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reliquiaen » Lair » Anthelion
Level 25
Skydancer Female
May 02, 2014 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMagenta Iridescent
SecondaryMagenta Shimmer
TertiaryMagenta Gembond
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins


"Music and grace; smile on her face.
Black as coal, she steals your soul."


A soft, quiet child, Anthelion was always uncertain of herself, of her place in the lair. Her parents both love her fiercely, they say she’s named for being their silver lining, the child they never thought they’d have. And they raised her with such care and devotion, but Anth always struggled with others. She was never a fighter, not much of a trickster; she is quite intelligent, but not with medicine or numbers or politics. Instead, she is devastatingly gifted with magic, the most powerful caster in the lair for pure strength and the most adept at the finer points as well. She developed Callana’s biting sarcasm and wit, and Tarryn’s curiosity and tact; it’s quite the mix of talents. And when combined with her natural magical skills and her Arcane heritage, Anthelion found a rather specialised use for herself.

Magic woven into her every movement, Anth is the most enchanting dragon in the lair; her smile eases worries, her laughter relieves stress and better yet, being under her gaze is almost intoxicating. She became a powerful enchantress, capable of warping emotions and perceptions with magic, charming words, and her beauty. Her magic enhances everything about her that makes her seem trustworthy; she uses this to extract secrets and information to ensure no passers-by mean her clan harm. Paired with her natural skydancer sense for detecting emotions and intentions in others, this makes her a highly efficient interrogator and allows her to get to know others much faster than she ought to. She’s not violent at heart, not really, she doesn’t like conflict or fighting, but should she detect ill will in someone… well… they’re generally expelled from the region. In pieces. If their bodies can be found at all. Those who mean no harm are free to go about their business without the effects of her dazzling magic impeding their thought processes.

Still, her talents might be her greatest strength, but they’re also the source of her greatest insecurities. Many dragons find it hard to trust her when she could be manipulating their thoughts and emotions. She would never do that to someone she knows and trusts, of course, but it's hard to make friends. It’s hard to trust that what they feel is real. Anthelion understands. It hurts her, but she does understand. She does her utmost not to be too quick to judge others based on the magic they can use however, and instead tries to make them feel welcome, to be the dragon she needed when she was younger. After making sure they’re not conspiring anything horrible first, obviously. Many of the other dragons in the lair with skills such as hers – Aora and Tahvi, Serri and Jaelyr – they are her closest friends and make her feel much less like a monster.

And Kieri, who never questioned her motives or methods, who simply smiled at her and declared them best friends, has long been the most amazing thing in her life. Even as they muddled their way to something other than friends, Kieri never once so much as alluded to the possibility that she was being deceived. She is the greatest gift Anthelion could ever have been given.

Dragon Share Theme: Rainbow

ORIGIN / Anthelion was the only surviving resident in a small forest village in the Starwood Strand. Whatever happened to them is likely to remain a mystery, but who they were is easier to answer. They belonged to an ancient culture of witches, a collective so filled with magic as to be almost impossible; they are bound to the natural world in unusual ways. Often these dragons have incredibly strong magical talents and some rare gifts. Anthelion was the last of her Arcane clan, and although her mother, Calla, heard tell that folks like her have appeared to rebuild, they are not her family (and not the same as her anyway, something lesser) and Anth has no desire to leave the one that found her. It's possible even that those like her have all but died out.

Fact / The lair has recently become home to many other dragons with magic that makes them feel a little unwanted. Anthelion loves them all so fiercely, they’re like her in all their mismatched ways and it’s like having a weird witch outcast family. She acts as a mentor to some of them, a big sister and a friend. Everyone needs to be accepted and Anthelion is glad she’s no longer alone.

Likes / Family is the most important thing to her; her parents, her mate, and the rest of the clan. She absolutely treasures any friends she makes, she’s absurdly loyal. While she’s not especially materialistic, she does also quite like shiny things, she’ll indulge in jewellery or other pretty items if they take her fancy, but she’s never particularly attached.

Dislikes / Her magic means some folks have difficulty trusting her, they’re afraid she’ll manipulate them without their knowing. She hates when others look at her with this blatant distrust, she hates that it’s hard for her to make connections, she hates that it leaves her feeling isolated. She is also easily upset by those who make Kieri’s life unnecessarily hard. (Though they won’t live long to regret it.)

Interests / She likes to imbue items with magic so that when it’s touched in some way a brilliant explosion of harmless sparkles appears. It always makes others smile and she likes that. Magic is her primary skill and even when she’s not using it for clan-related things; she’s often doing something magical. She breathes magic and is the clan’s primary caster; few even enter the lair without her knowing about it.



Kieri – Mate
Serendipity – The Ill Omen
Jaelyr – Linguist
Pencil – Librarian


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