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Juri01 » Lair » Nestor
Level 10
Bogsneak Male
Apr 05, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryYellow Jaguar
SecondaryHoney Noxtide
TertiaryMarigold Capsule
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 45 / 50
Apparel & Skins


This dragon belongs to Juri01!

Born and raised near the Twisting Crescendo Nestor had a carefree childhood while also spending many hours inside the clan's library. Since forever, he'd loved to read stories and tales about dragon history, adventures and any kind of book he could get his hands on. But at a certain point the young dragon wanted to get out of the dusty collection of books, to travel Sornieth while gathering stories for his very own storybook.

Nestor then set off to his voyage, following the wind to wherever place it would carry him. The young traveler sought out Clans all over Sornieth and whenever he was able to find shelter with them, he carefully listened to the tales (past-present-children's stories-etc) they would tell him, carefully writing them down in his journal.

Maybe he's allowed to come over at your place to hear some of your clan's stories?

Click here to see his travel thread.

Sornieth - A Map of the World

Hello everyone! It's me, Nestor.
Before I left home I was able to convince my friend Haven to create a map for me. (But maybe, she just knew I would get lost every second or so without one....)
Anyway~ What's this all about... I want to mark EVERY clan I visit on it. Amazing idea, don't you think?! Wouldn't it be awesome to see, where everyone I've gotten to know during my travells is located?

Visited Clans

(Username #xxxx - Clan name - Flight)

Juri01 (111431) - Clan Àidhear - Wind (home)

Thyrin (234081) - Thyrin's Clan - Plague
Cealygosa (303930) - Clan of Severed Lightning - Lightning
aformofmotion (312769) - The Collective - Arcane
Pertonix (176907) - Coldlight Clan - Ice
Nightooo (291170) - The Blue Lights - Lightning
Shadeyrain (59335) - The RuneLight Hallow - Light

Travel Journal

Entry 1 - Beginning of record
Date: April 30, 2017
Location: Windswept Plateau/Twisting Crescendo - Clan Àidhear

I've always loved stories. Back home at Clan Àidhear I was always so excited to get my hands on a new story a traveler brought back with him. 'A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.'--And my dream started to grow inside of me a long time ago... I understood, that if I'd only read the books that everyone else is reading, I can only think what everyone else is thinking. My solution? I wanted to travel! I wanted to make my own experiences, meet other clans, listen to their tales and then write down my own stories.

When I shared my plans with my family, they were very supportive. Haven even made a map for my sake (maybe knowing, I'd be so lost without it). I'm so excited, nervous, psyched . A thrill of anticipation coated me from the moment I got up this morning.

I'm going to start my journey today! I can't wait to get to my first guest family and to write down the first tale of my storybook!

Wish me luck everyone! And may the Winds be with you.

Entry 2 – First Steps
Date: May 6, 2017 – May 13, 2017
Location: The Bamboo Falls – The Tunnels – The Wyrmwound!

I’ve spent the whole day moving around Zephyr Steppes – maybe it’s not very wise, if I want to hear the stories of different dragons… But after all, Aidhear have lived there once, and I’ve read a lot about those places – and it would spare me the trouble of climbing up and then down for no reason, and I can get to the Sea of a Thousand Currents in mere days. They say, there’s a place somewhere on the border – beautiful waterfalls in a bamboo forest, where lots of various animals live along with such Beastclans as Serthis and Talonok – it must be really interesting! I hope I can manage without getting into trouble – my eyes are sharp, I’ll be able to look around without getting too close…
Ohh, now I understand why all those authors wrote that they couldn’t describe it – this task really seems impossible! All the streams singing a barely audible melody on the rocks, combined with whistling of the wind through bamboo trunks and distant howling of Gale Wolves – believe me or not, but I’ve seen the whole pack! They’ve landed somewhere beyond the main waterfall – unfortunately, I won’t be able to get there, it sounds a lot like a battle there – hissing and roaring and even clinking of metal! This is totally unwise… But I’ll try to get closer through the bushes. It’s so exciting!

