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Katsuokai » Lair » Unknown
Level 25
Coatl Male
Jul 15, 2015 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryShadow Iridescent
SecondarySilver Shimmer
TertiaryObsidian Crackle
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins





CYOA - Dulce de Aventura

CYOA - In Search of Jack Pines

Weekly dragon share ''It's Dangerous to Go Alone!'' entry.

Soothsayer’s Guild CYOAs: Outbreak!
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Read the Decathlon roleplay in Fireclaw's bio (or in the decathlon thread!): 15039999.png.

The text found underneath this is from a choose your own adventure from a past dom push, it needs to be polished up and the prompts added... or worked into a cohesive story. But I suppose it's still readable even if you can't read the role-play prompts in Arcane's forum. ;P

(Should probably move this story to a Google Doc tbh.)

[RPG] [DOM] Dungeon Hunt Storyline


This Wizard has wandered for far too many years in the darkest and most corrupted depths of the Starwood Forest. He has spent countless hours harnessing the Arcane powers that irradiate the place and he has meticulously and patiently mastered the Arcane Arts in its most purest and rawest form. After all this time, the only thing he has left to do is find a path, not out of the forest, but out of the intricate corners of his mind. All these years alone in this magically corrupted forest has given him an insight and outlook in life not quite like those of other living beings... . Maybe the time has come for him to put his knowledge and mastery to use... whether this will be good or bad only time will tell.

After finally getting a job that was worth the effort, the Wizard set out to go find this so-called Traitor.

There was a trail of scales that led into the deepest parts of the Earthshaker’s Labyrinth; it obviously seemed like a trap, so to not be ambushed he made sure to let his magical Gloomwillow Guide lit up the dungeon and lead the way, while he followed not too far behind it, hiding in the dark.

Suddenly his Guide disappeared, retreating to one of the baubles his owner was carrying; there must have been something that startled it, the Wizard thought to himself and indeed, so it was, Serpentas greeted him in the dark room.

''Huh, these can't be the most powerful creatures the Labyrinth has to offer… or could these Serpentas be a trick of some kind, put here by the Traitor herself? Nonetheless, I have not spent so many years in the Starwood Forest harnessing and mastering the arcane magic that imbues that place to be scared by some measly Serpentas. Begone!''

He starts murmuring an incantation and cast it towards the Serpentas. In a flash all that was left of them were their colourful scales that had now turned into a dark onyx colour.

''Hah! Traitor, you won't trick me, you simply cannot outsmart me; some dull-coloured scales won't mislead me from the path that'll lead me towards you. Now let’s see if I can convince my dear Gloomwillow to lit up these dark corridors again… .''

Click here to read Day One | You are now reading Day Two


After resting in what seemed to be the Traitor's makeshift nest and convincing his Gloomwillow to exit their bauble, the Wizard continued onward through the many passages. At one point, the pathway suddenly ended in a large cavern, with five new different pathways to choose from. Sounds echo through the Labyrinth and none of the pathways looks seemingly more inviting than the others… . ''Which way is the correct one? There must be a marking, something, indicating where each of these paths lead. Gloomwillow, bright up this cavern more, there isn't enough light.''

After Gloomwillow lit up the cavern, he could see a symbol on the floor in front of the rightmost pathway.

''I don't understand what this means… it looks like … swirls,... clouds? Was a Wind Dragon inhabiting this place a long time ago, even if this lies in the Earthshaker's domains? No, that can't be… it must be something else, whatever it is, this path is hiding something, and I'll make sure to find out what it is.''

After some minutes walking, the Wizard found himself back at the very same pathway he just entered. Confused as to why he didn't notice any magical energies warping the corridors, he turned back towards the pathway he just left. Strange sounds were coming from the darkness… claws… or bones… whichever it was, it couldn't be good if it managed to obfuscate his heightened sensitivity to magical anomalies. Cautiously walking towards the sound, he prepared for the worst, murmuring various spells to protect him from whatever it was that were about to greet him. A howl could be heard and lighting up in flames was a massive construct of bones and ethereal energies.

