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KittyAoba » Lair » Yumi
Level 1
Skydancer Female
Dec 17, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryTerracotta Wasp
SecondaryCarmine Bee
TertiaryHoney Capsule
Eye TypeFire Common
Energy: 40 / 50
Apparel & Skins
She was not hatched like a normal dragon, in fact, she is technically not a dragon at all. She was created in Hecate's lab as a small glass figurine, no more than a sixth the size of her creator. Hecate was simply looking for a way to reverse the changes to her body. Instead, while she was transmuting what she thought was a dead mimic creature, the spirit from said mimic leapt from it's broken host form into the skydancer figurine. The glass that made up the form was ideal for possession and the mimic took delight in its new form, flexing wings and claws, admiring it's new form with a turn of it's new graceful head to peer around and admire the feathers and surprisingly soft fine hair that covered it's body.

Hecate was surprised, lowering her body to examine the skydancer mimic. "I apologize. I'd thought the form was abandoned," she murmured and the mimic canted it's head, letting out a soft trill of sound that rang like tinkling glass. It'd meant to say that it was alright and made a face, realizing that the form it had taken was not designed with speaking in mind. Hecate seemed to realized this and lifted the mimic to place it on her desk so they could be eye-to-eye without her having to crane her neck down. "Would you like me to teach you to sign?" she asked and the mimic smiled, nodding. That would be very efficient. It was suddenly very glad that it had taken the form of something with such delicate hands.

Hecate smiled back, and so began lessons on signing, the mimic otherwise filling the room with soft, musical trills and the delicate sounds of tinkling glass.

Time passed and the mimic went from learning to sign to learning to fly, Hecate acting almost like a mother to the mimic, being there to catch her when she tumbled, protecting her from any damage. To be fair, the mimic had never had a mother and enjoyed the attention. Mimics were born of old, abandoned objects that had been exposed to vast amounts of magic. They were mostly hated and tossed aside, though dragonkind seemed to have mixed feelings, she had discovered. Still, she never expected to come to love the dragon that had nearly boiled her alive on that fateful day.

She began thinking of Hecate as her mother, and there was a little truth in that fact. Hecate had created the form she now lived in, and the transference from broken old chair to the intact, new glass body was like a rebirth. She had a new chance to live, to be happy.She was never lonely, never feared or hated. In fact, the whole clan seemed to love her. She made friends with the mimic familiars the clan had taken in, she made friends with the Coatls, who taught her the singing natural language of their people, giving the mimic another line of communication. She flew with the leaders sometimes, being not much smaller than the four little Faes.

But mostly, she stayed with her mother, helping in the lab and flitting about like a hummingbird as she gathered small, light things for Hecate, being the perfect little lab assistant.


Snek Reviews
Snek is confused. Is told this is no derg but looks like derg only very tiny! Is waving hands for talking which Snek think is good! Snek is always waving hands so maybe Snek learn too! Has oodlie wardrobes but no name! Oodlie dergs should have names! Waved ones is fine too but Snek wants to know what he should call the little derg? MAYBE FRIEND IS NAME?/10

Bee received on 12/17/17.
changed from Noct to SD on 12/24/2017. (thank you, Sharaney!)
Wasp received on 12/24/2017.
Capsule received on 1/10/2018.

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: Japanese
Meaning & History
From Japanese 友 (yu) meaning "friend" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful".

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