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Theoretically: Dragon Lair » Bandadi
Level 4
Pearlcatcher Female
Nov 09, 2015 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryTeal Skink
SecondaryHeather Spinner
TertiarySky Opal
Energy: 10 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Royal Mate

Bandadi is a friendly little Queen Pearlcatcher.

Other than that, she's quite the accepting behind-the-throne leader. She influences many of her significant other's decisions, mostly because Hythier trusts his mate's judgement on things. She's also much less harsh than Hythier, this is apparent as many of the lair's residents like to come to Bandadi for many things. Whether they be comments, concerns, complaints.. Though, it's mainly the males of the lair that go straight up to Hythier with anything at all.

After having their first nest together, Hythier and Bandadi confirmed their mateship. It's really meant to be. I mean, they're very committed to each other. The Mirror has even made Hythier and his father pieces of jewelry. A lapis lazuli necklace to symbolize their loyalty to each other and an ornate copper necklace for Hythier's father to win his favor. It worked needless to say.


Adopted Daughter

- Ban-Baby to Hythier
- Spoiled to Hythier
- Honey Queen to Beastclan allies

- Kind
- Merciful
- Chance-giving
- Affectionate

- Polished nose horn
- Graceful physique
- Whiskers either lay over shoulders or hover above the ground


"She'll be nothing but trouble."

Bandadi couldn't hide the smile that crept up her maw. This was not the first time she had heard a similar complaint from Hythier about a new member in their clan. If her mate had his way, their clan would be a much smaller, lonelier place.


He gave her a withering look, but there was affection behind it. Some version of this discussion had played out many times, and they had practically memorized the lines of their part.

The new member this time around was a female, an Imperial by the name of Sanguisma. She was flashy, beautiful, and carried herself in a way that suggested she was quite accustomed to being noticed for her loveliness. It wasn't arrogance, precisely, but an extreme self-awareness -- here was a dragon who knew her strengths and was not embarrassed to flaunt them.

Sanguisma was the sort of dragon that a lesser female would have been jealous of, but Bandadi knew better than to doubt her mate's devotion. His eyes did not wander. And so it came that his queen was standing here, patiently explaining to him why this newcomer had as much right to be here as anyone.

"Everyone needs to pull their weight," Hythier was explaining; his tone suggested he had been talking for a while, and Bandadi snapped her attention toward him. "Like a machine, every part must work for the whole to run smoothly."

"And you would turn her away now, before she's had a chance to prove herself?" Her brows lifted. "You cannot claim to know the worth of everyone within a moment's meeting. It took more than a day for you to make up your mind about me, as I recall."

That silenced him for a moment, and he looked away in irritation. "Well enough. But I will have an eye on her."


And keep an eye on her he did. Hythier had a talent for watching people even when he seemed not to be paying attention. And Sanguisma had a seemingly preternatural sense of when people were watching her; she was accustomed to attention, and with that attention coming from a male, she made the obvious assumption as to its intent.

She was wrong, of course. But it did not stop her from attempting to exploit it.

When she felt his gaze, she would show off. A flirtatious gesture here; an extra effort there. She grew better at the skills she was tasked with, sheerly out of practice and a desire to please.

But she also picked up the irritating habit of trying to get Hythier alone, coming up with some or another pretense to accomplish this. And at length that became too irritating for the clan leader to ignore.

"Sanguisma," he said, on one such occasion when she had caught him alone.

"Hythier," she purred in response, moving close.

"You are wasting your time," he said, without further preamble. "I have seen the way you look at me. Let me save you the trouble. I have no interest in you. I never will."

She blinked at him, clearly taken aback -- not by his rejection, necessarily, but by the bluntness it was stated.

"But you --"

He stared at her, expression impassive, allowing her to flounder with her thoughts.

"With Bandadi...you hardly show her the interesting...I just assumed you weren't..."

"You assumed wrongly," he said, calmly, without malice. "See to it that you behave appropriately in the future."

And with that, he turned to make his way back to the lair, leaving a startled Sanguisma staring after him.


"I told you she would be trouble."

Bandadi laid her head over his neck, nibbling affectionately behind his jaw.

"I don't know," she said, with a hint of amusement. "It sounds as though you dealt with it easily enough."

His nose wrinkled, eyes narrowing in irritation. "Well at least you find it funny."

"They can't help it," Bandadi said, nipping him lightly. "This isn't the first time a girl has fallen for your mysterious charms, my love. And can you blame them? You're handsome, and a good leader."

A hint of a smile at the compliment.

"Maybe if you were a bit more outwardly affectionate to me?" She teased. "You know...so they wouldn't think you were just chained to me as an obligation..."

"If they're so blind they can't see with their own eyes -- " he started, but she silenced him with a nuzzle, chuckling.

"I know, Hythier. I know."

He was cute when he was irritated.

"So will you allow her to stay?"

"What? Of course. She's a competent hunter. So long as she stops her ridiculous preening, she has a place here as much as anyone."

Bandadi lifted a brow, and then decided it wasn't worth the effort to point out the irony.

As she'd said - this wasn't the first time; it would hardly be the last.
~ By Fenshae

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