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Sidegrinder » Lair » Yuuri
Level 1
Coatl Male
Nov 29, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Skink
SecondaryObsidian Facet
TertiaryOrca Lace
Eye TypeEarth Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
................ 727.png


Y U U R I, the danseur with Sornieth's biggest glass heart.

"I'm a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls drakes!"

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- - - - - MISC - - - - -

SKILL SET(S) High stamina, well-developed and unique choreography and step sequences, refined agility (seen especially through his spins and jumps), proficiency in various other dance disciplines, such as break-dancing, interpretive, ballroom, and pole dancing
RELATIONSHIPS Hymenaios (Father), Peitho (Mother), Vicchan (Miniature Dappled Seal/Familiar; Deceased), Viktor (Fiancé /Mentor/Friend/❤恋人❤)

LIKES Maned seals, breaded pork cutlet bowls (katsudon), onsens, dark coffee, cuddling
DISLIKES His Anxiety™, abandonment, people making fun of his weight
AESTHETICS Silk robes stuck to sweaty skin, the first day of summer, dappled shadows across tree roots, bubbly drinks, new and retro tech, staying up to watch the sun rise, cherry blossoms tickling wind-chafed cheeks, seaside towns, good luck charms, sea(food) bakes on the boardwalks

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Biography layout by Zarane

{TC} Cursed Dice Dungeon Crawl wrote:

Cursed Dice Dungeon Crawl

Shadowbinder is going to skip Trickmurk because blessing all those halos and tea time with the Ambassadors is just boring. Instead, the lvl5 Paladin is going to find the rare Imbued Amethyst which will teletransport her to the Castle of Blue Blooms (to take over). She even has a new bag of dice! You happened to be passing by when you felt a change in the shadows, unusual even for the Tangled Wood. Following that strange feeling, you see the Shadowbinder leap into an enormous, shadowy portal. You try to run, but the portal is pulling you in.

You (are made to) follow Shadowbinder into it...


~.°~ ~°.~

Thanks for joining our Trickmurk campaign! We're your dungeon masters (DMs),

25549285p.png & 19577627p.png
FeralRookie___ GrinningFox

Each day you'll be presented with a combination of choices and quests and your friendly Trickmurk DMs will roll some cursed dice of our own to see what fate awaits you. There are no dead-ends and every choice will take you somewhere.

Day 1 wrote:

Day 1 - Sunday

Once the flash from the portal clears, Shadowbinder is nowhere to be seen and the portal that dropped you disappears with a small pop - guess you'll need to find Shadowbinder or get out of this place in some other way. Looking around, the room is filled with many small amethysts - as you look, several of them wink in and out of view. One is conveniently labelled "holder's lair" and might be a way back! You grab an amethyst and success, you see your lair... for a few minutes, until you suddenly are back to the small room. It might be too small to transport you back permanently, and Shadowbinder is still missing.

To your right you can see a closed door and to your left a very dark staircase is winding down.

~.°~ ~°.~


> As you move closer to the door, faint scratching sounds can be heard - some kind of armor or a shield would probably help just in case. If you took 10 battered shields, you could probably enhance your own scales with them to withstand whoever is making those sounds. (Quest: Send 10 battered shields.)


RP Prompt: Who is your dragon and what type of character are they playing (e.g., class, alignment, etc.)?

Day 1 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Sunday
Choice: A


Yuuri glances about the dimly lit room before once again taking in the sealed door with a sigh. While it wasn't the most ideal choice, he would take it over the sea of sightlessness that awaited him down below. He tries his best to strap the shields across as much of his body as he can manage, feeling unwieldy and awkward as he shuffles towards the door which, he realizes with a tightening gorge, has been bereft of the scratching for some time. Though, he could not help but to feel as though whatever it was, now waited for him...

Day 2 wrote:

Day 2 - Monday


It's good that you shielded yourself before opening the door - as you grasp the handle, there's a faint tingle and you are blasted backwards with an extraordinary force. As you're getting your wits about you and getting to your feet there's a bright purple flash.

You land hard in a dusty room. *sneeze* By the depth of the dust on the floor, no one has walked here for years. As you cannot see any other exit, going deeper along the room seems to be the only way.

