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Disillusionist » Lair » FaustinoDyeus
Level 13
Imperial Male
May 15, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Metallic
SecondaryObsidian Alloy
TertiaryCarrot Opal
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Breeding OK, only w/ Mara #33548824
33029109.png FAUSTINO DYEUS
{ fos - TI - noe DIUS }
Master Craftsdrake
Nicknames: Faust, Carrot, Carrot-brain
x. Latin: lucky; shining sky/god

♥ a gift from Alixe
Wheel of Fortune (1,715 words) Laurant visits the Lair of the Sharded Lights and joins a guessing game. Through sheer luck, she wins...not a material prize, but stewardship of an Imperial hatchling who promises to make life very interesting indeed for his new clan.

The Fire of Creation (2,216 words) Finding himself inspired by his clanmates, Faust begins his exploration of his new lair. He soon becomes determined to carve out a place for himself as an artisan -- if he doesn't burn the lair down first.

Amo, ergo Sum (5,985 words) A friendly bet springs up between the clan's Lightning and Fire Adepts. The Fire drakes' goal: to create an automaton as intelligent and advanced as Carousel. Already strapped for creativity as much as for cash, their prognosis looks bleak at first, especially since they must use repurposed materials....Little do they know that their materials have dreams and plans of their own.

Byzmara's Forges District (~2,000 words / commissioned by After) A trio of outsiders, visiting Byzmara for the first time, find themselves on an informative tour of the city's Forges District.

» CAMEOS: a story for Qualia, Soleil (written by awaicu), Remnants and Roots, Private Storms, It Came from the Ashfall Waste!


Dyeus' parents, Theia and Hyperion, were great connoisseurs of beauty. They were determined that their children would find homes with dragons as discerning as they were, and the hatchlings were adopted out in an equally unorthodox way: Dragons from all over the Sunbeam Ruins were invited to guess what color markings the hatchlings would have. It was Theia's and Hyperion's opinion that any dragon truly in tune with beauty would be able to accurately guess their children's colors...though their faces might have slipped a bit when Dyeus was claimed by the brusque, loudmouthed Laurant.

Laurant gave the hatchling the name Faustino in reference to the great fortune that had led them to each other. As a child, he gained a somewhat bad reputation by always trying to sneak into the forge, and he nearly even burned it down at one point (which was when he acquired the scars on his face). It was during this time that Laurant realized he was her Charge, and as Faust grew up, they became great friends. Accidents notwithstanding, the entire clan was very supportive of Faust's artistic endeavors, and he was apprenticed to different dragons in a wide variety of industries. He picked up a number of creative skills, though metalworking turned out to be his greatest forte. He rose through the clan's ranks, speedily outstripping the other artisans and engineers until he was awarded the position of Master Craftsdrake.

Faustino was well into adulthood when he met Mara the merchant. After he introduced her to the rest of the clan, they put together a rescue party to rescue Mara's Guardian, Aidan, who had been abducted by a siren. The rescue mission was successful, and Mara and Aidan became friends of the Disillusionists. It was some time before they formally joined the clan, and business continued much the same as usual, though Faustino and Mara did work together more closely. They were keen business partners -- and were also eager to set up dates between their respective Guardians. Their schemes were wildly successful: Laurant and Aidan did get together, but not before Faust and Mara themselves did. The two of them had many children, whom they still check on from time to time.

Faust remains a highly-respected dragon of the clan, and in addition to his creative skills, he has begun acquiring a reputation as a rather intimidating businessdrake, just like his mate. He spends most of his time in his workshops and can often be found happily picking away at his many, many projects. But despite his name, he is not immune to mishaps and has had his fair share of adventures both inside and outside the lair.

As a child, Faustino took himself very, very seriously. He was almost entirely humorless, and his stubbornness made him a trial to care for. Overall, however, the Disillusionists are a lighthearted bunch, and much of their optimism found its way into Faust. He lightened up considerably as the years went past.

Nowadays, although he is normally serious, even intimidating, Faustino is notorious for his incredibly wicked sense of humor. He is always ready with a wisecrack and enjoys poking fun at his lairmates, most of whom just groan and roll their eyes. Sarcasm is second nature to him; even when he is feeling somber, seldom a minute goes by without him making some acerbic comment about something or other. Still, dragons who are not afraid to strike up a conversation with him will find that he has a keen mind and is always eager to share and exchange information. He enjoys learning, though he is most interested in artistic and engineering techniques, as well as business opportunities, news of which he will pass on to his mate.

He is hailed as a hard worker who always produces high-quality work. But it's safe to say that this and his humor are defense mechanisms: He is terrible at coming up with original ideas, a fact that annoys him no end. This is another reason he always pounces on news of trends and techniques: he can use them to predict what customers might want to buy. He also cribs ideas from sympathetic clanmates, and it's not uncommon for them to pass a project on to him if they believe it is beyond their skills. He maintains good relationships with the other craftsdrakes of his clan and, aside from collaborating with them, may challenge them to contests of skill. However, he can be a bit awkward around dragons from other clans. He seldom accepts students, and even then only for a few months at most, and will not take any longtime apprentices.

