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squidragon: Dragon Lair » Mittens
Level 1
Snapper Female
Oct 09, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryIce Iridescent
SecondaryIce Shimmer
TertiaryShale Glimmer
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
CLAN PET wrote:
Fire cat sets everything on fire


This is the Out-of-Flight Viewsheet! See the In-Flight Thread here~

Note: This is an ice flight program, so there is currently no way for out-of-flight participants to get pings & reminders as it all happens in the ice forums. Fortunately, dates of opening are announced months in advance if you'd like to leave yourself a reminder. There are too many of you for me to PM individually at this time.

Out of flight participation is still great and encouraged, but will be kept under-the-table through this bio for the time being.
CvIqZtC.gif nU8mbOa.gif

The Blanket Fort of Ends
Pixel Cats for Dom
Hidden deep within the Icewarden’s cold and foreboding Fortress of Ends is another fort… a smaller, softer, cozier fort, filled with pillows and toy mice and cardboard boxes. This fort, known as the Blanket Fort of Ends, is home to a colony of cats who spend their days helping the Icewarden with little jobs like carrying messages, patrolling the grounds, and even balancing finances.

For one week each month, this colony of cats allows anyone who wishes to drop by and play! Maybe you’ll even take one home~

The blanket fort is currently CLOSED and will next be open from October 28 - 3.


nrMWk6M.gif About

The Blanket Fort of Ends is an RNG-based series of pixel collectibles. Individuals can purchase up to four pixel cats per day during an opening, and those who buy all 4 allotted cats in one day will take home one bonus not-cat pixel friend. The specific cat and pose you receive are random and vary in rarity. Some are incredibly rare, some are incredibly common, and sometimes you might get duplicates, but that’s all part of the challenge! New cats, poses, or special items will be released over time, so you can expect at least one new thing in each opening.

All proceeds from the Blanket Fort of Ends will go directly to Snowbank to help fund Ice Dom and other flight programs!

For each pixel cat you purchase during the week, you will gain 1 ticket into a raffle for a custom pixel friend in the same size and style of the cats.


nrMWk6M.gif Upcoming Openings
  • October 28th - 3rd: Spooky Scary
  • Special Event! November 4th - 10th: Paid Custom Pixel Fundraiser
  • November 25th - 1st: Fortunes & Fates
  • December 16th - 22nd: Merry Icemas Opening!

nrMWk6M.gif September News
Oh.. oh dear... it seems there is TURMOIL in the Blanket Fort! The pixel cats cannot agree on which is best: Treats, Boxes, or Feathers. After hours of debate, the cats have all divided into three factions based on which they think is best.

Help them decide by casting your vote. The cats that prefer the bribe type that has been purchased the most by the end of the week will be rewarded with a special Halloween Party at the end of October. Want your favorite cat to get a unique Halloween-exclusive costume pixel in the October opening? Don't forget to buy that bribe!

If the Treat Faction wins, we'll get special costumes for Cantaloupe, Sundae, Sushi, Chamomile, Patches, Teacup, and Fluffy.

If the Feather Faction wins, we'll get special costumes for Pancake, Kiki, Comet, Spaghetti, Halberd, Sage, and Tulip.

If the Box Faction wins, we'll get special costumes for Mia, Hopscotch, Smudge, Toby, Snowglobe, Bubbles, and Ember.

Who do you want to win?!

The votes so far can be seen on the spreadsheet. To make things more interesting, bribe strength has been TRIPLED for this week only! Missing something specific? Dying to get that last squid or gecko? Now's your chance to take advantage of your greatly increased chances.

Feel free to suggest what costumes you think each cat should wear in the thread! Also note that these new longer signatures are now available for use. :)


nrMWk6M.gif Terms of Use
  • Please do not take or use any pixel art that you did not pay for and receive through PMs.
  • Please do not resell or “trade” your cats.
  • You may display any pixel cats you own anywhere on FR: your profile, dragon bios, your sig, etc. Please do not post them to other sites.
  • Do not recolor or edit your cats in any way.

