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Jazzyleia » Lair » Sizzle
Level 10
Coatl Female
Jan 31, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySunshine Pinstripe
SecondaryOrange Spinner
TertiaryGoldenrod Capsule
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Day 1 Score: 74.19 / 100
5K Run Time: 7.56 minutes | Rock Throw Distance: 16.68 meters
Ring Flight: 16.78 minutes | River Swim: 8.15 minutes

Day 2 Score: 39.04
Coziness: 6.21 | Excitement: 16.31 | Sturdiness: 6.59 | Intrigue: 9.93
Hopscotch says: 'Did you try to make a blanket out of paperclips?' Tulip says: 'I think this could have used some better places for scratching.' Spaghetti says: 'Hmm.... Moldy Wood. Not stable... That said, while it was an unusual take on a theme, the fact that you've modeled it to look a bit like a prison is intriguing.'

Day 3
Painting Score: 30.65 | Sculpture Score: 18.09
> Painting Mood: 9.95 | Painting Technique: 20.7
This seems to be a still life of a warm, home-cooked meal. Bubbles says: 'You have a nice grasp of anatomy. The animals you drew are very well done.'
> Sculpture Mood: 13.99 | Sculpture Technique: 4.1
This dragon's sculpture features a number of roses and delicate flowers. Bubbles says: 'It looks like a blob...'

Day 4 Score: 86.49
Taste: 26.7 | Looks: 30.15 | Creativity: 29.64
Hopscotch says: 'This seems to be a salad with whole raw fish sticking out of it.' Tulip says: 'That's a good amount of saltiness. Reminds me of anchovies... I love anchovies.. Did you bring me some anchovies maybe??' Sundae says: 'I like how on fire it is... really adds a sense of Adventure to a meal. '


Day 5 Score: 92.21
Round 1: 19.83 | Round 2: 17.8 | Round 3: 18.27 | Round 4: 16.31 | Round 5: 20
In the first round, this dragon created a fantastic orange fluffy coat. After opening their second round bottle, an assortment of colorful hearts drifts around the room. In the third round, this dragon created a gene that added beautifully intricate swirls and blobs of contrasting colors to the dragon's body. In the fourth round, they created a lovely swirl of blue stardust. Explodey? No

Day 6 Score: 76.34
Excitement: 31.14 | Technique: 27.54 | Showmanship: 18.12
The dragon begins their magic act by separating the ground below them from the earth itself and floating it into the sky. As they continue their performance, a number of tiny cyclones swirl through the field. To end their magic act, they mutter something about how much they like cats.

Day 7 Score: 73.4
Starting Tunnel: 17.2min. | Maze: 15.17min. | Dark Tunnel: 17.71min. | Pits & Traps: 16.24min. | Slippery Ice: 10.28min. | Total Time: 76.6min.

Sizzle (Jazzyleia)
Friendly Wind Coatl from Aurora
Without darkness, we wouldn't see the stars.

ATH: 3 | FIN: 3 | INT: 5 | CRE: 3 | PER: 3 | MAG: 7 | CHA: 7
Total Points: 490.41 | Current Rank: 64 of 247


Pancake the Watch Cat
Pancake is notorious throughout the Fortress of Ends for being a bit of a menace. Although, as one of the fort’s local watch cats, he’s quick to notice if anything is wrong, he also tends to get himself into a lot of trouble when he gets bored. Stolen items, scratched up furniture, broken glass vases - you name it, he’s done it. The only way to keep this one out of trouble is to make sure he’s kept busy.

Cantaloupe the Watch Cat
Cantaloupe has a lot to say! If she sees something unusual or suspicious, she screams. If she notices someone doing something they don’t normally do, she screams. Sometimes she stares at the wall and yells because that’s just her personality. aaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Fortunately, as a watch cat, this is her job, so it’s okay.

Mia the Hunter
Mia the Hunter keeps the storage rooms clear of all pests and vermin. Every day is an adventure for her - with new boxes to climb, items to smell, and places to explore. Perceptive dragons might notice her leaping across the highest shelves in the store room and squeezing into the tiniest little spots. Good thing Mia is a brave and curious cat, because all sorts of things seem to manage to sneak in with the gatherers’ daily finds.

Sundae the Hunter
Dragons who find themselves in the kitchens are sure to meet Sundae. He’s a hunter that keeps the pantry clean and pest-free, but he also loves to eat. Whenever the chefs start to cook, he rolls over on his back... and they just can’t resist giving him a little treat. But be careful, leave something unattended and you might just come back to find that it’s disappeared.

Kiki the Hunter
Kiki may be one of the best hunters in the bunch, but that’s only because she gets lots of practice. She just LOVES to bite things. Go over to give her a pat? She loves it, but also she’s going to bite you because that’s the only way she knows how to show her love. Her free time is spent pouncing on and wrestling with the other cats. Someone has to keep them on their toes!