“Liked the show?”
To his own shame, Nestor almost jumped, startled, and crushed a nearby bamboo trunk with his strong tail. The Mirror who has talked to him – they were of similar sizes, but he seemed slightly bigger than the Bogsneak because of the fur-adorned outfit, vast banners on the wings and a skull of some bird of prey with a plumage of blue feathers, huge enough to become something like a helmet for the dragon – and for the size of it, it definitely meant nothing smaller than a Roc! – laughed, moving the skull back between his crests and looking at him with two pairs of chocolate-brown pupilless eyes. Nestor coughed, moving his wings a bit uncomfortably:
“Did you see me… Sir?”
“Wha?.. No, not actually – smelled you, more likely. It’s warm and wet here, and when you tried to get closer, you stepped directly in the wind current, so it told me you were moving”.
“Oh.” Nestor felt ashamed again – he’s read about it dozens of times, and made such a mistake nonetheless!
“Oi, don’t you worry!” the Mirror waved his wing, shining and bright-colored under the banner. “That’s really a thing you start to pay attention to when you spend a lot of time in the field, about the wind and your own smells and sounds and so forth. Wanna take a look at my trophies?”
”Who said Mirrors don’t like to talk much?...” Nestor wondered silently, but surely didn’t refuse to the dragon’s offer. Smiling widely at his eager nods, the Mirror turned away and vanished in the green of bamboo – Nestor followed hurriedly, making sure his scarf would stay as white as he was.
It didn’t take them long – the battle took place on the bank of the stream in mere steps from the place where they met. Nestor exhaled lightly, stepping closer to a considerable pile of prey; most of it was made up of quite a huge Baku, laying lifelessly on the ground, but he could distinguish other animals and birds beside it. He turned back, looking at the Mirror:
“And you defeated all of them alone, sir?”
“Well, I’m a hunter, am I not?” the Mirror chuckled. “And please, stop calling me “sir”. My name’s Ssaish”.
“I’m Nestor,” the Bogsneak replied, nodding shortly. “Nice to meet you”.
“Same, same…” the Mirror was now using the banner and the multiple belts of his armor to collect all the prey and make it moveable. “And you are?..”
“I’m a traveler – you know, I’ve read a lot, but it’s not the same as seeing everything myself… So I decided to leave home and make my own experience – there’s certainly something those books didn’t cover?”
“Oi, I can help with that!” Ssaish rose on his hind legs, agitated. “If you are not afraid of swimming a bit, of course, and of the Plague lands in the end of the journey”.
“I’m not sure… I’m not a Water dragon, and I didn’t actually have a chance to practice in swimming. Isn’t there another way?”
“Don’t you worry, I’ll help you! There are places to breathe, and currents to help you move, and where there aren’t, I can help you”.
Nestor moved a bit, still looking unsure.
“There certainly are other ways to get to the Scarred Wasteland, aren’t there?”
“It’s not the Wasteland that matters! When we were moving to the Wyrmwound, our explorers found a system of caves underneath the surface, mostly blocked – and then there were lakes, and tunnels connecting them, and a couple of those are stretching even to the Thousand-Current! Our mages cleared the space, and it granted us quite a peace with some of Maren clans – they cherish those lakes, as turned out. And we’ve gained quite a fast way to get to the Sea without crossing dozens of borders”.
Could Nestor miss such a chance? Of course he could not…