''I have no time for mindgames… !'' he loudly proclaimed while flinging a spell towards the corrupted creature… but the spell didn't work. The pathway warped, as if a barrier protected it… and through this warped barrier he saw a glimpse of another creature, a Dreameater.

''Aha… I understand now, so that's what the swirl on the floor symbolized, a Dreameater's dreamcloud! But… how could a Dreameater cause an entire room to warp like that? That's not possible, they can only control the mind of beings that are asleep. Wait… ! When I was resting earlier I must have fallen asleep for only a few seconds, but for a powerful Dreameater that is enough to enter the dreamscape of even a powerful magic-wielder like myself. But why, of all creatures, would a Dreameater try to warp my dreams? They tend to be friendly and helpful, dispelling nightmares and ease the dreamer… they would never try to make anyone ...uneasy. Uneasy, that's what I've been feeling all along since entering this Labyrinth, I haven't felt that in many years. No… wait! I'm getting lost in my own mind… I can't… let this… arggh! Dreameater! What are you trying to do?! Answer me or I'll make sure to destroy every bone in your body! Is the Traitor controlling you? Are you the Safekeeper of this Labyrinth; tell me, what do you want from me?!''

Upon realizing that he was asleep, the Wizard started to muster all the strength of his mind to force himself awake and rapidly place a barrier between him and the Dreameater. A faint whisper could be heard in the halls, no… in his mind… maybe he was still asleep?

''Wizard, this is not the place for your kind. Go away, leave this Labyrinth or lose yourself in it. We don't want to harm you, but we will not continue to tolerate the disruption of the ones likes you in our Sanctuary. If you are to continue… I won't promise you'll be able to retain your old sense of self, nor do I promise that the Ancient Safekeepers of the Labyrinth will let you continue on your path unscathed… .''

''I'm on a mission… and the reward is high, besides, I have already wandered many dark and dangerous paths before, this will be no different. I have nothing left to master in the arcane arts; you and your Safekeepers won't deter me from encountering that Traitor...'' the Wizard answered, only to be interrupted by a last comment from the Dreameater.

''See further away, light up the dark, see through the facade, see the truth that will only make itself clear to those who want to see it. Don’t just act, don’t just follow your instincts, be ready to see beyond and reality will unfold before you. Is everything what it seems to be… or is it all an illusion of the mind?''

Upon finishing their ominous speech, the Dreameater disappears and leaves. In front of the Wizard a new hallway unfolds where he previously had seen five. He had a lot to think about while continuing on his mission… .

Day One|Day Two
You are now reading Day 3

After the exhausting encounter with the Dreameater, the Wizard decides that it is time to find somewhere safe to rest. After an hour walking, his Gloomwillow guides him in to an alcove, that surprisingly enough has an opening that shows the beautiful starry night of Sornieth. Settling down, both the Wizard and Gloomwillow gaze upon the stars, mesmerized by its beauty.

It had been many months since neither of them had been back in the Starwood Forest, deep within Arcane’s territory. No wonder the Arcanist had chosen to stay in that old Observatory, trying to unveil the wonders of the cosmos from such a privileged place, the Arcane energies that imbued the place made the nights there a spectacle that many dragons traveled to from far away places just to be able to see at least once in a lifetime. The sky here was also quite beautiful, since the Shade had broken the Pillars magic many centuries ago and the Earthshaker’s dedication to keep his territory free from corrupted energies had made this part of the world another great place to observe the stars from.

While observing the nightsky, the Wizard reflect on what the Dreameater had told him. ‘’See beyond… see through the facade and reality will unfold before me? What can that mean? They also said that I might lose my sense of self if a stay here any longer, but that’s not possible, I might not have found a purpose for which I can use all my accumulated knowledge and mastery of the Arcane Arts, but at least I know perfectly well who I… am… .’’

The Wizard stops speaking rather suddenly, his Gloomwillow looking at him confused.

‘’I… don’t remember who I used to be anymore, I only remember the time I’ve spent in the Starwood Forest… I don’t even remember what’s my name! This can’t be right… . Gloomwillow, tell me, what’s my name? Do you remember it?’’

