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Zuron: Dragon Lair » Mirai
Level 1
Mirror Female
Sep 27, 2017 (1 month)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMantis Basic
SecondaryNightshade Basic
TertiaryGloom Basic
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Theme: Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
Momma Theme: Don't You Worry Child - SHM/John Martin

Equivalent Human Age: 12 years of age.

Special Ability: Parseltongue - Exotic, Serthis knowledge of medicine/poison. Dexterity and intelligence increased slightly.

Mirai was just a wee egg when she was lost. Alone and forgotten in the forests of the Starfall isle she floated until a young Serthis woman came along and found the hovering egg. Unlike most Serthis, she hated conflict and only wanted to help others. She had fled her culling as a traitor. She was as much an enemy to the Serthis as any dragon or Centaur. The Serthis took this egg as her own, knowing that it would perish otherwise. She cared for it as best she could, not knowing what a dragon egg requires. That is how Mirai came to be. A lonely, forsaken Serthis with a dream of peace, saving a hatchling from certain death.

Mirai is caring and excitable. Raised by a Serthis with no children of her own or any experience with children, being a Serthis. Mirai's life ended up very different. Mirai and her Momma lived away from both dragons and Serthis, as Momma knew that both might kill her or her child. When Mirai was several years old, she fell ill. No potion nor medicine could aid Mirai. Momma could not lose the only being that she had ever loved or had ever been loved by, though. She took the tremendous risk of bringing Mirai with her to the nearest clan, the Quarry. If it had not been for Bones and those who would defend him from protesters, neither of them would have made it to help in time. Now, Mirai and Momma live in the Quarry's shadow for Mirai's continued treatment and for protection. Sometimes Momma smiles too.


  • Adopted daughter of defected Serthis mother
  • Has knowledge of medicine and poison making known to Serthis
  • Quite the friendly type.
  • Brought up by timid Serthis
  • Found by 'Momma' as an unhatched egg in the wilds while scavenging
  • Basically still a child
  • Momma brought Miara to Quarry when she became deathly sick
  • Knows almost only Serthis, Momma knows fragmented Common and Serthis
  • Likes snakes in general
  • Careful of strangers, but not aggressively so
  • Knows how to survive wilds
  • Was almost turned away because of Momma
    -Bones interjected and brought her into the Quarry, Momma included
    -Almost caused a riot - Some dragons wanted to turn her away, others wanted to defend and save


Backstory Link Here. - Nothing here, yet!

  • Serthis knowledge
  • Wilds knowledge
  • Medicinal and poison knowledge
  • Knows Serthis language
  • Mother's love
  • Mirror physiology

  • Political schism over presence
  • Only knows Serthis
  • Is not really too 'civilized.'
  • Little combat experience
  • No magic experience
  • Still weak from sickness


Headcanons by Snoringhyena:

  • Mirai does wish that sometimes she could work up the courage to go talk/play with the other dragons of her newfound clan.
  • She truly does want to learn the language that her new clan mates speak it just hard for her learn it.
  • She hates the looks that some dragons give her when they see Momma and her walking by. She doesn't need their pity.
  • She does have a tendency to overwork herself but it's generally done by mistake like if she gets excited while she is playing or she gets lost in a book or a thought that she forgets to eat, sleep, or rest.
  • Wishes that she could have been born a "real" Serthis, that way her Momma would not have to deal with all of the things that living in this clan brings.
  • She does visit Bones every now and again even if it's just to give him a quick hello and then run off.
Poems by Septarianflare

A lonesome egg of one kind,
Raised by an enemy of her own.
Two unlikely creatures together,
Fates intertwined.

Unlikely allies they were,
Becoming one of the same scales.
But as unlikely as it seemed,
A truly wonderful tale.

Two creatures of different species,
Becoming inseparable in time.
Due to maternal instincts alone,
Allied without a treaty.


Mirai, the lonesome child.
An egg unwanted,
Abandoned in the wild.

Momma, an aspiring mother.
A creature of unbridled kindness,
Yet left with no other.

Together they live, although the creatures differ,
Their goal to survive is greater than any other.
Through maternal instincts and relations they pride,
For together they have surpassed odds and through life they do glide.

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