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TheExplorer » Lair » Tackle
Level 1
Imperial Female
Aug 12, 2013 (5 years)
Stats Growth
PrimarySky Poison
SecondaryTomato Shimmer
TertiaryThistle Peacock
Eye TypeWater Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

| Old dragon - 6 digit|♡ Never for Trade or Sale ♡


The cargo ship titered and totted as the giant waves slammed into the side of it. Metal creaked and moaned as the ship kept itself from sinking or capsizing. Thunder boomed as lightning streaked across the skies. Rain pelted the dragons on the ship as they tried to tighten their supplies on the ship deck to the floor as to not lose it to the storm. Some barked out orders to those that could barely hear them. Others were trying to find safe places for the items that were on the deck. Many had gathered as much as their claws could carry before heading below with it. Their safest place was below deck at the moment.

A large wave swept the ship almost onto its side. The ship held before plummeting onto its bottom. Tackle’s eyes were on the net that slid across the deck as the ship had tried to right itself from the wave. She leapt for it before snatching the net with her strong jaws. A wave hit the other side of the ship causing it to tip. Tackle felt herself slipping as she realized the net was caught on something. She pulled at the net with all her strength, but it wasn’t budging.

`I’m not going to let you go.´

The net was her last net until they made landfall for another dragon to make them one. The others had been lost at sea or they had been broken from overuse. She growled before digging her claws into the ship; however, the ship was made of metal, and her claws didn’t make a dent in it. She slipped farther toward the edge. The net was her livelihood, and she wasn’t going to live without it. Fishing was her life, and she enjoyed it even before they set sail on the ship. The memories flashed through her mind’s eye as she remembered all the times her parents took her fishing. They had been fishermen in their lives as well.

"To fish properly Tackle you need a good net,” her father said as he showed her different types of nets.

"You can also catch them yourself, Tackle,” her mother said before reaching into the water before snatching a fish with her paw.

"Now, now, dear, nobody likes a showoff,” her father said between laughing and applauding his lovely mate.´

Her attention returned to the present as she felt the net slipping through her teeth. She tightened her grip before she started pulling again. The wavering of the ship was making it tough for her to unhook it from whatever it was stuck on. She made a noise as a giant wave smashed into the side of the ship she was trying to get the net. It caused her to let go of the net before tumbling backwards from the water that swept over her. She caught the net before it got away.

`It’s still stuck´, she thought with annoyance. `It’s the last net that Bait and I have to use to catch fish.´

The ship tilted almost onto its side again as a wave pushed against it. Tackle’s grip on the ship gave way before she started to plummet toward the water below her. She closed her eyes. Not even the strongest swimmers would survive the waves that the storm was causing at the moment.



"Tackle!” came the voice of a familiar Nocturne.

Bait had grabbed her cloth robe as he placed his claws onto the railing of the ship digging them into his own scales to keep them both from tumbling below into the icy waters. Tackle opened her eyes before staring at her mate. He heaved as he tried to get her over the railing and onto the ship. Her eyes trailed to where the net was caught before she went to try and get it unstuck.

"Let go of the net!” he said with a mouthful of her clothing.

"No!” she said with the net still in her mouth. “This is our last net, Bait!”

Bait made a noise before giving Tackle a look as if he was saying ‘REALLY?!’ to her. He knew they wouldn’t have a net until they made landfall. He knew that they would have to find an alternative way to catch seafood or ration out the seafood they had at the moment until they could purchase some more nets.

"Let go of the net,” he managed to mumble out. “I can pull you up better. Other nets can be made, Tackle. Better nets.”

The net was a lot heavier than it looked. Tackle stared at him before looking at the net. It was their last net, and this was her livelihood. She closed her eyes before letting the net go. In that moment, the net had gotten loose from what it was stuck on before it fell into the water.Bait felt the weight leave before he used all his strength to pull his mate over the railing of the ship. He stared at her as the rain pelted against their scales. She looked disappointed.

"Let’s go below, Tackle,” he muttered softly to her. “The others have already done so.”

Tackle blinked as she looked around. She hadn’t realized it had gotten so quiet on the ship. The thunder drummed them out; however, she realized she didn’t hear the shouting of so many dragons. Her fur clung to her face and neck as she nodded to Bait.

"Okay,” she said. “Let’s go below.”

She looked out to see the net floating away before it had water logged and started to sink. She looked at her paws before staring at Bait. She smiled a bit, “There are more than one way to fish. Thank you for reminding me of that.”

She nuzzled him before heading below deck to dry off and stay out of the storm.Bait smiled as he followed her happy she would be okay knowing they didn’t have any more nets to catch seafood.

;-Bio text by SilverOtter


Art :

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