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mzvalkyrie » Lair » Mariposa
Level 25
Coatl Female
Oct 23, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryBubblegum Petals
SecondaryBubblegum Butterfly
TertiaryBubblegum Glimmer
Eye TypeArcane Unusual
Energy: 48 / 50
Apparel & Skins


Lore Ideas By onemessypeople

Mariposa: Lady of the Butterflies
(Potential theme song: River flows in you by Yiruma. To reflect her calm and reflective but also hopeful nature.)
  1. For generations, Mariposa's family has lived in a lair close to the Observatory where the Arcanist themselves watches the cosmos and writes the secrets therein on faded parchment.

  2. Books and tomes of the god's writings and other prophecies, as well as magical instruction, flowed through the clan resulting in more knowledge than most. Mariposa grew up not only attuned to the language of the cosmos but also with the finest resources throughout the land.

  3. As the family has spent many years away from the Ashfall Waste, Mariposa does not frequently speak the native tongue of the Coatls. Even though she knows the language, she prefers the draconic dialects as it allows her to communicate to a wider audience.

  4. Uses magic to bridge the gaps in communication between herself and other dragons, especially those of the Fae species.

  5. Though they do not speak the native tongue, the natural instinct of the Coatl to see vibrant plumage as appealing is still alive and well. While she is not vain, her beautiful coloration and feathers that mimic a butterfly's wing is a point of pride for Mariposa.

  6. Mariposa's family was more attuned to magic than most in her original Clan. Even though they are not Fae, their magical prowess was considerable, and scions of her House were either Flight Ambassadors and Representatives or early exalts into the service of the Arcanist.

  7. Instead of doing either, Mariposa decided that she should focus on the other Clans that called the Starfall Isle their home. She reasoned that there were many fledgling clans which needed help and guidance. She saw her life as privileged and wanted to give back to her fellow Arcane dragons.

  8. For many years Mariposa was a wandering teacher. She wore the emblem of the Arcanist proudly on her forehead and traveled the land. She found many who were receptive to her teaching (though a worrying number were not) and stayed with different Clans for varied amounts of time, teaching them about the magic of the cosmos.

  9. Mariposa also ran afoul of many Beastclans during her travels. Though the Centaurs that she met were Dunhoof moderates, Mariposa has had to contend with Longneck and even Maren. She feels sorry for the Beastclans believing that if they learned from the Dunhoof true dialogue between the species could begin. Most of her efforts in that direction, however, have been rebuffed and Mariposa is not willing to stray from her original purpose. Perhaps time will tell if she puts in her energies towards healing this rift.

  10. Uses magical constructs in the shape of butterflies to carry messages for her. The scented candles she prefers also attracts these colorful insects, giving her the moniker of The Lady of the Butterflies.

  11. Is currently living in a Clan residing in the Starwood Strand and serves as a magical advisor and teacher. She shares a friendship with the leader of the Clan as well as Salawa the Sage and often has tea with him and his mate. Mariposa senses that there is something different about Salawa, but she cannot put her finger on it yet.
Short Scene Created onemessypeople

"This is not a natural storm." Muttered in the high pitched hum of her native tongue Mariposa hurried down the long hallways of the Clan's estate. Her Starlight Cloak fluttered around her in the increasingly hostile winds, and she had to duck her head as her serpentine body weaved between the pillars to dodge the worst of it. There had been no reports of a storm, and yet this one had sprung up rather quickly appearing as if from nowhere. Having spent most of her adult life as a nomad, Mariposa was quite aware that storms were unpredictable things but her senses were screaming that there were other factors behind this particular one. She had been observing him for quite a while, and the volatile weather had only started after Rayne had left on that peacekeeping mission.

"The hatchlings are disappointed," She said by way of greeting, switching to Common Draconic easily as she entered his study. "They were looking forward to flying their kites today." Salawa had his snout buried in his books, but she did not need to be Skydancer to sense his unease.

"Don't you knock Mariposa?" There was the flash of his teeth as he rumbled at her, displeased at her arrival. "I do not appreciate you interrupting me while I'm trying to think."

"I do not think that you'll be getting anywhere with those sums of yours my friend," Using her prehensile tail, Mariposa reached back to wrap it around the door handle. She pulled the door shut as she walked forward, giving them a measure of privacy. Salawa was glaring daggers at her, but she stood her ground. Mariposa could sense that her friend needed help and she was here to extend it.

"Rayne will be alright she-"

"Did you see that in your crystals? I put no stock in divination."

"You should put stock in the abilities of your mate." Where his voice was sharp her's was calm, the constant anchor of reason like the eye of a storm; "She is well versed in diplomacy, and with her abilities can read a room like no other. Don't you think she won't have contingency plans in place to -"

"But those Centaurs-"

"Are still of the Dunhoof." If he could interrupt then so would she. Glaring at him Mariposa continued as she walked further into the room, "And will remain Dunhoof instead of splintering off into their ridiculous new Clans through Rayne's efforts," She was appealing to his logical nature, watching as it fought for precedence over his worry and his anger. Finally, he bowed his head, and she knew that she had won for now.

"Let's have some tea and discuss how we can send a message to Rayne." As Salawa walked out from behind his desk, a glance at the window showed her how the winds had died down. Little hatchlings were beginning to poke their heads hopefully from their rooms, and while Mariposa was glad for them, the mystery of Salawa the Imperial had just deepened.

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