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roselapis » Den » Hubris
Level 1
Wildclaw Male
Jul 28, 2016 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Iridescent
SecondarySky Alloy
TertiarySplash Stained
Eye TypeArcane Rare
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
starry skies blessing: hubris
His voice devolved into a pleading, nervous shout as he bellowed, "E--Excuse me--! I do not mean to be alarmed--To alarm--To--You--But--!"
status: being cute and thinking of his precious garden rose gf rosary aka cutest rose in the whole world
shy uncertain meek fearful mellow lucky animal-friend overreacts soft ANXIOUS

It is thought that Hubris emerged from an egg that fell from the heavens after the matrimony of an angel of the sun and an angel of the moon. Artists depict the scene as holy and righteous with moonlight bathing the egg and the sun watching it from afar. Rumors swirl of stars following in Hubris' footsteps and good luck and fortune being blessed to anyone who plucks a feather from his wings and burns it under the night sky. While Hubris is an odd one the truth could not be further from the random bits and bobs that storytellers come up with to make an extra copper or two from an audience.

Hubris does not know his family. He hatched from an egg as a Guardian a long time ago--but not in ancient times like folklore states. He knows his original clan was Arcane from his pink gaze but aside from that little information exists tying him to the Starfall Isles. He was discovered as a wanderer by a clan known as Temperance--the predecessors of Pendulum, where he now resides. Back then the guardian was terrified and suffered horrible social anxiety that propelled his actions in a way that isolated himself from others. At the time many superstitious dragons took those actions to mean he was trying to run away and steal good fortune and luck for himself. That pushed others to start a hunt for the young lad. Hubris wound up running circles and hiding in his then-clan's lair off the sands of Water for weeks at a time.

These days Hubris' anxiety has not fully lessened but through therapy and medication offered by the clans doctor Hubris manages to conduct tasks for the clan such as herding familiars and watching nests and hatchlings. The groups of dragons obsessed with stealing his wings are still a problem but compared to the past Hubris is often able to take said dragons aside and explain to them that he is in no way the son of corporeal spirits much less possessed any significant arcane traits aside from what is naturally expected of arcane dragons. For the dragons who refuse to accept such Hubris keeps a pouch of feathers that have fallen from his wings and hands them out one-per-dragon before sending them on their way.

Due to Hubris gentle nature dragons are not the only ones who tend to flock to his side. He is capable of picking up on the body language of many animals and befriending them. The Wildclaw is responsible for the domestication of new animal familiars in addition to helping raise herds and flocks of prey birds and mammals who contribute to Pendulum's food stores. Hubris still maintains his age-old tendency to panic when too many creatures swarm him but he loves all animals nonetheless and forgives them for their mindless hassle. On occasion he is known to sing to them and should clan members be asked they will all agree that Hubris voice is lovely.

"Look at our son. Look at him! Look how far he's come." The sun whispers to the moon from across the sky.

The moon chuckles and runs a comb through her long, silvery hair. "You are too much, dear. He does not want to pursue his ethereal side. You must respect that."

The star sighs at the thought. For a married lady she can't help but find nothing has changed since the two's son first came to be. The sun shrugs in place and resumes the position of blazing, radiant light of the world.

"It's not my fault," the sun goes on. "I did not send those dragons after him."

A pause. The moon puts down her comb and raises a brow. "You wanted to make a big scene of our firstborn child's arrival into this world. You could have dimmed your light, my lovely wife. Not announce to the elements that he is a spirit of good luck."

The sun huffs and rolls her eyes. "Does it matter now? He's convinced everyone he has no particular special properties. Not even that clan--we have nothing to worry about."

"I hope you are right." The moon yearns to wrap her arms around her bright and beautiful wife once more. She picks up her comb. "We made a beautiful child."

"He has your looks." The sun grins from her place.

"He has your compassion."

"I hope that's a good thing!" the sun laughs.

The moon looks down and smiles. "...Anything from you is a good thing, my love."

deeply in love with thistill's rosary.
he/him. trans man. bi.
20ish years of age.
theme song: when the day met the night by p!atd
notable lyrics: when the moon found the sun...

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