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Fenixinka » Lair » Jedha
Level 10
Skydancer Female
Jan 16, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryBrown Wasp
SecondarySunset Butterfly
TertiarySunset Runes
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
J e d h a
Jeweler -- Trader -- Traveller -- Thief



first things first: she doesn't do it out of ill will. she's not an unkind dragon, nor is she cruel, and she doesn't draw pleasure from chaos. more often than not trading with her is worthwhile, even if not quite in the way the unsuspecting dragons have originally expected. more often than not she'll slip what she's stolen back into her victim's pockets and disappear, taking with her only the satisfaction and a grin brighter than any jewel. but oh, sweet Eleven, it's not her fault that it's so easy and so entertaining to watch dragons completely and utterly oblivious to what she does. and she truly is a master of her craft; she's an exceptionally skilled jewelry maker, indeed, but an even more talented swindler and thief.


she knows exactly what to do; how to look, how to act to win someone's trust and favour. she's well aware of her charm and allure, and she loves using those to her advantage. she dresses only in finest silks and gems, adorns herself in beautiful jewelry of her own making, in an aura of luxury. her voice is clever, melodic, flirtatious, yet trustworthy. distracted by what she offers, the buyers and the victims never notice anything. yes, of course that's pure gold. fool's gold, even. and this here is a ruby indeed, you have excellent eye. almandine, actually. garnet. not quite cheap, but nowhere near as expensive as a ruby. sacridite is known for bringing luck; many dragons like to wear necklaces made out of it, for good fortune. assuming your definition of good fortune is others being able to see every little impure thought that crosses your mind, through the cracks and growths of such a necklace. firebrand tungsten is one of the most treasured ingots the fire dragons create. treasured by naive scavengers for being shiny; that's got to count for something, right?


the good-natured swindler
she's a genuinely sweet, brilliant dragon, if one looks past all of her rather questionably legal hobbies. (stealing. lying. cheating. drinking. escaping any and all forms of law. using the stolen money for various... less than honourable activities. look; it's a long list.) she's bright, colourful, and full of life; she adores travelling and stealing collecting trinkets and souvenirs. she makes friends just as easily as she does enemies; it's rather hard to resist her easy charm. fun and trouble both seem to be her constant companions, but she's learned to survive anything and everything in her own unpredictable and vivid way. she's been leading a happy life, if sometimes a little lonely.
is she wanted for thievery in half of northern Sornieth, and for high treason by several Plague and Earth clans? perhaps. does she care about that? not really, beyond shaking her head in amusement at the fact that anyone would get so angry at her little trickeries. she hasn't visited northern Sornieth in quite a while, though, and she doesn't intend to. better safe than sorry, as they say, and she likes the southern climates more anyway.
you'd think someone with such a way of life would learn to be careful with her words when in trouble, but no. Jedha will cheerfully run her mouth at every opportunity, half hoping to talk herself out of whatever she's just landed in, half hoping to stir up even more trouble and disappear among the chaos. oh, she said she didn't enjoy chaos, did she? congratulations, you just trusted the word of a professional liar. good job.



the Silvertongued Silversmith, they call her. the Swindler, the Liedancer, the Butterfly Thief. Jedha the Sly Fox.

all good names, she thinks.

tumblr_o1zrsv44JN1ufdm5xo2_250.png icon_treasure.png tumblr_o1zrsv44JN1ufdm5xo2_250.png
Jedha isn't used to being noticed.

she's used to being the center of attention when she wants it; when she dresses herself in gold and sunshine, when she spreads her wings and lets her butterfly colours draw the gaze of anyone who lays eyes on her. she's used to coviniently directing the thoughts and gaze of her audience another way while she lies and steals and grins to herself; a little arrogant, but only because years of practice allow her that prideful self-confidence.

she's not used to being watched, though. not like this, not in secret, with someone's eyes on the back of her neck. seems like she's being followed, and she doesn't like that at all. even the Windswept Plateau, where she came to trade, isn't always safe; it's getting dark, and the darkness keeps no favourites.

she turns a corner and starts running, spreads her wings--

a pair of powerful claws closes around her mid-jump, binding her wings to her chest and holding her still with a grip strong enough that she doesn't even think about trying to wriggle free. the dragon (an Imperial, it has to be, no other breeds are that ridiculously big) takes to the air and carries her off into the unknown.

at least i'm not dead yet, she tries to cheer herself up. they could've just killed me where i stood.

the attacker doesn't bother taking her far from civilisation; it's not long before they land abruptly, throwing her to the ground. she manages to turn onto her back before the stranger pins her to the ground.

"you know," she tries, keeping a calm confidence in her voice despite the circumstances, "it's terribly rude to treat a lady like this. unacceptable, even."

the dragon growls and leans down to lock their gaze with hers. just as she guessed, he's an Imperial; black with ivory markings and a mane of gray falling over his piercing light-green eyes. she'd call him handsome if it weren't for the fact that he seems rather keen on threatening her.