That was definitely something I wouldn’t miss for life – and surely it was worth all the way here! Which wasn’t easy, by the way. First we had to swim down to the tunnel and then even climbed against the current – I wonder how Ssaish did it, with such a huge pack of prey, it was pretty hard even for me, without any cargo! Anyway, once we’ve reached the first lake, we had only to choose the stream that would carry us in the needed direction – we had to swim as well, of course, but it helped a lot. Though it was pretty hard to breathe there – there were sort of shafts and water pockets, but you try to grab some air while water is carrying you forward at such a speed! Pretty scary, to be honest. But then we got out – and dear Eleven, it was so magnificent! A lake, huge and drowning in darkness on the further edges, and dozens of lightly shining crystals on the walls and right above your head, with little orbs of light floating around – Ssaish said it was the work of mages. An Imperial was sitting there, so dark that barely visible, with only smallest sparkles glittering on his wings and casting reflections onto his armor and trident. He helped us to get out of the water and made a small, dancing piece of blueish light that I’d call belonging to the Tangled Wood – he probably did it because of me, I’m pretty sure Ssaish can find his way without any light – he knows the place, after all, plus Mirrors have that kind of thermal vision… Anyway, while we were following the light, Ssaish explained me some things about life in his clan – the first strange thing was that their clan actually has no name! As to me, this is weird. But he says, it is partially because of their idea of giving names – most of them name themselves when they grow up instead of having a name that their parents gave them – and a clan cannot invent its own name, because it consists of many dragons, and then someone would be naming… Not sure if he was joking or not. Anyway – he also said they had a big library belonging to their Coatl Mage Order, and they might allow me to take a look… And told me a bunch of names – those were the leaders of the fractions, as I’ve understood, but I didn’t really manage to remember as much as a couple of them. We’ll see later, I guess…
It’s been the whole week now… I’m afraid I got carried away a bit, their library was way bigger than I’ve expected. We’ve got a really big one at home, too… But as dragons are different, the libraries are as well. They’ve got lots information about magic, all the different kinds you can imagine – not only the basics on the Eleven Elements, but also such stuff as healing – and, as opposite, necromancy… There’s a couple of necromancers in the clan, actually – to be precise, one of them, Hodiar, is really good at his skill, and the other two are yet his apprentices, but it is still pretty scary. You need only to look at him – a huge Imperial in spooky silk clothes and shimmering rubies – and he uses skeletons as his slaves and couriers and however else! Well, they probably don’t mind – they are dead, after all… But I wouldn’t want to fight in some others’ battle or carry one’s cargo being a skeleton. Hodiar laughed at me and promised that, though I would never know or care over the edge, he won’t ever use my body for any means. Not very reassuring, you know – like speaking to the Death himself.
Magic really does everything here. They’ve even managed to make a garden here – not only underground, but in such a distance to the Wyrmwound! This is totally impressive. I’ve been there – if you don’t look up, you might not even understand you are in a cave! The Nature ambassador of the Coatls watches over it – she is so pale, almost white, and she never told me her name. It is probably because all the Plague around, they aren’t probably combining very well with Nature. In fact, all the other dragons in the clan are pretty healthy – to be honest, I didn’t expect that, with all the stories of the mutants and ill dragons and whatever horrors else… Ssaish said, it was only the mean of evolution – they had to be strong to survive, and their healers helped them.
Of course, I’ve gotten out a couple of times. Well, now – this is scary! You may read about the Wyrmwound, but it’s always so tiny on the maps, and those spikes… You really start to feel yourself in the claws of an enormous monster, one movement – and you are smashed, dead, destroyed… But the dragons here – especially those who have lived here for a long time – tend to see it with some sort of humor. I mean… Gosh, their Nocs live in a skeleton of a Guardian – literally! I’ve seen it, whitened from age and huge – they’ve used leather to build up a cover from its wings, and it’s warm and shady there, but… I don’t understand. They’ve probably got no other way – I mean, if you live side by side with death, you probably won’t think of it the same as other dragons think. Like dragons who befriend those mighty warriors who protect their whole clan – you cannot just adore them when you know them inside.
Anyway, I’ll be moving next morning. Haven’t decided yet whether I should take the tunnels again or move across the Plague territory, I don’t know either well enough not to get lost – Ssaish can’t help me, but he promised me that someone from the clan might be ready to help – one of the younger mages, perhaps, or the hunters. As long as it’s not one of Hodiar’s skeletons, I’m pretty content!
Entry 3 - #§+!!&
Date: 18 May, 2017 - `#^x)*_§
Location: Lightning - Clan of Severed Lightning - &'#?/}

I enjoyed to ride the winds once again. My stay in the Wyrmwou&/d h(=s b%& ()?*‘+#1?()= !&=$&`?):_,1)(&%?3‘*#+?ß=)[~µ< )(!$§^#³´-] \0# %& -?{&%

For some reason most of the entry was currupted an unreadable. Everyone was quite bothered about it and had their own ideas about the reasons.
Had it been a natural disaster, a blizzard, a desert storm or the like that damaged it to this point?
Whatever the cause, it also held the traveler prisoner for quite some time as if the earth had swallowed Nestor up only to spit him up again. The clan really heaved a sigh of relief when the traveler suddendly dropped by again. But even he himself had no lucid explanation about what happend during the time of his disappearance....
Entry 4 - Isabella
Date: 27 June - 4 July , 2017
Location: The Collective - Arcane, the Starfall Isles

I met the loveliest bogsneak on my way into the Collective. She was a traveller, just like me. We spent so much time together I barely even saw the Collective. I hope I meet her again someday.