His Gloomwillow looks at him with a slightly concerned, but mostly gloom look and gathers some of their energy to telepathically answer the increasingly uneasy Wizard.

‘’I don’t know your name, you never told me. Although that doesn’t matter, I don’t have a name either and that isn’t a problem, is it? I thought you also didn’t have a name… or maybe wanted to forget your old one… . You never talk about what you used to do before starting your journey to study the Arcane Arts… . Maybe you wanted to forget who you used to be… many lone wanderers that come into the Forest seem to be willing to start their life anew.’’

The Wizard, now more troubled and uneasy than ever, didn’t answer, but before he could gather his thoughts he suddenly noticed that the pathway outside was lit up with torches and more and more echos of what seems to be dragons can be heard.

‘’Am I still asleep? Didn’t the Dreameater decide to let me go…? Or is it one of the other Safekeepers of this Labyrinth who are obfuscating my mind. Nothing of this feels right… but whether it is the other Safekeepers or even that Traitor the ones who’s trying to trick me ...I won’t let them!’’


Day One | Day Two | Day Three

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As the Wizard walks through the hallways, time seems to almost stand still, but soon the lights lead to what seems to be an arena, with hordes of hollering dragons cheering on as two Imperials viciously battle against each other.

''What's the meaning of this… ? ...and why are there none Imperials among the spectators? Why are them all wearing hoods with an Imperials head embroidered on each side of their hoods? ...This can't be true,… so that's what the Dreameater was trying to warn me about! This Labyrinth must have been used to create Emperors! If that's the case, that's the reason why this place is so deeply corrupted with magic; the Ancient Safekeepers of the Labyrinth must have been placed here to protect Sornieth from the Emperor dragons that most possibly inhabit some deep place of this blasted Labyrinth! I must get out of here,… but I must also find the Traitor! Argh… !''

As the Wizard started to panic, he suddenly woke up. He was standing in the entrance to the Arena he saw in his dream.''The Dreameater must have made it possible for me to walk the ethereal plane between dreams and waking, just as they can. Gloomwillow, did you see what I saw?''

''Yes… and I still claim to not know your name, Wizard.'' the Gloomwillow answered, looking intently towards him.


The Wizard stood still for a moment and after having gathered his thoughts, he bluntly told Gloomwillow to follow him. After an hour walking, they found themselves in a small cavern. In the cave there was fresh meat and an nest that was still warm and a few scattered obsidian scales scattered over the floor that the Traitor must have lost.

''We're closing in on her.'' After a short pause he continues and says:

''I have made up my mind. We shall first find the Traitor and get our reward and afterwards, if I haven't been able to uncover all the mysteries of this place… and especially, getting my claws on the powerful spells those Emperor Zealots hid here in a now long-forgotten time, I will come back and not leave unless the Safekeepers manage to throw me out dead.''

His Gloomwillow didn't answer,... but that didn't matter, since the Wizard's gaze had an intensity they had never seen before. Seemingly, he had finally found his purpose in this mortal life.


Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four

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Various hours passed with neither the Wizard nor Gloomwillow communicating with each other. The Wizard was sitting in a corner of the cave, patiently meditating while they waited for the Traitor to come back to her hideout. If she wouldn't come back, they would at least be well-rested for the long journey ahead of them. Deep in thought, the Wizard continued to reflect on what the Dreameater told him and the horror he saw in his dream; drifting through his thoughts were memories of a time long by past, from when he first set foot in the Starwood Forest.

Many years ago, a young Coatl set foot in the outer limit of the the deepest parts of the Starwood Forest, where even well-versed Arcane Dragons most often do not willingly set foot in.
''Time has come for me to leave behind it all. The others may not have understand the way I think, but that no longer matters, they're nothing to me anymore. I may not be a sturdy dragon, but what I lack in size and brawn I can compensate with my intelligence and wit. Those ignorant fools. I spent countless years studying Arcane Spellbooks in the Observatory's Library only to be treated like I had lost my mind. No one ever understands anything. The Forest… it's beautiful and warped, clearly tainted with Arcane Radioactivity; I like it, I feel this will be the best place for me to start my life anew, a place to call home where I'll be able to continue to master the Arcane Arts undisturbed.'' KfDHXTP.png

Years passed where he spent his time observing his surroundings, learning about how the arcane energies affected its environment. The further in he had come into the vast Forest, the more warped everything was ...and with each passing decade, the arcane energies continuously warped the place and the creatures inhabiting it ...and alongside this progression, so did they warp him. He slowly took on an aspect clearly warped with magic, ethereal and at the same time corporeal, dead-looking and at the same time intimidatingly alive.

