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Katsuokai » Den » Fireclaw
Level 25
Wildclaw Female
Jul 17, 2015 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryFire Iridescent
SecondarySand Shimmer
TertiaryFire Smoke
Eye TypeEarth Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Fireclaw is a fierce warrior who is very skilled in Fire magic, despite being born in The Earthshaker's domains. He loves to battle and is often found on hunting duty when he's not roughhousing with his clanmates or going on adventures.


Sornieth Winter Games 2017
Sornieth Winter Games 2018
Sornieth Winter Games 2019


frogbadge.png Congratulations! The Guild has sent Goopblade to serve in your clan!
This diplomatic frog smells like when you die to the same enemy time and time again playing Dark Souls 1.
He excels at: Meepdieval fencing and fire juggling.
He hates: other frogs and sunlight
His favourite things are: protecting the weaklings in the Clan and pretending to be a grump.
His weapon of choice is: Fire pois

http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/forga/1824213/42#post_19548869 http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/forga/1824213/53#post_19557209

Nickname: Fireclaw
Real Name: Verumignis (Truefire)? Veritasignis? Ignisarcanum? Hidden Fire? Yeah... !

Pronouns: he/him/his. Sex/Gender: Male

(Been seeing him as, well, a male dragon all this time apparently and just now realized he was ''female'', but... I'm gonna stick with that he's a dude. ;) Nevermind the sex marker!)

Also! Draw him with earth scleras and fire pupils!

Maybe give him a fire familiar?

tumblr_inline_o5lib9NOJL1rns2ix_540.png Are your dragons ready to put their athletic skills to the test?

Enter your dragons into the Wavecrest Decathlon for a chance to win a Wildclaw Scroll and the title of 'Sornieth's Greatest Athlete'.
tumblr_inline_o67fw8Eh741rns2ix_500.gifUnknown won tumblr_inline_o52xquseU11rns2ix_500.gif! ;D tumblr_inline_o67fw8bMqJ1rns2ix_500.gif
14969459.pngUnknown is a solitary Arcane Wizard and 15039999.pngFireclaw is a Wildclaw born in the Earthshaker's domains that was more attuned to Fire magic than Earth magic; they both live in an Arcane Clan.

Both dragons are now found walking around the lake were the Wavecrest Decathlon is going to be held.

14969459p.png I still don't know how I managed to get caught up in this... .

The Wizard says quietly in a low voice, almost whispering to himself. After all these years wandering around the Starwood Forest and then exploring the Earthshaker's Labyrinth he now found himself participating in a decathlon of all things. But both his Gloomwillow and Fireclaw could hear him and decided to cheer him on.

15039999p.png Oh, come on! You'll do great! If you survived walking around that Labyrinth for so many years you'll do great here.

14969459p.png This isn't the same, I might be seen as physically fit, for some reason... but my body is corrupted with magic. This is the first time in many years I felt like I doesn't belong in a place; I'm a Wizard, not an athlete.

15039999p.png You'll do fine... maybe that magic of yours'll give you an edge and all. Besides, didn't you use to be a bounty hunter? Think of this as a mission for the Guild. If you succeed, you'll reap the rewards and if not, well, at least you'll have brought glory and honour to our Clan. Come on, soon it's our time to compete.

His Gloomwillow flies over to him and telepathically says:

Fireclaw is right. I think this will be good for you. If you're going to be living in a clan, abandoning your hermit-like habits might be good.

15039999p.png Yo, Unknown! Here's your Gatorade. What a darn shame, giving blue gatorade to a dragon on Fire like me. You won't be quenching this dragon! Yeah... ! Let's do this!!!

14969459p.png Unknown eyes the gatorade... tumblr_inline_o67fw8Eh741rns2ix_500.gif ''Is... is this drink glowing?'' Confused he looks around, but decides to take a sip of it anyway. It can't be worse than some things he consumed in the Forest... .

Application | Post 1 of Day One | You are now reading Post 2 of Day One

Seems like we will be some of the last to compete.

14969459p.png ''Mmhm,'' utter the Wizard.

Look! There's the heart of the ''cheerleader'' committee trio! Pathos!'' he chuckles.

In the distance an excited Spiral is seen rapidly spiraling through the crowd of competitors.

Hey! I'm sorry it took me so long to come. Logos is stuck in his elemental form and Ethos is trying to help him change back. I just couldn't wait to come and cheer you on so here I am! They'll be coming soontm. Still not competing yet?

15039999p.png No, but I'm still all fired up! Don't you worry. Heh.

