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Juri01 » Lair » Arawn
Level 25
Wildclaw Male
Nov 25, 2015 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Crystal
SecondaryPlatinum Shimmer
TertiaryWhite Circuit
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• A R A W N •
  • Name pronunciation: < A(h)R-o(u)n >
  • Hatchday: Nov 25, 2015
  • Original clan: Ice
  • Parents clans: Father - plague Nocturne // Mother - plague Wildclaw
  • Came to clan: Dec 5, 2015
  • Familiars: Banded Owlcat (awakened) / currently training Greybeak Reaper
  • Genealogical table-part1/father - and - Genealogical table-part2/mother
    made by Ealasaid - genealogist
  • Coliseum-Team: Leader - Thirel // fellow campaigner - Aelwyd

"I wandered in from a Wildclaw Rescue Thread run by Doberman
And I'm kinda getting along nice with the other dragons.

I cant wait to go out to the Coliseum again... one of my favorite things to do!
Ah, not to forget my sweets! Hmmmm, Where did they hide them this time...."

“Kage”, now called “Arawn”, has settled in nicely in his new home.

He certainly loves being the center of attention and turend out to be a very spontaneous, happy-go-lucky dragon, who enjoys the company of others--the more the merrier.

Soon the clan discovered his fondness of sweets, as they keeped disapearing one after another.... Well, Arawn has a tendency to get carried away if any kind of goodies are concerned.

After a while the young dragon got quite restless and started nagging the older dragons to be taken along on their Coliseum-trips. As soon as he was allowed to, Arawn became part of a Coliseum Party and albeit the young-one doesn’t mince matters, he gets along quite well with his fellow dragon explorers.


Adopt made by Proxima


Always sweet(s)

DybjsRE.png Etched runes covered his wings and they crinkled like old paper. His scales glittered and shimmered, and his muscles rippled just under his scales. He was obviously tough, and trained and fought among warriors, but his eyes sparkled in a mischievous way that stated otherwise.

Laughing, he dashed through the streets at full speed as dragons shouted behind him, crashing into each other as they tried to catch him. His claws overflowed with sweets; pink, yellow and blue. They were coated in powdered sugar, and were melt-in-your-mouth. The dragons chasing him did so because he stole their products, those in his paws.

He would run down the road and into the shops, taking their pastry displays right out of the frosted windows. His breath puffed visibly in the cold winter air and he leaped with his long legs; he leaped above the heads of the others and out of their sight, proceeding to duck into an alley.

His heart beat like that of a caged bird’s, and he sat down behind a trash can with his treasure. Arawn stuffed some into his mouth and an explosion of sweet and sour was immediate; the rest he stashed for later under a pile of dark leaves. It was the crisp morning and already he had stolen some candy.

He wasn’t treated as a criminal, but rather as a prankster of sorts. The village knew and loved him otherwise. Well, not the candy shop owners; they didn’t fancy him very much.

Standing up, he pulled his hat down over his eyes and walked back into the street. Arawn yanked his goggles off and held them hidden in his claws; his goggles were what most people recognized him by. His eyes were a pale blue and rather calming unlike his usual self.

They didn’t know any better, he thought, they don’t know it’s me. In fact, they knew very well, and they just let him do what he pleased. The old dragons were just tired of chasing him, and too fond of him to let anything get serious.

'Always sweet(s)' - by PrincessNight


by @Estebanrex - larger image

Art by ninebit

Avatar made by me (on recolor.me)

Art by radishcake


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