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Korpinsiipi » Lair » Soyonzur
Level 1
Pearlcatcher Female
Apr 13, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAzure Pinstripe
SecondarySteel Toxin
TertiaryRust Glimmer
Eye TypeArcane Uncommon
Energy: 32 / 50
Apparel & Skins

swap breeding pair Avanchnzel to Itsa
-> all hatchlings would be 3rd gen

Notes to self: If I, for some reason, do not want to keep this dragon anymore, send it back to Mozie.


The Huntmaster. Master of Teensy the Cragbacked Bouldursa.
She Who Loathes Her Pearl.

Swift. Perceptive. Temperamental.

The thrill of the hunt is what drives her on. She is the clan's best hunter, and she knows it. She loves taking other dragons of her clan on hunting trips. The more challenging the prey, the better.

Soyonzur moved over to her current home clan from Mozie's clan as a hatchling. A few days after, another mirror called Zefei also became part of the clan, and the two have been inseparable since that day.

One day, when the clan's mages were conducting a magical experiment, she had a little accident. The mages had carelessly chosen their location for their experiment, and when something went awry, a massive blast of arcane energies headed directly towards the clan's hatchlings that were close by. Soyonzur noticed the danger and quickly ran between the blast and the hatchlings. The little ones were unharmed, but the arcane energies bonded with Soyonzur and rendered her unconscious. She spent several days drifting in and out of consciousness, all the while she was radiating alarming amounts arcane energy all around herself. Shiana, the clan's enchanter, gave her protective charms that brought down the raging energies. However, her always so brilliant azure blue scales had started changing colour into glimmering rust, and Shiana, together with the clan's more experienced mages and healers, feared this was only the beginning of the change.

A few months passed until it became clear what the blast had done to her. One morning she woke up, feeling completely fine, only she realized her sight had been altered. She wrote it off as side effects from her long-term illness, until she got up and began moving about. She realized walking felt different than before, and promptly looked at herself to see if anything was wrong. She was shocked when she noticed she was no longer a mirror.

(continue that later, figure out how her pearl appeared.....)

Also absolutely hates the pearl, and would rather just toss it somewhere / bury it under all of Grashakal's treasure just to be rid of it. Tends to leave it behind a lot, especially when she goes out to hunt. All this is due to her previous life as a mirror, and she can't understand her continuous need to keep coating the pearl and making it bigger whenever she's near it.

Has stashed her pearl under Grashakal's treasure, after asking if the imperial would mind if she did that. He was amused and accepted, and the other pearlcatchers don't dare approach him and see if the pearl is there. They're trying to find it and force Soy to carry it around.

Also Grashakal rather likes Soy despite her being a pearlcatcher, because she wasn't born that way. He takes great joy in keeping her pearl away from everyone.

Soy hasn't had the need to coat the pearl since stashing it away, since it's "out of sight and out of mind". She's glad of that.

familiar a gift from her mother. originally presented to Kirsui as a gift for a portrait that soy asked her to make of her mother Avrae, but the bear got rather attached to soy and has refused to leave her side.

her mother visited the clan roughly a year after soy's departure from her birth home. avrae brought with her ingredients that would help soy with her itching wings and changing colouration. soon after the visit the clan's alchemist managed to create a brew to help rid soy of the remnants of the unfortunate accident that caused her shifting colouration. with her wings now sporting a toxic pattern, soy has never been happier.

Has a bit of trouble sometimes to keep her new trainees focused, and she suspects it is largely because of her son Harmugstal who is a bit of a troublemaker. Wildareth and Jermerei, her most prized pupils (and now master hunters of their own right) help her sometimes if they can. Strangely enough, the trainees are able to focus much better when the two wildclaws are present, and they don't even have to do anything but be there.

After getting the bear as her familiar, she discovered its tendency to guard her ferociously. She came to the conclusion that having her bear, playfully named Teensy, with her had very much the same effect as Wildareth and Jermerei. Sometimes her trainees would still lose focus, however, at which point the bear would literally sit on them until they behave.

Perhaps the bear is a bit of a freak of nature and actually grows up to be quite large, towering over most dragons? That'd be nice. And he could help guard the lair too (since he is a "guardian of dragonhome").

funnily enough, due to having been a mirror, she enjoys hunting larger prey that yields meat rather than gathering plants or catching insects (even though those are what she's supposed to eat).