A log of all cats you have received can be found on the supplementary Collector's Sheet. Make a copy and enter your ID to view all of your purchased cats. A new copy will need to be made between every opening.


nrMWk6M.gif How to Order

Please send the following order form with payment upfront to one of the following individuals by PM with the subject line “Blanket Fort Order”:

Note: If possible, please check the spreadsheet for availability before sending
This way, if something comes up- you can get your cats as soon as possible! :3

squidragon | remuslupn | Skyeline | Celes | Tserin

jbapple | cybo | LynterriaHatake | SystemError | Whistlewindwolf | Thoracosaurus

You can check on your order, view your purchase history, or see if anyone’s actively online on our spreadsheet.


nrMWk6M.gif Ordering Notes
  • Pixels cost 5kt each.
  • Limit to 4 purchased pixels per user per day. Those who purchase the maximum 4 in one day will receive a special bonus not-cat pixel.
  • Because of how the spreadsheet works, please do not make more than one order per day. If you would like multiple pixels, they should all be requested in the same message.
  • For each purchased pixel, you will get one ticket into the raffle for a custom pixel friend.
[b]Blanket Fort Order[/b] Your Username: Your FR ID: Number Desired (1-4): Bribe Type (Optional):


nrMWk6M.gif Additional Features


Adding +2kt to your order (per order not per cat), allows you to choose from one of three bribes. These bribes increase the chances of getting certain subsets of cats.

qNOVl2H.gif Cat Treat: A tasty irresistible snack.

Favored by: Cantaloupe, Sundae, Sushi, Chamomile, Patches, Teacup, and Fluffy.
Also by Rats, Squids, and Geckos.

qNOVl2H.gif Feather Toy: This big, alluring feather appeals to a cat's hunting instincts.

Favored by: Pancake, Kiki, Comet, Spaghetti, Halberd, Sage, and Tulip.
Also by Birds, Snakes, and Owls.

qNOVl2H.gif Cardboard Box: Great for exploring, great for sleeping hidden away, this box appeals to the curious and to the shy.

Favored by: Mia, Hopscotch, Smudge, Toby, Snowglobe, Bubbles, and Ember.
Also by Foxes, Rabbits, and Rays.

*Note: Frosting, Scar, and Stella cannot be bribed. In fact, the chances of getting these cats are slightly less with all purchased bribes.


In much the same way that those who purchase all 4 cats receive a bonus pet, those who purchase all 4 cats have a 10% chance of receiving a 5th cat in addition to the bonus pet. This 5th cat comes with special Ambush flavortext!

*Note: Ambush cat chances are not influenced by bribery.


nrMWk6M.gif The Poses

Each cat comes in the five following poses, in order of increasing rarity:


nrMWk6M.gif The Cats
aeT8NqI.gif Pancake - Watch Cat - Brown Tabby - 8% Chance
Pancake is notorious throughout the Fortress of Ends for being a bit of a menace. Although, as one of the fort’s local watch cats, he’s quick to notice if anything is wrong, he also tends to get himself into a lot of trouble when he gets bored. Stolen items, scratched up furniture, broken glass vases - you name it, he’s done it. The only way to keep this one out of trouble is to make sure he’s kept busy.
TWdaRt3.gif Cantaloupe - Watch Cat - Orange Tabby - 8% Chance
Cantaloupe has a lot to say! If she sees something unusual or suspicious, she screams. If she notices someone doing something they don’t normally do, she screams. Sometimes she stares at the wall and yells because that’s just her personality. aaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Fortunately, as a watch cat, this is her job, so it’s okay.
bwQWVA0.gif Mia - Hunter - Grey Tabby - 8% Chance
Mia the Hunter keeps the storage rooms clear of all pests and vermin. Every day is an adventure for her - with new boxes to climb, items to smell, and places to explore. Perceptive dragons might notice her leaping across the highest shelves in the store room and squeezing into the tiniest little spots. Good thing Mia is a brave and curious cat, because all sorts of things seem to manage to sneak in with the gatherers’ daily finds.
xAVzxJT.gif Sundae - Hunter - Brown and White Tabby - 7% Chance
Dragons who find themselves in the kitchens are sure to meet Sundae. He’s a hunter that keeps the pantry clean and pest-free, but he also loves to eat. Whenever the chefs start to cook, he rolls over on his back... and they just can’t resist giving him a little treat. But be careful, leave something unattended and you might just come back to find that it’s disappeared.
GktneFj.gif Kiki - Hunter - Orange and White Tabby - 7% Chance
Kiki may be one of the best hunters in the bunch, but that’s only because she gets lots of practice. She just LOVES to bite things. Go over to give her a pat? She loves it, but also she’s going to bite you because that’s the only way she knows how to show her love. Her free time is spent pouncing on and wrestling with the other cats. Someone has to keep them on their toes!
IteuTHV.gif Hopscotch - Watch Cat - Grey and White Tabby - 7% Chance
Hopscotch is extra curious, spending most of her time going out to explore the fortress grounds. She just loves the courtyards - climbing trees, jumping on dragons’ tails, chasing the guards around in circles until they pet her - all in a day’s work for an important watch cat like her!
J5FkGFv.gif Comet - Messenger - Solid Black - 6% Chance
Comet is the fastest cat in all of Ice Flight. If there are shortcuts, she knows how to use them, and she never seems to tire out from running at top speed. For this reason, she’s been designated as a messenger. Dragons hand her notes, tell her where to take them, and off she goes!
ZTaljjQ.gif Sushi - Librarian’s Assistant - Grey - 6% Chance
Sushi is a wise and friendly cat. He works in the fortress’s library, helping to sort and organize books. He loves attention from all the library guests, curling up next to them in their fancy armchairs and gently pointing out extra important information as they read. Little do they know, he spent his youth out in the harsh and unforgiving streets - and he has many battle scars and stories to talk about from those days!
eDMkCSj.gif Smudge - Alchemist’s Assistant - Black Tuxedo - 5% Chance
Smudge is the alchemist’s assistant and always seems just a bit lost. He tries his best, but sometimes his urge to knock all the ingredients off the shelves into the pot gets the best of him. It’s okay though, because the alchemist loves him anyway.
Gg69tqZ.gif Chamomile - Healer’s Assistant - Grey Tuxedo - 5% Chance
Chamomile is sweet, quiet, and observant. He helps the healer out by keeping the patients company and fetching medicines and other tools. He’s a gentle cat and is especially fond of hatchlings, bringing them flowers, feathers, and other little things he’s picked up outside.
kD8Pwdj.gif Toby - Event Coordinator’s Assistant - Pointed - 4% Chance
Many dragons in the Fortress of Ends suspect that Toby may actually be a liquid. He’s always lying down, hanging over the ends of chairs and tables in the great hall, curling up for naps in the fluff of the nearest tundras, and rolling about on the floor. His formal job is to help the event coordinator set up for dinners, meetings, and other activities - but he’s far more likely to fall asleep clinging to the nearest guest...
lUnSa5z.gif Spaghetti - Engineer’s Assistant - Calico - 4% Chance
Spaghetti is an intelligent cat who dabbles in architecture and engineering. She just loves to do math, poring over blueprints and charts and calculations. While other cats are out chasing butterflies, she’s sitting on the shoulder of the clan’s engineer, double checking their work. Spaghetti designed and built the Blanket Fort of Ends herself, and one might call it a Great Wonder of Catkind. It even comes with traps… Be careful...
X0HNH18.gif Snowglobe - Mage’s Assistant - Solid White - 4% Chance
Snowglobe is deaf, but certainly always in tune with his surroundings. He and the mages communicate to each other with writing or sign-language, and Snowglobe even knows a few spells and charms himself! Despite this, he’s quite shy and cautious, becoming nervous or anxious easily. It’s far more likely for him to be hiding away in the mages’ towers than seen wandering about in public.
