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BloodAlphaess » Den » Summer
Level 5
Skydancer Female
Nov 09, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Wasp
SecondaryMidnight Constellation
TertiaryCream Filigree
Eye TypeNature Glowing
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Assassin • Mother


Summer, though her name implied warm months and sandy beaches, was born in the dark of night in the dead of winter in the Veridian Labyrinth. Her parents were there when she first cracked through the egg, supportive and quietly cooing encouragement, though they would not help her in her plight. No, this was to be the first test of many for her, the first to show she was strong enough to thrive.

She passed with flying colors.

Through her youth, Summer was taught what it meant to be anonymous. Her parents never revealed their names to her, and she made it a point to only give her name to those she trusted. That list was very short indeed. After all, names held power, and she did not want to give her power away. She learned how to defend herself and thrive in battle, how to blend in and not be seen, how to be ruthless and cunning, and how to fulfill every contract to the letter. After all, she was born and bred for her ability to slide in and out of the night. It was as much a part of her as the feathers on her wings were.

But years of death and destruction can start to wear on a mind, especially when one had been working from such a young age. She did not realize it, but Summer was starting to grow weary of the missions, the debriefings, the death she left in her wake, the lives she altered. Summer needed a fresh start, a way to know who she actually was in the world, instead of who her parents wanted her to be.

Of course, she didn’t realize that’s what she was after. She kept working, kept pulling off heists and turning in picture perfect kills, kept doing what she was told. So when she was given the order to travel to the Sea of a Thousand Currents and dispose of a thorn in the side of one leader or another, she took the mission and left without a word. In fact, she meant to finish the contract fast enough that no one would realize she was gone, for that would show the elders she was ready for harder pursuits. It took her less than a day to reach the shore-front resort where her target was staying.

When she arrived, Summer immediately unpacked and donned her most stunning outfit. If she was going to be playing in the realm of the rich, she of course needed to look the part. Entry to the private masquerade was easy – all it took was a simple flick of the wrist and disposing of the guard’s body. Her attention moved towards the target, but she was cut off by another skydancer. He too looked wrapped in the night, the moon shining through his feathers. She was appreciative of his handsomeness, of the costume he wore, but tried to step around him.

“I’m sorry, my lady. It’s just…I have never seen anyone so beautiful before in my life. If I may be so humble to ask for a dance?”

For a brief moment, she was caught off guard. After all, no one had asked her to dance outside of the training hall, though the question seemed an appropriate one for the situation. She gave a duly appropriate answer.


Believing herself to have handled the situation, she began to step around him.

“Your words wound me, my lady! If not a dance, then perhaps a drink? Or even a walk on the terrace? I assure you, my intentions are pure and honorable.”

Summer only half-listened, more annoyed that her target was walking into a heavily-guarded room. She was running short on time, and needed to finish the mission as quickly as possible. Her first thought was to tell this annoying visitor to buzz off; after all, she was working. But she paused, studying the balcony….that was luckily situated under the window where her target had gone. Turning her gaze to the flirt again, she allowed herself a smile. “Very well. I will allow you to escort me to the balcony, if it pleases you.” She murmured, allowing her training to lead her through the words that most would want to hear. It had the desired effect, and the male visibly perked up.

“Very well, my lady. This way, please.”



He led her to the balcony and looked up at the moon. She started calculating the best way to hit him to cause a timely death and dispose of the body when he spoke.

“Don’t you tire of all this, my lady?”

Blinking in the darkness, Summer looked around to make sure she was the only one he could be talking to. She was. While her regular response would be very monosyllabic, she found herself actually curious for the first time in a long time.

“Tire of what, exactly?”

He turned his head enough to study her, and she was caught off guard by the striking beauty of his eyes. There was a soul that had seen pain and death, destruction and suffering. There was one who had seen what she had, and was still there trying to keep going. The gaze that lasted for seconds that felt like hours, filled the room and yet pushed it all away, so it was only the two of them.

“Don’t you tire of being here, pretending to be someone you’re not, listening to the rules of others? Don’t you wish that, just once, you could just be yourself without all the glamour and paint to make you more approachable?”

His voice was soft, barely above a whisper, yet he spoke from the heart, and she felt it. Her mission weighed heavily on her, a weight that seemed to crush onto her back, making her have to fight just to stand and study the dragon before her.

“I’m Summer.”


She surprised herself, not sure why she told him her name, yet at the same time knowing it was right. The little voice inside of her, the voice of reason and sense that she had ignored all those times, said that this was the time to start a new life. Now, when her clan did not know for sure where she was, when her target did not know for sure that she was there, this was the time to quietly walk away. And while she was sure he was talking about the supposed heavy weight of parties on the life of the rich, she wanted out of her life following others’ orders. He had figured out what she needed.

“I am Raven.”

Summer gave a slight smile, not sure of how she should react. He had given her his name, had given up the power he held, and now…well, what did one do now?

“Would you care to dance?”

Summer nodded, not sure if it was because her new decision emboldened her, or if she saw something within him that she needed to explore more. With a smile, he pulled her closer. They danced.

“I’m here to protect the one running the party. The one you’re here to kill.”

The nonchalant tone of his voice immediately had her on guard, but he just smiled, not breaking the rhythm.
“However, I don’t really want to be protecting here. After all, there are a lot of big crimes that lead back to this area, and I don’t want to keep them happening. If I fail, however, I can’t go home.”

He spun her, pulling her back to him with a grin.

“So I have that to think of.”



She spun and moved with him, analyzing what he was saying. “If I kill him, I can return to my clan, but…” Did she trust him? No, not as far as she could throw him. She was not naive. Yet here he was, saying he knew she was the hired blade, dancing with her and not a weapon on him that she could tell. He was allowing her the ability to kill him if she deemed it necessary, and that was a large show of trust on his part. So instead of doing what she should, she did what her heart wanted her to.

“I do not wish to go back. I tire of this too. I need to know who I am, what I am meant to do, not just be a drone.”

“I know where we can go, if you are sure. And if you decide that it’s not meant to be, then I wish you luck when you leave.”

He was so confident, so sure, Summer found herself nodding before she realized it. When the music ended, she moved up to the upper levels and completed her contract. Her target eliminated, she found the skydancer waiting for her on the beach. They walked in the moonlight, talking and sharing stories, getting to know each other better, and in the morning? They made the turn to the Scarred Wasteland, going the only place that neither clan would ever look for them. It was a fresh start, and one she needed desperately.

It took a bit of searching before they found a clan they could seamlessly merge into, and within a few months Raven and Summer were expecting their first nest. When the hatchlings finally came, she knew that this was what her life was meant to be. Gone were the tests in the middle of the night, the runs across the jungle to keep up strength and stamina, the tests and attempted murder attempts to make sure that she was always on her toes. No, she would give their younglings a life of love and nurturing while they grew, encouraging them to follow their dreams and be who they were instead of trying to mold them to follow after her. She was happy, with her mate by her side and the family they created. She was finally home.


By SmilingDarkness

By EchoSymphony

lore by ShadeOfChaos
coding by UnhappyJoker

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