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Lisegathe » Lair » WinterSky
Level 7
Coatl Male
Jan 18, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryBlue Jupiter
SecondaryPeriwinkle Shimmer
TertiaryWhite Underbelly
Eye TypeNature Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Inspired by my post in wind flight's block party in 2016. This link can only be assessed by windies: (X). At the time it was a scrying contest, but I ended up wanting that dragon. Or a breeding pair of such dragons!

Blue Dragon Seaslug

This animal really exists, and it is adorable and tiny. It had to be blue skink, as the stripes on the body becomes white. The secondary is more of a challenge: sky seraph for imperials, but the coatls have the extra pair of wings. Seraph on coatls are too soft, so current it is. It looks like the widespread fins! The belly is white and the eyes are dark blue. It would also seem a little wrong to use imperials because they are the biggest breed, when this animal is tiny. It can easily fit on the tip of your finger! It seems like Sornieth's blue dragon seaslugs are somewhat bigger than ours, as they give the whole of 7 food points.


windflower_projectongoing_by_lisegathe-db7a7pd.png WinterSky

He was borne in PodencaLove's lair as a skydancer male with blue jupiter, periwinkle shimmer and white underbelly. He was named WinterSky by his parents. He was bought, starving,for 30kt and 10 random familiars. He is now well fed and happy. He became a coatl September 9th, 2018.

Mates: Arctic and Aurora.

Assigned familiar: Shimmering axolotl

I will have to keep one of their offspring and turn her into a tundra. It's too cute!

And I'll need to keep one of their offspring and turn him into a wildclaw with toxin. It's amazing!

In his spare time, he keeps track of the clan's hibernal den tasks.

Clay for the den
20 Clay

Gravel for travel
20 Gravel

Food for Couriers
15 Desert Scrub
15 Reverse Silkworm Moth

Training Materials
15 Sticky Pollen
15 Bluelight Chipskink Tail

Pest Control
15 Roan Mouse
15 Gliding Ant

Hard to Get
15 Hardshell
15 Hardy Antler

Going Green
2 Green Goo
2 Green Ooze
2 Green Sludge

A Salty Snack
15 Sardines
15 Salt

A Fine Floral Arrangement
15 Satin Violets
15 Pale Pink Rose

Diligently Dusting the Den
15 Yellow-tinged Featherduster
15 Sweetpuff Feather

Leaving the Training Fields
15 Display Plumes
15 Beeswax

A Lost Order
15 Tattered Parchment
15 Battered scroll case

Refining Ore
15 Iron Ore
15 Nickel Ore

It's a Trap!
Greenroot Janustrap

Earth Runes
Earth Rune

Deep in the Wood
18 Daddy Longlegs
18 Blooming Vine

Fool's Gold
2 Yellow Goo
2 Yellow Ooze
2 Yellow Sludge

Follow the Path
18 Wildwood Moss
Bamboo Phytocat
18 Delicate Bat Wing

That's a Wrap
Forest Green Tail Wrap
Forest Green Wing Wraps

Too Cute
15 Dwarf Fawn
15 Wildwood Owlet

Shattered Sweet Pea
2 Broken Flower Pot

Slippery Treat
15 Hellbender

Unbridled Rage
15 Ragepuff Down

Remove Gene: Tertiary

Clowning Around
1 Clown Shrimp
1 Clownfish
Clown Charger
Primary Gene: Clown

Leaving the Woods
18 Sakura Owlet
18 Clown Charger Fin

Putting a Dent in Construction
Dented Iron Gauntlets
Dented Iron Boots

Not-So-Soft Kitty
Augite Protector

Catching Flies
15 Amber-Trapped Flies
18 Flycatcher
10 Fly

Fire Runes
Fire Runestone

A Little Bit Singed
20 Extinguished Jackalope Pelt
20 Bottled Embers

To Become a Guardian
Breed Change: Guardian

A Smoky Flavor
20 Wisp Fruit
20 Dried Jerky
Smoke Gyre

Planting Flowers
2 Daffodil
2 Dusty Marigold
2 Floating Maiden
1 Pohip Planter
2 Myosotis
2 Blue Parrot Tulip
1 Redblood Sapper

