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GreatLordHades: Dragon Lair » Karona
Level 12
Guardian Female
Sep 24, 2017 (10 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryGarnet Basic
SecondaryFlint Basic
TertiaryGoldenrod Basic
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins
I tried to help you! You chose to refuse! If you want it that way, I'm gonna operate,
forever and a day, YOU NEVER HAD A SAY!


tumblr_nti067xMTN1repldoo8_400.png Personality:
Karona tends to have a personality her clanmates describe as "savage." She would kill whatever refuses her help, be it fighting or healing, and she sleeps on a pile of dragon bones every night. Her routine consists of hunting, scavenging, raiding another nearby clan, and returning for food.

Her corrupted arm is strong enough to crack bones and steel with a single strike, and her wings can carry boulders. She's also skilled in the healing arts, but rarely uses them.
She enjoys war, and will do anything in her power to start one. Spilled blood is one of her favorite sights.
Karona tends to dislike anything associated with the Light, Nature and Ice flights. Peace is most definitely not her strong suit.
Karona was abandoned by her mother, who had thrown her egg out when an ancient prophecy told of one of the mother's children bringing upon the Shade. All of the eggs of the nest were thrown out, save for one, which was kept just in case. Most of the eggs thrown out were either rotten or shattered by the time Karona was born. Born on the start of the Starfall Celebration, Karona became corrupted after Horginos ordered for a Plague Spirit to be given to her as a gift. The spirit corrupted Karona's mind, which resulted in her being blinded by utter hatred. She was given an Arcane Spirit by Ze a to purify the corruption, but little has happened. Her friend, Kia, tries to use her Lightning Spirit to keep the corruption at bay, while Karona's mate, Night, wants to "bring out the monster within Karona." Her foster mother and her mentor, Blood, intends to keep Karona safe from whatever harm she may bring to herself.
"GreatLordHades" wrote on "2018-03-25:
And Karona is based off of my other OC/Persona, Zena. Pretty ironic, considering in my story, Karona is actually a representation of Zena's and the world's hatred, but the dragon Karona was still based off of Zena, nonetheless. Zena does have some royal blood, but said royal blood is hated by just about everyone because the people who held her name did some bad things in the past, and the society in my story just hates everything with that specific blood? And her parents, like Karona's, just straight up abandoned her (i say abandoned but Zena was just sold off as some rich carnival owner's wife so that she didn't hold the incarni name) so that they wouldn't have to deal with a prophecy. Personality wise, Karona and Zena are both ambitious and usually pretty... Animalistic due to oppression they ended up facing (and had to bottle up so they didn't get kicked out of their homes(Zena was just put in some freak house and laughed at by a. her very abusive husband and b. her crowd. and when I say freak house. i mean cage. she was basically some poorly made kid's art project that was put in a museum full of artistic masterpieces, just so that others can compare it to the art next to it, and laugh at it, insult it, etc. because, lets be real here, there was some pretty impressive stuff in the tent she was usually in. and, let me remind you, she was this jerks wife. and said jerk used her to resurrect karona... yeah) They both have severe trust issues because, again, oppression, and it took Kia and Kiara months to warm up to them because they can't trust anyone to like them. Except the only difference here is that Zena, after becoming Kiara's friend (and later girlfriend), she develops dependent personality disorder and constantly fears that at one point she won't be good enough for Kiara. And this stays with her after Kiara is disowned mainly because of Zena's fear that Kiara would blame her for it. Meanwhile, Karona and Kia's relationship is like Kennith and Stephanie's relationship, except they don't separate due to an argument. They're good friends. Also Karona and Zena both share the song "Animalistic" by Creep-P as one of their theme songs.


Relations with clan members
21048174p.png Healer
20823682p.png Leader
22746148p.png Mentor/Foster Mother
34097280p.png Best Friend
21112188p.png Hunting Partner
36056903p.png Nemesis
29470963p.png Mate


Art space
btkjO92.png 1802dormshadow2.png mCw6Yfv.gif

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