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Juri01 » Lair » Tien
Level 10
Coatl Female
Jan 03, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryAntique Skink
SecondaryObsidian Spinner
TertiaryOrca Runes
Eye TypeWind Uncommon
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• T I Ê N •

  • Hatchday: Jan 03, 2017
  • Original clan: Wind
  • Parents clans: Father - light Coatl // Mother - nature Coatl
  • Came to clan: was born in Clan Àidhear
  • Works as service at The Humming Chimes Inn


Tiên xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Story to work charakter out of can be found in Keao's lore...


The Visit of Bashal
June 23th, 2019

What can be told about the time Bashal spent at Clan Àidhear? Well, one could recite every single detail that happened during the trip, including the names of all the hills and vales she passed since leaving home; or all the plants, creatures and dragons she encountered on the way. But you might not be very interested in every single wing stroke, every small turn she took to reach the Windswept Plateau. There are more important things to tell you about: like, how Bashal has returned to the land she was born in all those hundreds of years ago. She was so spoiled back then, a bundle filled with airiness and carefree – the very essence of Wind itself.

She had a tranquil, unspectacular arrival at the clan as most of the members had set off to celebrate the Brightshine Jubilee over at the Sunbeam Ruins. The Humming Chimes Inn – unusually quiet for being the biggest gathering point of travelers and clan members – was waiting for the sun to pass high noon. Every local wanted to avoid the harsh rays of sun. Even the never stopping breezes where holding their breath.

As Bashal entered the hall, her senses got immediately drawn to something over her head. Although scarcely audible a soft tinkling filled the air. Lifting her gaze to the ceiling high above, Bashal noticed hundrets of Wind Chimes hanging from chains. They were of various sizes, made by the hands of many hatchlings, youth and sometimes even adults of the clan. They weren’t like those made by the hands of the clans Wind Chime Maker Tharkay; the works hanging in the hall were all made by amateur artist, wonderful pieces with big effort behind every tune.

“Hallo…?” – Bashal was unsure how to proceed further. No dragon made itself seen; the hot weather had taken its tool out of them all. Bashal was about to leave the Whispering Hall and go looking for the Innkeeper to get herself situated, as a couple of hatchlings rushed in.

“Give it back! Those are mine!” – “Finders keepers, losers weepers.” – “Thatts not nis, Tiên! You suld it bak” – “Only, if you can catch m…”

The three young dragons finally noticed Bashal standing right in front of them. The oldest out of them, the youngster who had taken a piece of nicely painted bamboo off the more smaller hatchling blushed and trusted it back into the little ones talons. Blushing, Tiên approached Bashal – wearing a guilty conscience on his face.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting travelers. Not in this heat. I mean… Welcome to the Humming Chimes Inn! Everyone else is currently out, but they will return soon. … you aren’t going tell the Innkeeper that I was out playing, are you?! I was supposed to watch the hall, but no-one was coming, and the little ones wanted to play, so…” The young Coatl gave Bashal a weary smile; the other hatchlings were already sneaking up on the both of them.

“She elpin bilt the tschimms, Tiên?” – The smallest out of the bunch came over to sit next to Bashal spreading all kinds of materials on the table. “Do you want to build some Chimes?” The other hatchlings, getting ballsy thanks to the little one approaching the unfamiliar dragon, now also joined in and before one know it, they had Bashal help out with decorating some small wind chimes all afternoon.

When the time came to actually say goodbye, the young ones ‘bestowed’ Bashal with the wind chime they created together. They wanted her to have it as not only a memento of her stay at the clan and so she would never forget the three bright hatchlings; but so she could take along the sound of the calm winds of her very earliest home place to wherever she went.


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Code original by Chronicle (46437), edited by me


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