15 Zebra Cricket
15 Songbird Mimic

Second Thoughts on a Primary
Remove Gene: Primary

Vampire Bunny
15 Vampire Eel
15 Extinguished Bunny

Slightly Static
15 Electric Stingers

A Chat with Centaurs
20 Ebon-Edged Spear
20 Decorative Centaur Quiver
Wintermane Spearman

Warriors of Fire
Fiery Acuity Fragment
Fiery Might Fragment
Blazing Slash
Flame Bolt

Shifting Sands
20 Sand
Fan Scorpion
Fishscale Basket

A Motion for Potions
25 Minor Health Potion

The Greatest Shell

Pretty in Pink
Pretty Pink Arm Bow
Pretty Pink Neck Bow
Pretty Pink Tail Bow

Wind Runes
Wind Runestone

Acquired Taste
15 Barbed Tail
15 Pleco

Beautiful Without Bling
Remove Gene: Secondary

A Hunt for Bonepriests
25 Bonepriest Venom
Crowned Bonepriest
25 Giant Desert Centipede

Orange You Glad to be Rid of These?
1 Orange Goo
2 Orange Ooze
1 Orange Sludge

Delta Encounter
Iridescent Scaleback
15 Iridescent Cloth

Stealing from Serthis
25 Delta Orchid
25 Fragrant Orchid
20 Cheerful Chime
20 Dancer's Bell

Warriors of Lightning
Charged Acuity Fragment
Charged Might Fragment
Thunder Slash
Shock Bolt

Protecting the Garden
20 Palefoot Slug
20 Rolly Polly
20 Flat Bug

Feeling a Bit Rusty
2 Rusted Treasure Chest
8 Rusted Chain
8 Rusted Iron Belt Buckle
1 Rusted Crown

Travelling Garden
20 Goat

The Mask
Mystic Bark Mask

Petal Power
Petalmane Floron
Princess Petal Gecko

A Collection of Copper
Copper Steampunk Spats
Copper Steampunk Gloves
Copper Steampunk Scarf
Copper Steampunk Goggles

2 Treasured Planter

Water Runes
Water Runestone

15 Jumping Spider

The Gall to Approach a Dryad
Aspen Gall Dryad

The Hunt Begins!
20 Balsas Anole
20 Plague Bat
20 Common Sparrow

Room for Shrooms
25 Sage Shell
25 Fungus-Covered Branch
Moonlit Fungi

25 Chimera Fang
25 Ash Twigs
25 Birch Twigs

Grove Materials
20 Serrated Pilco Shell
20 Terra Shell
20 Garden Lace

Seeing Red
1 Red Goo
1 Red Ooze
1 Red Sludge

Dragon of the Reef
Blue Dragon Reef Snail

Warriors of Earth
Earthen Acuity Fragment
Earthen Might Fragment
Rock Slash
Boulder Bolt

Batty for Bats
Cursed Bat
20 Runic Batling
20 Cursed Tuft of Fur

I am One with the Tundra
Breed Change: Tundra

Incredible Invertebrates
20 Sparkling Crayfish
20 Leech
20 Cragside Mussels

Beastclan Battle
20 Duelist Hilt
20 Swiftfoot Warrior's Belt
Centaur Berserker

Lightning Runes
Lightning Runestone

Magic Missile
Brown Wizard Hat
Mage's Cranberry Overcoat
1 Sakura Owlet
1 Redwood Kindling

Cave Creatures
Bramble Guardian
Emerald Cave Jewel

17 Amelanistic Racer
17 Dust Slither
17 Bluebite Rattler
17 Writhing Treesnake

A Brown Bird
Brown Birdskull Armband
Brown Birdskull Headdress
Brown Birdskull Legband
Brown Birdskull Necklace
Brown Birdskull Wingpiece

