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Lisegathe » Den » Aleutian
Level 9
Pearlcatcher Male
Dec 27, 2016 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySanddollar Poison
SecondaryHoneydew Butterfly
TertiaryOlive Glimmer
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins


Windwhisperer & Trademaster


Aleutian, merchant lexicon and guide

Aleutian stared out over the wast plains of the Windswept plateu. He was borne there., but felt something tug at him, wanting him to leave and go on an adventure like so many wind dragons before him. But he didn't listen to his screaming genes and stayed. He travelled, of course, but never crossed the border. On his way he made many aquaintes. He spoke to merchants, artists, craftsdergs and royalty. Over tye years he worked as a guide for new merchants and wealthy travelers. He quickly adopted the melodious language of coatls, which made him well known among important groups.

After several years he settled down in the Windflower with his wife, Oedipus, close to the Windflower gardens. As she was a specialised in flower decorations it was just a matter of time before they would meet. He had introduced a merchant to what he from rumor knew to be the best decorator in town. The merchant had been pleased with her display and their chat had taken a very long time. He later paid her a visit for business reasons, and from then on sent her letters regularly, as friends do. After some months he had asked her to accompany him on one of his journeys, and was pleased at her reply. It took him a long time to realise the bond they shared was becoming more than that of friendship.


2zygdwk.jpg Bred by Ravenpuff. Borne a male tundra with sanddolar cherub, honeydew eye spots and olive underbelly.

1st owner: Lisegathe and the Windflower clan (10kt + 10 duskrats, 20 tundra cacti + 3 familiars). Was named Aleutian for the Aleutian Islands, a place where a certain moss was found and the Takakia became a genus of moss instead of a subspecies of another genus. Read more here.

I gave him poison, butterfly and glimmer June 22nd, 2018. He became a pearlcatcher, a breed of light, on the first day of the Brightshine Jubilee 2018 (June 24th).


Windflower Tradeables

"We have spares of some retired and funny items. Come see for yourself"


Trading Rules

Similar items can be traded 1:1. A few items, like 1st year holiday apparel, will only be traded this way. Other items will be traded according to LAH. If LAH is ridiculously high, we will come to an agreement using common sense and the item's current availability.


Valentine's Week (2nd week of February)

FR has not always had a tradition for valentine's day. This mini event popped up in 2017, and contained the vista and swans. In 2018 the sweetheart seraph set was released as well. This event lasts a week, and is one of my favourite events because it is sweet, don't have too many items and the items are relatively easy to get.

Marva's Tricks (April 1st and 2nd)

Marva's items are not retired, but are randomly dropped by chests. They are not as rare as they used to, but still quite funny. 2014 offered bunnies coming out of magical hats. 2015 gave us ugly (christmas) sweaters from magical spools of tread, and 2016 gave us googly eyes and so on from magical mirrors. 2017 is my favourite so far, bringing the emperor's new clothes and the invisibility cloak. 2018 gave us the first image shifting familiars, which were a great surprise as well. Of course, free items are not the only jokes they pull.

FR's Birthday (6th of June)

Personally like their April jokes better, but their jubileum tends to add new, wonderful features to the site. 2014 gave us birthday cakes, but don't expect them to still be edible. 2015 gave us Baldwin's bubbling brew and the Loga familiar. 2016 gave us the birthday vista and a lot more vistas to come. 2017 gave us a long expected colourwheel expansion, and thankfully we got more greens, reds and yellows. The colourwheel is a lot more balanced now, as there used to be way more blue and brown hues than anything else. Maybe staff expected people to design more natural coloured dragons? And then they learned people wanted radioactive and cyan... 2018 gave us the slight eyewing familiar and the special eyes feature, which I like a lot.

Thanksgiving (last 2 weeks of November)

This event is easy to overlook, as it only contain the turkey familiar and the food it drops. I find it funny how you only find the ghosts of eaten turkeys the rest of the year. I like slighly macabre humour. In addition, all clans are well fed during this event, which gives you time to dig, scavenge, or hoard food for the upcoming Night of the Nocturne.



From his spare inventory crates you can get several retired items, and some recolours of previous items and familiars. It is a feature I like, though I don't ever get the things I wish for from them. Luckily, you get a prismatic token each time.

Flight Festivals and Downtime Gifts

Often called Holidays, the last week of each month is dedicated to a certain flight (except December). January celebrates ice, February shadow, March wind, April water, May nature, June light, July lightning, August fire, September arcane, October plague and November earth. Each holiday in a Sornieth year (from June to May) contain usermade skins and accents, the glowing head rune, a themed familiar, a piece of apparel and a themed item. Previously we have had deity vistas or flight crowns as the themed item. It varies a lot.

In the early years of FR, the site had some buggy problems, and sometimes the server(s) were down for a few hours (or a day). When this happened, FR gave out small apologise gifts known as downtime gifts. In the later years this has become very rare, and for so small periods of time they haven't needed to make apologies. They are simply geting better at their job :)

1st year 2013-2014

2nd year 2014-2015

3rd year 2015-2016

4th year 2016-2017

5th year 2017-2018

6th year 2018-2019

Flight Emblems


light: sun scatter chest
arcane: planetaria chest
earth: eight become one chest
ice: bogsicle chest, colourful ice chest
shadow: moon glitter chest
water: throatarium chest


Night of the Nocturne

The night of the nocturne is a reoccurring event with added content. It lasts from around the 2nd week of December into the 1st week of January. There is ever new items to be collected, and the older items gets slightly rarer each year. But, as many older players have plenty to trade, the price stays low for new players. You get special drops in the coliseum, trades with Swipp and recipies with Baldwin. This is also the only time of year when new nocturne breed changes are added, but they are luckily not as rare as they used to. Unopened strange chests disintegrates a few days after the event, so you should open them as you get them. Btw, the bears used to be holiday familiars, but have since been moved to this event because of their counterpart mimics.


Swipp's Swap Stand

completed trades

trading items

Baldwin's Bubbling Brew

brewing materials

Gathering Familiars



special items and bosses


Please visit my wife for our general wishlist, or our google document for the full wishlist.




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