The sun is starting to set and a faint breeze is felt through the lake. Fireclaw and Unknown have yet to be called to compete. After a while Ethos and Logos can be found sauntering through the competition grounds.

Oh, wow, haha! I thought you said you were going to help Logos change back to a less intimidating form, not join him!

The glowing Skydancer seem a bit flustered.
Well, he just couldn't change promptly, so I decided to try and help him, with magic. It, didn't go so well... but that doesn't matter! We're an Arcane Clan and this way we surely represent that.

So... you're representing our Arcane Clan with a Shadow Crown... ? Pfft….

Ethos can barely contain the laughter. It isn't like them to act like that, but when it comes to the trio they're always more lighthearted with each other.

What!? By the love of the Arcanist!

The normally calm and collected Ethos looks even more flustered than earlier, his magically warped body pattern changing its pattern depending on his emotions.

15039999p.png Oh, well, it doesn't matter, you look good! Besides, our clan respects, honours and learn to wield magic from all the different elements, so you're a great Clan Representative.

I suppose you're right.. .

''We’re sorry for being late. Hope we didn't miss you compete.’’ says the Snapper with a booming, echoing voice.

15039999p.png Nah, don't worry pal, we're yet to be called! Take a seat over there and watch us burn down the competition!

You sure are excited today!

15039999p.png Yeah!!! As I said earlier, I'm all fired up!

A few hours passes and soon it's nighttime. An announcement can be heard over the lake.

''Since the sheer amount of participating dragons was bigger than expected, we'll have to continue with the competition tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.''

15039999p.png18000333p.png ''Noo... !'' exclaims Fireclaw and Pathos, both disappointed by the announcement.
Let's set up camp here; that way'll you don't exhaust yourselves flying all the way back the clan and tomorrow you'll both be well-rested. 18000003p.png

14969459p.png We have already set up camp near the lake. At least now we'll have an edge in the competition, being the first to compete isn't always wise. Although it's a shame we couldn't compete now, the night is when I'm feeling the most at ease.

True, we all favor the night here, but most dragons around here stay awake at daytime ...or so it seems. Let's go now. 18000003p.png

The trio and the two competitors make way to the camp. Tomorrow a new day of intense competition awaits them.

Application | Post 1 | Post 2

You are now reading Post 3

After a few days of intense competition Unknown, Fireclaw and their three clanmates, Logos, Pathos and Ethos are resting in their tent by the lake.

18000333p.png It's been so fun to follow the competition!
It's been entertaining, yes. You've both done very well. 18000033p.png
15039999p.png Yeah... but I haven't managed to make it to the Top 12 of my breed like Unknown here *he looks at Unknown* ...and you said that you weren't cut out for this!
14969459p.png I said that I'm not an athlete... not that I was completely unable to compete, but to be honest, I'm surprised I made it to the top chart. I had always seen myself as proficient in the arcane arts, not in physical prowess.
It seems that you've learned something new about yourself, then. The deities tend to endow us with greater insight if we honour them during their festivals. Maybe the Tidelord decided to bless you with insight and give you an opportunity to renewal. 18000003p.png
14969459p.png Like the water that always find a new path to flow through, we are ever changing, adapting... .
Mhm. 18000003p.png

*Unknown and Logos look at each other and nods in agreement.*

You two sure love to have philosophy talks... and while I do love to listen to you debate, maybe we first should go out and get ourselves something to eat. It seems we have run out of food. 18000333p.png
15039999p.png We never thought that you three would stay... so of course we didn't bring more food... ! and hey, why wouldn't the Tidelord bless me too, huh?
You're being bitter- maybe it's because you worship the polar opposite element! 18000033p.png18000333p.png
15039999p.png I'm not being bitter! To prove you that, I'll go get the food, in the RAIN. Hah! Polar opposites... tsk.
*Everyone laughs and even Fireclaw chuckles.*