Titans of the Deep
18 Darkwood Titan
18 Goliath Beetle

Shadow Spy
Unhatched Shadow Egg

A Grey Haze
1 Grey Slime

Cave Materials
15 Subterranean Termite
15 Bioluminescent Tail
15 Potted Peacevine

Warriors of Nature
Natural Acuity Fragment
Natural Might Fragment
Jungle Slash
Leaf Bolt

Fungal Friend
Fungalhoof Qiriq

Darksteel Dragon
Simple Darksteel Bracelets
Simple Darksteel Necklace
Simple Darksteel Wing Bangles
Simple Darksteel Wing Cuffs

Fluff 'n Stuff
20 Forester Squirrel
20 Moonglow Foxtail

Copper Catastrophe
1 Copper Muck

Raptorik Roundup
Raptorik Warrior
15 Dried Fish
15 Airborne Warrior Belt

Pond Stocking
15 Silver Guppy
15 Serpae Tetra
15 Common Minnow

Ice Runes
Ice Runestone

Awww, Nuts!
15 Tigereye Squirrel
15 Grey Squirrel
15 Woodland Acorn

Meditation Exploration
2 Meditate

The Eye of the Tiger
Primary Gene: Tiger
Tigerblood Foo

Healing Hands
4 Health Potions
Bloody Arm Bandages
Bloody Head Bandage

Tengu Tamer

Freckled Favorite
Secondary Gene: Freckled

Interior Design
22 Beautiful Barrens Tile
22 Maleable Greybricks
22 Vibrant Savannah Pelt

Might and Magic
3 Might Fragment
3 Acuity Fragment

Trumpets Sound
Pale Greattusk

Earth Prospect
Earth Egg

Purple Pile
1 Purple Goo
1 Purple Ooze
1 Purple Sludge

Champion's Call
Condorwing Champion
15 Pristine Harpy Leathers
15 Coffee Bean Hawkmoth

A Safari
Secondary Gene: Safari

25 Mangled Zeeba Carcass
25 Gamy Shockshank

Warriors of Plague
Diseased Acuity Fragment
Diseased Might Fragment
Pestilent Slash
Vile Bolt

Shadow Runes
Shadow Runestone

My Reflection is a Mirror
Breed Change: Mirror

Circle of Life
Golden Lionsnake
Heckling Hydrena
King Quillrunner

Ancient Treasures
15 Trilobite Fossil

Thunderhead Adventure
Wintermane Minstrel
Teardrop Pearl Ring

Smaller Than the Average Fungus
15 Dwarf Shelf Fungus

2 Pelt-Lined Crate

Blue Blob Group
1 Blue Goo
1 Blue Ooze
1 Blue Sludge

Deadly Cove
Highfin Sea Serpent
25 Tiger Beetle

Tail in the Clouds
Cloudy Tail Feathers

Message in a Bottle
2 Barnacle-Encrusted Bottle

Hunter's Spoils
20 Old World Rabbit
20 Shrew
20 Black Orpington

Winds of Trade
Tradewinds Gull
25 Fluted Seashell

Bundle Up!
White Wooly Antennae
White Wooly Coat
White Wooly Tail

Fire Starter
Unhatched Fire Egg

Warriors of Wind
Zephyr Acuity Fragment
Zephyr Might Fragment
Gust Slash
Zephyr Bolt

Light Runes
Light Runestone

Spiky Bits
20 Mirage Puffer Spines
20 Clipper Chitin
20 Scaleskin Marlin

Golden Gaffe
1 Gold Muck

Vivid Waters
Vivid Wavehopper
Noxious Coralclimber

Gone Fishin'
20 Tiger Shrimp
20 Pumpkinseed Sunfish
20 Smallhead Flying Fish

Seal the Deal
25 Chameleon Seal
1 Scroll Case

A Hex on You!
Secondary Gene: Hex

Toxic Current
25 Noxious Coralclimber Toxin
25 Leopard Coralclimber Toxin

Teardrop on the Fire
Teardrop Citrine Necklace
Teardrop Citrine Choker
Teardrop Citrine Pendant
Teardrop Citrine Armlet
Teardrop Citrine Belt
Teardrop Citrine Bracelet
Teardrop Citrine Earrings
Teardrop Citrine Tail Ring
Teardrop Citrine Leg Band
Teardrop Citrine Wing Loop
Teardrop Citrine Ring
Teardrop Citrine Anklet