Hopscotch the Watch Cat
Hopscotch is extra curious, spending most of her time going out to explore the fortress grounds. She just loves the courtyards - climbing trees, jumping on dragons’ tails, chasing the guards around in circles until they pet her - all in a day’s work for an important watch cat like her!

Comet the Messenger
Comet is the fastest cat in all of Ice Flight. If there are shortcuts, she knows how to use them, and she never seems to tire out from running at top speed. For this reason, she’s been designated as a messenger. Dragons hand her notes, tell her where to take them, and off she goes!

Sushi the Librarian's Assistant
Sushi is a wise and friendly cat. He works in the fortress’s library, helping to sort and organize books. He loves attention from all the library guests, curling up next to them in their fancy armchairs and gently pointing out extra important information as they read. Little do they know, he spent his youth out in the harsh and unforgiving streets - and he has many battle scars and stories to talk about from those days!

Smudge the Alchemist's Assistant
Smudge is the alchemist’s assistant and always seems just a bit lost. He tries his best, but sometimes his urge to knock all the ingredients off the shelves into the pot gets the best of him. It’s okay though, because the alchemist loves him anyway.

Chamomile the Healer's Assistant
Chamomile is sweet, quiet, and observant. He helps the healer out by keeping the patients company and fetching medicines and other tools. He’s a gentle cat and is especially fond of hatchlings, bringing them flowers, feathers, and other little things he’s picked up outside.

Toby the Event Coordinator's Assistant
Many dragons in the Fortress of Ends suspect that Toby may actually be a liquid. He’s always lying down, hanging over the ends of chairs and tables in the great hall, curling up for naps in the fluff of the nearest tundras, and rolling about on the floor. His formal job is to help the event coordinator set up for dinners, meetings, and other activities - but he’s far more likely to fall asleep clinging to the nearest guest...

Spaghetti the Engineer's Assistant
Spaghetti is an intelligent cat who dabbles in architecture and engineering. She just loves to do math, poring over blueprints and charts and calculations. While other cats are out chasing butterflies, she’s sitting on the shoulder of the clan’s engineer, double checking their work. Spaghetti designed and built the Blanket Fort of Ends herself, and one might call it a Great Wonder of Catkind. It even comes with traps… Be careful...

Snowglobe the Mage's Assistant
Snowglobe is deaf, but certainly always in tune with his surroundings. He and the mages communicate to each other with writing or sign-language, and Snowglobe even knows a few spells and charms himself! Despite this, he’s quite shy and cautious, becoming nervous or anxious easily. It’s far more likely for him to be hiding away in the mages’ towers than seen wandering about in public.

Bubbles the Artist's Assistant
Bubbles just loves to paint! Trees, animals, dragons, abstract art, it doesn't matter what the subject is, Bubbles will paint it. They spend most of their time in the artist's room, bouncing around in the paints, leaving trails of colorful footprints wherever they go. This may be troublesome to those who wish to clean up, but the artist finds all the little rainbow kitty footprints endearing and almost considers them an art form of their own.

Sage the Suspicious Figure
There he is, lurking around the corners in the darkest parts of the fort, with his wares carefully concealed beneath his tiny dark cloak. What wares you ask? Anything you might desire: the misplaced keys of a prison guard, a note that was not meant for your eyes, a bit of cheese pilfered from the storage room, or simply the information you might require. A cat is an inconspicuous spy of course, and Sage is willing to find out anything... for the right price.

Teacup the Prison Patrol
A set of shiny silver bells dangling from her collar, Teacup trots through the dark and dreary halls of the prison to keep an eye on all those who are kept there. Prisoners offer her bits of food and gentle pats in a desperate attempt at a bribe, but although she loves the attention, she would never give in to such a villainous crowd.

Halberd the General's Assistant
Halberd is strict, disciplined, and Very Strong. She helps the Icewarden’s general train the exalts for battle, running back and forth through the rows of dragons, yelling encouragement and casting judgment on their physical fitness. Some say she once lifted an imp hatchling and carried it across the entire courtyard.

Patches the Accountant's Assistant
Patches is the accountant’s assistant, loving spreadsheets and math and balancing finances. However, she also has a business enterprise on the side. She dabbles in all sorts of markets: genes, apparel, battlestones - if you can think of it, she’s probably selling it to you. And her cute fluffy face means she gets away with quite the markup in price. “Look at that cat! What a good, smart cat! She has the entrepreneurial spirit! I want to support her business.” >:3

Tulip the Gardener's Assistant
Tulip's favorite place in the Fortress of Ends has always been the greenhouse. As a kitten, she would chase stray insects through the flowerbeds and curl up under the ornamental bushes. Unfortunately, her curiosity got the better of her, and while exploring the alchemist's tower with her best friend Ember, the two accidentally tipped over a cauldron of toxic waste. Ever since The Accident, Tulip's spots have gone from a soft grey to a color-changing iridescent. She has also gained the ability to fly, which she uses for heroic tasks!