~.°~ ~°.~


> Or you can pop back to your lair with the portal amethyst for a batch of Unicorn Dust to gently float along. You're quite sore from being thrown about by invisible forces.

Day 2 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Monday
Choice: B*


With a choked wheeze and a sneeze, Yuuri staggers to his feet in the new room. He cringes at the dust that comes away caked to his hands, trying to distract himself by peering around the dim stretch of space and seeing that it stretches farther back.

He wants to check if there could be an exit hiding in the distant gloom, but he didn't fancy treading through a swamp of dust to accomplish it. So, he does the only logical thing, which happens to be reaching through the amethyst for a few bottles of unicorn dust from one of the Spires' hoards.

*Note: this is only being posted for lore!

Day 3 wrote:
DM's Note wrote:
The dungeon had a magic hiccup while you were away and the cursed dice changed your fate.


Day 3 - Tuesday


As you float along the corridor, the depth of the dust mountains makes you feel a little grateful you don't have to walk in them. After floating for what feels like forever (but is probably just a few slow minutes) you find yourself in a circular room with many stacked boxes. The room almost seems hazy between the dim light and heavy dust in the air. Briefly, there was a faint sound coming from the right, like a tiny bell ringing.

~.°~ ~°.~


> Start searching through the boxes on the right.

Day 3 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Tuesday
Choice: A


Yuuri can already feel his nostrils prickling, how tears gather around his eyes as he determinedly circles around the stifling space. He peers at the numerous boxes, no two being the exact same in terms of color or size. There didn't appear to be an additional exit to this room, so perhaps he could turn-

His crests perk at the faint tinkling, Yuuri twisting around to zero in on a stack that partially hid what seems to be the largest box in the room. It is broad, smooth, and- once he swipes a bit of dust away -may have once held a shiny lilac hue.


He wonders if there could be something of use hiding within...

Day 4 wrote:

Day 4 - Wednesday


After moving a large box, you find a door hidden behind it. You enter.

A cat is curled up sleeping on a table. It’s long, grey fur is striped and fluffy and it’s opened one of its eyes to look at you. You watch it watching you, and you get the feeling you’re losing a staring contest you didn’t mean to start. As you stare back at the cat you notice there is something shiny under its paw. You finally turn away to look at the rest of the area. On the other side of the room is a locked door. (You didn’t actually check, but better safe than sorry?)

~.°~ ~°.~


> Pet the cat

Day 4 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Wednesday
Choice: A


Yuuri blinks at the cat, glancing about and wondering just how it managed to get inside this previously sealed room. He lets that riddle go (for now), as he had a feeling that the answer involved more magic. Well, that, or he wasn't as alone in this structure as he'd assumed.

But no matter! He needs to see if that key will unlatch the second door, but he knows better than to just grab it from its guard. It reeks of a trap, be it otherworldly or via the wrath of a wronged feline. But maybe he can charm the cat into releasing it? Yuuri doesn't have anything of note on him, so perhaps a pet will suffice.

And if he got to run his fingers through that sleepy fluff loaf for a while, then he certainly held no complaints.

With steeled nerves and a hopefully relaxed form, Yuuri sedately approaches the cat. He lifts a hand, palm-side up, and allows the cat time to check him out...

Day 5 wrote:

Day 5 - Thursday


The cat gets up and stretches, revealing a key it was laying on. You give it one last pet before unlocking the door on the far end of the room and passing through.

You find an 8-sided die lying in the middle of an empty room. It looks suspiciously like a piece of Shadowbinder's new dice set. Upon picking up the die, you suddenly become aware of a large set of double doors you hadn’t noticed previously. After pocketing the die, you slowly, cautiously, open the wooden doors. They’re heavier than they look, but exactly as creaky as expected. You’re straining hard against the doors when suddenly they are yanked open from the other side. You stumble to the ground and find yourself looking at a pair of very large feet. As your eyes scan upward, there is a pair of armored knees, a torso covered in heavy plate, and finally a head with glowing blue eyes set behind an armored helmet. A great golem made of iron stares down at you.

To stop the golem, you must steal its helmet. Or at least, you’re pretty sure that’s how it works. Where was that bestiary? Your thoughts are interrupted by the golem as it reaches out toward you. There’s no time to come up with another plan.

