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KindlyDragon: Dragon Lair » Haeal
Level 1
Imperial Female
Jan 09, 2018 (6 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMidnight Metallic
SecondaryMidnight Bee
TertiaryIce Runes
Eye TypeIce Common
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
4hHORje.png ___________________________________________________________ 4hHORje.png


"You say the nature of our power should have divided us as rivals. We ask: why?"

Like the icy rain on a cold winter's night

"You both are incredibly powerful. You wield ice like an extension of your own limbs. So ingrained with cold you are, your blood is almost without warmth. Yet your ability is only half what it could be. Somehow, you both hatched with a substantial strength originally only meant for one dragon. In death, one of you will immediately pass your portion on to your sister, doubling her power beyond what she has ever known. Do with that knowledge what you will."

______ Besides power, these two share an unwavering sense of loyalty. They both know what would happen if one was to be killed. They know it well. Yet neither of them would dare harm her sister for the sake of empty power. They looked to one another's eyes early as young drakes and decided their power to be the reason they remain as sisters inseparable rather than rivals out for blood. They fight together- as one. When Haeal calls for aid, Esper runs to her side. When any attack one, they contend with both.

______ Neither sister is more powerful than the other. Having each hatched with half of one whole ability, the power simply takes on different forms. Haeal, an intelligent, dangerously calm dragon, has adopted a methodology of wearing down any target that dare challenge her. To contend with her is to chase a patient shadow with a deadly persistence. She will pose a quiet threat, forcing her opponent to skirt hidden freezing traps and deceptively simple spells. Even as she fights with tooth and claw. Infamously capable of even the most intricate of freezing curses, there is little Haeal cannot do with a little creativity and a heartbeat of time.

______ She has even been rumored to be able to induce a sort of cryogenic hibernation in any creature she choose, even in all but the most powerful of dragons. Esper herself, of course, is capable of this, but her lack of patience for building spells of her own means that she will often only be capable of what Haeal has had time to teach her.

______ W.I.P..

-Enjoys throwing teasing jabs at dragons she knows well enough to be on friendly terms with. (?)
-More reserved than Esper, but only moderately. She does not slip into excited play as often, but when the proper mood hits her she can be just as excitable/playful.


Bio template by Mibella, find it here.
"Copperhead" wrote on 2018-02-01:

Hellbender eyes the two females appreciatively as they approach, smirking at them with confidence and puffing out his chest, "Heh, naw, I'm good. Wouldn't want to ruin the day of two ladies as lovely as yourselves. Seein' as your looks are all ya got, were I to lay into ya your ditzy brains wouldn't be able to handle anythin' more than a few monosyllabic words. And if I were to make ya both cry, Gods only know the tears'd cause ya to melt, and then I've got murder charges on my claws. Don't need none of that kinda trouble. Why don't you little ice queens run off to your mountain of isolation and sing your troubles away instead then, eh? After all, sometimes ya just gotta let it go."

Cupcake bounces around the sisters, eyes twinkling as she bats at the swirling snowflakes that both dragons seem to be emitting, "Ooh, gosh, you girls are so pretty! So regal and elegant! Beautiful, powerful, dangerous, cold, and chock full of magic! Everything about you is amazing, and it seems like being together amplifies your already incredible ability! How wonderful that is, to have such a dear sister and know that you are stronger when you are together! It's the best kind of love!" She hands both girls flower crowns made of white and icy blue roses.

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