After returning home, Nestor couldn't stop talking about Isabella and his very first nest. On July 2nd there hatched three little bogsneaks, two girls and a boy. The male one soon joined the ranks of the Gladekeeper where he now serves a higher cause. One of the sisters decided to set out on traveler the world like her parents do. Only Nala remained in the Starfall Isles and found her home within the Collective.


Entry 5 - Chilly Adventures
Date: 09 August - 16 August , 2017
Location: Coldlight - Ice, the Snowsquall Tundra

09 August, 2017
I've just arrived to the Snowsquall Tundra to pay visit to a lair home to the Coldlight Clan of the Ice Flight! It's much colder here than it was in the Starfall Isles, but I'll be on the lookout for a jacket or some form of apparel to keep me warm!
Coldlight seems to be made up of Skydancers, which makes sense... they have feathers and don't need clothing to keep them warm here! I haven't really yet had a chance to introduce myself or meet any of the other dragons yet, but one in particular has caught my eye, and once I'm finished writing this, I think I'll approach and try to befriend him! He looks like this: -->

11 August, 2017
I found out that Tiamat, the dragon I met after my last entry, had just recently joined Coldlight! He told me that the female who looks identical to him is the one who he's supposed to start nesting with once both of them are old enough. Their hatchlings will look so cool! Their runes will glow brightly against their black feathers... it's incredible, really.
Anyways, so far my stay here in Coldlight has been nothing short of amazing. I befriended a new familiar and decided to bring him on my travels alongside me instead of my old one, whose name has slipped my mind at the moment...
I've also been given new apparel! I told you I'd find some!
I got a hood and a bandana to keep my head and neck warm. The dragons here are very friendly and seemed genuinely worried about whether I was warm enough. How kind of them!
Dinner is calling my name, so we're all about to feast together soon. I'll have to end this entry here, so I can leave some updates for later!
- Nestor


Entry 6 - Thundering Mysteries
Date: 18 August - 26 August , 2017
Location: The Blue Lights - Lightning, Carrion Canyon

19 August, 2017
As I arrived at the clan's location I was greeted by very friendly dragons! Rigel, the black dragon with blue shining runes, has decided to throw a party in my name as to welcome me into the clan - it was spectacular! My favourite food everywhere, dragons of this clan dancing and enjoying themselves all night!

21 August, 2017
Today was the first day I got to spend with other dragons of the clan, yesterday was spent talking with Rigel and finding out more about him. But today I'm spending with Coraza and Sardor. They both specialize in taking care of the young dragons around here, there's a lot of them so I can't say that I'm surprised. It doesn't seem like Sardor likes this job very much, however, he's been glancing at me the entire time... Coraza, on the other hand, is very kind towards both me and the little hatchlings. I've been tasked with finding berries and other foods for the entire clan while accompanied by some of the youngins, it was an interesting experience. She told me not to get too used to them, as hard as it may be. They'll be gone of out this clan before I will and the next batch will join us later in the week. This clan is very, systematic.

26 August, 2017
Well, today's the last day with the Blue Lights. It's been enjoyable to stay here, it was welcoming. Anyway, I better get packed... Rigel wants to talk to me about someone within the clan, I wonder what this could be about?
Wow! So, there's a dragon in this guild that I really inspired! Aiterra, the dragon which I'll draw to my right with the best of my drawing skills, also wants to set out and learn more about everything, every clan!


Entry 7 -
Date: 01 October - 08 October , 2017
Location: The Runelight Hallow - Light, Goldwood

October 1st-2nd

Nestor found himself side-tracked from his journey to the Light Flight by a drawing contest being held during all of October! He'll be far too busy travelling to complete one drawing every day, but he did try drawing something to commemorate the time he spent at the Art Festival!

Here's what he drew on the 1st and 2nd of October!