One day, he found a creature being attacked by an abnormal-looking Pink Chalcedony Crystalstinger, which only existed in these part of Arcane's Territory. He flung a spell towards the aggressive Stinger, with the creature's crystalline form pulverizing into a cloud of glitter by the sheer intensity of the spell. On the ground, a tiny and weakened Gloomwillow Wisp flies up and direct themselves to the Wizard. ''Thank you… .'' the Gloomwillow faintly utters telepathically in the mind of the Wizard. The Wizard started humming and on the palm of his claw a glowing orb of pure arcane energy flares up. He walked up to the Gloomwillow and gently offered the orb, that the little Gloomwillow absorbed so they could recover their lost energy from the attack. As soon as the energy of the orb unravels the Wisp warped, its fur taking on a roseate shade.

''Thank you for restoring my magic, dragon. We don't see many dragons wandering these parts of the Forest and if they do, it's more often to see them come here and perish. Not many can survive here, but you look… different, you look as irradiated as the Forest itself. Who are you?''

The Wizard, amused by the rather inquisitive Wisp, answered them with a question of his own.

''What does a Gloomwillow Wisp do in these parts of Sornieth? I thought your kind only existed in the Shadowbinder’s territory.''

''We may have originated in the Wispwillow Grove, but we do exist all over Sornieth, just like you dragons and other creatures alike, we evolve, we move, we adapt to our surroundings, just like any other being.''

The Coatl let out a small chuckle and replied:

''Well, the new shade of your fur fits you nicely, it blends you in better with the rest of the forest.''

The Wisp looked at him, tilting their head slightly.

''You didn't answer my question.''

''Does it really matter? I'm a Wizard who wanders this Forest. That's all what's important to know.''

The Gloomwillow, humoured by the Coatl's unusual attitude nodded at his answer and flied to the strange Wizard's side.

''Let's wander this Forest together, Wizard.''

Yet a few hours had passed in the cave, but the Traitor didn't seem to be planning to come back to her previous hideout. Suddenly, sounds could be heard in the hallway; someone was coming. The Wizard readied himself as fast as he possibly could after abruptly being interrupted in his meditation. As soon as the sounds could be heard around the corner, the Wizard summoned a sphere of magical energy in one claw and pounced towards their ''guest''. It wasn't the Traitor, but a disgruntled Fae that scoffed at him angrily for attacking him.

''You are not the dragon I'm looking for.'' the Wizard bluntly stated in a slightly annoyed voice and let go of the puny Fae, but still hadn't dispelled his magical spell-sphere in case the Fae turned out to be dangerous after all.

What could this Fae had come to do in this forsaken Labyrinth?

Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Day Five and Six

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After his encounter with Fae, the Wizard got to know that he was Garu, the Fae that had set out the bounty and lone survivor of his clan. None of them talked to eachother after having agreed to continue awaiting the Traitor in her hideout. The Wizard couldn’t help but notice that something about this Fae was off. The Wizard sat down to meditate in the same corner as before, sizing up the puny Fae from afar. While doing so, he thought to himself:

''That Fae might not look like much, but he irradiates magical energy. I first didn't notice it because of all the magical energies that seeps through this Labyrinth, but he must be a powerful magic-wielder… he doesn't even look injured after traversing his way to here through the many dangerous passages. Why did he even set out a Bounty while being so powerful himself? From the looks of it, it just isn't possible that he hasn't realized his magical potential and if he were underestimating himself he wouldn't have come here to get the Traitor himself… . I'll have to await and see how the events unfold before me… unfold… that was what the Dreameater said, ''see through the facade and watch reality unfold before you''. I think I understand now, but for now I’ll just have to wait.''

