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MoonlitCacti » Lair » Sono
Level 25
Tundra Female
Dec 22, 2017 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryIvory Ripple
SecondaryCrocodile Bee
TertiarySunshine Firefly
Eye TypePlague Unusual
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
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AlYFj1w.png Sono
Survivalist - Explorer
When she met him, they were different. Polar opposites. But both found a spark inside the other that they were drawn to - it was what kept them going together.

Sono and Ara.

Before she was hatched, Sono was listening. Inside her egg, she was waiting. She wasn't afraid to bust outside right then and there, but part of her decided against it.

And then the shell cracked. She pushed her way out, curious and excited. But as soon as she hatched, two faces stared at her. Red eyes and bandaged faces.She will never survive. We are survivors. The Infection Clan has always been survivors. This weakling... is not. Not a survivor. She doesn't belong. Sono couldn't remember much from that moment. Only the whispers, the harsh thoughts about her. And the time when they took her away. They carried her to a wasteland, a flat place with nothing. No life. Not a single living thing. The place radiated death and despair. And sickness. Sono hated it. When they walked away, she easily thought they would return. No dragon would abandon a hatchling... only minutes old... right? She was wrong. They never returned.

The first night, she cried. The hatchling had nothing to hope for anymore, and she curled up in a ball beside a pile of what looked like animal bones. Sono decided not to think about it. She clamped her talons over her ears, and buried her face in her body. And stayed that way for a whole night, in the desert-like heat, full of sickness in the air. And then she found the tree.
It was just a sapling, a young, frail, tree. But it was a tree. It was healthy. It radiated life. It stood out in this horrible wasteland. And yet, it would have been a miracle for a tree to survive.
But survive it did, and Sono loved it.



UG409Qf.jpg Years passed, and she learned to survive in the wasteland she now called her home. Even still, she hated it, and longed to leave. Only the tree kept her there. Sono loved the tree so much that she couldn't leave the place. What if it died, without her care? What if some half-dead animal carrying a terrible disease trampled over it, destroying the only sign of life in the wasteland? Those questions haunted her in all her time there. She could not leave. She had to stay to protect the tree and to keep it growing. Still more years passed. The tree was no longer a weak sapling, but now a young tree.

When Sono saw tiny white flowers blooming on its branches, she cried a whole night in joy. Her tree could now survive on its own. It was like raising a child - newborns had to be watched constantly, but after they grew up enough, they could survive. Like she had, all these years. Sono didn't want to leave. But she hated the place, and if not for the tree, if she could, she probably would have already destroyed it.

So she left. She journeyed for months on end, maybe years. Sono could not keep track. The years seemed to go by faster than she could count them. Every cycle of the full moon told her there was now one more month she'd survived. But she couldn't count anymore. She was lost. Sono suddenly realized it, after years and years of traveling. No home, just a traveler, a survivor. But she was happy with that. It didn't matter to her anymore, her parents didn't want her, fine. If nobody wanted her, fine. Sono was a bold dragon who wasn't afraid to speak her own thoughts. She wasn't afraid of being homeless. She would be more than happy to keep traveling, forever.
And then there was Ara.

Ara was different. He wasn't like her. He was sweet and kind, impossibly passive and gentle. Sono loved how he was good-natured with everything, always able to create peace, even in a hostile environment. Ara grew up in the desert, where succulents grew. His heart was never really into the dry, arid, rainless nights and days of the desert, so he left. While traveling, he met Sono, and the two decided to journey together.

The two were walking. It was a desert, and Ara wanted to leave as soon as possible, as it reminded him of where he used to live. Sono promised him they'd get out of there, and to pass time, she asked him to tell about himself. So he told of his journeys. While recounting a time where Ara came across a wasteland, Sono recognized it. Every detail. The pile of bones, the animal carcasses, the sickness, the plague. She knew that was the wasteland she grew up in.

Sono was silent as he continued, and spoke of a tree. The tree.Her tree. Sono waited. Ara paused to catch his breath. "It was dead." She couldn't speak for a moment. Her heart felt hollow, as if a giant bird had swooped down and stole her missing part, the part that made her complete. The tree that she'd raised and loved. The tree that she'd stayed in that horrible place for. She'd suffered for the sake of that only living thing... and it was dead. Dead. "Are you okay?" She was not okay. She hurt. Sono shook her head. "I knew that tree. It was mine. I raised it." She choked on the last words. Ara inhaled sharply. "I'm sorry."Don't be, Ara. It was my mistake. I shouldn't have thought a tree could have survived in a land scarred with plague. I only tried to help it live.

After being told the heartbreaking news, Sono decided she didn't want to travel like this anymore. Not anymore. What if something similar happened... and she couldn't cope? Ara was happy to do anything she wanted, so the two traveled as normal - but looked for a place to stay. And that is how they came to Alfirin.

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