Firefly wrote:
Needs 60x Fanned Cockroach and 1x Firebug

Drops from Silky Fanrats at Waterway

Gathering lvl10+ by insect catching at

Cursed Dice Dungeon Crawl

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-02-23:
Day 1 - Sunday

Once the flash from the portal clears, Shadowbinder is nowhere to be seen and the portal that dropped you disappears with a small pop - guess you'll need to find Shadowbinder or get out of this place in some other way. Looking around, the room is filled with many small amethysts - as you look, several of them wink in and out of view. One is conveniently labelled "holder's lair" and might be a way back! You grab an amethyst and success, you see your lair... for a few minutes, until you suddenly are back to the small room. It might be too small to transport you back permanently, and Shadowbinder is still missing.

To your right you can see a closed door and to your left a very dark staircase is winding down.

  1. As you move closer to the door, faint scratching sounds can be heard - some kind of armor or a shield would probably help just in case. If you took 10 battered shields, you could probably enhance your own scales with them to withstand whoever is making those sounds. (Quest: Send 10 battered shields.)
  2. You could also try to run for it. (No shields.)

  3. Take the staircase down - it's just so dark you may want to grab 25 candles from your lair to navigate down it successfully. (Quest: Send 25 candles of any kind.)
  4. Or you could go onward empty handed. (No candles.)

"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-02-24:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Sunday
Choice: B


Entering the portal is Soyonzur, a huntress never far from Teensy, her Cragbacked Bouldursa.

Entering the portal had not been what Soyonzur had planned for the day. She had been on route to deliver her share of the hunt back to her home lair, but had been dragged into this portal after Shadowbinder instead.

It is understandable that Soy was suitably annoyed when the crystal she had hurriedly grabbed did not bring her any closer to leaving.

So the staircase or the door it was. Seeing Teeney tense at the sound coming from the door, Soyonzur flexed her claws and grinned. Not one to back down from a potential fight - and definitely not one to even attempt dragging her bear down the stairs with her - she bravely readied herself for encountering whatever was behind that door.

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-02-24:
Day 2 - Monday

Fortune favors the bold, right? You brace yourself - as you grasp the handle, there's a faint tingle and you are blasted backwards!

Some sort of soft yet unyielding bubble catches you, and propels upwards - once it pops, you are in a dusty room. *sneeze* By the depth of the dust on the floor, no one has walked here for years. As you cannot see any other exit, going deeper along the room seems to be the only way.

  1. You can just walk there as the low ceiling prevents flying.
  2. Or you can pop back to your lair for a batch of Unicorn Dust to gently float along.

"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-02-25:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Monday
Choice: A



Well that didn't go as she had thought. The bubble that had hit Soyonzur had caught her completely unaware. Thankfully Teensy had been right next to her, and had been propelled into this strange, dust filled room with her.

She couldn't bear the thought of having possibly lost him into this strange maze of portals and seemingly magical doors. Her sister - bless her - would never let her live it down that she'd somehow lost something as big as a Bouldursa.

Teensy sneezed beside her, the dust upsetting his sensitive nose. It wasn't pleasant on her either, but she'd just have to live with it. The thought of upsetting the dust in the room crossed her mind, and the possibility of some other random effect taking place was a bit daunting, but she wasn't going to tempt fate and risk using her own magic to collect some more magic dust to aid her. She'd quite possibly have to leave Teensy behind, and she wasn't at all certain if she'd even make it back to this same room at all.

And so, bracing herself for the next surprising event, she cautiously began to make her way deeper into the room to see what further investigation of the room might yield.

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-02-25:
Day 3 - Tuesday
[Slime Laboratory]

The mountains of dust seem to grow the farther into the corridor you walk. Unfortunately, the dust hid a safety hazard: rotted floors. You are already composing a negative Yelp review as you fly through the air. The floor where you land is squishy. You feel a little off balance trying to walk on it.

There's a spiral staircase on the furthest wall, curling up into the darkness. To your left there is a door, but it seems to be jammed shut.

  1. Take the stairs up.
  2. Try to unjam the door. WIth jam. You had some leftover from lunch. (Quest: Send 5 jellies of any kind, color, or origin.)

"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-02-26:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Tuesday
Choice: B


Teensy was giving her The Eye. She grimaced under his gaze. Stared down by her own familiar? How embarrasing.

Soyonzur couldn't blame him though. She'd just made him fall through the floor of the dust covered room. She, at least, had wings, not that they'd done much to slow down her surprise fall.

Glancing at the stairs up and the door to the left, Soy finally decided it was time she stopped relying on her luck, as it hadn't worked out for her so well. Though she loathed to dig into the food she had gathered for the clan, said food would be of no use at all if she didn't get out of here in one piece.

Smearing some of the jellies into the jammed door might just work, right?