2 Waterway Pipe

River Flight
Brown River Flight

I am Fae
Breed Change: Fae

Black Bile
Black Slime

Reclusive Creatures
20 Brown River Recluse
20 Everglade Hedgehog

Fishy Feast
25 Swordfish
25 Hypnotic Scallop
25 Ghostcrab

Science for All!
2 Sizzling Phosphorus

Nature Runes
Nature Runestone

Sewer Haul
Sewer Toridae
20 Metal Spring

New Wind
Unhatched Wind Egg

Unusual Corals
20 Dragonhorn Coral
20 Staghorn Coral

Bird Song
3 Trumpeter Swan
12 Black Capped Chickadee
2 Blue Throated Budgie
15 Sunspot Sparrow
Warriors of Water
Aquatic Acuity Fragment
Aquatic Might Fragment
Wave Slash
Hydro Bolt

That's Vial!
20 Oozing Rusk
20 Vial of River Muck

15 Tarnished Chain

Sewer Slog
Sunset Lasher
20 Subterranean Goldfish

Rare Hunt
5 Bog Canary

Leaving the Waterway
2 Rat Tangle
2 Pale Prince
20 Scarlet Flycatcher Wing

Sashay Away
Crimson Silk Sash

Enter the Arena!
Longneck Gladiator

Fightin' Fish
20 Broadstripe Uaru
20 Ringscale Arrowana

Rare Fish
5 Luminous Shortfin

White a Mess!
White Slime

Plague Runes
Plague Runestone

A Mix of Creatures
1 Chimera
20 Downy Mouse

Tertiary Gene: Peacock
10 Jade Peacock

Curious Collection
20 Micro Goat
20 Chimera Pelt

To the Skies!
Emerald Aviator Gloves
Emerald Aviator Boots
Emerald Aviator Satchel
Emerald Aviator Helmet

2 Iron Treasure Chest

Crafting Supplies
2 Featherback Pelt
20 Moth-eaten Mith Doll
20 Ringmaster's Bellwhip

Don't Be Hasty

Iron Resolve
Warcat Protector
20 Iron Nugget

Water Drop
Unhatched Water Egg

Winner's Spoils
2 Champion's Purse

Silver Snafu
Silver Muck

Rare Catch
5 Water Strider

Arcane Runes
Arcane Runestone

Boran Task
Spellwall Boran
20 Spikeshell Cover

Golden Poof
Goldenplains Poodle Mith

Really a Ridgeback
Breed Change: Ridgeback

Rare Harvest
5 Jungle Lilies

Warriors of Light
Shining Acuity Fragment
Shining Might Fragment
Blinding Slash
Bright Bolt

Drink May be Hot
2 Molten Crucible

An Expensive Gesture
Gilded Decorative Chest

Rare Dig
5 Silver Ore

Impish Delight
Ignited Imp
15 Spiny Tail

Dangerous Dinner
20 Hardshell Moonsting
20 Scorpion Fly

Dubious Meal
Soylent Blue
Soylent Red
Soylent Green
Soylent Yellow

Rare Scavenge
5 Pickaxe

Widow's Wish
Ashsphine Widow
20 Crimson Rootvine

Rally the Clan!

