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Healthy: Dragon Lair » Sentimentality
Level 25
Coatl Male
Jul 18, 2015 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCoal Ripple
SecondaryWhite Current
TertiarySilver Underbelly
Energy: 0 / 50
Apparel & Skins
leader?, historian, librarian, nerd,

meek, intuitive, self-driven,

Well my heart is gold, And my hands are cold.
Sentimentality, the undying prince.

How Sen obtained such a lavish title is above his knowledge. When he's clad in royal regalia, he gives off the impression of a prince, however when he's not, he's not. You would think the leader of the Clan of Lament would be a less kiddishly youthful creature, since he was here from the founding till the current day in the clan, but Sen is unnervingly so. Sen is almost inanely good natured and innocent, as if he wouldn't expect anything awful of anyone. It's almost creepy how oftenly he stays smiley and warm to all those around him. Despite his skill, and battle prowess, Sen is surprisingly humble, and patient, not minding to do mealine tasks for others. Sen also has awful health, despite his title, and when not occupied, he falls straight asleep. All the advisors of the clan usually handle the heavy political lifting, whilst Sen only intersects if he has a issue, however, he is wise beyond his (biological) age. Sen is consulted with the utmost important issues, which he usually dedicates his time to solving it by hand. There is no monarch of Lamenting, however, all the dragons agree he looks sick in a set of celebratory battle regalia plus one round in a fashion show cemented his title. Sen gets stupidly flustered whenever it's mentioned. Sen still has a level of detachedness for being a ice dragon, and fails to feel a bunch of negative emotions, however, still manages to be cheery enough to be agreeable with. Sen gets along great with animals, and he has a whooping total of three familars. He has a clouddancer mount, a steam dancer familar which likes to chill in his hour glass, and a little frostbite humming bird messanger.

Sen was a curse by coatl standards. He was frail, and his feathers were faded due to sickness. His mother took this as a bad omen, and kicked he and his bro our at birth. Sen and his brother eventually wound their ways to the auction house, which they were the promptly captured, and sold to two different clans. Sen's clan was full of assassins, where he was then used with his appearance of sickness, as a tool assassinate dragons. They found out, that he was very skilled at that. Unfortunately, his disease continued to deteriorate him, and there wasn't a likely chance or cure in sight. He had made an odd bunch of freinds in the clan, which were quickly gone. Not long after he was getting used to clan life, his freinds were held hostage in an assassin's lair, where he then weant and attempted to rescue them. With his trusty katana, ice pick, and quiver, Sen leaped into their layer and took out many-many of mine rival clan's killers. The biggest baddie was impressed by him, however, with his freinds hostage, he couldn't do anything. The clan leader offered him that if they could have him join his clan, he would let Sen's freindos go. Sen was stuck in a hard place, so he agreed. They tied a cursed jewel chocker around his neck, and was then lead to the clan's guild hall. Then followed a series of thieving missions till Sen's body began to deteriorate from the stress, and the sickness, where then the boss commanded Sen to go on a suicide mission. the boss removed the cursed choker, rather not having the thing destroyed when Sen died. He was to retrieve this special hourglass, which had special morganite crystal sand which would supposedly give the user eternal youth, without the part where you become a hatchling. Sen, however, despite all odds had managed to obtain the hourglass. He tossed it on, and boom. Whenever the body neared death, the hourglass would reverse the biological age of the body to a time where the dragon would be mature. The cycle would continually go on. Now without the fear of keeling over tomorrow, Sen returned to his old clan, where he then discovered that a rumour weant that he sold all the hostage victims out, and had e'm killed. The death and unkept promise hurt him so, and also the fact that his clan wouldn't accept him also hurt his feels. Sen then weant, in all anime-protaginisty fashion, to kill all of the rival clan. After a major massacre, Sen returnes to his place of birth, in the Cloudscrape Craigs and had a serious crying and self pity fit. He lived alone for a while, but then came along others with woes, which he then related to and listened and told stories. Soon this group grew up in number, and Sen's emotional wounds slowly healed up. It wasn't very evident to him at the time, but he had made a clan.

Due to his condition, Sen occasionally smells like a zombie, and he uses a rose to cover it up.

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