Ember the Prison Patrol
Ember is Teacup's shy, cautious brother. He spends most of his time lurking in the dark, cobwebby corners of the dungeon, watching quietly. When his best friend Tulip insisted on exploring the alchemist's tower, he tried to tell her it was a bad idea, but she didn't listen. Tulip knocked over a cauldron of toxic waste, and not long after, Ember sprouted a pair of extra eyes, an extra tail, and.... telekinetic powers. He may be one of the more powerful cats in the fort, but he prefers to save these skills for dire circumstances.

Fate the Cryptic Messenger
An incorporeal creature who is invisible in the light, Fate can only be seen at night, quietly wandering the rooftops of the Fortress of Ends. They are a messenger for the Icewarden himself, dropping cryptic notes and clues to those who have been called for some greater purpose. Fate is very attached to Snowglobe, and will often follow him around, translating for him and bringing him interesting magic items. The two spend most of their afternoons curled up together in a dark corner of the mage's tower, telling stories and chatting about the previous night.

Fortune the Oracle
Fortune resides in a tall, hidden away tower, buried somewhere in the maze of passages and halls that make up the Fortress of Ends. It is said that those who seek this tower will never find it - for the tower only shows itself to those in need. Inside the tower is a cozy den of silks and soft spices, and a very fluffy, very soft, very wise, very purple cat. Patting Fortune can invoke realizations about anything from solutions to problems to purpose in life, and it is always good luck to offer a gift to Fortune at the end of your visit. For this reason, Fortune's tower is filled with shelves and shelves of gifts and knickknacks that they have accumulated over the years.

Frosting the Icewarden's Personal Assistant
Frosting is the Icewarden’s personal assistant and he is extremely shy. Rarely spotted in the open, Frosting typically only appears when he brings an important message or announcement from the Icewarden himself. Only the luckiest dragons will ever see him, although he has a tendency to be more active when the Icewarden is planning important events, such as Icemas and Gala.

Fluffy the Alchemical Creation
When two kittens, Ember and Tulip, knocked over a cauldron of toxic waste while exploring the alchemist's tower, a third cat materialized. This creature, with hazy black tendrils, glowing white eyes, and an eerie green glow, began to teleport around the fort causing chaos and confusion. Don't worry though, "Fluffy" is perfectly friendly!

Scar the Battle Cat
Scar and his sister Stella are large cats created by the Icewarden to escort the exalts into battle. They are fierce warriors and primarily appear before conquest pushes. Scar is more of a defensive fighter, preferring to guard fallen dragons from harm so that they can be taken to safety. He is able to breathe fire like a dragon. Don't be deceived by their looks, these two cats stand about a head taller than the largest tundra.

Stella the Battle Cat
Stella and her brother Scar are large cats created by the Icewarden to escort the exalts into battle. They are fierce warriors and primarily appear before conquest pushes. Stella is more of an offensive fighter, preferring to lead the exalts forward, blinding enemies with her ability to create bright flashing lights. Don't be deceived by their looks, these two cats stand about a head taller than the largest tundra.

Milky the Vault Kitty
Milly is a picky, fussy cat who only cooperates when bribed. If you do not pay her, you do not get to pet her !! She likes all things to be shiny and expensive, which is why she spends all of her time rolling about in the Icewarden's treasure vault. Her absolute favorite things are sparkly ribbons, and those who bring her such gifts are sure to win her favor.

Bandit the Kleptomanic
You don't need a job if you just steal everything you need! At least, that's how Bandit feels about things. Pilfering food and toys from storage rooms, picking the pockets of dragons while sitting on their lap, tearing about the place grabbing the shiniest things he can find - that's how Bandit rolls. Nobody really even knows where he came from. He certainly wasn't adopted by Icedad, and despite attempts at getting him to take up a "real job," no progress has been made.

Chestnut the Watch Cat
Chestnut and her BFF Smokey are always together! As watch cats, they wander through the fortress of ends keeping a lookout for anything suspicious. And when they find it, Chestnut pokes it repeatedly while Smokey goes to get the nearest dragon for assistance. Their teamwork has found many interesting and highly suspicious objects such as weird unlabeled packages, lost hatchlings, and once they even found an escaped prisoner (yes, Chestnut poked the escaped prisoner. Right in the face. It was quite a successful distraction.)

Smokey the Watch Cat
Smokey and his BFF Chestnut are always together! As watch cats, they wander through the fortress of ends keeping a lookout for anything suspicious. And when they find it, Smokey goes to get the nearest dragon for assistance while Chestnut pokes it repeatedly. Smokey is very good at getting the attention of dragons. He runs into the hall, yells, spins around, does a little cat dance, and then walks off trying to get the dragon to follow. He is Very good at little cat dances.

