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KindlyDragon: Dragon Lair » Ahkauris
Level 1
Guardian Female
Jan 27, 2018 (10 months)
Stats Growth
PrimaryCharcoal Ripple
SecondaryCharcoal Safari
TertiaryShale Spines
Eye TypeLightning Glowing
Energy: 46 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Hidden Treasure, a bioluminescent beauty





Working on additions

______ Under any large amount of light, all of Ahkauris' scales are a dull and uninteresting grey. Even if they were polished they would allow no reflection above that of the sun glaring off of a smooth grey rock. Her horns and claws themselves are not too far off, only managing to be a touch darker than the rest of her.

______ What is often missed is the numerous lines that decorate her, from the edge of her snout down to the tip of her tail. They decorate the top of her skull like an artist's masterwork and trail down her neck in a trio of straightened lines that follow her spine. Two of the three on the left and right, those that follow her neck after lining the base of her horns, fade halfway down her neck while the third follows her webbed spines all through until the tip of her tail. Others rise from the edges of her claws only to disappear after the first joint of her legs. Every webbed spine is contoured with this line like they had been gilded in silver. Even in the best of light those lines are more than difficult to see clearly, as their almost white coloration sits unnoticed against her scale like an aged scar.

______ She has managed to catch other dragons off guard more than once when she is seen at times where no strong light is at hand. Her scale takes on such a new guise that dragons that do not know her well do not recognize her for a heartbeat. Times as such all of her scales emit a wonderfully soft, blue glow as though she had consumed the moon itself. No longer does her scale show even a touch of grey when it is at its peak but a brilliant white-cyan. The masterwork upon her shines with just a sliver of a white light barely brighter than the rest. The sharp, almost icy blue of her eyes shines with the same white hot burn of lightning in a storm. Of course, this releases no useful light, she is no glowing torch to light one's way. The aura about her lifts but inches from her scale and is bright enough only to cause reflections on polished surfaces, but no more than that.

______ This bioluminescence is hereditary, and all dragons with any hint of her bloodline will glow with her mark. These marks are unique per dragon and, unlike Ahkauris' bioluminescence, can be dimmed and brightened at will. Ahkauris' is so extravagant simply because the trait had somehow imbued its beginnings in her from the first heartbeats of her life. This is all part of the reason she cannot control it, as it is both the strongest in her and also has not developed enough as a true trait. Full coverage in her offspring is rare, and luminescence identical to hers is even more so. Xha'thal has become a dragon with much respect back in his true home, and the dragons with Ahkauris’ mark have managed to garner some of the same respect for themselves.

______ It has had more of a practical use to her enemies than it ever could to herself. Having no control of this trait aside from remaining under bright enough light, slipping into the shadows has become but a fantasy to her. If she were ever to have need, she would be spotted as easily as a bolt of lightning in the night.

______ Apart from appearance, Ahkauris grew from hatchling to dragon never truly knowing her mother. Her father, Auhs’stal, returned from a hunt on a dark night to find his family shattered. His son dead on a stone floor, mutilated, his body barely held together in one piece as he lie still in shreds. Auhs'stal’s mate and daughter were nowhere to be found, and he wondered how much of the blood did not belong to his son. Immediately he broke into a furious search, scouring for even the most miniscule trace he could use to track the killer and break its neck. He was only comforted knowing his mate would be just as furious as he.

______ It did not take long to find her. A bloody trail led his eyes directly to where she lie. She, not unlike her own son, was dead. His precious mate hadn't even made it a hatchling’s leap from the cave. Her bones were cracked and smashed as she lie broken on the soil as though something had simply knocked her out of the sky. A single trail of blood was flowing from her helplessly open maw, exposing cracked teeth and a broken jawbone. He wondered how he had not seen her during his approach home.

______ He returned to the cave up on a mountain, disheartened beyond fury having not found a culprit to rip apart and give himself a level of closure. He didn't much care for caves, but that was secondary when it came to the safety of her. This was a cave he deemed safe to raise a family of his own hatchlings- an assumption he paid dearly for. Eventually he found Ahkauris, scales glowing as bright as ever, shivering from confusion and fear in the bitter cold.

______ She was alive.

______ The spark of joy that almost broke through his sorrow was tempered only by the sharp scent of blood from his son. She herself hid, mostly unharmed save for a small bruising in her soft hatchling scale. Flecks of blood from her brother were strewn about her body and sheer terror glared at him from her eyes.

______It took everything he knew as a father to coax her away from the crack in the wall. She shook at his flank until the sun broke at dawn. Somehow she had known of a crevice deep enough that her luminescent scale would not break through when most hatchlings of her age would simply be frozen in panic, like she was then. Auhs'stal covered her with a wing to ensure no hints of light from her escape out from the shadows- he would not allow the killer another chance, not while he still lived.

