

*merely basing on the rate per level flat when you look down the line, I know level ones flat exalt for 1,500, just pointing out the ratio. xD
Exalting, a summary.





I agree with you, and ive thought this about exalting ever since i read the benefits of dominance. it's not worth it at all. I probably will not ever exalt. the rewards for sending you're dragons of to be missionaries needs to be so much higher... the only time I will exalt is if i can't find someone to buy a dragon i do not want, and I'm pretty sure I'd be able to find someone.
Exalting, a summary.





I had heard from a few friends that exalting higher level dragons really wasn't worth it at all, despite what the site copy suggests. It's a real pity you lost a good dragon finding it out! I wish that even if they didn't plan on making the rewards for exalting high level dragons more...well...rewarding, the site staff would at least make them a little clearer so more people don't end up making this same mistake.
Exalting, a summary.





You get more in the auction house for selling a LEVEL 1 HATCHLING then exalting a FULLY GROWN LEVEL 25 DRAGON.

It should be kept in mind that prices on the Auction House are player-controlled, and once the site has had time to mature, dragons will likely continue to fall in price, since there will be exponentially more each cycle. For instance, there's no telling where dragon prices will be at in one month, or three, or six. It's possible, at some point, that leveling a dragon for exaltation (as you did) will be actually more lucrative than selling it on the auction house. It simply remains to be seen!

That being said, we are absolutely not above adjusting features (whether it means increasing the payout for exaltation or making Dominance rewards better), but there needs to be a bit more data to make the best choices for the life of the site. I really appreciate your post, @TechyConversant, as it does get us thinking. If you have any great ideas for how this system could be improved, we'd love to hear about them on the Suggestions Forum!

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Exalting, a summary.





I didn't know how exalting worked before reading this, but from your description I must agree, the rewards seem very disproportionate to the work put into leveling in the coliseum.
Exalting, a summary.





I would also be happy to edit the wording on any site articles or tutorials, if you guys feel it could be more clarifying. :)
Flight Rising User Interface Designer / Artist
Exalting, a summary.





Yeah, I've been saying this in the past: Dominance isn't really that worth it this early in the game.

Don't get me wrong, the discounts on the MP is really neat. I'm in Ice, so the discount on the breed changers for Snappers and Spirals, and other genes are wonderful to me. There's still a lot of savings. Just that, actually earning the money to spend isn't easy (I don't really think this is a horrible thing) and without planning for dominance, it wouldn't really do any good.

Maybe later it would be worth it, maybe it would be the same. I just don't think dominance is worth it this early and it's better to just breed and sell.

Last edited on Jul 01, 2013, 22:56:55 by Barioth
Exalting, a summary.





I always viewed exalting primarily as a "recycle" option for when the site matures and dragons become more abundant or overpopulated. Since I've never really looked at it as an investment, I actually appreciated that exalting and dominance have little value to them because I feel they're mostly a social experience this way. As I see it, dominance can be something great to unite members of a flight. Everyone gets involved in planning the timing of exalts to maximize their effectiveness, and in so some good interaction can be had. It's also a fun way to have competition between flights, and because it has so little riding on it, it remains a friendly, casual thing.
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