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Korpinsiipi » Lair » Soyonzur
Level 2
Gaoler Female
Apr 13, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAzure Shaggy (Gaoler)
SecondarySteel Facet (Gaoler)
TertiaryRust Shardflank (Gaoler)
Eye TypeArcane Uncommon
Energy: 32 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Notes to self: If I, for some reason, do not want to keep this dragon anymore, send it back to Mozie.


The Swift Huntress. Master of Teensy the Cragbacked Bouldursa.
She Who Walks Among Ancients.

Swift. Perceptive. Temperamental.

The thrill of the hunt is what drives her on. She is the clan's best hunter, and she knows it. She loves taking other dragons of her clan on hunting trips. The more challenging the prey, the better.

Soyonzur moved over to her current home clan from Mozie's clan as a hatchling. A few days after, another mirror called Zefei also became part of the clan, and the two have been inseparable since that day.

One day, when the clan's mages were conducting a magical experiment, she had a little accident. The mages had carelessly chosen their location for their experiment, and when something went awry, a massive blast of arcane energies headed directly towards the clan's hatchlings that were close by. Soyonzur noticed the danger and quickly ran between the blast and the hatchlings. The little ones were unharmed, but the arcane energies bonded with Soyonzur and rendered her unconscious. She spent several days drifting in and out of consciousness, all the while she was radiating alarming amounts arcane energy all around herself. Shiana, the clan's enchanter, gave her protective charms that brought down the raging energies. However, her always so brilliant azure blue scales had started changing colour into glimmering rust, and Shiana, together with the clan's more experienced mages and healers, feared this was only the beginning of the change.

A few months passed until it became clear what the blast had done to her. One morning she woke up, feeling completely fine, only she realized her sight had been altered. She wrote it off as side effects from her long-term illness, until she got up and began moving about. She realized walking felt different than before, and promptly looked at herself to see if anything was wrong. She was shocked when she noticed she was no longer a mirror.

(continue that later, figure out how her pearl appeared.....)

Also absolutely hates the pearl, and would rather just toss it somewhere / bury it under all of Grashakal's treasure just to be rid of it. Tends to leave it behind a lot, especially when she goes out to hunt. All this is due to her previous life as a mirror, and she can't understand her continuous need to keep coating the pearl and making it bigger whenever she's near it.

Has stashed her pearl under Grashakal's treasure, after asking if the imperial would mind if she did that. He was amused and accepted, and the other pearlcatchers don't dare approach him and see if the pearl is there. They're trying to find it and force Soy to carry it around.

Also Grashakal rather likes Soy despite her being a pearlcatcher, because she wasn't born that way. He takes great joy in keeping her pearl away from everyone.

Soy hasn't had the need to coat the pearl since stashing it away, since it's "out of sight and out of mind". She's glad of that.

familiar a gift from her mother. originally presented to Kirsui as a gift for a portrait that soy asked her to make of her mother Avrae, but the bear got rather attached to soy and has refused to leave her side.

her mother visited the clan roughly a year after soy's departure from her birth home. avrae brought with her ingredients that would help soy with her itching wings and changing colouration. soon after the visit the clan's alchemist managed to create a brew to help rid soy of the remnants of the unfortunate accident that caused her shifting colouration. with her wings now sporting a toxic pattern, soy has never been happier.

Has a bit of trouble sometimes to keep her new trainees focused, and she suspects it is largely because of her son Harmugstal who is a bit of a troublemaker. Wildareth and Jermerei, her most prized pupils (and now master hunters of their own right) help her sometimes if they can. Strangely enough, the trainees are able to focus much better when the two wildclaws are present, and they don't even have to do anything but be there.

After getting the bear as her familiar, she discovered its tendency to guard her ferociously. She came to the conclusion that having her bear, playfully named Teensy, with her had very much the same effect as Wildareth and Jermerei. Sometimes her trainees would still lose focus, however, at which point the bear would literally sit on them until they behave.

Perhaps the bear is a bit of a freak of nature and actually grows up to be quite large, towering over most dragons? That'd be nice. And he could help guard the lair too (since he is a "guardian of dragonhome").

funnily enough, due to having been a mirror, she enjoys hunting larger prey that yields meat rather than gathering plants or catching insects (even though those are what she's supposed to eat).

She had once said her pearl would be the death of her. She loathed it, hated it with such fiery passion, and yet it was impossible for her to rid herself of it.

Her pearl cracked the day news of an unknown species of dragons spread through Sornieth. it was the day she witnessed, by pure accident, the transformation of one of the clan's guardians into a species of dragon she had never seen before.

She had fetched her pearl from Grashakal's hoard. She'd felt the itch to coat the wretched thing with a new layer of her saliva - with new memories, as the other pearlcatchers kept telling her every time the pearls became the subject of their discussion. As she walked past one of the side lairs, on her way to her own lair higher up in the clan's home, when she had accidentally witnessed a heated discussion between Ripfang and Nyx, two dragons that she rarely came in contact due to their... shifty allegiances.

She had meant to keep going, but her elemental affinity to Arcane magic had warned her of powerful magic being cast nearby. It was of an element she had never sensed before, one that sent a deep chill to her very core.

Nyx, the skydancer, had been wreathed in dark haze, her eyes ablaze with power, her mouth chanting words Soyonzur did not understand. Ripfang, the formidable guardian, had snarled, and suddenly his form had shifted, light bursting around him as a previously unseen enchantment broke on him. The two magics had met, and had exploded in a violent torrent that had almost torn the roof of the cave down.

The blast had hit Soyonzur, and she had screamed. Her pearl shattered, tearing into her body. Her world blurred as darkness began to take a hold of her.

Nyx had laughed, taunted Ripfang for the innocent bystander their opposing magics had hit. She had fled, knowing that Ripfang would not stand by and let an innocent succumb to a mistake he had made.

"I'm sorry, Huntmaster", Ripfang had said as he stood over Soyonzur's prone form. "Harming you was not my intention."

He had paused briefly, sighing. "I can save you, but I fear it will change you."

Soyonzur had coughed, giving him a crooked smile. "It would not be the first time."

Ripfang had chuckled, and began to chant. Light gathered around her, chasing away the darkness and the pain. She felt the familiar shifting as her bones rearranged themselves, and yet it was over sooner than she had anticipated from her previous encounter with magic that changed one's breed.

She rose, a newly born gaoler, and met the gaze of Ripfang, the gaoler that Za'Kir had brought to their clan, disguised as a guardian. Shards of her shattered pearl encrusted her body, permanently fused with her, reminding her of the life she'd had prior to becoming one of the ancients.

Firefly wrote:
Needs 60x Fanned Cockroach and 1x Firebug

Drops from Silky Fanrats at Waterway

Gathering lvl10+ by insect catching at

True Neutral





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