October 3rd

Nestor could hardly contain his excitement when he arrived in the Runelight Hallow. His first visit to the Sunbeam Ruins! He arrived rather late that day, since he took some time to go site-seeing when he crossed over the border into the Light territory. One thing the Light Flight had that not many others did were sites to see, tourist traps to get trapped in. He wondered briefly how any clan could live in the Sunbeam Ruins and not get caught up in the tourist business, but as he finally arrived in the Runelight Hallow he understood.

There was little in the way of big cities or site-seeing in the Runelight Hallow. The goldwood forest it was nestled in was quiet, and all around were quaint stone buildings held together by roots and trees. The overgrown flora made the town look old, but the architecture was modern. Gardens overflowed everywhere, and dragons hustled from place to place. The surface of the Runelight Hallow was nothing like what he had read about in books of the Light Flight.

October 4th

Nestor met a wonderful guardian named Rhum, who claimed to be an inn-keeper, though the place she brought him to stay in was much too opulent to be called an inn. She gave him room and board free of charge, for the price of keeping her company for a few days. He was happy to listen to her go on about how her "inn" use to house the paws of royalty, but after the calamity they face not long ago their posh residents ran for the hills. Nestor was intrigued by this "calamity," perhaps it could be another interesting story to add to his collect. But Rhum didn't seem much interested in telling him more.

She dragged him around the "inn," which turned out to be more like a keep, telling him stories of the visitors of the past but never giving him much detail other than "oh, we had a seer princess who left recently, she was such a doll!" With her chatter in his ear, he noted cursory details about his surroundings; the "inn" had many empty rooms, and by empty he meant completely barren. Not a single piece of furniture in some of them. There was a handful of dragons who lurked in the keep. He detailed each one in a list.
Nestors Journal wrote:
  1. A dark coatl decked in gold, and her apparent servant or guard always at her side.
    *These two always stare at me but never speak.
  2. A colorful skydancer carrying a lute.
    *He spoke with us many times, always with a smile.
  3. A vibrant coatl with a cold demeanor.
    *Rhum calls her "the Queen" when asked and gives a distant smile when she thinks about this coatl. Apparently she is married to the skydancer, though I have never seen the two together.
  4. A spiral who resembles an opalized piece of wood when standing still.
    *She hardly ever sat still, though it was a treat when this beautiful spiral did.

October 6th

After staying the previous day with Rhum in the Keep, she told him she had things to attend to and he was off the hook. Wandering the town was nice, keeping to himself and wondering what else this little place had in store. It was a nice reprieve from Rhum's constant socialization, but he realized without a guide he may never find any good stories!

Just as he thought so, he overheard the end of a conversation; "Just hurry up and take this back to the library. Liadaen is going to be furious if it's not back in time!" Looking over, he saw a rather tiny snapper hand over a book to an even tinier coatl. He hadn't seen hide nor limb of a library in this town, and he was dying to see a famed Light Flight Library!

Inquiring about the library was easier than it seemed. Only the hint of a question about the library and the snapper laughed. "Oh, travelers and strangers never seem to know where to look! We ought to make a sign or map of the Hallow sometime, ey Sorin?" The little coatl giggled in good nature, and invited him along the way to the library.

Nestor was astounded by what the forest might hide! Perhaps it should have tipped him off, but the Runelight Hallow wasn't named so without a reason. The library had little to show for in the confines of the Sanctum. Sorin was a trooper as a guide, telling him this and that about the Sanctum. Nestor hardly cared, lost in the details of the Sanctum's design. Nestor writes in his journal a detailed recollection;
Nestors Journal wrote:
From the center of the cavern ceiling poured a great column of thick roots, braided together and then continueing on into the floor. There were several other columns similar to this, but not nearly as massive. The floor was an extensive mosaic depicting those old hatchling stories about the deities, a sum with rays extending to the walls.

Lining the walls were stylized sculptures of the deities. The Lightweaver was as tall as the entirety of the hall, and sparkled with magic. Next to her was the Gladekeeper, nearly as massive and covered in ivy and flowers. All of these statues cradled a door in their claws, which were opened into smaller spaces which I could not see into.

Needless to say, Nestor stayed to explore the rest of the Sanctum for the rest of his trip. There was so much to see he didn't even get a chance to see the library. Perhaps next time!

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