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Arkenrall » Den » Grimoire
Level 25
Fae Male
Jun 08, 2016 (3 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryLemon Skink
SecondaryBerry Butterfly
TertiaryGrapefruit Capsule
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
First dragon with this colors. Used to be a Guardian
egg_arcanr.png Clan Hatch egg_arcanr.png

Contract of Lengthened Membership

-Name & Title:
-Prominent Skills:
-Noteworthy Likes/Dislikes:
-Learning about the Clan's Existence:
-Nature of the Curse:
-Other Ailments:
-Important Notes:
-Region Preferences:

"Hey, Grim, do you want to go on a hunt?" Shini the Wildclaw asked the Fae.
"Depends on the prey" Answered Grimoire while perching ildly on a branch. "I've always wanted to learn how fast and for how long a Wildclaw can run without collapsing."
The other dragon had not expected such response, and stood unsure for a moment, before saying, "You're pulling my leg"

With a malicious smile, the Fae said, "That would be extremely hard and dangerous for me, given your size and ridiculously sharp claws. Ridiculously, considering the use you claim to give them. Do you even clean those things? They don't seem to have felt any water in a long time."

The Wildclaw glanced down at his muddy talons. He was continuously displaying them, proudly offering stories of all the monsters he supposedly had slain. However, he was now faced by the one thing that proved immortal; Grimoire's twisted sense of humour.
Stepping back in a shameful fashion, the much larger dragon retreated the way he'd come.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be working on your spell?" Valkyrie's voice echoed in the caverns. The Mirror overseer seemed outraged by the Fae's relaxed manner.

"I'm exemplifying the natural spirit of a worker under strain during a resting period." He (needlessly) strengthened this statement by stretching out and suppressing a yawn.

Valkyrie ignored his statement.
"I've no time for your tricks! You should be practicing the casting of the spell."
"Nobody seems to have time for them as of late. Late actually being a long time back. Perhaps as long as I've been here." After getting a glare as only response, Grimoire added, "Anyway, it is because nobody wants my tricks that I am not spellcasting. I don't want to receive the same feedback on my magic tricks as on my regular tricks."

With a snarl, the Mirror said, "Get back to work!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, for you see, I never even started."
The Fae then leaped off the stone floor, not missing a heartbeat as the Mirror's pouncing form descended on the spot he'd just been. Experience had its benefits.

"P-p-please, I think you're standing on my meal." Said the Tundra while sporting a shy smile.

"Ah, this must be the first time I hear a phrase so articulate from you. Have you been practicing with your reflection on the surface of a pond, or is it the breeze that must suffer your sputters?" Grimoire shifted on the gathered blooms, feeling their cool petals against his claws. Was there anything better than enjoying a sunny morning while standing on someone else's breakfast? The Fae could not fathom any better beginning to a good day. Save, perhaps, tormenting fellow clanmembers.

"I. . . I guess?" The innocent smile melted, giving way to confusion and worry. Such a strange Tundra.

"Oh, well. I suppose that's as articulate as you will get. I'll be back once you can provide me with a more dignified reason to exploit your weaknesses."

Grimoire hadn't been seen yet. Good. That would make the discovery even more bothersome. For the Ridgeback, of course.

Seiken turned just as the Fae gave the finishing touches to his masterpiece. A soft yelp and a loud groan after, the heavy steps of the Ridgeback tromped towards the wall at which Grimoire had been working.

"What have you done now?" There was wariness in the large dragon's voice. That meant he already knew about Grim's reputation. He eyed the sap structure with contempt. Again, he probably had already learnt what to expect. Insufferable torment.

"I guess your eyes are not used to the sight of art. Understandable, as you spend most of your days staring at the same spot on the wall. But you won't need to worry about this lack of culture of yours, for I am placing my quarters next to your guard station. That way you'll have your spot on the wall and my unparalleled companionship."

Seiken did not seem to know how to react to this. Gears could almost be seen turning inside his spiky head as he opened and closed his mouth. After several moments of gawking, the behemoth sighed, saluted by touching his wings to his shoulders, and left.
Such was the remarkable discipline soldiers often displayed when facing a terrible fate.

Vibrant blue smoke rose from the laden cauldron as it bubbled energetically at the center of the room. The light was dim, perfect for Grim's current mischief.

Much like Baldwin's at the Trading Post, the local alchemists' policy was no dragon eggs in the cauldron. But how detrimental could prove a quick bath in the squirming liquids? Grimoire wished to find out just that.
Homunculus' back was turned to him. No, that wouldn't work this time.

"Hello, Homun, still engaged in your experiment to find the most gruesome shape a dragon can develop?"
The Bogsneak smiled, oblivious to the insult and much to concentrated on his sketches to spare any thought to the visitor. That changed, however, when he spotted the over-sized bag Grimoire was carrying.
Grim interrupted any objection the alchemist could have formulated.

"You seem extremely busy at the moment. Perhaps I shouldn't have come today, but you seem to be the only mad dragon with a large cauldron around."
Homun's smile faltered but did not fade. He was disgustingly good-humored.

"Was do you need?"
"Oxygen, water, food, and a functional heart and brain, mainly. From you, I'd like to have these transmuted by next week." He opened the bag slightly, revealing what was actually a thin layer of garbage hiding the egg beneath. "The problem is, these usually take a long time to brew. That's why I'd like to have them all dipped together.

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