Lightning Spark
Unhatched Lightning Egg

Very Rare Dig
Gold Ore

Retrieving Rare Refreshment
2 Giant Oarfish
2 Oarfish

Warriors of Ice
Frozen Acuity Fragment
Frozen Might Fragment
Freezing Slash
Frigid Bolt

Ultra Rad

Serthis Sensibilities
25 Sharpened Serthis Spear
25 Long Form Poetry

Majorly Healthy
4 Major Health Potion

The Makings of Greatness
2 Coarse Alchemical Reduction

The Main Mane
Ghost Manticore

The Beginnings of Something Great
Budwing Morpho

Irritating Tradition
Irradiated Scratch

Jungle Love
25 Lovebird
20 Crushed Petals

Warriors of Shadow
Dark Acuity Fragment
Dark Might Fragment
Mist Slash
Dark Bolt

Adaptable Shale
3 Shale Hybrid Fragment

From the Ground Up
20 Barkback Root
25 Sunflower Seeds

Reclaimed Forest
Deadwood Boar
15 Zalis Weaving

Watching for Winter
Winterwatcher's Arctic Tail Cozy
Winterwatcher's Arctic Bag
Winterwatcher's Arctic Goggles
Winterwatcher's Arctic Boots

Very Rare Scavenge
Copper Pocketwatch

The Case for a Vase
Terra Cotta Vase

Ice Crystal
Unhatched Ice Egg

Pardon the Parda

The Golden Alchemist
Gold Amulet of Alchemy

Jungle Treasures
20 Large Stone Collar
20 Mysterious Relief
20 Primary Pigment Blend

Very Rare Hunt

Noise Complaint
Manticore Screamer

Twas the Raven Fae
Raven Sylvan Dress

Shalebuck Shuffle
Venerable Shalebuck

Pearlcatcher Persona
Breed Change: Pearlcatcher

Very Rare Fish
Tuxedo Urchin

Arctic Provisions
25 Spotted Seal
20 Longneck Winter Rations

Warm Fur
Black Wolf
15 Elk Pelt

Belly Coordination
Tertiary Gene: Underbelly

Frozen Fragments
2 Frozen Knapsack

Longneck Guide
Longneck Hunter

Adaptable Obsidian
3 Obsidian Hybrid Fragment

Warriors of Arcane
Magical Acuity Fragment
Magical Might Fragment
Rune Slash
Mana Bolt

Boreal Treasures
20 Decorative Rasa Shard
20 Longneck Winter Gear

Tundra Resources
20 Rough Shalehorn
20 Twitching Leg Bones

Light Glow
Unhatched Light Egg


Artificial Horns
Sapphire Roundhorn

Tawdry Tail
Black Lace Tail Ornament

Stings to Have to Give This Up!
Crystalplate Stinger

Very Rare Catch

Crystal Fare
25 Flurry Flier
25 Bulrush

Spiral Self
Breed Change: Spiral

Bedazzled Backpack
2 Crystallized Satchel

Gather Your Hunters
20 Hooded Skunk
20 Valley Quail

Building Up an Apatite
Apatite Fisher
20 Bloody Snapdragon

Adaptable Glass
3 Glass Hybrid Fragment

Crystal Collector
15 Amber
20 Morganite

Big Fish
Amber Gulper
20 Almandine Goby

Gather Your Fishers
20 Sea Sparrow
20 Sea Hare

Mineral Hoarder
15 Prehnite
20 Pink Chalcedony

Perfect Pathfinder
Pathfinder's Tail Twist
Pathfinder's Gloves
Pathfinder's Treads
Pathfinder's Leggings

