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bellzan » Den » Junglesunbeam
Level 25
Pearlcatcher Female
Apr 10, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryGreen Iridescent
SecondarySunshine Shimmer
TertiaryCoal Basic
Eye TypeNature Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Hmm... What would happen if I added a tad more willow leaves



By Higuchi!



Junglesunbeam was born into the Nature Flight. She loved nature, but most of all she loved when magic and nature combined. She grew magically fast-growing plants, and mixed herbal remedies. Junglesunbeam kept all her findings in a well-worn book that she carried with her everywhere. But others in her clan told her not to examine and document, but just to live. Her pursuit of knowledge and magic got her teased as "half Arcane". Finally, she decided to find out if Arcane dragons would accept her. The first clan she came across was The Dragons of the Amethyst Scale, who welcomed her into their midst.

Beautiful green owls had lived near Junglesunbeam's former clan. One followed her all the way to Amethyst Mountain, where the Dragons of the Amethyst Scale lived, and became her companion.

Poem by @xdudettex:

Inherited from her parents - alive and well,
Thank you very much! - was her talent of spells
Charming trees to act like snakes
She claimed it was magic, people called her half-baked
But lucky for her, her fortune told
That she grows stronger with her love of old
"Make sure to daily do a deed,
Never let your heart grow cold;
Beware, for darkness plants its seed
And it is you who must break the mould".

Junglesunbeam got her fortune told by Brightsoul, one of SadieWitch's dragons:

"Timid Pearlcatcher with soul of pure, it is your pearl that calls to me. Your love for nature has brought you far, and their healing magics will continue to do so. I see in your peak that you can easily be tempted and manipulated by trickery and greed. Beware the Shadows and their darkness as they will be the end of you. Keep Gladekeeper at your shoulders and Lightweaver in your eyes. They will bring you protection."


Her familiar
Her favorite food
173.png 10868.png 1898.png

Normal outfit:


(She used to be dressed up as Maid Marian for Halloween)

Many cultures have a Cinderella story. Junglesunbeam adapted whatever version is most common with dragons to include Sacridite.

A long time ago, during the first years of the third age, a little white coatl named Star was born to a pink mother and a purple father. She was a beautiful dragon, with crystal, shimmer, and circuit genes. When Star was only a few weeks old her mother was killed by beastclans. Star's father grieved for eight long years, then found a new mate who had two daughters of her own. His new mate was blood/avocado/pink and all basic with equally ugly children, but they all made fun of Star for her white and gray color scheme. In a clan of only coatls, Star did not know that elsewhere she would be considered beautiful.

When Star's father grew ill and died she was left in the care of her stepmother, who forced her to do all the chores. Star's cruel family called her Ash because of her unsaturated color scheme, and didn't let her wear any of the fancy apparel. Ash cried silently every night, wishing for a new home and grieving at her parents' deaths.

Years passed. Star grew into a beautiful adult dragon, but she still felt trapped in her clan. She was sure that no one else would love her ever again and it would be hopeless to leave for a new clan.

One day, word reached Star's clan of a huge celebration of Brightshine Jubilee taking place a few miles away and including many clans. Star longed to go, but her family and even the other members of the clan forbid. They didn't want a "sickly" dragon representing them with all the nearby clans.

Little did Star know, there was a patch of sacridite growing a short walk from the clan. Star's mother had planted it before she died, and the sacridite had been growing all this time because of Star's wishes. On the morning of the festival, the sacridite called out to Star. She wandered out of the clan while the others were making preparations to leave and felt herself drawn the patch of sacridite. The sacridite knew of Star's wishes, and it formed some of itself into a set of golden wing silks that shone shinier than any set ever had.

Star was delighted with the gift, and resolved to go to the festival. The sacridite had given her the apparel in the hopes of convincing her to go, but what made Star decide to go was the sacridite's approval of her wish. It had been many years since Star had had an idea or wish approved.

Star skipped back to the clan, and found that they had already left. She smiled, and put on the golden wing silks. The silver and white of her colors with the gold apparel made her look like a star.

When Star reached the festival they were still announcing the activities. Star marveled at the variety of dragons today. Coming from an all-coatl clan she had never seen a pearlcatcher or a snapper. Many of the dragons gave Star stares, but no the kind she was used to. Star was considered by all to be very beautiful.

Star had a wonderful time at the festival. She enjoyed all of the activities, and used a few tablets given to her at the beginning of the event to purchase a souvenir. Almost all the dragons chose the jewelry, but Star had only enough tablets for an armband. As the event was drawing to a close, Star met a pearlcatcher named Falcon. They enjoyed eachother's company, and each promised to find the other the next day.

The festival continued for seven days. Each day Star and Falcon talked for hours. He and Star quickly fond themselves falling in love. On the final day, Falcon was about to invite Star to come back to his clan and be his mate when Star hurried off, afraid of being caught by her clanmates.

Falcon wasn't content to let his love be lost forever. He journeyed farther and farther from his clan. Finally, he found Star's clan. When he first saw Star, he didn't recognize her. But then he saw the armband and knew it was her. Star turned to face him, and they joyfully embraced. Falcon and Star flew off together to his clan, never again to be bothered by Star's step family.

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