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Mothlight » Lair » Lacey
Level 10
Coatl Male
May 20, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCharcoal Falcon
SecondaryPlatinum Spinner
TertiaryWhite Lace
Eye TypeIce Unusual
Energy: 17 / 50
Apparel & Skins
3 Actual Years old! My boy!



Nickname: Ace, Ley
Age: Young Adult
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual (Shy)

Residing: His Workshop
Birthplace: Cloudscrape Crags, The Southern Icefield

Threads: -
Faith: None/Agnostic

Alignment: Neutral(A job is a job...)
Virtue: Diligence(His heart's in the work.)
Vice: Wrath(Perhaps, too much.)
Strength: Easily empassioned to do what needs done
Failing: Critically blunt(Social Skill: 0)

Languages Known: Common, Coatl
Canonical Family: Tatia(Mate), Xoca(Daughter), Palatina(Daughter), Moonglow(Adoptive Daughter, mia)
Theme(s): The Castle In The Dawn(FFV)

Born atop the mountain peaks where even the ice dragons do not dwell, no-one is certain how an egg ended up there nor how the little dragon within survived. What is known is that a tiny imperial born just a few hours ago that day saw a great burst of flame above the freezing mists, and set about climbing the mountains to find out what it was.

Luckily for both young dragons, that day coincided with the bimonthly fishing trip a particular House matron took. She spotted the strange singed stones as well as a crumpled hatchling curled around an unidentified form with the assistance of the pink fae perched between her shoulders. Following his pointed claw, the two landed during a lull in the ever-going squall to find a small arrangement of foreign stones scorched black, with an imperial hatchling clinging to a small newborn coatl, a circle of snow around them melted to reveal the long-frozen soil. The guardian gently curled her claws around the two, but almost dropped them just as quickly- the coatl was unnaturally warm, almost burning her through her scales. Though they were dragons of arcana themselves, the two adults weren't at all familiar with this type of magical outburst.

In the brooding warrens of House Mothlight, Pitarch poured over tome after tome but grew increasingly frustrated, tossing aside a particularly heavy volume and at last rousing the coatl child. The fae had been assuming all this time that the hatchling must be a fire dragon, but the blue tones in the child's eyes were absolutely puzzling. An ice dragon, with a heart as warm as a blazing hearth.

Lacey was named by Everwatch, who in turn named herself while insisting she was his older sister. The coatl would have argued, but he didn't know how to speak at all, falling back on instinctual tongue-flickering and feather gesturing as best as he could with his small baby crests. The young dragon seemed inexplicably drawn to fire, as well, from sleeping almost in the fireplace itself(or even curling up on top of the smouldering ashes of a recently doused flame), to attempting to eat burning wood and hot coals before being stopped and promptly banned from the kitchen facilities. His other obsession was metals, with an odd knack for finding stones containing traces or hidden lumps of ore. Unsure of what else to do or of how to otherwise curb his odd urges, he was constructed a personal forging room. Lacey grew up making ample use of it, singing feathers periodically and looking a bit funny or pitiful between molts with half blackened plumage. He remained mostly solitary, but with a purpose found, something in him seemed to settle down, and he turned his efforts towards helping the home that raised him. Eventually, he even took interest in a lady, Tatia, and had a few eggs of his own with her, though none have displayed the odd hatching he himself did years ago.

by Omnidraconia!

Lacey does not speak very good Common, and is a little rusty at Coatl despite having many clients who speak it.

He actually enjoys fashion quite a bit, but he's embarassed about it.

His favorite foods are oysters and crab legs. He once tried to eat an urchin. It went poorly.



darksteel glasses
white birdskull wingpieces +
skeletal chimes +
ornate platinum gorget
sanddune rags +
metallurgists forgetools
contrast aviator coat +
contrast rogue tail binding +

Could change to Morph & Ringlets

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