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KindlyDragon » Lair » Liryle
Level 1
Guardian Female
Feb 27, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimarySanguine Metallic
SecondarySanguine Bee
TertiarySanguine Opal
Eye TypePlague Common
Energy: 49 / 50
Apparel & Skins
The Cursed Seer

The sight of a new face, a new dragon, strikes her with a revelation of death. She will know precisely what the dragon will experience at death. Liryle will feel every torn bit of flesh, every broken bone. In a heartbeat, she herself will pant as though she had just experienced this death herself.

She does not know what or who will be responsible, or when the death will even occur. To her, it is a simple revelation of what will be. At times, the circumstances around a dragons death are changed and the type of death the dragon will experience itself becomes different enough to make Liryle's experience irrelevant. In cases like these, even if she knows the dragon well, she must see the death anew.

To uncover her eyes within a gathering of dragons unknown to her is to risk sheer torture that will last like she had been trapped in her own mind for an eternity, until every last death is felt as though it were her own. Muscles will ache from flexing in absolute agony, her throat dry as though she had been locked in a bloodcurdling roar for hours. She does not know if her endurance would last through such an ordeal and she would like not to test herself.

She will hide her eyes from a stranger. Many do not see her piercing gaze until they have known her for a time; until she deems that she will see that particular dragon often enough that it is worth the momentary agony to know their face and the color of their scale. Ironically, she has developed a nearly photographic memory of the dragons she meets. She never forgets even the finest details of a face. So often the ignores her eyesight, that even her hearing has sharpened to a point precise enough to recognize a dragon with pinpoint accuracy. There are times where a suspicious voice will drive her to remove her veil simply so that she may attach a visual memory to the otherwise disembodied voice.

She is Madrak's sister, and he her brother. Yet he doesn't know this. Liryle had grown to understand his power very early on in her hatchling's ages, in no small part due to her sharing a connected power. She hid from him as soon as she was able, allowed him to forget her.

Note: Need reason for such early separation.

Now, many years later, she has found him again. They had been separated for decades, but Liryle never forgets a face. She never told him she is is sister, and she will not until he is on the edge of death. Family relations only hurt one like him.

The words

Still.working on it- yes, her too...

"Copperhead" wrote on "2018-03-20:

Hellbender throws his head back and cackles roughly, “The only sufferin’ I’m worried about is talkin’ to the likes of you! Why should liftin’ your peep scarf be the slightest bit intimidatin’ to me? Unless you’ve got a Medusa stare and are plannin’ to turn me to stone, there don’t seem to be much reason for me to start quakin’ in my boots. Pff, and even if ya DID, I ain’t about to start worryin’ now, am I? No point in wasting time frettin’ over what may be, I’ll just take things as they come and not have to get any prematurely grey scales as a result.”

Cupcake admires Liryle with a fascinated expression, “Oh WOW, you are one of the most beautiful dragons I’ve ever seen! Your deep red scales are so shiny and glossy, and your wings look like fire opals! It’s amazing!” She cocks her head, ever innocently curios, “Um, if I may ask, why are you wearing a blindfold? Have you hurt your eyes, or have a bad problem with them? You know, if there’s something ‘wrong’ with them, you shouldn’t have to hide them just for the sake of others, you should just let them deal with it! Being different makes us special, you don’t have to conceal what makes you unique! Um, you know, if that’s the case…I don’t mean to presume or pry…” her feathers puff out in a Coatl blush and she offer Liryle a blood red rose.

Chosen for best dressed: 1

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