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Lundlaeva » Lair » Einmyrir
Level 5
Fae Male
Aug 17, 2013 (6 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCrimson Basic
SecondaryEmerald Basic
TertiaryRose Gembond
Eye TypeArcane Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Devoted

Einmyrir’s Arcane eyes are weak. Even when newly-hatched, it was clear to his parents that he would never be a great hunter: while his clutch-mates looked up at their parents, Einmyrir blinked at the world, more drawn to sound than to light or motion. As he grew, it became clear that he is not blind, but his eyesight is poor. A blur hazes his vision.

Einmyrir doesn’t mind. Einmyrir can see Breath.

He sees it as a glow within those dragons who choose to cultivate their magical skills, and it outlines their bodies like an aura. The colour depends on each dragon’s Flight and on what spells he or she is able to cast, but one thing remains constant: the stronger the magic, the more Breath he or she is holding in preparation for a spell, the more clearly Einmyrir can see the dragon. His Sight extends further: the creatures of the world also show up as bright, magical hotspots.

In addition to this, Einmyrir can see the natural magics that are strung through the world – nowhere more obviously than the Starfall Isles. He is able to see the fine threads of magic that hold parts of the Crystalspine Reaches high in the air, seemingly without support; he is aware of the ley-lines that connect the eleven realms; and he can trace the trails left behind by the gods and their sprites as they traverse the world, leaving behind traces of the magic that drips from their skin.

At first, it seemed that this was all that the Arcanist had done to Einmyrir. Yet as he grew older, Loki and the Clan realised that there was more to it than a quirk of biology. The magic that pierced his egg – or perhaps the Sight that he lives with every day – also affected his mind.

Einmyrir claims that he can see the workings of the Arcanist Himself.

He sits and watches the Arcanist’s magics moving and shaping the world, often for hours at a time. As he grew older, he became increasingly devoted to his god. He worships Him with the kind of fanaticism that most dragons find disconcerting, if not disturbing.

When the Arcanist touched the eggs of Loki and Angrboda’s next clutch, Einmyrir watched and praised Him for gifting his siblings as He had Einmyrir himself. When Sleipnir and Fenrir hatched, he exulted in the unfamiliar forms they had taken.

During Einmyrir’s first Starfall Celebration, he went to stand vigil by the Observatory. When he returned, it was on foot. The Starseeker’s Emblem shimmered in the air above his forehead, and his body was newly gembound. Each heavy jewel was the colour of the Arcanist’s flanks. Einmyrir is honoured by the change in his appearance, and believes it to be a reward for his devotion. However, his family and the Clan do not agree: the weight of this latest modification has left Einmyrir flightless, and his is breathing is constricted by the precious stones now embracing his chest.

Undaunted, he preaches to any who will listen about the Arcanist, extolling the virtues of working in His Observatory, encouraging them to exalt themselves in His honour. Although most of the Clan treat his honeyed words as the ramblings of the insane, passers by are not so lucky. Einmyrir charms on behalf of his god – a friendly face, a welcoming air, and words that are as much magic as any spell Loki could cast. Einmyrir preys upon the weak, the lonely, the lost. Offers them a better future. A purpose. Something greater than themselves.

His successes become more numerous by the day, and thus he has brought honour to the Clan – but he has also given them a reputation. Fewer dragons take the road past their Lair these days, for fear of Einmyrir’s blank gaze and reverential words, and his almost hypnotic powers of persuasion.

Most of the Clan is convinced that one day they will wake to find that Einmyrir has gone willingly to the Arcanist, exalting himself in His honour. Yet that day has not yet come. Einmyrir believes he can do his god better service out in the world, than trapped in the observatory – and he intends to continue, for as long as his life lasts …










Art by the awesome @Riserae
Einmyrir won 'The Loyal' competition
Full Size / Still




Please note that this dragon is NOT available for sale, for trade, or to breed with your dragon.

Gembond enhancement accent?

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