15039999p.png Oh, well. Maybe it's just so that I thought I was slightly in better form than this. Seems I've spent too much time in The Observatory learning magic after the Somnium encouraged us all to wield it properly. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, that's all. I love running and climbing and fighting! so I suppose I can see this as an opportunity to start doing some other activities again aside from studying. When we come back home I'll tell Somnium and Excubitorem that I wan't to be put on hunting rounds and maybe even train exalteés.
Insight... . 18000003p.png
15039999p.png Hah... right, insight. *Fireclaw smiles.*
14969459p.png ...I still can't help but wonder how much my body's been corrupted by magic throughout the years; I don't really feel physically fit, so maybe my magic is giving me an edge?
It might very well be so, but that doesn't make it any less of a feat to make it to the top 12. You should feel proud of your performance. 18000033p.png
15039999p.png My Fire magic has always given me strength when i needed it... but that isn't against the rules of the competition, so why feel bad about it? The other competitors are also doing that, after all the competition is done for fun, not even the organizers thought so many dragons would show up and neither that they'll take it so seriously.
18000003p.png True, if the competition's purpose would be to truly prove your physical assets instead of building inter-flight cooperation and respect, the events would have been adapted to each breed's capacities or the points adjusted according to every individual dragons prowess.
Yeah, those tiny fae and big snappers don't really have much of a chance against those imperials. 18000333p.png
14969459p.png Either it's that what's giving me and edge ...or the gatorade... !
Hah, true! 18000333p.png
15039999p.png ...but you, making jokes? That's new, but cool!
Glad to see you're opening up a bit. 18000033p.png
14969459p.png I've never been against change and I've always been willing to explore new paths in life.
15039999p.png ...Well, enough talk! Anyone wanna accompany me out in the rain, so we all get the Tidelord's blessing for braving the storm!?
You said you we're gonna go alone, changed your mind? *Ethos gives Fireclaw an amused look.* 18000033p.png
15039999p.png No, but just saying it's more fun that way. *He winks back at Ethos.*
OK, let's go and cheer our fiery friend on out in the rain! 18000333p.png

After a week of events and celebrations in the Tidelord's domain, the final decathlon event is now ready. Fireclaw and Unknown wish each other luck and Logos, Pathos, Ethos and Gloomwillow waits eagerly for them to cross the finish line.

Unknown dives with ease into the water and uses his serpentine line to swim with an absolutely astonishing speed.

Just 2.71 minutes and he dives up from the water and walks to his clanmates who look at him astonished. His dear Gloomwillow swirl around him.
18000333p.png Wooow! you did amazingly WELL!!!
14969459p.png That's quite the enthusiasm... !
You truly did well! You've made the clan proud. 18000033p.png
14969459p.png Thank you, has Fireclaw crossed the finish line yet?
18000333p.png Huh?!
You're the 3rd to cross the finish line. 18000003p.png

*Unknown looks at Logos, his blank eyes widening.*

14969459p.png I... won?
Yes, you did! 3rd place, that speed was astonishing! 18000333p.png
14969459p.png Wow, uh, I.., don't know what to say... . *He looks at the shore, and realize how many competitors still haven't crossed the finish line.*
18000333p.png We gotta celebrate this!
Yes, but first we'll wait for the award ceremony to finish. 18000033p.png
18000333p.png Of course!

In the 6th big group of dragons that arrives at the shore, Fireclaw is among them, crossing the finish line after 8.56 minutes .

15039999p.png *pants* Pheew! That was though, but fun! You already finished, I saw you dive in with quite the speed.
He finished 3rd! 18000333p.png
15039999p.png What?! Congratulations!

*The Wizard looks away, unused at being the center of attention.* Thank you. 14969459p.png

15039999p.png ...Not an athlete, not an athlete you said. Magic-altered body or not, that's still an amazing time.
14969459p.png I do love to swim, there's nothing better than to catch fish with your very own claws.. and the water... it makes my tired body feel less weary.
15039999p.png You know what, we should both ask to be put on hunt- and fishing duty! With your speed in the water and my fire-imbued claws on land we'll be able to protect ourselves from the dangers that reside in the water in the Starwood Strand. What do you say? You we're a bounty hunter, just like me! So we should be able to do this. While out in the field you could even teach me about medicinal herbs.
14969459p.png I'll think about it... -Come on, say yes! 15039999p.png
14969459p.png It would be entertaining... . I quite enjoy the Starwood Forest and the crystal-covered area that surround the shores of the Starfall Isles. We'll talk with the rest of the Clan about it.
15039999p.png Yesss!!! Now, let's celebrate! *Fireclaw grabs Unknown and lifts him slightly from the ground and Ethos decide's to use his magic to make Unknown levitate in the air.*

Congratutalations to both of you... ! Hooray Fireclaw! Hooray Unknown!

''These are good friends'', says Gloomwillow to Unknown telepathically.

*He looks at Gloomwillow and smiles contentedly, a happiness he didn't felt in years were overcoming him. Those are great friends and the clan, he feel will be the place he will finally be able to call home.*

Speed painting. So much proper art left to do, so little time to finish it all.

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