7Y34LiE.gif Bubbles - Artist’s Assistant - Fluffy Cream Tabby - 4% Chance
Bubbles just loves to paint! Trees, animals, dragons, abstract art, it doesn't matter what the subject is, Bubbles will paint it. They spend most of their time in the artist's room, bouncing around in the paints, leaving trails of colorful footprints wherever they go. This may be troublesome to those who wish to clean up, but the artist finds all the little rainbow kitty footprints endearing and almost considers them an art form of their own.
Kx9ArWE.gif Sage - Suspicious Figure - Fluffy Black and White Tabby - 4% Chance
There he is, lurking around the corners in the darkest parts of the fort, with his wares carefully concealed beneath his tiny dark cloak. What wares you ask? Anything you might desire: the misplaced keys of a prison guard, a note that was not meant for your eyes, a bit of cheese pilfered from the storage room, or simply the information you might require. A cat is an inconspicuous spy of course, and Sage is willing to find out anything... for the right price.
dIaSrb9.gif Teacup - Prison Patrol - Fluffy Blue Pointed - 3% Chance
A set of shiny silver bells dangling from her collar, Teacup trots through the dark and dreary halls of the prison to keep an eye on all those who are kept there. Prisoners offer her bits of food and gentle pats in a desperate attempt at a bribe, but although she loves the attention, she would never give in to such a villainous crowd.
u25uxEU.gif Halberd - General’s Assistant - Tortoiseshell - 2% Chance
Halberd is strict, disciplined, and Very Strong. She helps the Icewarden’s general train the exalts for battle, running back and forth through the rows of dragons, yelling encouragement and casting judgment on their physical fitness. Some say she once lifted an imp hatchling and carried it across the entire courtyard.
7oQhO8R.gif Patches - Accountant’s Assistant - Dilute Calico - 2% Chance
Patches is the accountant’s assistant, loving spreadsheets and math and balancing finances. However, she also has a business enterprise on the side. She dabbles in all sorts of markets: genes, apparel, battlestones - if you can think of it, she’s probably selling it to you. And her cute fluffy face means she gets away with quite the markup in price. “Look at that cat! What a good, smart cat! She has the entrepreneurial spirit! I want to support her business.” >:3
W3eiagj.gif Tulip - Gardener's Assistant - Rainbow Spots - 2% Chance
Tulip's favorite place in the Fortress of Ends has always been the greenhouse. As a kitten, she would chase stray insects through the flowerbeds and curl up under the ornamental bushes. Unfortunately, her curiosity got the better of her, and while exploring the alchemist's tower with her best friend Ember, the two accidentally tipped over a cauldron of toxic waste. Ever since The Accident, Tulip's spots have gone from a soft grey to a color-changing iridescent. She has also gained the ability to fly, which she uses for heroic tasks!
fva8kiz.gif Ember - Prison Patrol - Fluffy Flame Pointed - 2% Chance
Ember is Teacup's shy, cautious brother. He spends most of his time lurking in the dark, cobwebby corners of the dungeon, watching quietly. When his best friend Tulip insisted on exploring the alchemist's tower, he tried to tell her it was a bad idea, but she didn't listen. Tulip knocked over a cauldron of toxic waste, and not long after, Ember sprouted a pair of extra eyes, an extra tail, and.... telekinetic powers. He may be one of the more powerful cats in the fort, but he prefers to save these skills for dire circumstances.
WCzAilz.gif Frosting - Icewarden’s Personal Assistant - Icy Sparkles - 1% Chance
Frosting is the Icewarden’s personal assistant and he is extremely shy. Rarely spotted in the open, Frosting typically only appears when he brings an important message or announcement from the Icewarden himself. Only the luckiest dragons will ever see him, although he has a tendency to be more active when the Icewarden is planning important events, such as Icemas and Gala.
qpeSJTT.gif Fluffy - Alchemical Creation - Eldritch - 1% Chance
When two kittens, Ember and Tulip, knocked over a cauldron of toxic waste while exploring the alchemist's tower, a third cat materialized. This creature, with hazy black tendrils, glowing white eyes, and an eerie green glow, began to teleport around the fort causing chaos and confusion. Don't worry though, "Fluffy" is perfectly friendly!
BIjZcPf.gif Scar - Battle Cat - Fiery Bengal with Wings - 1% Chance
Scar and his sister Stella are large cats created by the Icewarden to escort the exalts into battle. They are fierce warriors and primarily appear before conquest pushes. Scar is more of a defensive fighter, preferring to guard fallen dragons from harm so that they can be taken to safety. He is able to breathe fire like a dragon. Don't be deceived by their looks, these two cats stand about a head taller than the largest tundra.
6Dgzl3n.gif Stella - Battle Cat - Snowy Bengal with Wings - 1% Chance
Stella and her brother Scar are large cats created by the Icewarden to escort the exalts into battle. They are fierce warriors and primarily appear before conquest pushes. Stella is more of an offensive fighter, preferring to lead the exalts forward, blinding enemies with her ability to create bright flashing lights. Don't be deceived by their looks, these two cats stand about a head taller than the largest tundra.


