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ChaosToadette: Dragon Lair » Roman
Level 25
Mirror Male
Mar 12, 2016 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySky Tiger
SecondarySky Safari
TertiaryStonewash Runes
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Boreal Barbarian
Emotional Stability
Self Discipline

Clan Warrior
"My eyes speak not what my heart desires."


Roman is the second child of Agnes and Roy, and the middle child of their first-ever clutch, laid shortly after the foundation of the clan. However, unlike his brothers, Emperor and Neo, he was not exalted. While Emperor had joined the ranks of The Stormcatcher and Neo resided with The Plaguebringer, Roman expressed a desire to fight for The Icewarden.

When the clan questioned his curious choice, knowing that Plague dragons are weak to Ice, Roman responded with words that stung their ears. He had despised Plaguebringer's ideals, that survival should not be about constantly hanging on your final breaths, and the spread of death and disease was cruel without a purpose. "To Thrive" was not a good enough excuse for him. He had instead admired the ideals of Ice dragons, that emotions were to be secondary and the world should be forever preserved for generations to come. If death and disease were to overtake Sornieth, eras of history would be lost.

It broke his mother's heart and confused his father. Most dragons responded with disgust or shock, but one dragon in particular found Roman's ideology to be absolutely unacceptable. It was then that the clan's eldest warrior, the brittle and shaken Innes, arose from his seat and violently attacked Roman, gnawing and tearing at the young Mirror's flesh as his fresh blood stained the soft earth of the clan. No one had seen so much vigor and rage in the elderly Guardian, and to this day it remains a mystery why he turned so violent so quickly.

Roy screamed in horror as Agnes rushed to free her child from Innes's grasp, knowing that if he had continued any further, Roman would die. Roy quickly turned violent himself and roared at Innes for his inexcusable behavior, screaming at him to leave immediately. The entire clan was shaken with fear as the room had quickly became tense with an unspeakable level of rage.


While the clan had riled for Innes's exile despite being against Roman themselves just minutes earlier, Jasper defended her mate, claiming that the Snapper that had disabled him with its mighty bite and tarnished his life as a warrior was an Ice dragon and left him with a permanent hatred of Ice dragons. Eventually, the conflict simmered down, but Innes was left with a warning that if he ever attacked Roman again or even came close to him, he would be banished forever. Meanwhile, Jasper had watched over Roman like a crooning grandmother, horrified over her husband's actions and desperately wanting to apologize.

Thankfully, Roman had recovered with little to no permanent injuries, though his body was now rattled with scars. Jasper promised to repay him by training him under her wing so that if he were ever attacked again he could properly defend himself. Roman was uncomfortable at the idea at first, as he was a pacifist like his father, but eventually began to enjoy the time he spent with Jasper and felt invigorated by the newfound strength growing inside of him. It was then that he decided to take a short leave from the clan in order to train himself even further once his sessions with Jasper were over.


Though he promised he would eventually return, Roman had gone missing for many moons, leaving Roy and Agnes riddled with anxiety (not even the birth of their second clutch of children quelled their worrying). Roman took the Southern Icefield to finally connect with the inner Ice dragon crying inside of him. Being a Plague dragon, the cold air stung his skin, and his scars ached even more than they already did. However, while he traveled there to learn how to be like an Ice dragon, he had also finally learned what it meant to be a Plague dragon as well. His scars, his resilience to the searing cold wind, and his determination to better himself were all aspects of the "survive and thrive" mindset Plague dragons believed in. He had finally come to terms that he would never be a true Ice dragon, but he was a true Plague dragon and loved the ice as well.

Unbeknownst to the clan, Roman did not take his journey alone. During his time he became acquainted with a resident Ice dragon, a young Wildclaw named Andrew who had descended from a family of warriors, and also had a desire to strengthen himself. Though the two met in a bloody duel, they admired each others' abilities and quickly became friends. Andrew in particular was impressed by how easily Roman could match up to him despite being elementally weak to him.

During the last leg of his time in the Southern Icefield, Andrew and Roman helped each other get even stronger, Andrew teaching Roman how to survive the blistering cold alongside the best stealth tactics Ice dragons had, and Roman teaching Andrew how to have the incredible endurance and stamina of a Plague dragon.



The two returned to the Scarred Wasteland together, as Andrew claimed that the rest of his family was strong enough to defend the Icefield without him, and he was excited to see what kinds of enemies and situations existed in Plague territory. Andrew had also become extremely attached to his new friend, almost having a brotherly-like bond with Roman and becoming saddened at the thought of potentially leaving him. He had finally met someone just as strong as him, and wanted to fight alongside him forever.

When the two returned, the clan felt entirely new to Roman. When he left, almost everyone either hated him or pitied him. But now, everyone was cheering and hugging him and talking about how much they missed him. Even Innes seemed slightly impressed over his new look (though he would never say it out loud). Roman confessed to his clanmates and family that he finally understood his own identity, a Plague dragon that just so happens to love the cold.

Alongside Andrew (who everyone quickly took kind to), Jasper, and the dozens of new clan warriors that would join in the future, Roman defends his home and is at the frontlines of the clan's army. Roy has admitted in private that if he and Agnes were to ever die, Roman would take their places as clan leader (though Roy dislikes referring to himself as a leader).



Even before his spiritual trek, Roman was always stoic and unemotional. He only shows his feelings through mediocre facial expressions and body gestures (such as a small smile when he's happy or an annoyed grunt when upset). In battle, he shows no mercy to those that oppose him, but only ever attacks when attacked himself. While he has embraced his identity as a Plague dragon, he still believes that any death must come with a purpose, and never kills without reason.

Occasionally he will return to the Southern Icefield (usually with Andrew) whenever he misses the cold, as the Scarred Wasteland is almost always hot and swampy. However, when he feels as if it is not safe for him to leave his clan, he will instead quell his desires by playing with ice cubes or having Andrew breathe frosty breath on him. His parents have become much more supportive of his desires as well and almost always bring him cartfuls of trinkets and apparel from the Crystalline Gala, alongside any icy or cold objects the resident traders Pumpkin and Linkin pick up.

In his older age, he currently mentors a few dragons of his own, most notably the wild and bloodthirsty Mirror, Blitzkrieg, and a Tundra named Carolina, who also desired a taste of the cold despite being of a different element (though Lightning instead of Plague). Her similarities to Roman became apparent when the two started training together and he quickly fell in love with her, though some dragons find their relationship to be somewhat awkward as Roman is much older than her, especially when he prattles on about how attractive her body is after drinking too much barley ale during the evening feasts.
Carolina (mate)

(best friend)

Jasper (mentor)

Favorite Item: Grey Wolf Cape
Favorite Food: Ermine
Familiar: Cragward Custodian

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