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snackeater » Den » Ares
Level 7
Pearlcatcher Male
Apr 04, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryWhite Basic
SecondaryCrimson Basic
TertiaryCrimson Okapi
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

2858633.png   o  
*Devil May Cry soundtrack
playing in the distance*



✦ Would you breed your dragon with... ?

Dragons without apparel in either of my Projects tabs are likely not going to be permas and I can sell them to you when I'm finished. Otherwise this is a hard no.

✦ Is this dragon for sale?

Only if it's in my Sell/Fodder tab in my lair or my Fodder tab in my den. Otherwise don't ask.

✦ What is the Birthday tab in your den for?

Dragons born on my birthday, I'm trying to have at least one for every year available. I just think they're Neat.


✦ Are you ever gonna make this pride pair?

Please stop asking me this. The answer is always maybe, plus I don't like to reveal my projects until I'm relatively close to achieving them. If you want to ask if I'd ever make a demisexual pair, just ask to be on the ace pinglist since your flags are the same colours. If you want to ask for straight and/or cisgender pride... just block me.

✦ Can I use your hatchery layout?

Absolutely not. I make layouts for myself time to time and my hatchery is one of them. I've let a couple hatcheries use it but that's my limit. You're free to see it as inspiration but please don't use its coding.

✦ I want to start my own hatchery but don't know how to start, can you help me?

Read this and then this first I'll answer questions you have afterwards. Some general tips I have are:
  • Prename your hatchlings if you don't want to have Unnameds on your offspring lists. People do not care about having to buy renaming scrolls, trust me.
  • Have your "dragons for sale" post as close to the top as possible, preferably in the 1st-2nd post and before your breeding pairs. No one wants to scroll for a mile to see the goods.
  • Ask as many people to be affiliates as your heart desires, but read their hatchery posts first. All of them. If they aren't accepting affiliates, don't ask.

✦ I just started a hatchery, can we be affiliates?

No, I don't affiliate with people who don't even read the first post of peoples' threads (This question is answered in my hatchery twice).

✦ Why do you prename your hatchlings?

Long story short someone bought one of my pride hatchlings for a whole 20k just to name it CISRULES and exalt it, which lead to me bugging staff to remove its name. I'm also just sick of Unnameds on offspring lists.

✦ Why don't you put pride dragons on the auction house?

See above. I also want to make sure someone whose identity matches what they represent has first dibs on them.

✦ Can I buy your dragons listed for gems for treasure instead, or vice versa?

Yes! The rate I use for dragons is 1:1000 though, so a 30k dragon would be 30g.

✦ Would you be willing to haggle?

I usually won't accept more than like 5k/5g off my asking price unless it's a dragon above 50k/50g. That being said check my hatchery since you might be eligible for a discount.

✦ I bought one of your dragons as a mate without checking Assay Bloodlines first, will you buy it back?

No but you can feel free to resell it for however much you want.


✦ Can I buy my fodder back if you're just going to resell/exalt it?

No. When I'm not Hatchery running I'm AH sniping for dragons less than fodder price so if you don't want your dragons resold or exalted then don't sell for so little. If it was a misprice then sure.

✦ Can you rename the fodder you bought from me?

No. You should have named them before selling them.


✦ Can you teach me how to code?

There's countless BB code guides in the Guides section of the forums. You can also quote a post and observe the coding used within. I can help with little details but otherwise no.

✦ Will you make me a layout?

Probably not unless you can give me a very specific idea of what you want as well as offer something in return.

✦ Why didn't you reply to my message on your profile?

90% of the time it's because either I didn't know what to say, I forgot and now think it's too late, I was tired, you asked something that I've answered already, or you're a stranger who typed in all caps. Don't take it too personally.

✦ What fandoms are you in?

I enjoy a lot of things but I don't partake in fandom and I don't have any interest in doing so.

✦ Why are you so anti-social?

I'm fine with the small chitchat that comes with running a hatchery/shop of some sort but honestly I find I don't have much in common with the majority of the FR userbase, whether it be interests or the forbidden topic of political views (which happens to also be a huge interest of mine lol). Therefore I tend to not take anything further than business inquiries and small talk you'd get at any retail store.

✦ How could you affiliate with (person), they're bad!

I don't pay attention to the FR community let alone the drama, if someone should be avoided chances are I don't know.

✦ Why did you reject my friend request?

I don't add people I haven't communicated with more than once. It also says to not send random friend requests in bold on my profile and in my signature.

✦ Why did you block me?

You buy fodder from the Ice AH to resell in Realm-Wide (I'm aware this is allowed but I personally sell on Ice AH for dom efforts), you buy my hatchery dragons just to resell/exalt them immediately, you asked for free handouts, you called me a slur, you ship real life people, or you support otherwise harmful things. Take your pick.

✦ I disagree with your views about thing.



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