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-02-26:
Day 4 - Wednesday
[Slime Laboratory]

As you open the jam, your stomach growls and you realize maybe it wouldn’t be a bad time for a snack. You set the jam down as you rifle around your things for eating utensils (we’re not animals, after all). There’s a slight shift under your feet and when you look back, the jam is gone. Through the floor, a vibration reverberates that you realize is a burp. The floor is alive, and it ate your lunch. Before getting too far in thinking about retaliation for this great offense, you notice the door is no longer stuck since the floor-thing shifted, and go through it.

There is a grand door with many complex mechanisms across it. A row of gears ticks slowly along the right side, and many little rods and shift and pivot along the face. Papers are strewn about the room. Above the door is a thin line in the ceiling, in the shape of a square.

You can:
  1. Study the papers. The diagrams seem to have a repeating pattern that is not matched exactly by the door. Perhaps replacing a few of the gears would get the mechanism working properly. (Quest: Send 5 copper gears.)
  2. Climb above the door. The ceiling seems pretty high, you might need a boost. (Quest: Send 5 dragons to help boost you up to the ceiling.)
  3. Jam the moving gears. With force. You leave your lunch out of it this time.

"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-02-27:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Wednesday
Choice: A


The floor just ate her lunch. That... wasn't creepy at all.

Teensy, for sure, was now looking at the floor with a weary eye. She'd not seen what had eaten the floor, and from the look on her familiar's face, she certainly did not want to find out.

Moving her attention to the grand door with the gears, Soyonzur tilts her head in thought. She is an Arcane dragon by birth, but she has spent enough time by now at the Shifting Expanses where her clan has made its home to understand something of basic mechanics. Besides, puzzles have always intrigued her, and the the slowly turning gears are mesmerizing.

Taking a look at the papers, her studious mind kicks in and she sets on replacing some of the gears on the door.

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-02-27:
Day 5 - Thursday
[Slime Laboratory]

You click your gears into place and, miraculously, they fit. The gears on the door turn faster and somewhere behind the door there is a click. The door swings open.

You find a single 12 sided die sitting on top of a table. Could it be one of Shadowbinder’s? When you reach toward it, it vanishes. After a moment, you begin to wonder if anything you thought you saw was really there. To your right, bars blocking the path forward suddenly lower and the door on the other side slowly swings open on its own.

In the next room, there is a great tile mosaic in the floor of the Shadowbinder. It’s impressive work, but more importantly, there are dice scattered on top of it. Shadowbinder’s dice. The ones she seemed to use to get to this world to begin with. If the spell can be undone, hopefully it should transport you back home for good.

  1. Those dice could have a potentially dangerous curse. Best to prepare ahead of time. The Glittering Sphinxband is said to ward against some predators. You take out ten, one for each finger, then reach for the dice. ( Quest: Send 10 Glittering Sphinxbands)
  2. There’s powerful magic in those dice. Perhaps if they interact with some magic from the Tangled Wood, the dice might send you back there. Ten Shimmering Pinecones should do. ( Quest: Send 10 Shimmering Pinecones)
  3. The dice are kind of glowing. It’s pretty. You pick up the dice.

"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-02-28:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Thursday
Choice: B


The dice are glowing. It sends... a chill down her spine. The die are laced with magic, powerful magic. She has this odd feeling of wanting to pick them up, but her Arcane instincts tell her it is a Bad Idea.

Teensy looks at the die curiously and lumbers toward them. Before he can reach out she stops him with her wing, shaking her head in denial. Who knows what would happen if one were to touch the die without protection.

Soyonzur digs into her bags and gathers the Shimmering Pinecones she had come across on her hunt. She cannot know for certain if they will work, but her instincts tell her this is the right answer. A small, lingering voice of doubt whispers in her ear that maybe not, but she ignores it, trusting in the Pinecones.
"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-02-28:
Day 6 - Friday

There seems to be some kind of change in the dice as they are put with the Pinecones. There’s a gently pulsing blue light. It’s like they’re resonating. The glow fades, and the dice lighten to a pale lavender. Suddenly, there’s a bright flash of light, blinding you.

SQXEwty.png Boss Battle | WIN

Everything is white, then you descend into shadows as a portal envelops you once again. Rather than dropping you off back in Sornieth, you are again dropped into a room in this strange place. You don’t see the dice anywhere.


You find an 8-sided die lying in the middle of an empty room. It looks suspiciously like a piece of Shadowbinder's new dice set. Upon picking up the die, you suddenly become aware of a large set of double doors you hadn’t noticed previously. After pocketing the die, you slowly, cautiously, open the wooden doors. They’re heavier than they look, but exactly as creaky as expected. You’re straining hard against the doors when suddenly they are yanked open from the other side. You stumble to the ground and find yourself looking at a pair of very large feet. As your eyes scan upward, there is a pair of armored knees, a torso covered in heavy plate, and finally a head with glowing blue eyes set behind an armored helmet. A great golem made of iron stares down at you.