Many hours passes and finally the Traitor makes her awaited appearance. Garu leaps with all his might towards the Traitor, using his magic to amplify the force of his claws so he could shred the Traitor's skin. ''Murderer!'' The Fae screams and the Traitor tries to defend herself, with a saddened and scared look on her face.

With a content look on his face, the Wizard watches them battle and with a stern and confident voice speaks: ''Stop it; we're going.''

The both dragons seem to want to protest the Wizard's decision, but as they do so, the Wizard continues speaking.

''Very well, then if you can't solve this in a civil manner, Garu… and you so-called Traitor, I'll make you.'' The Wizard starts humming, both of his claws slightly outstretched towards the floor as he starts levitating, magical circles forming as he comes further in his spell.

''Dreameater! Aid me, and let reality unfold before us!''

As the Wizard said that, their surroundings started to warp and soon the cave was transformed into what looked like the the den of the annihilated clan.

''A Dreameater?! No… stop it! I don't want to see this, get out of my head!!!'' Garu screams, absolutely terrified about what was happening. He seemed tortured as the Dreameater lended part of their power to the Wizards so he could enter the Fae's mind and unfold his innermost thoughts in the room.

Before them, they can see, how the Beastclan, alongside Garu ravaged the Fae's clan, killing all who confronted them. In the end, the fae could be seen animatedly talking with the Beastclan members, celebrating what they had done. Before he left the Clan, he used a spell, that transformed his appearance to that of the Traitor herself. As that happened, the Wizard stopped the spell and said: ''We've seen enough, don't you agree, Garu?''

Exhausted the fae kneels on the floor, while he tries to recover his breath.

''Why did you do that, Garu?''The Onyx-coloured Guardian said, her voice slightly cracking while she tried to held back her tears.

''You don't understand… I always tried to tell you how the Beastclans were good creatures… they were my friends, but you never listened! None of you! You had them as mere pets, used them to do the tedious labour around the den, you poached their skins from them and ate them as food! You killed them, I told you to stop and treat them as friends but you didn't! And for that you all had to PAY. You don't deserve to live! You killed so many of them… I only wanted to help them defend themselves… to exact revenge upon you filthy dragons. You make me sick of being a dragon! I HATE you all!!!

The Fae starts sobbing uncontrollably, he started to subdue completely to his desperation as he could barely breath from how shaken he was.

''Garu… we only did what we thought was right. We had to defend the clan from the Beastclans attacks… and we had to get food for the meat-eating members of the Clan. Since the Beastclans attacked us when we entered their territory, what other option had we but to defend ourselves? Once killed, why not put their bodies to good use, they had died valiantly in battle and we wouldn't want their bodies lives to go away in vain, so we poached them… and ate them… and took their offspring to our clan so they could grow up peacefully among us dragons. I don't think any of us took any joy in killing them.'' the Guardian answers the Fae, her weary look the one of a dragon who had lost all too much in a lifetime.

''I t-told.. Y-you-...! You didn't listen, you didn't listen, none of you did!''

''I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for not standing by your side and make the others listen to your plea, Garu. The elders are so used to the animosity of the Beastclans, for generations dragonkind and beastkind has never gotten along, excpet for those who grow up among dragons. Still, you shouldn't had let it go this far, what you did, I have no words for it… .'' The Guardian can't help but let tears run down her face.

''I'm sorry Garnet, I'm really sorry… I didn't want to set you up, but I had to unless I would have to pay with my life what I had done, I'm truly sorry.'' The Fae cries, he can't barely maintain eye-contact with his previous clanmate as he spoke to her.

''If you don't tell the Bounty what has happened, I won't be able to live free again. I'm sorry for having to turn you in, Garu, I'm really am. You were once a great Mage and appreciated clanmate.''

The Wizard, having observed enough, told them both:

''I think it has been enough bloodshed and I also think that none of you really seem willing to have the Bounty exact what they will think be a just punishment on Garu. I know what to do, but you'll have to trust me. Although, in exchange I would like you to teach me that spell of yours.'.

