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Ivythorn » Lair » Aimless
Level 1
Spiral Male
Jun 29, 2016 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySteel Poison
SecondaryPurple Toxin
TertiaryWhite Smoke
Eye TypeShadow Common
Energy: 44 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The one known as Aim

Misfit of the Twilight Circle
He, his brother and his sister are born in the same day as two other hatchlings, but seventeen hours after them. As such, the four have made it a friendly competion to see who was better. After his sister left the circle. They decided to make the brothers against the sisters.

He and his siblings knew from the start that they would only have one loving parent. But with their looks looking not as nice, they knew their chances of leaving were high. His sister left at two days and was named Lilli. He was often considered an eye burner for his looks, and since he didn't have a proper name like his brother, dragons call him 'Eyeburn'

Despite being considered 'Aimless', he can't help but see the negative side of things. He can point out the flaws of anything, despite the fact he tried not to, he can't help but see the imperfection.

It wasn't his fault.

His mother was already reluctant towards the thought of children. When he, as the first first hatched...
It wasn't a very good start at all.

Born first, named last, he simply watched as others got the better treatment. Erianthe and Mania, two skydancer he almost considered sisters had each other. His brother, who tthe clan reffered to as Umbra knew how to talk. That left him, Aimless, or as known as Eyeburn, all alone. Sure he had his brother Umbra and his sister Lilli, but they had each other, he was a third wheel.

Until his sister left.

Umbra seemed fine on his own, he almost didn't care. In Aim's eyes, it was because of the attention. He couldn't stand seeing himself being disowned by his mother, by most of the circle even. As he looked to see the faces of Plateau, Polarstrike, Kyanite, and many others, he could see they wouldn't make any moves to stop this treatment.

Only Whirlwind, Syrle, Kalya and occasionally Twinkle would really care for him. The four were who he called his family, by blood or not. Yet even with them he felt he couldn't get to close.
For fear of rejection.
Despite his initial outcast, he proved himself over after some time. He had a knack for learning many skills from observing others, be it healing from Syrle or knowing the territory like his mother and Bubblefrost, he truly was a prodigy in many things.

Except socializing.
Maybe it was because it was traumatic, or perhaps superiority, but he couldn't help but point out wrong things. However, with all these skills, what unique thing did he bring to the circle?
He was just a mimic, and knew this.

But after all, it wasn't his fault.

Yo, Aim."
One day his brother had approached him on a day he wasn't doing anything in paticular.
"What is it?"
Unlike his brother, he didn't see the need to waste time with formalities.

"Erianthe wants to meet us at this place on the largest island we share with water. She says she needs to do something."
Erianthe? I wonder why. And why there as well.

"Fine, I'll go. When?"
"In half an hour or something. Okay thanks bye."

His brother had cut it short from there and left him in peace. He was very curious as to why Erianthe had wanted to see him.
The time had come to leave, and be followed the two of them out. A strange water dragon. Reflections of things he could have been had fate been a little different. Internally he would have loved to look like such things, but he knew it would never happen. He wasn't desperate enough to find the items to become that. Sure, he didn't like how he looked, but he wasn't too self conscious about it. It just was. Something a mirror wouldn't convince him otherwise.


Due to his upbringing, he is a rude dragon, who will generally say it as is. He understands emotions and feelings, he just doesn't find a reason to take them into consideration.
Aim also doesn't like how he looks, and uses armour and other gray things to simplify his look. He's not to self conscious about it though.

INTP probably


He has a close relationship with his father Whirlwind.

He hates his mother Toxin for causing his misery.

He doesn't have an opinion of his sister because they rarely interacted before she left, and he resents his brother for seeming better than him without proof.

He treats Syrle, Kalya, Twinkle, Erianthe and Mania as his extended family, as oppose to his blood family because he finds them more welcoming.

Misc. info

- His personal nickname to his friends and clan is Eyeburn, but the one he normally goes by to everyone else is Aim

-His greenroot jaunestrap was originally his mother's

-He shares the same wing colour and gene with his mother, and shares the same genes and breed as her

-He is naturally gifted in mimicking other skills that other dragons may posses

-Although he is first born, he was named last

Helps savage and dig stuff up
Feels that his job is a waste of his potential

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