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Juri01 » Den » Tharkay
Level 6
Coatl Male
Mar 18, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Iridescent
SecondaryThistle Butterfly
TertiaryShadow Underbelly
Eye TypeWind Rare
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
wind_rune_20.png • T H A R K A Y • wind_rune_20.png

  • Hatchday: Mar 18, 2016
  • Original clan: Wind
  • Parents clans: Father - ice Coatl // Mother - water Coatl
  • Came to clan: was born into it
  • Familiar: Scaleback
    currently training: Agol

"For a troublemaker like myself to have a family that still relays on and even puts their trust in you... isn't that the greatest treasure one could possibly have?

"I'm not an unblemished member of this clan and there is the possibility I'm never able to make it up to everyone and I can only make amends in subtle ways. Back then, confession was out of question, but when I was finally able to open up to someone... I still can't describe the feeling of relief I had; to be able to show my fears, my deepest feelings and to notice that someone was willing to reach out to me.

"But there is still this feeling of guilt, that cuts deep and fills my soul with a void. It's a feeling as if I'm facing an endless fall, unable to stop or see an ending to it.

"Even so, despite all my mistakes, the family entrusted me with such an important task: the making of wind chimes! They are willing to let me work on the special tune our little ones will hear on their hatching day. How can I be the one given this responsible assignment to?

"I don't want to let anyone down again. So I can only put my whole being into this task. Even if I keep shaking facing my new responsibily, why do I feel this warmth, this joy to prove myself?"





If something went missing--and it wasn't sweets--the first place to look for it was over at Tharkay's nest.

The young Coatl always had been a troublemaker, ever since the day he hatched.

His mother was the first to notice the missing food back home or at the hoard, stolen money from travelers, jewellery, trinket, a shirt here, a satchel there... always right after Tharkay paid the nest a visit. At first, Snek could not believe her son having any connections to the disappearances, as Tharkay was always nicely groomed and could ask anyone if he was interested in getting something--there was no need at all for him to steal.

Soon though, her disbelief turned into harsh reality as the youngster was caught red-handed while sneaking out of someone's lair, the stolen goods enclosed in his claws. It didn't help talking about what happened with Tharkay; the stealing turned into a habit. He just could not resist the impulses to steal items even though he did not need them for personal use or for their value. Even he himself could not understand why he wasn't able to stop.

His heart rate would increase, an adrenaline rush going through his body, feeling the urgent, uncontrollable compulsion to take possession of something. During this rush of adrenaline he felt good, excited and unstoppable as if he would never get caught. It didn't even cross his mind.

After everything was over and he obtained the object, the pressure would release and Tharkay would feel utterly ashamed of himself. He was ashamed of having carried out the act, of not being able to resist, but most of all of disappointing everyone. He knew perfectly well that stealing was wrong but he felt so powerless to resist the impulse. He lead a moral, upstanding life and was totally confused and upset by his own stealing.

Sometimes the shy Coatl would stash the stolen items away somewhere, never using or even having a second look at them. Other times he would gift them away to other dragons and friends, or even secretly returning them to the place from which they were stolen.

It was Aztec who invited the shy, distressed Coatl over to talk. At the beginning Tharkay couldn't stand talking about his feelings and thoughts, but soon he started to quite enjoy their sessions. Together they tried to discover what drove the youngster, identifying situations, thoughts and feelings that may trigger his urges to steal.

It was a very slow progress with many setbacks, but step by step and with the support of his family, Tharkey started to understand himself better and kept working on himself.

To Gain A Foothold - The Wind Chimes
Tharkay currently may struggle a lot to find his own way of live and to work on his problems, but he is still a very emotional and emphatic dragon. He can be stubborn and straightforward, though he is quite tactful with his honesty and usually only displays this side of himself to his closest relations.

Kindhearted and empathetic, Tharkay is the type of dragon who consistently tries his best to aid and support those around him. As he is very sensitive and one who values family (immediate and extended) above most other things, the Coatl is a bit of a worrier and therefore suffers greatly for causing so much trouble, continuosly wearing himself out over it.
Tharkay is someone who puts all his heart and effort into the things he does. Enthusiastic about his newly entrusted occupation as Wind Chime Maker, Tharkay is now spending a lot of time working at home near all kind of materials and becomes absolutely giddy when given the opportunity to interact with and learn about new things that allow him to improve his skills. Aztec suggested the young Coatl for this position in the hope of giving the little thief something he could put his heart to, reinforce his bonds with the family and, as this is one of the most respected and most pretentious professions of the clan, strengthen his self esteem.

When a new life is about to be born in the territory of the Wind, the parents have either prepared a wind chime for each of their eggs themself, or have commissioned the Wind Chime Maker of the clan to create one for them. The first thing a hatchling is going to hear after it breaks through its shell, is the gentile tone of its very one chime. The parents bestow them to their little ones so that the chimes will accompany the young dragons their whole life long.

As the Coatl has a strong sense of duty and morality, he shows a great willingness to work with almost excessive devotion on the various wind chimes he is entrusted to make. As there are so many dragons depending on him now, not to forget the little ones who are going to carry his chimes forever, he is even going so far as to take multiple consecutive overnight workshop sessions and travels long distances without hesitation in order to ensure to create an unique and beautiful masterpiece for each hatchling.

Tharkay is accompanied by his faithful companion, a gruffy Scaleback named Casen, that tries hard to protect his friend from any harm. While running around searching for materials to include in his wind chimes, Casen keeps his eyes open while the Coatl doesn't seem to be aware that there could be anything dangerous around him.

The Skill To 'Listen'

A few days before the little ones hatch, Tharkay visites the soon to be parents and their nest. To create each dragons personal tune a certain skill is needed to be a true 'Wind Chime Maker'--a certain type of magic.

While meeting the little family, Tharkay has to take in the feelings that surround them, getting an idea about the dream and wishes the parents have for their child. After he goes over to the eggs and lays his talons at the shells, 'listening' to the soon to be born souls within. Whatever the dragon experiences during that time he then intertwines it with the parents deepest wishes for their little ones to be able to creat the chimes sound.

The importance of this work goes beyond doing simple handicrafts. "A sound is worth more than a thousand words, as it expresses what one feels deep inside.”--With these words Tharkay tries to explain his craft. He tries to give a better understanding of the hidden meaning behind a Chime Makers magic, as the origin of each ones personal sound is the greatest mystery behind his skill; it is the reason of what makes the personal chimes so special.

One day, Tharkay decided to enlist in one of the Noble Orders of Sornieth. An Order is an organization that exists to assist or encourage dragons in the pursuit of their goals. As it's important to exchange views about all kind of matters, the gatherings of the 'Crafters' branch are the perfect place to meet with other dragons who are devoted to dancing, singing, crafting, and other beautiful or useful expressions of skill.




Art by Icewing24

Art by Kotomi


Moodboard by Froze

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