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WolfandCrow » Den » Arodan
Level 1
Coatl Male
Jan 08, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryPlatinum Python
SecondaryCerise Spinner
TertiaryRadioactive Gembond
Eye TypeLightning Common
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Hatchling Sitter
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Morning broke on the horizon, the light of Dawn tinting the dark sky with soft pinks, purples and yellows. The chirp of the first waking birds interrupting the silence of slumber and announcing the new day.

Followed by a flap of wings...

The small Starglider landed in front of their destination, a small bundle in their mouth. Gently they approached the lair and the first waking dragons. "I seek for your Northern Star, the Pack leader." they spoke, waiting for the mentioned dragon to step foward and question their presence. with another step foward, they lowered the bundle onto the leader's feet, "Your star has been chosen" they announced before leaving and taking off without another word.

The bundle revealed a hatchling carefully tucked in, sleeping soundly.



38650071p.png Subject Name: Unnamed Arodan
Name given by new clan
Affiliation: sold to the Gemini Clan
Age: Hatchling
Gender: Male
Lethality: Currently Unknown; could be Harmless

Height: ???
Weight: ???
Origin: United Enclave of Research Clans (UERC)
Motto: Knowledge is worth any price
Last Seen: Auction House

Father: Regulus
Regulus was created as an experiment in splicing insect DNA into dragon DNA with the purpose of increasing the strength of the dragons's scales. This experiment was mostly successful with Regulus's scales being significantly harder than those of the standard dragon, however, they have also caused some behavioral anomalies. Regulus seems to have bonded with an ultimate buttersnake, an accidental result of the experimentation conducted.

Mother: Khashada
Khashada was adopted from clan Blazedbear as part of the UERC's initiative to increase the clan's genetic pool. As part of an experiment Khashada was infused with earth essence, resulting in silicate growths across her body. Due to the potential military applications of giving soldiers tougher natural defences, further testing has been authorized in this field. Khashada herself acts as a scout, patrolling the area with her pet clouddancer in search of potential hostiles.

Eldest Sister: Flowerpetal
Despite Flowerpetal's peaceful name, she seems to have developed somewhat of a violent streak after bonding with a strange axe she found buried in some old ruins to the north of the lair. These days she can be seen chopping away at training dummies with her axe and occasionally sparring with other dragons. Due to flowerpetal's success in discovering a magical artefact, the UERC has decided to authorize further expeditions into that area in the hopes of finding further treasures.

It has been noted that Flowerpetal appears to have inherited the silicate growth's from her mother, which may be the result of her increased aggression and hostility. Further experimentation has been suggested and is pending authorization.

The Failure: Unnamed
Unnamed has inherited the silicate growths like his eldest sister and mother; however, never showed signs of changes within his defenses or strengthening scales. His growths are a lot brighter than the rest seen on other experiments. While the growths appear gem-like possibly peridot, only they seem to glow a dull light. Unnamed’s demeanor also is very different compared to the rest. In social events, he has showed positive and caring, almost adopting a paternal instinct towards other hatchlings. Maybe due to the lack of parental care? More studies and experiments needed.

Subject Unnamed has to be removed from his sister due to her violent tendencies. While placed in seclusion, Unnamed has become withdrawn and depressed, but it was required for the fear that his growth’s shine may be due to radiation. It seems to have no effect on him so there’s some promise...unless he’s just immune.

Growths are not radioactive; still no sign of any physical changes to Unnamed. It is starting to become clear that he’ll be of no use to the research. He hasn’t improved any of his parent’s abilities and hasn’t have an act to finding artifacts like his sister. He only shows signs of taking care of others. A comment to keep him as a medic has been made but he has no interest in the sciences; which is a major problem.

He has been crated and sent to the AH at fodder price.

A young Mirror showed interest to the reject and took pity on him. Her demeanor seems perfect for Unnamed. He still shows signs of fear and reserved since his separation but that is no longer a concern.