~.°~ ~°.~


> You could distract it with 10 Shimmering Pinecones and make a grab for the helmet. Hopefully that will be enough. (Quest: Send 10 Shimmering Pinecones)

Day 5 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Thursday
Choice: A


Oh no.

Yuuri scrambles back from the creature, edging along one of the farther walls as it turns and begins to amble towards him. Sweat beads along Yuuri's face, and his gaze flies around the room for something, anything to protect himself with. He could try running by through the open door, but he has the feeling that this thing would be on his tail from here on out. No, he had to incapacitate it. Somehow.

Yuuri's hands fly across his pouches, desperation mounting as he simultaneously sprints around the creature, who had suddenly decided to break out into a charge. He quickly eyes the imposing silhouette, and wonders... Perhaps it's helmet could be its weak point? It wasn't as heavily armored, so he may be able to rip it off. At this point, it was pretty much the only thing he could try. Yuuri yanks out two fistfuls of Shimmering Pinecones - not dwelling on why he even has any - and tosses them in the creature's path, praying to whomever may be listening that it'll work out in his favour...

Day 6 wrote:

Day 6 - Friday

The golem keeps its distance at first, watching you carefully, but as soon as you bring out the Shimmering Pinecones, the construct lunges at you. That was close, but at least the pinecones seem to get its attention. You drop one on the ground to see what the golem will do.

Whatever you were expecting, it wasn’t this.

The golem rushes over to the pinecone and rapidly eats it, scattering a few little splinters on the ground. Seeing your strange, but usable chance, you drop the rest of the Pinecones and leap into the air. As the golem crams Pinecones into its face, you land unsteadily on the creature’s helmet. You grab, and pull. Beneath your claws you can feel the helmet give.

SQXEwty.png Boss Battle | WIN

Everything goes dark as a portal envelops you once again, but rather than dropping you off back in Sornieth, you are again dropped into a room in this strange place. In your claw is the 8-sided die.


The room extends to your right, with a lever at the end. Something small floats above the lever. Upon closer inspection, you realize it is a 4-sided die. Perhaps one of Shadowbinder’s? You reach out and take it, but when you look up from the die in your claw, you see your other claw has pulled the lever already, as if it had a mind of its own.

A pair of massive doors open before you. Before you is a truly titanic cage, and within it stands the Shadowbinder herself. Shadows congregate around Her, despite that the room itself is bright. There’s a nice, big, red button next to you, which the Shadowbinder gestures toward. You press the button. The cage swings open. Shadowbinder emerges. And so do dozens of tiny little skittering creatures crawling along the ceiling.

~.°~ ~°.~


> Throw snacks at the creatures to slow them down ( Quest: Send 10 food items.)

Day 6 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Friday
Choice: A


Yuuri blinks down at his own hand, confused at its wayward behaviour. He backs away while pocketing the die, glancing over at the massive doors that have slowly been swinging open. His face slackens into an incredulous gape at the sight of what honest to whatever higher powers may be the freaking Shadowbinder hunched over in a towering cage.

She regards him for a long moment before nodding her head towards the obnoxiously bright red button on the room's closest wall. Yuuri shakes his head at this increasingly bizarre adventure, quickly reaching over to hit the button. The cage swings open, and the Shadowbinder slinks out of the container that had supposedly been trapping her. But in doing so, an alarming number of creatures begin to scuttle from the patches of darkness left behind.

Yuuri's hands scramble to his pouches again, yanking out a few fistfuls of fire flowers and tossing them at the swarm. Hopefully they will have more of an interest in nibbling on the plants instead of HIS flesh...

Technical Difficulties wrote:

DM's Note wrote:
The cursed dice are currently unavailable. Please select your adventure choice from Friday's post to proceed.

Day 7 wrote:

Day 7 - Saturday

You scatter the food behind you as you run. Sparing just a moment to look back, you see the swarm closing in. It seems to hesitate at the food, then envelops it. Shadowbinder trots beside you, quickly overtaking you. She picks you up with Her rear claw as She passes and begins to take flight. From your new view, you can see the swarm crowding in behind you, only briefly slowed by the snack. When you look ahead again, Shadowbinder is heading straight for the wall. You flinch, but there’s no impact.

The dragon god opened a portal before Her and drags you through it.

