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Biuret » Lair » Freyja
Level 1
Coatl Female
Jun 29, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimarySapphire Petals
SecondaryWisteria Butterfly
TertiaryWhite Opal
Eye TypeEarth Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
tumblr_o336txXAwX1ugf70go2_100.gif 34086141.png
[ fray-a ]
"Earth and stone to flesh and bone!"
The College of the Arcane is made of mages wielding every kind of magic as well as those pursuing any of the other schools of magic. It's a good place for aspiring, wide-eyed mages as well as the wizened wizards who have seen almost all, with the mages here attempting to further their knowledge on the still relatively mysterious magic that Sorneith's creatures carry in their blood.


A sapphire Coatl is drawing shapes on the ground. Dust traps itself on the Coatl's feathers, though not so much as to obscure the butterfly patterns on her wisteria-coloured wings and the bright patches of glimmering white opal feathers on her body. The Coatl sits up proudly as the image she drew on the ground lights up orange, and a slight tremor gives way to a stone frog that immediately leaps up and hops away.


Freya is integral -- to COVEN'S security, to magical studies in Earth magic's properties, and to food consumption. The mage has good control over the earth, being able to pull out stone and shape it into whatever's physically possible. However, she's more well-known for being able to craft animals. Freya carves them with her magic, before bringing them to temporary life or controlling them herself. These animals are often sent out to be used for various purposes, the most common ones being to accompany the Outrunners, to act as guards that patrol the area or used for menial tasks before they crumble back to what they once were. Although the use of this kind of magic has drained less of her energy over time, overworking her would lead to very unfortunate outcomes. Not always death, but definitely maybe death.

Although the Coatl can barely run up the stairs without almost collapsing halfway, she does have enough social energy to be a social butterfly. The dragon simply radiates friendliness, always the one to offer tours to or train interns. She doesn't tend to seek out these interactions on her own, however, being an ambivert and too anxious to seek out interactions on her own. She's often found pouring over scrolls or pouring herself a cup of hot chocolate. Freya also has a tendency to snack, and has a large appetite that can only be satisfied by sugary foods.

The Coatl also writes. She tries to keep her writing private, and panics whenever someone even leans over to see. Some artists just want to keep work to themselves. Privacy is to be respected.

("Fanfiction," Amadea wildly waves her claws around, "I took a peek at what she wrote once! I'm so glad she also thinks Hera and Circe are useless lesbians.")

acorn_30a.png When she was young, her elder brothers tried to convince her that her opal markings were proof that she was going to die soon, because sickly coatls lose the color in their plumage. It took a long time for her to forgive them.

She has a collection of features which, together, should be quite striking. Instead, their sum is plainness. She has long settled for not being as strikingly beautiful as her mother or as charming as her older brothers. Instead, she has learned to draw strength from something other than her appearance, and she has become quite the well-studied earth mage.

While magic itself came rather naturally to her, eventually she learned that she needed to study to master what was a natural inclination. Given enough stone, she can pull it into a wall or a small house, carve tunnels or create rudimentary objects for daily use. And now and again, with quite a lot of rest and concentration, she can create little beasts that seem to scamper around on their own (though she is in fact in full control of them) for the delight of hatchlings and other clanmates alike.

She seeks a peace and happiness that she knew as a hatchling, though as she grew she became disenchanted by Oakrest. She hopes that her next clan is truly as peaceful as it seems to the children.

Freya wanted greener pastures. Literally and figuratively. Oakrest was a good clan, but she wanted something new. She already made a name for herself in Dragonhome, but Freya couldn’t help but dream that she was meant for something grander.

The exit came in the form of a letter, slightly crumpled, sealed with a crow wax seal and an invitation written with shimmering silver ink.

Four Winds Academy.

She packed her bags and bid her family goodbye as she started her journey to the Windswept Plateau.

Two wolves made entirely out of stone snarled, leaping up with jaws wide. However, the wind around them grew stronger, and their snarls died to a whimper as the force tore them apart into dust and stone and swept them away.


The sapphire Coatl howled as she pulled a large patch of earth from the ground and hurled it at the group of harpies. They squawked angrily as they flapped their wings aggressively, dodging the rock as it flew past them. One of them screeched as she dove down towards Freya, talons reaching to claw at her face. Freya deftly moved to the side, causing the harpy to crash into the ground with great force.

It was one against four. She was the one. She was in their territory and more would notice soon. Things were not looking good.

Freya ran.

She could hear the beat of feathery wings as she herself glided towards a nearby raised platform. Her claws trembled as she raised one and dug a rune into the wall. The ground shook as the wall caved in to form a tunnel. Freya ducked into it and willed for the rocks near the entrance to block it. As the adrenaline drained away and was slowly replaced by weariness, the Coatl’s eyes grew wide. Creeping up to the caved in entrance, the harpies’ angry screeches were muffled by her own panic and the cave-in. She felt the stone frantically. No go.