______ Now a grown dragon even more aged than Xha'thal, she remembers little of this. All knowledge of her mother had been passed by stories borne from aching grief told by her father. She would tease him for repeating what she has already heard, but she never actually stops him from the recollection. Throughout her years as a hatchling, the tales had served to soften her gnawing hunger to know and understand her mother. Ahkauris still enjoys hearing those words as much as she always did, and that never will that change. He would call her hidden treasure, telling that her mother always enjoyed watching the outlines of her form glowing through the shell throughout the night. This has since become her favored title- even Xha'thal has been heard using it to refer to her.

______ Xha’thal even catches her writing her father’s stories on both paper and stone, using them as a foundation to weave tales to tell to her own hatchlings. At times she tells of a mother sacrificing a part of herself for her offspring to comfort, other tales are reprimanding rhymes to speak a lesson. On occasion they are even a stark reminder of tales already told, telling him that her mother is not the sole source of her writing. Of course course she knows truly little, but she believes wholeheartedly that her mother somehow threw her, rather roughly admittedly, into the crevice to hide her. Her memory is limited to a blind tumbling the night of the deaths, and she doubts a hatchling hardly five dawns of age would have the presence of mind to hide herself, even in fear. That knowledge is her source for the dragon she had written of many times- one unafraid to do what she must to protect, even if not initially understood by her beloved charge. A little misunderstood pain to prevent a death.

______ So enamored with her lost mother, few things instill her with the same kind of bliss that she enjoys while watching over healthy hatchlings that play before her. A famous denmother she has become in the clan as she tirelessly volunteers her free hours to a mated pair in need of rest. When she and Xha’thal themselves have hatchlings to raise, she again is a stalwart mother with an almost unmatched fierceness to protect and care. Never does she allow any foreign being to lift so much as a claw against them as she shields them. She is, however, aware that she must temper her urge to protect with a certain level of inaction. She understands well that there are times a hatchling must smell his own blood to truly learn a lesson worthwhile- to truly be prepared to thrive in the challenges of the life ahead of them. Nothing is learnt if she nullifies the consequences of their own actions.

____"So much death fell around me, but for so many years I was untouched. I thought I'd be prepared, I thought I'd be able to defend myself, but in hindsight I realize I began to forget the danger. I thought I was doing enough to protect myself. I began to think I had somehow escaped it. I had forgotten that it very well could happen to me."
____"Knowing now that a dragon, Tualvyl, orchestrated this, I realized how everything fit together. Just as soon as my resolve slipped and my mind became distracted, that was when I was struck. No sooner, no later. Xha'thal is the one reason I live, the one variable Tualvyl did not see coming.
____"There is no other dragon I would rather be with, and there never will be."

______ The meeting between her and Xha'thal was rather uneventful, and though Xha'thal was already willing to admit she had beauty to her, despite her unusually dull scale, they simply went their separate ways. Little was exchanged other than their names and a few friendly words. Yet they never broke contact. Xha'thal found himself seeking her out after a few conversations, and she only learned more of him every time he had.

______ Soon his drive to protect dragonkind as a whole resonated with her own love for caring for hatchlings, and she began to reciprocate that interest. She resolved to give him a chance as, if she were honest with herself, her heart was beginning to soften for him. Slowly, of course, as she was in no mood to press forward. He behaved like he cared for her, yes, but she still lacked tangible evidence that he truly was willing to stay at her side through blood and hardship. There was no guarantee in her mind that he would support her in a time of need. Ahkauris had no wish to waste her time on a dragon that would not invest more than a fleeting time with her.

______ That was before he willfully brought himself to the point of death to save her.

______ She was attacked, once, by a gargantuan swarm of ravenous flying creatures desperate to down a meal. In a swarm that numbered in the hundreds, they were beyond emboldened. They looked to Ahkauris, a strong dragon completely capable of defending herself, and saw only a challenge. Their starvation and misplaced confidence melded together into a wild abandon to kill. No longer did they fear her claws. That was when they became dangerous.

______ They attacked Ahkauris from behind, managing to startle her with an unexpected claw in her flank. After only a heartbeat of confusion, she whiplashed herself to throw the creature off and broke it's skull with a swipe of her tail when it lost it's grip. Her eyes widened when she saw the swarm. She fought with a fearsome ferocity as they came upon her, killing the small beasts left and right with swipes of her claws, whips of her tail, and bursts of blinding lightning that shattered their smaller bodies like jugs of wet clay. They fell quickly and easily, her strikes downing several at a time.