When various technological and magical artefacts were located in a series of caves near the highland scrub, numerous dragons immigrated there to study them. This resulted in a number of research oriented clans forming, clans which oftentimes fought with each other over many of the discovered artifacts. However, as beastmen attacks started to increase, many of these clans found they could not deal with the beastmen raiders, and those that could found these attacks to be annoying distractions from their work. Eventually the disparate groups decided to unify under a single banner as a temporary measure to protect themselves until the attacks died down again. But, as beastmen attacks only continued to increase, this temporary alliance eventually became a more permanent fixture.

While this unification has brought about numerous breakthroughs, it has also caused to it's members to loose what few morals they once had, leading to some truly horrifying experiments.

ATH: 2
FIN: 1
INT: 4
CRE: 6
PER: 3
MAG: 3
CHA: 7
Total Points: 441.77
Final Rank: 177 of 247
[GLA] Blanket Fort - Cats' Choice Awards

The Fortress of Ends' resident cats are hosting a big contest to see which dragons are the Best in Sornieth (according to cat standards). Dragons must perform a number of feats from athletics and art, to architecture and culinary skills. Winner will be crowned best dragon in Sornieth (as decided by cats)... but keep your wits about you, a mystery may be afoot. Dozens of fantastic prizes available!

nrMWk6M.gifSchedule of Events

Each day of the week brings a new task, all of which are unique abilities that the cats believe that all dragons should possess.
  • Sunday Challenge: Athletics, with Halberd
    Dragons show off their speed, strength, and agility in these tests of physical power!
  • Monday Challenge: Architecture, with Spaghetti
    Dragons show off their creativity and handiwork by constructing the Best possible cat towers.
  • Tuesday Challenge: Art, with Bubbles
    Dragons show off their finesse and passion for the arts via painting and ice sculpture.
  • Wednesday Challenge: Culinary, with Sundae
    Dragons compete to create the Best cat food, which is judged on taste, looks, and creativity.
  • Thursday Challenge: Alchemy, with Smudge
    Dragons work to show off their magical potion-making skills!
  • Friday Challenge: Magic, with Fate and Snowglobe
    Dragons perform the ultimate feats of magical prowess in this challenge of great wizardry.
  • Saturday Challenge: Obstacle Course, with Teacup
    Dragons test their wits and quick-thinking against this devious obstacle course full of mysteries.
Day 1: Opening Scene

Day 1: Athletics Challenge
Score: 75.25 / 100

Day 2: After Hours Follow-Up
no response

Day 2: Architecture Challenge
Score: 51.42

Day 3: After Hours Follow-Up
nrMWk6M.gifBuy empty notebook.

Day 3: Art Challenge
Painting Score: 34.69 | Sculpture Score: 42.18

Day 4: After Hours Follow-Up
nrMWk6M.gif[read the books]

Day 4: Culinary Challenge
Score: 60.67

Day 5: After Hours Follow-Up
nrMWk6M.gifWe could visit the mage's tower and try out some magic?

Day 5: Alchemy Challenge
Score: 68.39

Day 6: After Hours Follow-Up
nrMWk6M.gifHelp Chamomile care for the other injured dragons.

Day 6: Magic Challenge
Score: 54.93

Day 7: Obstacle Course Challenge
Score: 54.24

Day 7: Awards Ceremony
nrMWk6M.gifOnce again, a sea of dragons gathers in the courtyard on the final day of the Crystalline Gala. The eclipse is coming to a close, and the dragons are all a bit worn out from their week of trials, but still proud of the effort they put in! They did a good job, all of them did! Tulip, Hopscotch, and Comet stand on the center stage constructed from cardboard boxes. Patches stands to the side, and behind them, all of the Blanket Fort cats!
In 3rd place.... Ripple (Starry413) from Starry Nights!
In 2nd place... Strenia (Nemalu) from Sea of Ancient Dreams!
And... in 1st place... Aata (ShardofSun) from Clan Saeiyrn!

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