The both dragons looked at him and nodded unanimously as they proceeded to listen to the Wizard's plan.

The next day, Garnet, Garu and the Wizard comes to the Bounty's Guild, alarming all the bountyhunters in the area. Before they're ambushed, the Bounty's Guildmaster stops them all from attacking.

''Is that… the Traitor… with a dragon that looks exactly like her on her back?!'' The Guildmaster exclaims, astonished at the sight.

Both the Wizard and Garnet nods and they proceed to talk. Garu had used his magic to once again adopt the Guardians form and was now feigning dead on her back.

''I found them in the Labyrinth, battling to death. This dragon were attacking Garnet and was laughing at her for having lost her charge, while also taking pride on how now both the Beastclans and dragons would be starting to war more viciously than before against eachother. We suppose that they were a frenzied zealot, thriving on destruction or was someone who wanted to exact a vendetta against the Clan. I intervened and helped Garnet kill the dragon, since they weren't willing to turn themselves in voluntarily.''

''Exactly, but sadly, I don't know this Guardians name nor why they wanted to target our clan… and do… that, but I do know that I want to get rid of their body personally. I must see the end of this. I have suffered enough already. I was too afraid to come back here when I knew the Guild were looking after me, I didn't think you would believe me unless I took with me my doppelgänger.''

''Huh… it's all right, I guess. We don't really have a policy that obliges the Guild to dispose of the bodies of the deceased criminals. We're terribly sorry for all you must have gone through. If you ever need a job, the Bounty is always willing to provide you with one. You just have to ask. I'll make sure to let Garu the Fae know about what has happened next time we see him. It was he who asked us to capture you. If you want to, after you disposed of that body you can come back here while we send out a messenger to look after him, that way you may calmly explain to him what really happened to your Clan.''

''That's sounds marvelous; I gratefully accept your generous offer.'' The Guardian answers with a smile, tear-eyed from sheer exhaustion and joy to finally be free of the charges she was accused with.

''Now on to you, Wizard. Garu left the payment to us already, so it's your to take. The Bounty's Guild is always glad to have resourceful members like you among our files.''

''I'll go and get my reward, then, but I have to inform you that I don't think I'll be accepting any more jobs.''

''Why? You're a natural! Making it out of that Labyrinth alive with the bounty, too! Was it too much for ya?''

''No, but… I have found something more interesting to occupy my time with.'' The Wizard smirks.

''What can be better than getting rich with us, huh?'' The Guildmaster asks, confused by the Wizard answer.

''I'm going back to the Labyrinth. It is the perfect place for me to continue my magical training. So many secrets are there… waiting for someone to unfold them and I am that someone.''

After ending their conversation, bidding farewell to Garu and Garnet, taking out his reward and having learned a new valuable transformation spell, the Wizard proceeded to travel to the Labyrinth yet again. Once there, before the Labyrinth's very entrance, he proceeded to say:

''Gloomwillow, I understand if you don't want to follow me. This might be the last time I ever set foot outside again, but I feel that if I spend time here, I'll learn so many things, both about this place and most importantly, myself.''

''Wizard… after all those years, I have no interest in ever leaving your side. You're a good friend, after all. Although, before we proceed, if this is a journey of self-discovering, I would like to know your name, once you remember it, unless you already know it.'' the Gloomwillow answers.

''Old names… they doesn't matter. You are the one to choose your way in life and so are you the one to choose a fitting name for yourself.''

The Gloomwillow looks at him, ponder what he said for a brief moment and says:

Does that mean, that if I want a name, you won't help me choose one?''

The Wizard chuckles. ''The only thing that matters is that you find a name that you feel that it fits you, but if you need help, of course I'll help you.''

The Gloomwillow smiled and just before the Wizard sat his last claw inside the Labyrinth, with a content look on his face he proceeded to say:

''You can call me Unknown.''


WIP Nevermind what is put here, they're just additional lore ideas.

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Maybe his favourite festival is the Stellaflora?

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