He can be greedy and tight-fisted (which is probably why he and his mate work well together). He also has a fairly quick temper and shouts a lot -- in a very deep, very, very loud voice -- when he is angry. He almost never swears, but can deliver the most withering insults. The Disillusionists' artisans know him to be a fair taskmaster, but also an exacting one, and he holds them all to the highest standards and is not always forgiving of lapses. He is normally a practical dragon, but when he gets caught up in a project, he may ignore common sense and make some unreasonable demands.

Faustino does have hobbies aside from his projects and moneymaking. He enjoys physical activities such as sparring and will occasionally train alongside exalts -- most clanmates would really rather not play with him, as the long hours of forge work have given him prodigious strength and he can hit much harder than expected. He usually stays at home, but recently he has begun making efforts to travel abroad. He prefers traveling with friends and tends to get antsy when he is alone. He is particularly intrigued by business operations in the Ashfall Waste and the Shifting Expanse, though currently his favorite haunt seems to be Byzmara's Forges District. He and his clanmates also sometimes head to the Cathedral of Eyes for drinks and entertainment, where he pays his way by bragging shamelessly about his work and exploits telling stories.

Looks to be in his early 30s. Is 6 feet 9 inches tall (Nice!) and heckin' gorgeous. This is a bad thing. Why? Because he knows it. Has two main facial expressions: a smug, stupid grin and a scowl like a thunderhead. The scowl is probably better: it means he is taking things seriously. If you see that crooked grin, it means he's thought of a really annoying joke, and you might be the butt of it. He has those scars on his face, and unfortunately they make him look extremely cool -- too cool, considering that he got those scars as a kid, when he ran around in places he wasn't supposed to be and set plenty of stuff on fire. On the plus side, asking about these is a great way to take him down a peg:
-- "Woooow, your scars are so cool!"
-- "Damned right they are."
-- "How did you get them?"
-- "*mumblemumble* matches"
-- "You mean like battles and stuff?"
-- "I...I'm glad you think so. Yes. Sure."

Lean, hard-muscled, obviously athletic. The man was born to punch things, and it shows. Usually dressed in the powerpack coat, the cylinders of which store extra magic for overtime work or fights. When not at work (or when asleep; yes, actually he does sleep), he dresses in distressingly plain clothes. Boring, boring shirt and pants. May or may not have footwear. Often clomps around in tough, steel-toed workboots, but occasionally wears socks and sandals when he really wants to rile up his younger clanmates. Probably the only reason he wears clothes at all is because the clan would exalt him if he showed off his six-pack all the time -- and by "exalt" I mean expel. "Yes, Lightweaver, this guy, right here, for the crime of murder. Of our self-esteems. He keeps making us feel like out-of-shape sacks of dirt."

Fair-skinned -- I would say he doesn't get out much, but he's recently been crawling out of his workshops and poking fun at the world, so I won't. Eyes are a bit narrow and angular, slightly slanted. Wears his shades way too often -- these are distinct from the round spectacles shown on the Forgetools art, and are instead reflective aviators. Frankly, he has about a hundred identical pairs of them, and if you accidentally break one he'll probably just pull out another pair, flick it open, and slide it back on -- all without breaking menacing eye contact.

Notorious for not combing his hair, which is black with a distinct orange sheen (Carrot). Only combs it (and puts on formal clothes) when pressured/bribed to attend formal affairs. Equally notorious for forgetting to take off his work gloves, which he has many different styles of, though the most well-known are the large leather ones seen on the Forgetools art. Not uncommon to see him doing very delicate tasks with those monsters, such as putting together an afternoon snack or doing fiddly work with jewelry. Also has a bad habit of rubbing his hands and flexing his fingers, particularly when he's thinking about scoring some sweet, sweet cash.


33548824p.png Mara Eltanin | Mate
Faust has aways admired Mara's ferocity both in battle and in business. As business partners, he produced much of the artifacts she sold and also organized the artisans to manufacture things according to current commercial trends, and they continue in much the same fashion today. They regard each other with deep trust and affection, and their relationship is one of the most solid and enduring the clan has ever known.
31033001p.png Laurant | Guardian
Something of an older sister to Faust. Laurant's mellow personality has always been a good foil for his seriousness, and they maintain a solid friendship even today. She remains protective of Faust, and now that he is older, he finds himself feeling much the same way about her. She is also still one of his biggest supporters and is always ready to cheer him on whenever his motivation wavers.
34898612p.png Aloysius | Friend
An extremely skilled glassmaker and pyromancer. He and Faustino have a great deal of respect for each other and frequently collaborate on various projects. Aloysius is the more sedate half of the duo, but is frequently overruled by his friend's impulsiveness. He also walks with a limp, and Faust shows his concern for this, rather annoyingly, by picking up Aloysius and carrying him around.

