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Kydoimos » Lair » Alamir
Level 8
Pearlcatcher Male
Oct 21, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimarySaffron Ripple
SecondaryIvory Current
TertiaryChocolate Opal
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
Why are you doing this mess? What kind of messy code are you talking about? Why is everything such a mess??
-Alamir, receiving a "warn" from Alshafaq

Alamir the Open

The Gaping Prince of the Rotrock cliffs, Alamir is proud and bold and eager for adventure and exploration. Raw, diseased skin is sometimes visible under his rippling scales; they are marks he wears with great pride as a Plague Dragon.

My Words are Poison to your ears
I say the words you Fear
Still you Know it is the Truth you hear
The End of Ends is coming Near.

He was found in a trading post. Inexpressive face, coin clinks, and could've been a rope tightly tied in the neck if Alamir weren't eager to follow the buyer dragon on it's own.

He felt a bit offended as noticed how the silent buyer was rather rude towards the dragons he paid for, now at his service. But also knew that dragon couldn't be the actual clan leader they were going to work for. Just another servant, doing servant things. He had to follow.

Too proud and selfish. Emperor-sized Ego.
If a dragon can get on everyone's nerves, it is Alamir.
He knows how to be hated, and how to leave unharmed. All with a classic sharp, silver tongue.
Loves to **** off the Guardians. They hate him but can only screech at a distance as Alamir is under the leader's protection.
Frequently subject of one or another form of Punishment from Hell. Only Kwajah could've thought something like that. Is doing wonders teaching him some true manners.

Alamir holds trophies and memories from his obligatorily voluntary participation in multiple forum contests:
FR Fashion Week '18 wrote:
Participation Badges wrote:
Dressing Contest wrote:
Theme: "The Lucky One"
2nd Place, with:
Black Cat's Luck
Crystalline Gala '18 Winter Pageant wrote:
Màni, Winner entry with:

4-1-18: ok, le puse sly glance y me partí de la risa, esa weá es maravillosa xD!
Se los queda.

random notes: (kind of secretary dragon)

1-unlock HDen gem slots.
2-unlock HDen item slots.
5-Donate 10kg/Mt to Plague.
6-Invest all surplus in retired stuff.
7-After 2 copies of all others, go for Light Sprite.
perform some somersaults with perfect landings and go get drunk if achieved by/before NotN'19.

must check battle fodder prices and re-do calcs if needed.
1-current estimation: 30Mt
3-save 5M in T, convert the rest to gems. Around 30kg in total. Don't consider pre-hoard.

NTS: Don't forget to buy these things:
(listing things to remember myself that I'll eventually have to obtain them)
Priority wrote:

x2 x1

Wait, what's priority?
DRAGONS wrote:
I can't have any atm need to finish ongoing breeding projects. *sobs*

Random beautiful things:

Flaxen/Maize/Cherry Male and Female Fae and Ridgebacks, Black/Antique/Cherry Male and Female Fae and Ridgebacks all Wasp/Bee/Capsule
for these guys.

Oilslick/Blood/Lemon Poison/Trail/Filigree DarkSclera Plague/Male Coatl and Common Plague Female Guardian

Sang/Crim/Crim Tap/Pie/Smirch and Jup/Sat/Spines

Carrot/Carrot/Oilslick Skink/Spinner/Smoke and Poi/Tox/Smirch I can't believe someone turned those an expensive subspecies ;(

Oilslick/Oilslick/Ruby~Red Skink/Spinner/Spines and Poi/Tox/Underbelly

Eldritch/Eldritch/Seafoam~Jungle Skink/Spinner/Capsule and Poi/Tox/Smirch

Sunset/Sunset/Sanguine Skink o Tapir/Striation/Thylacine Plague Male Mirror
Sunset or Saffron XXY with:
Oilslick, Obs, Terracota, Umber, Rust, Crimson, Garnet, Sanguine, Blood, Maroon or Berry Male G1.
Oils/Oils/Obs Savannah/Safari/Stained Earth Unusual Male Coatl Chava

Stone/Stone/Oilslick Savannah/Stripes/Thyla Plague Male Guardian Seok

Flaxen/Cinna/Maiz Falcon/Seraph/Underbelly Female Nature Tundra Aljana
Ginger/Umber/Flaxen Skink/Safari/Underbelly Light Male Skydancer Karlos
Peach/Mist/Flaxen Jaguar/Trail/Peacock Unusual Shadow Female Bogsneak Kaede

Emerald/White/Emerald Basic/Basic/Underbelly Nature Female Coatl

White/Sky/Sky Basic/Basic/Underbelly Ice Female Snapper or triple Sky Ice Male Pearlcatcher?

Crimson/Cherry/Peach Cristal/Alloy/Stained Fire Male Guardian

Thistle/Thistle/Mauve Cristal/Shimmer/Stained Ice Female Guardian
Black/Twilight/Silver Basic/Safari/Ghost o Smoke Plague Male Tundra.
Must grab if I can wrote:

swords, need swords.
need at least two of each.
keep at least two of these at any given time.

-Any Familiars missing from my bestiary... focus on festival ones.
Missing that I'm worrying about:
A E S T H E T I C S genes and dressing wrote:
x2 x2

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