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ShadowFlamel » Den » Sunstone
Level 25
Pearlcatcher Male
Jan 13, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Metallic
SecondaryGold Facet
TertiaryGold Glimmer
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
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Head of Council ◆ Mentor ◆ Treasuer


Sunstone is the kind of dragon you'd prefer to have watching your back instead of going up against. He's observant, quiet, intelligent, wary, and loyal. This combination makes him deadly on the battlefield and in a room with pen, paper, and words. Although he's a leader and holds power within the creed he talks with a tone wrapped with gentleness, command, respect, and patience. None could ever think of a time when they've heard him yell. Sure he gets upset and frustrated at times, anyone would with his position, but he makes sure to not take it out on anyone in a negative light. If he's really upset or heated he'll simply walk away to go calm himself and will eventually return of his own accord. His job still requires the occasional idiot here and there but he turns his frustration into a lesson, it's better to teach them how to do it right, or answer their question correctly, so they wouldn't come asking again.

His den is the single place that none are allowed to enter except with a personal invitation from him. He's never explained the reason for this but enough of the other ambassadors have concluded that it's his one and only place of solitude. The man hardly ever seems to sleep, never stops workings, is always talking to someone.... sometimes even he needed personal space. Even the leaders, Raiza and Bolshevik, respect his wishes and whenever they wish to meet they tend to find their discussion at the Council's table or in the leaders' den.


Head of Council

As the creed's Head of Council he is responsible for managing the council, being there for all negotiations, and training new ambassadors. It's a tedious job but the pick only the best candidates and it's easier when everyone knows their duty. He does his best to attend all negotiations. Even though he's only responsible for talking with fellow Fire Clans he prefers to hear everything that's said himself. Training the new ambassadors is something that most would hate, especially with responsibilities such as his, but he probably enjoys that section of his job description the most.

Fire Ambassador

He also stands as the creed's Fire Ambassador. He visits fellow Fire clans and discusses treaties, negotiations, buying and selling of wares, and also forming the best relationship that he can. It's priceless to have friends and even thieves need help from time to time.


On top of all his responsibilities as a peacemaker and occasional warmaker, he's in charge of the creed's financial status. It's more of a chore than it should be. You would think that thieves only wanted to collect as much money as they could get their claws on but there was a spending problem that he desperately needed to find a fix for.


As an ambassador you are asked to take your vows, to represent the creed in a dignified and professional manner, to uphold truthfulness and justice, and to give your entirely to your position. You may not have a mate or children for they take away your time, cloud your judgment and allow for vulnerability.

Sunstone knew his vows. He knew the words by heart since he was the one who trained the new recruits, initiated all of the members, and started the Council. But he couldn't burden the responsibility alone. He wouldn't want anyone to shoulder his work but sometimes you just needed someone to talk with.

When he saw her he was intrigued and while they talked he became smitten. She was a warrior. A leader. She was cunning, intelligent, beautiful, and utterly perfect. Even if the budding relationship between them was wrong he would never call it accidental.

Currently, there is nothing serious between them, just feelings that he knows shouldn't be there. He has not broken his vows....yet. That's what he keeps telling himself. Ambassadors could not be immune to all emotions, they just couldn't let their feelings affect their work. He could have some feeling for the lady but he couldn't be with her. He is unsure of whether she feels the same way as he, but he knows for a fact that it's more than just her beauty that caught his attention.


He wears a mixture of delicates pieces and armor. The delicates represent the fragile relationships he builds. Relationships that can aid the creed or cause hardships. The silks also denote his position in the creed. His status is almost equal to the leaders. In word and title he is not a leader but in practice, he's almost as powerful as Raiza and Bolshevik. The armor shows that even though he's an ambassador he is also willing to fight and will do so to protect his family. It's also a natural symbol that denotes a leader, someone to look to whenever necessary.

The candles represent wisdom and his job as an educator. New dragons called to serve as ambassadors must receive their training through him. He shows them everything they need to know, introducing them to their new home, their new family, bringing them along to meetings to simply observe and learn. They study treaties and gradually he steps back, allowing for the student to begin to do things on their own. He teaches through example as this is the most powerful tool. You could talk all day about what to do, but in the end, it was your actions that were remembered, not the words.

The handful of Birdskull pieces may seem out of place amidst the armor and silks but the natural pieces call to the basic instincts of any dragon. His duty is to serve his creed. He is to protect it, speak for it, and help it continue to survive and thrive. He follows his instincts when discussing with other clans, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. He has met multiple clans who were generous with their gifts but you could never, ever, expect anything to be free. Something always had to be given.

The accent bestowed on him reminds Sunstone to never forget where he came from and to remember how he got here. He is wise beyond his years and the shimmering gold that moves with him represents everything that he is. He is a leader. He is a teacher. He is proud, yet humble.


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