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AliciaA » Lair » MissTake
Level 1
Nocturne Female
Nov 11, 2015 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Iridescent
SecondarySlate Facet
TertiaryWhite Smoke
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Light's Promise
The Wheel of Bright Neon Wings


Good Leadership in a Foreign Land

She was flying all alone trough the world. She was still a hatchling, but she was a brave one. She had crossed the Sea of a Thousand Currents and sneaked trough the Tangled Wood, where her species had emerged from just one year ago. She had studied the basic behaviors of the flights she had passed, and learned quite a few secrets. She had left to find a new home, a place where she belonged and wanted to stay. So far she had not felt confident in other dragons than herself. The search continued.

Staying hidden was no problem, as she was the size of a fae hatchling, if not less. Her mimicking skills were not bad either, so when a bigger dragon came too close she made the sounds of a food source it was uninterested in so it turned away. She also threw rocks into bushes a bit away to distract them. She traveled at dusk and dawn, but at day trough the Tangled Wood. It was almost too easy.


Barely a youth, and still smaller than most faes, she entered Dragonhome. At the Greatwyrm's Reach she spotted a group of hatchlings. She stayed out of sight, but close enough to hear. It was easy compared to her previous feats. They were lost, and belonged from a clan called Snapper's Reach, in the same region. She left them and scouted the area. Her small figure was invisible in the dusty landscape.

She found a small settlement, and showed herself for the first time. It was difficult, but she asked around until she found the place. The air had a grand entrance, with painted pillars supporting it. She sneaked around until she was certain it was the place. The hatchlings could only bee 2 hours away. She sneaked food from their stores and stole a satchel. She brought a waterskin and some food. She then returned to the place she had last seen the hatchlings, which had not gotten far. By then she had a plan.

Her tiny structure landed in front of the hatchlings, and she bellowed. "Where the heck do you think you're going? Your lair is that way. I'll follow you home." She had never been so loud before, and was relieved her voice didn't break. Her tiny lungs hurt from all the flying and dust. Luckily, the hatchlings fell silent and shrunk before her. They believed she was a native adult! She had to assure them many times along the way that it was the right way, and they were all cheers when she fed them.

After 3 hours of walking, her sitting atop a guardian's head most of the time, they could finally see the entrance. She got up and stretched her wings, jumped off and got swiftly to the entrance and bellowed "Here you go, one clutch of lost hatchlings returned!" The hatchlings caught up to her as their parents came flying from inside and outside the lair, all wearing dusty, concerned faces.

She tried to return the satchel, but the clan leader refused. He also begged her to stay a few days to celebrate. Much fuss was not her style, but she accepted. A denial would cause even more fuss and would ruin the mood. After 3 days they brought her to the Pillar of the World and the Rockbreaker himself. She literally stood before the Eldest dragon in the universe. And he was huge. She was tiny. Could he even see her? He called her name and she was almost knocked to the ground by the force. She gathered her breath and answered his call. She flew up to him and landed. He seemed amused! "How old are you, child?" His voice was softer, comfortable. "2 weeks, father." She had not meant to call him that, but he smiled. "You saved 5 of my children, and have shown good leadership in my land. We are forever grateful to you, daughter of all. We will tell the tale of a brave little nocturne who swiftly accessed the situation and maneuvered the land to save someone she had not even spoken to. You earned their respect and brought them safely back to us. You have earned our and my personal respect. " He had bellowed his speech to the audience, at least hundred clans as well as the whole of Snapper's Reach. He placed a crow on her head, embedded in stones and with his own sign resting on top. The crown must have been specially made for her, as it fit her perfectly. It looked tiny in the Earthshaker's hands, but he placed it gently.

Ookamiotoko_MissTake.png 1p.png

She stayed a few more days at the capital before she left, longing for undusty air and a permanent home.

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