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Mirya » Lair » Leech
Level 14
Wildclaw Female
Jul 27, 2013 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryStone Poison
SecondaryBlood Noxtide
TertiaryOrange Firefly
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Insect collector

| Old dragon - 6 digit|♡ Never for Trade or Sale ♡

Leech had one brother; one she never knew. His egg was cracked a few days after it was laid, so he never hatched. Leech's parents were expected to grieve for quite some time, and leave their surviving child to the wolves. However, they went in the opposite direction.

Their full attention was focused on Leech. They assisted in her interests (except for the dangerous ones, of course!), giving her enough treasure to fuel her passions. Due to their lenient manner with their remaining child, she often ran around unchecked, her parents unwilling to punish her. This trait still is present in her today.

Her favorite thing to do was hunt for beetles. Any beetles were great! From the small, brightly colored ones to the large and dull ones, they all found a well-crafted home in one of her terrariums. In her home today, there are hundreds upon hundreds of cages for beetles. Don't worry; none of them have ever escaped.

She would often disappear from her parents' household, leaving nothing but a scrawled note to indicate she had gone hunting. Her parents were patient with her, telling her that she needed to tell them something of where she went. She never listened.

One especially dark night, she got all twisted up in the forest. She couldn't figure out directions at all. On top of that, she hadn't told anyone where she was, so she was on her own. Hopelessly lost, she did what any other hatchling would do; she continued to wander.
By morning, she had found her way into a different region completely. The air was not tinkling with the sound of laughter. The ground was not covered in gently waving grasses. Birds did not sing in the trees.

At first, little Leech was frightful of this big, decaying place. But then... then she discovered the hoards and hoards of beetles.

Whole nests of them lived in the sparse forests and abundant swamps. She could catch a week's worth of beetles in a just under an hour! To her, this strange new place was heaven on Sornieth.

She grew on the dragons in the area. Even the most hardened of adults' eyes would soften as they saw the little wildclaw strutting around with a beetle caught on her feathers. She survived on the generosity of their gifts and the warmth of their homes.

However, when she was out in the forest, occasionally a dangerous creature, dragon or otherwise, would come along, prowling for an easy snack. In such an instance, she learned to hide in the bushes and allow her beetle friends to crawl over her, masking her scent. To this day, despite no longer being in constant danger, she does this. Mostly just for the fun of it. Also, to make other dragons cringe as beetles swarm over her teeth.

One day, she heard a crashing through the brambles. Thankfully, she had already been covered in beetles, enjoying their tiny legs scrabbling on her scales. She slowed her breathing and clicked her jaw shut, hoping she looked like an active beetle nest.

The steps paused as the creature took pause to stare at the spectacle. Her heart hammered as the dragon drew nearer, and brushed a few of her precious friends off of her, ruining the disguise.

The first thing that he cleared was her eyes. She blinked them open just in time to see a Wildclaw leap back in fear. She smiled, noting his lack of a weapon or armor. "Not many dragons are brave enough to do that." She said with a cheery grin. In the moment he touched her scales, she was in love. The way he moved, the way he talked, his fascination with bugs... it all touched her to her core. She loved him, she loved him, she loved him!

So she decided to try to make a great life for them. She searched for a clan in the area that would protect them and let them cultivate their interests. Finally, after a whole year of searching, she stumbled upon it:
"The Namárië".

Within the month, they had settled in. The residents welcomed them once they moved. It was, at first, hard for Leech to settle into clan life, but with the kind patience of her new clanmates, she was able to make the transition. Though, for some reason, not many dragons seem to share her entrancement with beetles. She can't imagine why!

;-Bio text by AwkwardAngel

Art :
Drawing done by MythNomer

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