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Lemonie: Dragon Lair » Comfrey
Level 1
Skydancer Female
Mar 07, 2018 (1 month)
Stats Growth
PrimaryPeridot Wasp
SecondaryMoss Bee
TertiaryStone Opal
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins
-Clan Enchantress-

Comfrey always had a path to follow, and she accepted that path. She let herself become one with nature, with the plants and the flowers and the trees that covered her home like a protective canopy. Even after she was corrupted by evil and couldn’t follow her original path, in the end with the gifts of the Gladekeeper, herbs and the help of kind friends, she could reunite with nature and make the Gladekeeper truly proud of her.


"Comfrey is used in protective magic for the traveler and to protect against theft. Comfrey comes from the Latin meaning to grow together."

Comfrey was born to a coven, as they called themselves due to their practices of witchcraft, potion-making, and overall enhancement of life in plants, and sometimes even in dragons. They used their magic to thank the Gladekeeper in ritualistic circles, and never taking from the land without asking and receiving permission from nature from certain signs only the most powerful and experienced coven leaders in the clan could detect... Symbols for protection, such as the rune sowilo or a pentagram (which is a symbol of good spirits and safety when right side up), were found in everything made by the coven. It was a loving and peaceful clan, perfect for Comfrey, a justice-minded and caring soul who was obviously destined to use her own magic to better nature and the growth of the Gladekeeper.


All except for her long excluded cousin, who had always been a loner and didn’t agree with many traditions in the clan. Comfrey’s cousin practiced her own types of magic: creating shadows and diseases to follow around dragons she deemed worthy of her punishments. She was the most jealous and hateful of Comfrey of all dragons, for her looks, brains, and her future of being a respected coven leader. She eventually gathered others that felt the same, targeting newer members and even hatchlings who were not exposed to many of her clan’s “ridiculous” rituals yet. They gathered together and began a ritual to conjure evil spirits to plague Comfrey, which would jump-start their revolution against current coven leaders and the Gladekeeper’s ideas themselves. Just as they pushed Comfrey to finally give into their magic spells, everything broke apart. Her vibrant wings and opal markings were dulled and could no longer shine her wings like she once could. Her once bright emerald eyes were turned stark-white, and she became more careful, judgemental, and overall less powerful. Her magic was no longer powerful enough to complete the rituals she was destined to lead and had to turn to potion-making and herbal witchcraft to stay in-line with her destiny of becoming an all-powerful coven leader. However, her magic seemed to die away like a sickness manifesting inside a once great oak tree.

The ill spirits from the spell were obviously directed directly at her. Each day she was in the coven she grew less and less healthy, and none of the native herbs could help her. By that point, the disease inside of her had already weakened her to the point that she could not become a coven leader. Comfrey’s clan considered her to be an extremely bad luck charm, as she was not able to fulfill her duties as a follower of the Gladekeeper. Comfrey knew that she had to set out. She had to find something that could allow her to get better, and fulfill her destiny. If she didn’t, she would have to turn to painful, exotic medicine and witchcraft which could very well kill her. Comfrey had to leave the coven, for the sake of every dragon there. She settled in a place that would not be easily found and began to focus on herbal medicines and magic derived directly from plants and the earth as opposed to magic found in a dragon. Comfrey lead a simplistic life for many months, adopting a nomadic lifestyle. She was determined to return to her clan healed, and she needed to find the right herbs to do it. She took advice from arcane, light, water, and even a couple plague dragons in an attempt to finally find a spell that can heal herself, however, she could never get the right herbs or complete any ritual she had to do on herself.


As Comfrey was picking herbs by the streams one day, she saw something in the corner of her eye. It was...a dragon...she could see. A Wildclaw, to be exact. The dragon was moving extremely slow, which stunned Comfrey since she knew that most Wildclaws were fast hunters. But what if the dragon wasn't hunting? Looking closer, she saw the dragon picking flowers and herbs! However, what held Comfrey back from talking with the dragon was her concentration on such little flowers. Herbs, they need concentration. But...flowers? Simple little buds? Comfrey immediately thought it could be dark magic that resided in the dragon, allowing them to somehow talk to divine spirits through certain flowers that represent the dead. But...Comfrey needed to know what those herbs and flowers were. She needed to know how that dragon could see so much in simple flowers. She had to. Comfrey nervously went up to the dragon, but as she got closer sensed a pure aura around the dragon, much like the coven leaders she once knew. Immediately Comfrey struck up a conversation about herbs and flowers, which surprised the Wildclaw, who she found out was named Magnolia. Magnolia explained that her clan grew and sold different flowers and herbs, and was happy to share some! It was like the Gladekeeper sent the two to each other. Comfrey needed plants, Magnolia needed a clan herbalist and avid magic-user, as Magnolia found it hard to grow certain flowers from different flights, as she only knew how to use Nature magic, of course. Comfrey knew almost everything about herbs and different flight's magic, and could easily help Magnolia with the many herbs she had been growing. Comfrey got better and better, practicing her skills and eventually being able to rid her own body of the evil magic that followed her around for so long, at least temporarily. However, Comfrey learned a completely new kind of magic from Magnolia, her friend Iki, and all the other dragons she met- she learned the power of understanding, and the power that comes from creating your own path in life to ultimately make the Gladekeeper as proud as possible.



Comfrey is a very careful, judgemental dragon. Whenever she sees something out of the ordinary she assumes it's dark witchcraft, at least until she can get to know the dragon enough to get their aura and know what their intentions are. The intentions of a dragon's actions are most important to her and she holds it in high regard. She tried to accept and forgive dragons who she knows has good intentions and a good heart and is glad to help anybody who wants to learn about herbal magic, or about the Gladekeeper.

Lore written by GiadaDraven! Edited by me!

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