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Juri01 » Lair » Soren
Level 10
Bogsneak Female
Jun 08, 2017 (2 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMoon Metallic
SecondaryOrca Alloy
TertiarySmoke Scales
Eye TypeLight Rare
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• S O R E N •

  • Hatchday: Jun 08, 2017
  • Original clan: Light
  • Parents clans: Father - arcane Spiral // Mother - light Bogsneak
  • Came to clan: was adopted on Jun 17, 2017 (Penthief)


-working on it at the moment-
Despite her rather metalic-cold looks, Soren is a very friendly dragon that can get along with just about everyone she meets. A very hardworking dragon that takes great pride in its abilities as potion brewer.

It takes a lot to make her loose composure. Usually, Soren just gets defensive and elusive to calm the situation.

But there is also another side to the potion brewer: Whenever she gathers with fellow dragons she gets quite teasing, creating problems she has no idea how to deal with after.



~ Delicate experiments ~
Soren lugged a cast iron cauldron across the grassy plateau towards her riverside workplace, a pungent smell of dirt and river water filling the air as she came closer. Great grooves scarred the earth where the Bogsneak always dragged her pot along, a sore sight compared to the soft grass and daisies that tufted the lair's domain. Whenever it rained these grooves would fill up with water, creating little streams that trickled slowly down towards the dragon-made marsh. It was a lot colder down there compared to the main plaza of the clan. Unfortunately, this meant that Soren was typically alone whenever she had to work, as not a lot of other dragons enjoyed the wet environment as much as she did.

The reed platform was finally in sight and the ground was suddenly a lot less solid. Grinding her scaly hind legs into the mud to root herself in place, the sparkling salamander hauled up the empty cauldron with a grunt. The mulberry rubber gloves she had on protected her hands from getting rashes from the multiple mysterious multi-coloured stains that blotted the cauldron, a result of Soren's experiments that went awry. Three glass baubles that contained an odd purple liquid clinked against each other as she stepped onto the reed floor. Cool mud dripped off of her metallic tail.

Pulling down her white goggles, Soren waddled over to the bulky wooden chest that was hidden underneath the platform, literally. With a flick of a hatch and a bit of fumbling around with the contents of the chest, Soren returned back to the yawning cauldron with an armful of bits and bobs, as well as a bucket of pure lake water from the lair's waterhole carried by her tail. She didn't enjoy making more than one trip to the chest. There were berries, vials of whiskers, bottles of fluids, and herbs in her arms. The Bogsneak's wings flashed purple against the morning sun.

Setting each individual item beside her in a crude crate, Soren gave herself the bucket of water and carefully poured it all into the cauldron, not spilling a single drop. Since her time at the clan she had vastly improved her alchemy skills and was the go-to dragon for brewing up a concoction for your needs. She was always happy to complete assignments given to her by customers, but she also enjoyed throwing a bunch of items together in hopes that they would combine to make something useful.

The cauldron began to heat up magically. Soon enough the water was bubbling, spits of scalding hot liquid harmlessly landing on Soren's leather neck. As the water had been warming up, the alchemist had been crushing all of the berries and most of the herbs together with a pestle and mortar., creating a gooey substance that was the colour of red clay. She poured it in, the mushed berries glopping into the pot. Without even a second thought Soren plunged her hand in, mixing it all in while her glove protected her hand from being cooked.

A pleasant smell wafted up. After a while Soren randomly threw in the herbs, sprinkling the top like a soup. Then the weird things came in. Popping off the cork plugged in the vial with her thumb, the Bogsneak tore up the wisps of hair and tossed them in. She then did the same with the green whiskers and the black tufts of fur, all materials that the hunters deemed useless to them. Once again, Soren stirred up the cauldron with great effort. The muscles in her arm began to ache, but she tried to not let it slow her down.

The smell of burnt hair wafted into her nose. Soren's face scrunched up - never a good sign. Hoping that one of the two liquids she brought would help, she unscrewed the lid off of a cylindrical bottle that had a buttercup yellow sludge inside. The lid clattered to the floor as Soren measured out a certain amount in a glass cup. She poured it in.

Before the cup even finished pouring the bubbling brew began to cough and splutter. A stench of rotten oranges filled the air and foam began to form at the edges. Soren gagged at the stench, her head turning away as she took in a deep breath of somewhat clean air. Something had gone wrong.

There are a few safety rules to alchemy, and one of them was to never open your mouth while at the cauldron. Soren had forgotten this and paid her price. A gargantuan bubble formed in the very middle of the disgusting potion and it simply grew. However, all bubbles are meant to pop at some point. It reached the brim of the cauldron as Soren was trying to breathe something other than rotten fruit, and then burst. The unfortunate Bogsneak became drenched from head to tail in sticky goop.

"Oh wind crickets!" Soren clamped her mouth shut and her eyes widened behind the purple lens goggles. The potion had trickled into her mouth. Shucking off her rubber gloves, Soren clawed at her tongue as she tried to get rid of the horrible, horrible taste clogging her mouth and nose. She hiccuped, but instead of a normal sound a chirrup tweeted out of her mouth.

The poor Bogsneak then began wandering away from her ruined marsh, a trail of murky brown ooze following the chirping dragon.
Delicate experiments - Written by the amazing PuffyRuffy


Art by lostArtorias

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Code original by Chronicle (46437), edited by me.

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