To stop the golem, you must steal its helmet. Or at least, you’re pretty sure that’s how it works. Where was that bestiary? Your thoughts are interrupted by the golem as it reaches out toward you. There’s no time to come up with another plan.

  1. You could distract it with 10 Shimmering Pinecones and make a grab for the helmet. Hopefully that will be enough. (Quest: Send 10 Shimmering Pinecones)
  2. Try to flank the golem and steal its helmet.
"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-03-01:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Friday
Choice: A


Well the pinecones seemed to have done... Something. Though fighting a golemn wasn't exactly at the top of Soyonzur's to do list.

Teensy was growling beside her, hunched low and flashing his impressive fangs at the golemn. Despite his readiness to fight, Soy wasn't certain a direct attack would do much good.

Distraction. This called for a distraction. The pinecones had worked before. Perhaps they would do so again? That is, at least, what Soy hoped for when she tossed ten more of those things at the golemn and made a quick dash for the helmet.

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-03-01:
Day 7 - Saturday

The golem keeps its distance at first, watching you carefully, but as soon as you bring out the Shimmering Pinecones, the construct lunges at you. That was close, but at least the pinecones seem to get its attention. You drop one on the ground to see what the golem will do.

Whatever you were expecting, it wasn’t this.

The golem rushes over to the pinecone and rapidly eats it, scattering a few little splinters on the ground. Seeing your strange, but usable chance, you drop the rest of the Pinecones and leap into the air. As the golem crams Pinecones into its face, you land unsteadily on the creature’s helmet. You grab, and pull. Beneath your claws you can feel the helmet give.

SQXEwty.png Boss Battle | WIN

Everything goes dark as a portal envelops you once again, but rather than dropping you off back in Sornieth, you are again dropped into a room in this strange place. In your claw is the 8-sided die.


The room extends to your right, with a lever at the end. Something small floats above the lever. Upon closer inspection, you realize it is a 4 sided die. Perhaps one of Shadowbinder’s? You reach out and take it, but when you look up from the die in your claw, you see your other claw has pulled the lever already, as if it had a mind of its own.

A pair of massive doors open before you. Before you is a truly titanic cage, and within it stands the Shadowbinder herself. Shadows congregate around Her, despite that the room itself is bright. There’s a nice, big, red button next to you, which the Shadowbinder gestures toward. You press the button. The cage swings open. Shadowbinder emerges. And so do dozens of tiny little skittering creatures crawling along the ceiling.

You can:
  1. Throw snacks at the creatures to slow them down ( Quest: Send 10 food items.)
  2. Replace the Shadowbinder with a Shadowbinder Onyx Idol, maybe it will fool them. ( Quest: Send a Shadowbinder idol.)

"Korpinsiipi" wrote on "2019-03-02:
Username: Korpinsiipi
Day of the week: Saturday
Choice: B


Soyonzur has never seen a deity before. The mere presence of Shadowbinder is... Awe inspiring.

Is this what the clan's exalts feel when they go to serve their chosen deities? It is both a frightening and exhilarating thought.

Teensy's low groan snaps her attention back to the situation, and the approaching creatures that skitter along the ceiling. Briefly she considers tossing some of the food she has gathered for the clan to distract the critters, but that seems... wasteful somehow.

Besides, she is an Arcane dragon, and taking the most direct route is not always the right one.

Instead of throwing food at the creatures she conjures the Onyx Idol of Shadowbinder - when and where had she even found it? - and quickly replaces Shadowbinder with Shadowbinder, anxiously waiting for the result.

"FeralRookie" wrote on "2019-03-02:
Final Battle

You quickly place the Idol in the cage where Shadowbinder was contained. The skittering creatures don’t seem to pay it any attention. You turn to run, but they have you surrounded and Shadowbinder is nowhere to be seen. Just as they are about to overtake you, a portal opens beneath your feet.

SQXEwty.png Boss Battle | LOSE

You pick yourself up off the ground, checking all your limbs are in the right places. Everything seems to be where it’s supposed to be. As you look around, you begin to realize, this isn’t the strange other world anymore. This is Sornieth! Shadowbinder, tall as a mountain and half obscured by shadows, sits beside you. Before you have a chance to react, She smiles (if that can be called a smile, with black goop oozing between her teeth) and thanks you for playing her game.

The End…

True Neutral




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