Jasmine the Gardener's Assistant
Ever since Tulip learned to fly and ran off to fight crime, the gardener has been in need of a new set of paws to help chase out all the insects and pests in the greenhouse. Unfortunately for them, Jasmine is not that cat. Jasmine does not Hunt. She is above that kind of dirty work. But she does garden! She waters flowers, tends to them, and even has her own plot in the greenhouse! On warm summer days, she sells cat-grown bouquets in the courtyard to any dragons who might be interested.

Oliver the Musician's Assistant
Oliver, also known as "Ears," to the other cats, has always loved music. He spends most of his days sitting on the shoulder of the conductor of the fort's orchestra, purring in time to the music. In the evenings, he pores over his notebooks, writing and composing his own orchestral pieces. One day he hopes to take over the Fortress of End's Orchestra, and I don't think anyone would mind if that happened.

Lucky the Hunter
Although he is named Lucky, poor Lucky is anything but! Wherever he goes, misfortune follows. He started out as the alchemist's assistant, but kept accidentally exploding things. Then he tried to work in the kitchens but he burned everything he touched. He was given jobs in patrolling, architecture, even the library, but wherever he went he couldn't help but make quite a mess. No matter how hard he tried. He's currently taken up a job assisting Mia as a storage room hunter and has only broken a Few things....

Marshmallow the Wall Patrol
Despite all the white fluff, Marshmallow is not the type to sit around on laps all day. She is assigned to patrol the outer walls of the Fortress of Ends, and spends her days running along the tops of them, keeping a careful eye on the landscape in the horizon. Fast, brave, and with an incredible sense of vision, she always seems to be the first to notice if something dangerous might be approaching. And when she notices, she runs the length of the walls meowing to rally the troops.

Mocha the Emotional Support Kitty
Mocha spends most of his time inside the Blanket Fort itself, fussing over all of the other cats - bringing them food, gifts, listening to their woes, and otherwise taking care of them. While the others are out and about doing their important jobs, he tidies up the boxes and blankets, making sure everything is nice and cozy for when they return. Because his health has not always been great, he gets tired easily and can't quite run around as much as the others, but he does his best and all of the other cats think he is The Greatest.

Chloe the Ghost Hunter
Other cats... they hunt things like mice and bugs, but Chloe? She hunts ghosts. Think your place might be haunted? Try giving her a call.... She only needs to stay in the haunted place for a few days before leaving an inky paw print on your door, signing it, and leaving. Ghost gone: guaranteed. We will never know how she does it.

Daisy the Tailor's Assistant
Daisy spends most of her days playing in the looms of fabric and yarn of the tailor's workshop. Her absolute favorite is ribbons (and the tailor agrees), which is why she wears a differently colored ribbon every day. A very stylish kitty!

Flight Reps
Lightning (C.A.T. (Cutest Assistive Technician) - C.A.T. has over 1000 different gadgets and tools hidden away in its many robotic limbs and attachments. It's a hard worker, and can even repair electrical devices while sleeping.
Light (Glimmer) - Glimmer's nine extra eyes each function as a blindingly bright flashlight. Careful not to look directly at her, as it's said to be like staring directly into the sun.
Wind (Chime) - This winged kitty loves wind chimes and often flies about carrying messages and music wherever he goes. It is said that he has a very jovial laugh (whatever that means for a cat). -
Water (Ripple) - Ripple has long fins and gills for swimming. He has perfectly adapted to life in the deep sea. He says he knows where Tidelord is, but he's not allowed to say. -- Pebbles - Earth - This little animated stone kitty grows shiny crystals inside. Sometimes he leaves an assortment of rocks and gemstones behind as gifts.

Fire (Blaze) - Blaze is made of fire and is usually actually on fire. Be careful with your flammable materials while he's around.
Plague(Pickle) - Pickle and her twin sister Poppy can never seem to get along. They're always arguing over who gets to hunt the mice and who serves their deity the Best. Be careful when petting her, you'll probably end up with a cold.
Nature (Poppy) - Wherever Poppy goes, little flowers and plants grow behind her. Don't be deceived by her innocent appearance though, this little cat is full of pure concentrated rage. --
Shadow (Gloom) - This little cat often sleeps for weeks at a time. The longer they sleep, the more bio-luminescent fungi seem to grow on them. But don't worry, they're fine. This is just how things are sometimes.
Arcane (Holographic Nephelometer (Nephie)) - Nephie is a fantastic mage. Well, in the sense that she has great magical powers! The problem is that Nephie's spells always have a different effect than anticipated. It's fine though, she is great at making do.

Special Costumes

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