"a cheating thief like you doesn't get to call herself a lady."

ah. so that's what this is about. Jedha gives the stranger a quick half-condescending grin. "what would you call me, then, if not that?"

"give me back my treasure," the Imperial demands.

he's forward, angry, impatient. easily five times her size, perhaps even more. sharp claws and a sharper gaze, and about no patience whatsoever, judging by his actions. and yet... she can't help herself, can't help her curiosity or her insolent mouth. she slowly smiles a wide, falsely relaxed smirk.
"oh, but i'm afraid i don't have your treasure any more," she murmurs, teasing, testing, idly wondering if those will be the words to bring the final downfall upon her. "i've spent it... on all kinds of fun, yesterday evening. you should've found me back then; we could've had some of that fun together--"

he snarls as his claws fold over her wings; she hisses quietly. "you're awfully arrogant for someone whose life is on the line here." his tone is low and threatening, but for just a moment she feels an air of curious hesitation about him, and Jedha knows she's just won.

"and yet i can't help but notice that i'm still alive," she points out playfully, tilting her head, her tail slowly swaying from side to side.

he scoffs, and... could that be amusement in his voice? "inexplicably, yes."

"i'm Jedha," she offers, her smile becoming a little more genuine. "and if you happen to hear anyone calling me a heartless swindler, well, evidently they just haven't made the effort to get to know me."

"can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to become good friends with the thief who just stole from them."

"oh, but i'm the good kind of cheat, believe it or not--"

"all right, all right." the Imperial sighs in exasperation as he steps back, returning her freedom. he lies down on the ground and rolls his eyes. "frankly, i don't have the energy to get that treasure out of you. i didn't sign up for a smart-mouthed thief who refuses to stop talking. so just... get out of here, and let's pretend this never happened, hmm?"

Jedha gathers herself off the ground with a low giggle, stretches her wings, then sits down right before the dragon, their heads almost level. "well, that's not what they usually say... so i'm going to assume you're joking here, and thus i will refuse to accept it as an answer. besides, you still didn't tell me your name."

"it's Coruscant. now leave me alone."

Jedha feels her smile growing even wider. the Imperial doesn't seem to be at all aware just how interesting he is. he managed to realise she cheated him, then tracked her down, followed, and captured her. he didn't fight her even when she tried to provoke him. he even attempted some playful banter before catching himself and trying to brush it all off by claiming he was tired, refusing to admit that maybe, just maybe, he actually enjoyed the little exchange.

he seems like someone she'd like to know better. he'd make an excellent travelling companion for certain.

Jedha is definitely not going to leave him alone.
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Jedha indeed refused to leave Coruscant alone after their first meeting. together, they wandered the Windswept Plateau for a while, with Jedha slowly earning Coruscant's trust as well as his patience. they knew each other pretty well by the time they met a Skydancer who introduced herself as Mustafar, somewhere on the outskirts of the Ashfall Waste. Jedha first robbed the dragon, then made friends with her, and the newly established trio made for the Starfall Isles together. Jedha would gather meteorites and materials for jewelry. Coruscant would study the habits of the arcane-infused fauna around the Observatory. Mustafar would help Jedha in scavenging and, sometimes with Coruscant's assistance, drag the Sly Fox kicking and screaming away from trouble.

through many ridiculous adventures they became practically inseparable, so when Mustafar mentioned that she was missing the Ashfall Waste, the trio decided to travel back south.

by Drytil
once in Fire teritories, Jedha immediately landed herself in trouble by attempting to steal a certain Guardian's earrings right off her horns. the Guardian turned out to be Tatooine, the leader of Clan Fenixis, and she was far from being amused.

it's still unclear who convinced Tatooine to let Jedha stay and, eventually, become a member of the clan. perhaps it was Kenobi, amused and delighted at her tricks. or perhaps it was Mustafar, swearing on the fires of Flamecaller herself that she'd keep an eye on the sly Skydancer. either way, Jedha remained, along with Coruscant and Mustafar.

sometimes Jedha leaves the clan teritories for long periods of time, flies off to trade and steal her merry way across Sornieth. she's usually accompanied by one or several other dragons, her new good friends eager to be a part of her exciting adventures.
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the "inner circle":
. 40463909.png
good friends with Alarinett, McCree, Padme, Skywalker, Ventress
always in trouble with Tatooine

tumblr_o1zrsv44JN1ufdm5xo2_250.png icon_treasure.png tumblr_o1zrsv44JN1ufdm5xo2_250.png

skydancer emblem by Drytil (forum post), gold-framed banners by Mibella (forum post), vista cutouts by Hazeledpoppy (tumblr post), dividers by Banyan (tumblr post);
text and SO MUCH coding by me

skin wishlist

by Desnik

by LaughingIdiot

by BewareMirror

"you have a lot of sway in the clan for a petty criminal"

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