Ain't Afraid of No Turtle
2 Leatherback Sea Turtle
2 Flatback Sea Turtle

Nature Seed
Unhatched Nature Egg


Hooded Dodo
Brush Dodo

Very Rare Harvest
Dark Creeper

Canyon Cuisine
20 Maple Seed
25 Renegade Dartling

Challenging Catch
2 Sandyshore Sea Bass
2 Sea Bass

Bits 'n Pieces
15 Spurred Dodo Leg
15 Dodo Leg
15 Dodo Wing

Gather Your Entomologists
20 Redwing Hopper
20 Earthworm

Feathered Foes
Sunspot Clouddancer
15 Fallout Streak Pinion

Maybe They're Born With It
Sunlit Kelpie Mane

Harpy's Ire
Mesacliff Harpy
10 Harpy Masque

Neon Rogue
Venom Rogue Bracers

Somber Sidekick
Somber Spirit

Gather Your Gardeners
20 Juneflower
20 Fogflower

Ghostlight Finds
15 Dire Wooden Toy
20 Enchanted Candle

Ill Omens
Wraith Hound

In Case of a Gravitational Whoopsie
2 Featherfall Pack

Snappy When a Snapper
Breed Change: Snapper

Secondary Gene: Stripes

Dangerous Food
20 Humpback Anglerfish
20 Blacktongue Pepper

Ghost Hunters
Longneck Medium
15 Scary Storybook

Plague Carrier
Unhatched Plague Egg

Dearly Departed
2 Memorial Urn
15 Ghostly Houndskull
15 Enchanted Remains

Tricky Treats
2 Buzzwing Vampire
2 Bloodfly

These Mushrooms are Growing on Me
Rubycap Colony

The Rude Brother
Sickle Kamaitachi

Dredging the Swamp
15 Muckbottom Shell
20 Waterlogged Boot

Gather Your Archaeologists
20 Traprock
20 Rich Nickel Ore

Packing for the Swamp
2 Waterlogged Trunk

The Sly Brother
Scythe Kamaitachi

Don't Feed Them
2 Molten Tadpole
2 Wartoad Trainee

The Exasperated Brother
Salve Kamaitachi

Infused With Greatness
2 Infused Fragment

Gather Your Scavengers
20 Shattered Reading Spectacles
20 Fractured Tusk

Swamp Snack
20 Rolling Scarab
20 Rotala

Impressive Teeth
Common Podid
15 Marsh Stalker

The Little Merman
Maren Warrior

Kelp Beds Kabobs
20 Flameburst Waterstrider
20 Sugarmelon

Skydancer Sona
Breed Change: Skydancer

Use a Skeleton Key
2 Bonebound Chest

Newfound Porpoise
Golden Porpoise
15 Jeweled Octoflyer Beak

Sea Spoils
20 Corrosive Depin Hide
20 Otherworldly Collar

Tough Fish
2 Coral Dweller
2 Spotted Stingray

Arcane Apprentice
Unhatched Arcane Egg

Moray into the Unknown
Relic Eel
15 Kelp Tender Plush

Kelp Gardens
Kelp Tender
15 Bicolor Petunia

Sunken Treasures
2 Runed Helm
20 Eel Larvae
20 Mammertee Plushie

Sentry Squawker

They Grow So Fast
Red-Tailed Boa

Eye See You
Secondary Gene: Eye Spots

Friendly Spider
Peacock Spider

Refined Oil
2 Fish Oil
2 Vegetable Oil

Staying Grounded
Swift Volt
15 Volt Wiring

Evolutionary Disaster
Swallowtail Buttersnake
Colorburst Buttersnake

Spare Parts
Scrapmetal Tracker
20 Coppercoil Segment

Engineered Food
25 Black Iron Spider
25 Steelhound Drone

Chess Break
8 White Pawn
2 White Rook
2 White Knight
2 White Bishop
1 White King
1 White Queen
8 Black Pawn
2 Black Rook
2 Black Knight
2 Black Bishop
1 Black King
1 Black Queen

Ancient Mithology
Sentinel Mith
15 Mistral Beetle

20 Lumen Wiring
20 Steelhound Core
15 Chrome Laser Head

Boss Battle
Deeprealm Hunter

A Change of Seasons
Winter Wind
Autumn Breeze
Spring's Breath
Summer Swelter

Jolly Tale of the Crimson Rogue
Crimson Rogue Belt
Crimson Rogue Mask
Crimson Rogue Bracers
Crimson Rogue Cape
Crimson Rogue Vest
Crimson Rogue Footpads
Crimson Rogue Trousers
Crimson Rogue Tail Binding
Crimson Rogue Hood
Crimson Rogue Gloves
Crimson Rogue Wing Guard

Tools of the Trade
2 Toolbox

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