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ahzidal » Lair » Epsilon
Level 5
Nocturne Male
Nov 01, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryHunter Skink
SecondaryEmerald Toxin
TertiaryLeaf Gembond
Eye TypeLight Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
radiation monster subspecies - 100 RAD chernobite subspecies
These dragons live and thrive in the deepest parts of the Chernobite lair, where radiation is strongest. They have survived exposure and mutated, their wings showing evidence of their contaminated blood, their scales harder and darker, claws tougher. A strange formation of glowing rock, very similar to the irradiated rock deep in their lair, grows on the surface of their scales. Their eggs are glowing green and almost impossible to break. Other strange mutations have occurred, but vary, such as additional eyes, exposed skin, and an oozing green goo.



"Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds."

extra lore here


Dragon emblem by ahzidal.
Divider by Mibella.
Coding inspired by kaixin.
Coded by ahzidal.
Radiation Monster subspecies by ahzidal.
Chernobite subspecies by Bog, thread here.

Who Said I Was Finished?
Dragon is quick to anger.
If insulted, deals much
more damage than

Old Lore (no longer canon)

It's fairly obvious at first sight that Epsilon isn't your typical Light dragon.

Epsilon is known as a jovial dragon to almost all that have met him. He's rarely been seen not smiling...

Until recently. The advent of Brightshine Jubilee has wiped the ever-present smile off the Nocturne's face. He now seems standoffish and distant, and a blank scowl has replaced his expression. Not even his mate, Curie, knows why. However, my Sight has shown me the answer, and I will share it with you now.

Epsilon hatched in the shadows of the Hewn City, to a devout Wind mother and a quiet Ice father. He grew up not knowing the light. Despite that, he grew to idolize the Lightweaver, full of the light he'd never had before. His parents, particularly his mother, scolded and punished him for not serving the Windsinger like she had taught him.

He started to resent his mother, and fostered a deep-seated anger at his father for never stopping her. It wasn't until he was kicked out that he ever left the City. His mother, sending him with nothing but the scorned element inside him, claimed he was no son of hers and was no longer welcome in her nest.

Epsilon was fine with that. He was finally free to seek the light.

He journeyed for many months throughout the Sunbeam Ruins, seeking the resting place of the Lightweaver herself. He was turned away by many clans and Light creatures along the way, which began to sow seeds of discontent within the young Nocturne.

He finally found her, after months of searching... but the seeds of discourse had already rooted inside his soul. Possessed by a black fury, he stood in her presence and openly rebuked her, throwing insults at the deity like the glitter her clans loved so much. Disillusioned by her lack of care, he departed the Ruins, never to return.

He found his way into Nature territory, where he found a strange group of outcasts that protected and worshipped an odd, glowing rock. He was accepted quickly into their group, where he sought out the knowledge of what the rock really was.

He ended up mutated, like the other dragons in the lair. Twisted and given a new vitality, he endured through the pain of what was meant to kill him and emerged victorious. His appearance above is the result of this mutation.

Epsilon still carries a deep hate for the Lightweaver and her children.

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