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Lisegathe » Lair » Oedi
Level 7
Skydancer Female
May 12, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySanddollar Poison
SecondaryHoneydew Butterfly
TertiaryCrocodile Glimmer
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Good hatchling names: Bailan, Wallace, Hmazil, Chindire, Te'e, Tunamelon, Honeymelon, Honeydew


Flower Decorator & Keeper of the Wishlist


Oedipus, flower decorator

It started when she was young. Her mother kept flowering plants in her garden, yet bought flowers at the market to put on the table. Little Oedipus didn't at first understand why, and started collecting flowers from the garden. Then the garden looked barren! So dragon want their garden to stay pretty, she thought. The next time she went out on the grassy plains to get flowers. They were varied in height, size and thickness. And colour, of course. On her way back a puffing male pearlcatcher called after her, and asked if he could trade some treasure for her flowers, as it was his mother's birthday and he had forgotten her gift. They traded, and she flew as fast as she could back up the hill to make her own mother a new bouquet. She put together a nice little buquet and went home. Her mother was very pleased, impressed even, with her little daughter's story and flowers. Since then she stopped buying flowers, and started teaching Oedi about the different flowers meaning, needs and history.

Daughter of the Keeper Division


Her home clan was very diplomatic, as light clans are well known for. They held diplomacy and truth as their highest virtue, and Oedi took their teachings to her heart. As she grew, her interest in flowers drew her away from politics, but not until she had a good education. As she grew, the clan also started to change. It had interacted so much with all the other flights and beastclans, they no longer felt closest to their deity, but to other dragons. They acnowleged the Lightweaver, their mother, but no longer worshipped her like before. They did not worhip other gods, nor the sade, but rather treated all views as equal. To some, this was disturbing. To Oedi, it was peaceful and a neverending pool of shared knowledge about plants and flowers, aestetics and fashion.

She was very close to her mother, who worked in the clan forge. She knew little of her father, who was a wind dragon who often travelled the world. On one occassion he brought her a windflower, a fragile yet hardy plant. Its silky thin leaves and leaves let it float on the wind, and despite its delicy it was not torn or slopping from the journey. She later had it enclosed in glass, enchanted by a nature dragon to never wilt, and by an ice dragon to stand the heat from the warm glass. Her mother melted the glass, and the clan's glassblower handled the process with extreme precision and control. When Oedi left the clan, she took her most precious souvenir along. She had never imagined ending up in the clan who had grown it. Every year on her birthday, she sends one windflower to her mother at home and one to wherever her father is. Luckily, he sends letters.


n47gvq.jpg Hatched by Courter. Bought from QueenCockatiel for 25kt. Oedi was borne a pearlcatcher female with sanddollar cherub, honeydew peregrine, crocodile runes and light common eyes. She was named Dillo by one of her previous owners.

On the first day of the Brightshine Jubilee 2018 (June 24th), I gave her glimmer and butterfly. I also renamed her to Oedi, as Oedipodium is a genus of moss. Read more here.

She will get poison when she becomes a skydancer in the future :)
Got poison and skydancef scroll 16. Jan 2019.

Oedi match


Windflower Wishlist

"We are allowed to dream, but not to demand they come true"


Always appreciating

icon_treasure.png Treasure and icon_gems.png Gems

Apparel: any gem apparel and any silk, lace, rose thorn, bow, seasonal wind, pet/companion, flourish, tail twist and book.

Items: any unhatched egg, any gene or breed scroll, grey slime, copper muck and green brew ingredient.



Training fields:
Woodland path: apparel
Scorched forest:
Sandswept delta:
Blooming grove: apparel, flowering pohip boss, vista
Forgotten cave: apparel
Bamboo waterfall: apparel
Redrock cove: apparel, both bosses, translucent fins, amphibious wing
Waterway: both bosses, vista 2, granite chunk, shale sliver, fanned cockroach
Arena: vista 2, apparel
Volcanic vents: apparel, pink hydra boss
Rainsong Jungle: apparel, both bosses
Boreal wood: apparel, vista, yeti boss
Crystal pools: apparel, vista
Harpy's roost: necklace, vista, grey rock boss
Ghostlight ruins: apparel
Mire: wigs, both bosses
Kelp beds:
Golem workshop: apparel, both bosses, vista

Slightly Limited

Night of the Nocturne: sarcastic jester apparel, breed change: nocturne
Chest only: Umbral leather and scales apparel, phoenix
Non-items: leveling services up to lvl. 19, and art and adoptables for my dragons. Anything you find fun to make, really.
Skins: I prefer usermade accents and skincents, and preferably for a dragon I already own. But feel free to offer me any, as I'll be happy to take a look.



Skins I'm a little interested in


My husband has many wonderful items sell or trade. And our full wishlist is found in the google document.




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