Then the noises died down, and Freya was accompanied by deafening silence.

“I just signed my death warrant,” she sighed. With the amount of magic she used, she couldn’t regain enough energy to break herself out in time. Shutting her eyes, she set down her satchels, digging through for parchment, a pen and an inkwell.

A harpy outside let out a loud warning screech.

She set down the inkwell, uncapped it and rolled out the parchment. Dipping her quill into the ink, she began to write slowly.

“To: Oakrest, Dragonhome”

There was a loud battle screech, muffled but still loud, but it was abruptly cut off.

“Dear Papa and Mama,”

The sound of harpies, but now more panicked.

“I don’t know if this letter will reach you.”

The noises outside came from battle. The battle-hardened mage knew that.

“But I won’t see you again—“

The cave began to rumble, and the rocks at the entrance fell apart to expose a large opening.

Freya clumsily gathered her satchels, slinging it over her shoulder before she stumbled towards the opening.

“Reinhardt, I told you to wait and let me use my arrows!” A brown and azure female Skydancer straightened herself, attempting to appear intimidating to a maize-scaled Guardian. Although the female was still shorter, the male still shrunk back in slight fear before straightening himself again. “It was necessary!”

“It was, but the entire thing could’ve caved in and she could’ve died!”

An angelic-looking Coatl, likely only slightly older than Freya, turned towards her and waved meekly as the two continued to argue. The brown one turned around to look at the other Coatl, and her anger seemed to dissipate as she looked at Freya, then back to the Guardian. There was silence for a moment as the argument died abruptly, and the female Skydancer cleared her throat as she sized Freya up. Freya leaned back in fear as the azure-winged Skydancer leaned in and squinted her fiery orange eyes.

“Sapphire, petal scales. Wisteria, butterfly-patterned wings. Patches of white feathers that are also shiny. Freya Stoneshaper, by any chance?” The female Skydancer asked cooly, and Freya only nodded, intimidated by the Skydancer.

“This is convenient,” the angelic Coatl piped up in a quiet, soft voice. “I’m Mercy. That’s Ana,” she pointed towards the female Skydancer, now radiating warmth. A quick change in mannerism. “That’s Reinhardt,” the Guardian nodded in agreement, giving an awkward yet stunning smile as he lifted a balled up fist to put against his chest. “Dauntless was getting concerned that you were lost, so she sent us to look for you!”

“Care for an escort?” Ana asked in a low voice, turning around and spreading her wings. “That wasn’t a question. She wants you back in one piece.” The three turned around and set off on a synchronised running start and lifted off. Freya scrambled after them, out of breath, and flew after them.


loyalty6.pngnGUSTAV - CUTE CAT
Shortly after she was recruited, Freya experimented to see whether if she could give life to stone for temporary amounts of time instead of having to control them herself. It was successful, but something went wrong with her test structure... or cat. Gustav, somehow, didn't automatically shut down after some time. Now Freya has a cat that likes to sit on her papers and steal her food and hiss at her for no reason.

He's a good cat, though.



loyalty6.pngnDAWN & PERIWINKLE - PARENTS (X)
A scout and a singer respectively, Freya was worried that she'd never live up to the brilliant dragons that were her parents in her youth. However, the two were supportive of Freya's talent when it showed and were even more supportive when she decided to leave Oakrest.

Once she arrived in the Shifting Expanse, however, she quickly learned that her parents had fallen to a plague that had swept her home clan. And one of her greatest regrets is perhaps, not leaving time aside to write to her parents.


loyalty6.pngnASTRUS - BROTHER
A name she heard regularly in her youth from her parents. Astrus left before she even hatched, and she's never seen or heard from him. Morgan, however, recalls of one Coatl that arrived in Prufrock, the spirit's own birth clan, named Astrus. Unfortunately, Morgan doesn't know him all that well either.

loyalty6.pngnLIONEL - BROTHER
Freya was never amused by her brothers' antics. She was more soft-spoken as a hatchling and the two brought a joke too far. She forgave them after a long time, then quickly internally gained a no-tolerance policy. She did like Lionel's charming warmth, though she parted ways with them first, and she hasn't heard from them since.


loyalty6.pngnOSCAR - BROTHER
Freya was never amused by her brothers' antics. She was more soft-spoken as a hatchling and the two brought a joke too far. She forgave them after a long time, then quickly internally gained a no-tolerance policy. She always liked his writings, great for a hatchling at that time, though she hasn't had a chance to read anything from him since she left.
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