SQXEwty.png Boss Battle | WIN

Everything goes dark as a portal envelops you once again, but rather than dropping you off back in Sornieth, you are again dropped into a room in this strange place. Shadowbinder is nowhere to be seen.

[Slime Laboratory]

You find a single 12-sided die sitting on top of a table. Could it be one of Shadowbinder’s? When you reach toward it, it vanishes. After a moment, you begin to wonder if anything you thought you saw was really there. To your right, bars blocking the path forward suddenly lower and the door on the other side slowly swings open on its own.

In the next room, there is a great tile mosaic in the floor of the Shadowbinder. It’s impressive work, but more importantly, there are dice scattered on top of it. Shadowbinder’s dice. The ones she seemed to use to get to this world to begin with. If the spell can be undone, hopefully it should transport you back home for good.

~.°~ ~°.~


> There’s powerful magic in those dice. Perhaps if they interact with some magic from the Tangled Wood, the dice might send you back there. Ten Shimmering Pinecones should do. ( Quest: Send 10 Shimmering Pinecones)

Day 7 RP Entry wrote:
Day of the week: Saturday
Choice: B


Taking a few moments to catch his breath, Yuuri glances up at the rumbling that sounds out from the lowering bars. Suspicion takes hold as the revealed door silently swings open, and only grows after he walks through to the sight of several dark dice scattered across the floor. Yuuri pulls out the few that he's collected thus far, and sighs as he confirms that they are from the same set. Well, the dice haven't harmed him thus far, so he'll probably be fine if he keeps touching them. Still...

His eyes sweep across the stylized rendition of the Shadowbinder, the dice positioned so that they seem to hover within Her tiled twin's claws. Yuuri wonders if that is a sign that he should be cautious here. 'Or', he thinks with a flicker of hope, 'this is a clue as to how I need to escape!'. Yuuri edges around the pieces and reaches deep into his pouch, somehow managing to dig out ten more Pinecones. He crouches and holds them out to the dice, wondering if the essence of the Woods will be enough to activate them...

Finale wrote:

Final Battle

As you pick up the dice, a long-haired grey cat appears. It seemed to come out of nowhere. The cat silently pads up to you and looks you right in the eye. You bend down to look at it and maybe pet it, but it steals one of the dice from your claws. It sits down and looks at you. The dice begin to glow, both the ones in your claws and the one in its mouth. It’s eyes are glowing too, and soon you are blinded by the light.

SQXEwty.png Boss Battle | WIN

You pick yourself up off the ground, checking all your limbs are in the right places. Everything seems to be where it’s supposed to be. As you look around, you begin to realize, this isn’t the strange other world anymore. This is Sornieth! Shadowbinder, tall as a mountain and half obscured by shadows, sits beside you. Before you have a chance to react, She smiles (if that can be called a smile, with black goop oozing between her teeth) and thanks you for playing her game.

The End…

DM's Note wrote:
Thank you so much for joining our campaign this week! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Please check your ticket numbers by Sunday's RO (tomorrow, 23:59FR) on this sheet and make sure they are correct. We will draw for raffle prizes on Monday.

"No" in any column means you did not post that day or you posted after the 20:00 deadline. A dark box in the Boss column means you did not participate or you did not win the battle.
zr5nbid.png __

Afterwards wrote:

The Final Adventure

One by one, dragons reappear in the place where the portal sucked them when this adventure began. They are in various states of disarray, but all who make it back are celebrating at least one perilous victory. As the encounter each other, and as they return to their homes, they tell tales of dungeon bosses and an ichor-drooling god.

It was glorious, they say, how I distracted the golem with shiny pinecones! (All for the laudable goal of snatching a hat!*)

They declare, The creatures swarmed us, but were no match for Shadowbinder’s magic and our snacks!

I rescued Shadowbinder’s dice myself,
they crow. And others speak softly of a cat (of all things), whose eyes glowed bright like the dice before ending up back here!

After what seemed to be a very short adventure, they will be quite surprised to discover they’ve been gone nearly a week. Time to call off the search parties! Mostly. It appears that several dragons never left the portal world and their whereabouts are currently unknown. Perhaps Shadowbinder intends to retrieve them later.

Gz4fgyz.pngSQXEwty.png U3Nkwd5.png


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