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TheTigersDen » Den » Viper
Level 20
Coatl Male
Sep 05, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCharcoal Skink
SecondaryRoyal Butterfly
TertiaryShadow Underbelly
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
This is me
Viper is the second in his clutch but we refused to be second best. He dedicated most of his free time to refining his fighting skills, in hopes of one day proving to his family that he was worthy of the title Night Warrior. He does't remember his mother Midnight, she had gone to serve the Stormcatcher soon after his hatching. His father now left with three hatchlings to take care of and train to be Night Warriors sought help from allied clans that had previously taken in Night Warriors in training.
Possessions/ Hoards

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Generation 6

See you later Son!
..gee thanks dad
Soon a dark colored Nocturne arrived on the mesa in the early morning, she wore nothing but a hood that shielded her eyes form the rising sun. She first went to speak to the clan leader, then was quickly directed to Caspian. Silent chatter started around the clan, Viper could only catch bits and pieces from each passing conversation. By what he gathered this was a honored Night Warrior like his father, and she was here to take one of them away to train. "How is a small dragon like that going to train one of us to be a Night Warrior?

What can she even do?" He had thought to himself grumpily.

Viper didn't understand why they even had to be sent away to train, why couldn't their father, a honored Night Warrior himself train them? He narrowed his eyes as the Nocturne and his father spoke quietly. After a few minutes that felt like eternity, the pair turned and approached the three hatchlings. Once they stood in front of him his frustration grow, the nocturne was half the size of his father, not much bigger then Viper himself.

"What can such a small dragon do against dragons twice her size, she can't teach me how to fight!" He thought angry.

"This is Midnight, she's here to take one of you back to her clan to train to be an honorable Warrior." Caspian introduced the newcomer.

Midnight didn't speak just bowed her head in greeting. Viper suppressed a hiss, which he often does when he becomes angry or annoyed.

"How ironic, the same name as my mother that left us" He thought bitterly.

He liked this new dragon less and less. Midnight didn't speak just looked at each hatchling in turn. She spent the least amount of time on his sister, which wasn't surprising. No one would say it out loud but they all knew. Caothwyn would never become a Night Warrior, she had been born with colors to bright to let her disappear into the darkness of the night like her brothers. It seemed more like a courtesy to her that she even wasted time looking at her as a potential candidate. After Midnight had finished looking at each of them she came back and stood in front of Viper.

"I would like you to come with me and train to be a warrior" She had said smoothly.

Viper just stared up at the dragon, his claws digging into the dirt. His emotions were torn, he should be thrilled! He's going to be the first one to start his training, but why did it have to be with a dragon from another clan, and worse yet a dragon with the same name as his mother that left him? As he stood their wrangling with his emotions Caspian sent this brother and sister away.

"Congratulations Viper, I hope you become a great warrior one day." He said. Short and simple that was typical of his father.

"I will" Viper said choosing few words like his father.

"Let's start going then" Midnight said, she obviously didn't want to waste time.

As they started to make their way out of camp Viper looked around his birth clan one last time. Every time he sow a dragon though they would quickly duck their heads and give their full concentration to what ever task they were doing.

"Why are so many dragons just standing around?" He thought. Their were more dragons in the camp then on a typical busy day, "Had they all stuck around to see who was going to be chosen to leave?" He thought ruffing up the feathers around his head. "Well then watch me go" He thought puffing out his chest.

They made their way to the end of the mesa, once there they took off into the sky northward.

"My clan is in Nature territory is we will be flying though Light territory to get there" Midnight had called back her hood flapping in the wind as they flew.
Trees, trees, oh look at that more trees
Vipers wings strained as he pushed throw the undergrowth. To say he was louder then a howler monkey would have been no understatement. He longed for the open sky he was used to, where he could stretch out his wings and have no worries of endless branches getting in his way. *Smack* Viper faltered in the air trying desperately to regain his balance. His wing had smacked into another branch as he swerved to avoid the first one. With a loud clutter he barley managed to land upright, his claws sunk into the dark brown mud.

“Dumb jungle, dumb new clan, dumb dragon” He said watching Midnight easily dart through the branches.

They were the same size and yet she seemed to fly comfortably in the narrow spaces between trees.

“Why are we flying though jungle? We can just fly over it!” He wined loudly. He was sick of it the damp air, the wet leaves sticking to his sides and wings.

Midnight came to a stop sitting on a tree branch just ahead of him. “Because we would be to exposed. No way to see any coming threats, but they could watch us.” She replied looking straight into his eyes.

Viper suppressed a hiss he hated how she seemed to look at him with expectations, they barely know each other but yet she looks at him like he should have already known that.

“Great I haven’t even made it to the clan and I’m already failing” The thought made him clench his snout shut, he was not going to wine like a new born hatchling.

Rising he stomped though the undergrowth, “If I can’t fly then I’ll just walk” He grumbled walking under and past the tree Midnight was resting on. He toked in wings to prevent them from getting caught on yet another branch or on the long green vines hanging from the trees. Now that he was on the ground he could pay more attention to jungle around him. It wasn’t just green leaves and dark brown mud. Flowers of all colors and shades dotted the jungle here and there. Like little hidden gems, a bright red flower with a single flower stood alone to his right, then a blue cluster of flowers along the tree branch of tree to his left. The messa he grow up on was so simple, you could see everything it had to offer in a single glace, but the jungle is proving to have many hidden treasures. Then the noise, so many different animals calls, all of which was foreign to him. Loud heavy calls rang though the jungle, almost masking the lighter chirps of bird songs. Croaks of frogs and little rustling of leaves that must have been little rodents foraging in the brush. As he was gettig lost in thought Midnights gaze burned into his scales.

I wouldn’t recommend walking” Her cool but low voice rang out behind him, snapping Viper back into reality.

“Well I can’t fly” Viper called back waving a hand to indicate all plant growth around him.

Very well” midnight said taking off again, she didn’t join him on the ground instead she jumped from branch to branch waiting patiently for Viper to catch up.

Viper couldn’t help but notice that the noc never relaxed, she was always on alert her body tense as if she was expecting an enemy to jump out of the undergrowth. Viper was to busy worrying about his own problems to wonder what had her so on edge. He was still a hatchling, he didn’t stand very tall yet, so the mud stuck on him slowing him down, his tail was dragged behind him weighted down from the mud that coated it. He was so focused on looking at his talons trying to find the best place to walk he didn’t notice Midnight flatten herself on a branch , or the rustling in the leaves.


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