» other relationships
Faust interacts with a lot of other beings both inside and outside the clan. Although he does not maintain frequent contact with some of these, their connections to him are fairly important.
  • Mephos: (son) Firstborn of Faust and Mara, Mephos soon found his way to the Lair of the Sharded Lights, where he was raised by his grandparents. He was extremely baffled by them for a while, but soon took to his new clan. Although all four of his grandparents have since moved on, his parents still frequently check in on him.
  • Karmanh: (friendly rival) Faust both respects and envies the Disillusionists' Lightning Ambassador and sometimes issues small challenges to him. Most dragons would quickly get ticked off by this, but Karmanh is a gracious dragon -- and secure in his own skills -- and always rises to the occasion, whether he "wins" a contest or not.
  • Xialanthe: (accidental creation) Faustino and Aloysius had originally intended to make an automaton like Karmanh's Carousel, but Xialanthe, a tsukumogami gestalt, was the result. Faust can't figure out how she works, and because of this, he finds her a little unnerving.
  • Stokey: (Magma Embear, familiar) A gift from various clanmates and relatives. Stokey has been trained to deliver materials around the forge, but seldom does as she is told. She can often be found slumbering in a corner of the forge or curled up at various dragons' feet, which is useful during the winter, when everyone's toes get cold.

Although not a fighter by trade, Faust is quite capable of taking care of himself. His weapon of choice is a hammer, but he can also wield other melee weapons, such as swords and staves. Failing that, he's still competent at unarmed combat and can strike heavy blows with his claws. He is also fairly skilled at Light magic and has been known to Enamor enemies into submission. Still, there are gaps in his knowledge, and he can be easily overpowered with sorcery. He is also remarkably bullheaded and often refuses to retreat or set up ambushes, preferring instead to tackle all his problems head-on -- with varying degrees of success.
Always gives the impression of great strength and is active most of the time. It takes a lot to discourage him, and when he is feeling demotivated or moody, it can take him a while to recover. On the plus side, he seems to be immune to most illnesses. Either that or he just completely ignores them.
A great deal of Faust's magic is employed in his work and is used to make the creative processes smoother and less frustrating. He is particularly skilled at refining raw materials. The majority of his spells are Fire-based, which closely aligns with his interests. He also knows some useful Light spells, including ones that can be used in battle. He seems to be constitutionally incapable of taking defensive or supporting roles, however, and all of his combat spells are offensive ones and not always effective.
A fairly intelligent drake, knowledgeable in many creative fields. He's always open to learning, but prefers talking and actual demonstrations to reading. And while he knows a lot about making things, he's not too fond of subjects he considers "unrelated", such as history and geography. That said, he does share his mate's acumen with mathematics and is very good with numbers. His reception as a teacher is mixed: Some students enthuse that they learned a lot from him; others complain that they couldn't endure his wisecracks.
Not very charming at first glance, and frankly, he doesn't care. He is a blunt, plain-spoken drake, sarcasm or none. Most dragons, upon meeting him for the first time, get turned off by his gruffness and/or sardonic comments. He's also not very eloquent and will never be anyone's first choice for a public speaker. Still, there are those who find his frankness refreshing, and many who can get past Faust's surly exterior will find that he is good at giving advice and encouragement...and also has great comedic timing.
Despite his name, Faust is not unusually lucky. Most of his good fortune is due to his own hard work, a fact that he is keenly aware of. He is very careful about his business dealings and always does his best; furthermore, he maintains contingency plans so that whenever misfortunes arise, he has a solution on hand. His prudence and foresight have saved both himself and his clan from what could otherwise have been bigger problems, though he tends to farm cleanup operations out to other dragons.

» Fortune's Game of Wit and Luck
Faust makes a tiny new friend! Also, gijinka Faust kinda looks like an idiot. 8D
He was asked to be judgmental, and the challenge was accepted with bells on.
I couldn't draw so I wrote stuff instead.
The name of the game is very tame.
In which we consider the best-case scenario.
In which we consider the worst-case scenario.
I drew a dergun. :D


» art by princeymarmar
» art by Hijax00
» adopt by Drytil

» art by blackcrowking

» art by Disillusionist

» art by GoldenStardust

» adopt by Amehime

» art by Natsumereikosan

» art by Valkael

» art by Fletcher

» art by After

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Faust's Metallurgists Forgetools were a gift from the wonderful Alixe. ♥ "Fortune's Game" achievements made by squidragon, resized with permission.
Coding and stat bars made by me. Vista BGs are from Hazeledpoppy's FR blog.
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