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Snipe: Dragon Lair » Ezhno
Level 25
Tundra Male
Mar 14, 2014 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCharcoal Petals
SecondaryWhite Stripes
TertiaryWhite Underbelly
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Hatchling Sitter


Born a Guardian, under a different name, Ezhno travelled far and wide looking for his charge and when he finally found her he knew immediately that he could help her unlock the vast potential he saw within. Together they could make the world a better place and help calm the conflict in the region. She believed that to keep peace the Beastclans must be kept down and so they set to their first task.

At first, this “control” only consisted of marking out clear boundaries between dragon and beastclan territory but soon physical enforcement was in place as dragon territory grew into that of the beastclans. A neighbouring clan began to blame them for increased confrontations and claimed the beastclans did not have enough land to support themselves and should be given their original territory back. In reply, Ezhno’s charge drove them out of their home and presented it to the beastclans as a “gift”. However, land moulded for dragons was of little use to them and they continued to grow weaker.

The refugee clan spread the word of these events to many neighbours and Ezhno’s charge was forced to muster forces to keep these rebels down. It broke his heart every time he tore a hatching from its parents but he knew that they could not be allowed to grow up in a clan that would eventually cause the destruction of its own kind. At least, that’s what he kept repeating to himself.

As time wore on, their enemies became more desperate and increasingly frequently Ezhno carried out violent acts against those who would not let their children be taken. And as the hatchlings grew up those who survived the brutal training they were put through were sent to wage war against their own families, whom they had no memory of. All the while Ezhno's charge insisted that it had to be done and every time he approached her about his growing uncertainty she managed to talk him round and keep him going just one more day. And surely, as a Guardian, Ezhno was bound to protect his charge, and if that required a continued campaign against rival clans, that was what he must do? That’s what he reminded himself of every time he was tempted to leave. He had a duty to fulfil.

The tensions boiled to a climax one summer in a furious battle. Both sides gave their all to bring an end to this devastating feud. Throughout a whole day and night Ezhno tore at his enemies, feeling their bones shatter and blood spurt under his powerful blows. He never let his charge stray far from his sight, for if she was killed everything he had done in her name would have been for nothing.

As Ezhno tore down a young adult, barely more than a hatchling really, he became aware of a commotion around a large wooden structure a short way from the edge of the fighting. As he watched, the dragons around it stepped back to allow it to release a huge boulder into the air. It arced towards his charge, who fought with her back to it, unawares. After all, he had her back, didn’t he? He was directly between her and it, and close enough to push her out of danger. He looked at the bodies strewn over the battlefield and back at the missile.

And then he stepped calmly out of its path.

The battle did not last long after that. Most of his soldiers fled or surrendered, leaving their dead and dying comrades where they lay. The clans he had taken everything from began to regroup. Ezhno turned and walked away, leaving the destruction he had caused behind him. He walked for a long time, stopping only once to wash the blood off himself in a river. Maybe he could have helped those clans rebuild their homes and tend to their wounded. If there were any beastclans left in the area maybe he could have tried to forge true peace with them. But he couldn’t bear to stay and see the aftermath of his actions. It was better just to keep on moving and leave everything behind.

By the time he arrived in the Starfall Isles, he had long ago left his old name behind. A clan he stayed with briefly while recovering from an illness took to calling him Ezhno, or “he who walks alone” and from then on that was how he introduced himself. While in the Focal Point, he was approached by a kind fae who offered shelter from the raging storm and some warm soup.

One night turned into two, and then three, and soon Ezhno grew to love the assortment of dragons in this new lair. Wandering on his own did no good to anybody, but here maybe he could be of some use. He could watch over the hatchlings of the clan and guide them as they grew up, to teach them about the importance of kindness and compassion and to stand up for what they believed, even if it meant confronting someone they cared about. He wouldn’t do it as a Guardian, though. He would become a Tundra and only remember those dragons he encountered regularly. He would not know the reasons behind his role, only that he was safeguarding the next generation.

Maybe, in a way, this was his new Charge.
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