nrMWk6M.gif Bonus Friends

Sometimes the cats need a little bit of help. These extra friends provide much needed moral support and companionship! Each bonus friend comes in 5 different colors.


nrMWk6M.gif Custom Pixel Friends

If you win the custom raffle, I will make you a pixel friend of your choosing in the same size and style as the pixel cats. You can expect your custom to arrive the day before the next opening.

Things I will do:
  • Small, simplified animals, familiars, or dragons in original poses
  • Unique edits of existing poses (e.g. your pet cat with a bow)
  • Simple plants or objects

Things I will not do:
  • Give you an already existing, unaltered pixel cat or animal to aid in your collection efforts.
  • Gore, NSFW, violence, etc. This is a pure and innocent blanket fort, thank you.
  • Humanoid, anthro, etc. Style is too small and simple for that level of detail.
  • Dragons with fully detailed genes and apparel. Only the most basic aspects will be included in the design if you want a dragon.

tl;dr: Keep it Small and Simple

Previous Custom Pixels

FnwmqFq.gif QeGxIT3.gif nIoUG6h.gifjHFIbWV.gif 6yOzcFF.gif
Beta Custom: Jazzyleia
Fluffy Custom: liminalspace
Alchemy Custom: NekoIceDragon
Bribery Custom: sweetnightmare
Wild Custom: yyalls

ySOskCR.gif aQ7GZzS.gif
Cloudy Custom: Thoracosaurus
Vacation Custom: SquishyPenguin

nrMWk6M.gif Free to Use Pixel Decorations

Want to decorate? The following are all free to use~

Thread Decor

SMQU6oc.gif e4uRoHZ.gif ygxVAAp.gif xVmxCAg.gif nrMWk6M.gif k5v3z6m.gif 9O5WABm.gif qNOVl2H.gif nj9wyDO.gif




[img]https://i.imgur.com/gRhUIbg.gif[/img][img]https://i.imgur.com/cr7BvK3.gif[/img][img]https://i.imgur.com/CsnDOQQ.gif[/img][img]https://i.imgur.com/ZWYDfLz.gif[/img][img]https://i.imgur.com/bL5Ean4.gif[/img] ^ Empty Line of Cats

nrMWk6M.gif Signatures

You can use the following to advertise the program! :3 (They currently link to the inf thread, but you can swap the link out to the oof viewsheet if you'd like.)

jPdGQf9.gif TvGyETb.gif



nrMWk6M.gif Badges

You can earn the following badges in your cat collecting journey! Badges are slowly added over time as I get the chance to work on them.

Cat Collector's Badges

These badges are only for use by those who have collected all 5 poses of the corresponding cat. You may not use them if you do not have all 5 of a cat's poses.

Wildlife Collector's Badges

These badges are only for use by those who have collected all 5 colors of the corresponding bonus pet. You may not use them if you do not have all 5 of a bonus animal's colors.

Cat Enthusiast's Badges

These badges can be earned by buying cats! Buy more cats to earn higher tiered badges. Tiers are unlocked at 25 Cats, 50 Cats, 100 Cats, and 250 Cats.

The RNG is Cruel Badges
These badges can be earned by getting more than one of the same cat's pose (for example, having four sitting Mia's). These badges can be earned by getting more than one of the same cat's pose. Acquire more duplicate cats to earn higher tiered suffering badges. Tiers are unlocked at 4 Duplicates, 8 Duplicates, and 12 Duplicates.


nrMWk6M.gif Credits and Thanks

Concepts, art, coding, and spreadsheets by Blanket Fort Enterprise's Executive Manager squidragon.

Special Thanks to Blanket Fort Assistant Managers remuslupn and Tserin for volunteering to field questions and provide moral support.

Additional Thanks to Blanket Fort PR Specialists Catvrix and Celes for handling daily pings. And also to jbapple for Program Consultation and Feedback.

A Huge Thank You to all past and present recorders (Pixel Cat Sales Associates): SystemError, remuslupn, Skyeline, DeviBrigard, Lya, Celes, Catvrix, Tserin, jbapple, cybo, LynterriaHatake, WhistlewindWolf, Amyatzu, & Thoracosaurus.

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