______ Yet there were too many. When she would smash the skull of one, another would manage to claw through her hide. Stopping an attack at her spine left her chest and underbelly exposed. They came from every angle and pierced through her otherwise solid defense like a knife. The creatures surrounded her- biting, clawing and hammering at her scale. It did not take long before they broke through in numerous places, her own blood dripping down with the blood of her enemy. Even as she managed to bring the numbers from two hundred down to less than half a dozen her strength began to wane, quickly. She fought well and long, but not well enough and her endurance faded. A thousand cuts littered her scale, each one leaking a slow but steady stream of blood. With muscles burning and vision clouding, she began to fall out of the sky as the last three of her attackers screeched in their victory. Her world went dark when she felt the hard thud of her bulk hitting the hard ground. Simply unconscious, thanks to a low altitude, but she was bleeding out and had not much longer to last. Assuming the creatures did not first finish her off.

______ Awaking to much confusion and surprise later, her mind scrambled to understand why she had not died. She remembered falling. She remembered her grey scale stained with the deep and dark crimson of her own blood. So many hundreds of cuts and cracks littered her hide and her thoughts were still veiled by the grogginess that so often accompanied such a lack of blood. Only when she actually looked at the cuts did she notice an odd change. Each one had been dressed and, for the most part, cleaned. At first resolving that another dragon must have found her, she marveled that it should not have been enough. Her strength was spent and she hadn't enough blood to regain it. What could that dragon have done to let her live?

______ She turned when a somewhat troubled snore hit her ears, and realized that a big black beast of a dragon was resting, rather fitfully, near her side. It was a black scale she recognized. Ahkauris made no effort to hide a pleased smile, though there were none to see it, and shifted to lie closer to him, hoping her presence would be enough to calm whatever ailed his mind.

______ Xha'thal himself did not wake for several dawns. His sleep was indeed fitful, his breathing labored and shallow. He twitched, shifted and squirmed in a restless slumber that she could not wake him from. Xha'thal, in his sleep, was behaving like a dragon near death from injury. Only after he gathered enough strength to remain awake for more than a few heartbeats did Ahkauris learn precisely what he had done.

______ Somehow, through sheer desperation, he had managed to link his life directly to her so that he could, quite literally, pour his life's energy in to hers. She needed so much, that he had nearly emptied himself and died. He swapped their places. There she was, strong enough to stand, if only just, and watch a perfectly unharmed dragon fight her battle with death for her.

______ Ahkauris never quite saw him in the same light after that ordeal. Her doubts were utterly shattered. From that moment forward she chose him. Though she may travel alone on occasion, she never leaves his side.



Bio template by Mibella, find it here.



Before appearance revamp:








"Copperhead" wrote on "2018-03-30:

Hellbender grins haughtily as he is recognized, “Aye, that’s what folks say, anyway. What do they say about you then, eh? ‘Oh yeah, that’s that dreary grey lass. If ya don’t know who I mean just go and look for the drabbest dragon you can find, that’s like as not to be her.’ I mean, gods above, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dragon with duller scales than you, there ain’t no luster to ‘em at all! I’d almost think you were some kinda zombified corpse or somethin’ without havin' even a wee bit of sheen to ya!”

Cupcake had not missed the brief flash of light that shone off of Ahkauris’ scales, and her jaw drops open, “Oh wow, no, that’s not true at all, you’ve got some amazing shininess to you! I saw it when you walked under that tree, I know I did! You must glow in the dark, right?” She skitters forward and cups her hands over a spot on the Guardian’s flank, looking upon the silvery streaks, “Ooh, I knew it! You’re all sparkly-glowy! Is it magic or is it phosphorescence? Well, whatever causes it, it’s super cool and really pretty! You should become a dancer and do performances at night, it would be so cool to see you moving around with all those lovely silvery patterns dancing along with you!” She gives Ahkauris a white rose, and then stretches up on her tiptoes to get a better look at Rynic, gently booping his snoot and handing him a marigold.

"JellyLu" wrote on "2018-04-05:


Oh wow, she's gorgeous! First, I must say based on her artwork she looked good even before her revamp! My guard Mika uses the same accent she used to wear :3 However, comparing that to how she looks now, MY what a great transformation! Those colors, while draker, look captivating with those genes! I love how the accent and her eyes glow and make the colors stand out even more! She's definitely "a bioluminescent beauty". I notice she doesn't have any apparel right now. She looks stunning without it, but I'm just curious as to whether you have any outfits planned in the future...? :3
As for her bio, it does a superb job at describing the beauty of her appearance. Her backstory....as I read it I could visualize it well in my head. I felt the pain her father felt as he discovered his mate and son, but I also felt his joy when he found his daughter. As an adult, I admire that Ahkauris wants to keep the memory of her mother strong and alive. I myself especially liked reading how her mother could see her glowing form through the egg shell. I also admire her as a mother herself. Not only does she care for her own in an excellent manner, but she seems like the ultimate den mother. She's a very noble dragon from humble beginnings. A true shining star.

You are right to be proud of this dragon. She's beautiful with a VERY well-written story!

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