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Juri01 » Lair » Zayin
Level 10
Coatl Male
Mar 26, 2018 (1 year)
Stats Growth
PrimaryObsidian Metallic
SecondaryObsidian Alloy
TertiarySeafoam Opal
Eye TypeWind Common
Energy: 47 / 50
Apparel & Skins

• Z A Y I N •

  • Hatchday: Mar 26, 2018
  • Original clan: Wind
  • Parents clans: Father - nature Wildclaw // Mother - light Coatl
  • Came to clan: taken in Mar 2018 (Muerti)


Zayin is a bit shy and tends to falls in love way too easy.
He spends a lot of his time daydreaming and writing love letters he will never give to the dragons they're ment for.

The Coatl loves to write stories and compose ballads, so others can enjoy the written word and tunes alike. But whenever Zayin composes a song, he'd to so in private--never agreeing to play an unfinished piece infront of an audience.



I'll Write a Song for You

Zayin sat, tuning his lute for a moment before letting lose a forlorn sigh. Finishing up his tuning, he plucks at a few strings, his ears picking up a melody as he hums along. He never got to compose these days, too many people were coming and going, it wasn't ever quiet enough. But today, the wind pushed softly at the reeds, and a subtle breeze pushed against Zayin's feathers, and he was inspired to write something, and maybe finish it this time around too.

Plucking the strings and humming, resting back against a cool rock in the shade, he composed a love song for his new crush. It was a soft song, not like his previous infatuation-caused songs. This one started quietly, nearly silent if not for the telltale sound of claws gently scratching on the strings.

' I'll Write a Song for You', written by McShmalex


Poetry Contest 2017
Divider taken from official MJ Poetry Contest thread

My Entries


Carried far away
windblown and freed from earth to

Ode to Wind
A kite's memento

Can you hear the sound of wind chimes
tinkle about the birth of new life?
The upcoming breeze gently stroked them,
taking the whisper to wide open skies.

Can you tell, the beautiful moon
shines over your soaring dreams?
She travels on the beams of its sound,
carried away to your make-believe worlds.

So trust in these gently tunes,
belief in my words, dear child.
The wind chimes you got by your side
will forever be your lullabies.

Any Way the Wind Blows

Boundless Freedom

Joyous roaming breeze.
You can float from branch to branch,
Lighter than the air.

Rise up, unbound like the wind.
Free yourself from all shackles.

Spread your restless wings.
Leave behind devouring doubts,
Follow the sweet call.

Gently lead by air currents
Take up the wide open skies.

~ Mistral Jamboree 2019 ~
'Welcome to the MJ '19 Poetry Contest!
Entries, please. Here's your Event Badge.
Wear it at all times. Good luck!'
Judge Windruffles says
______ Zh9Zw1J.png
Official Event Security Badge

Level: Second Place
2019 MJ Poetry Contest Entries:

___Friendship Haiku
___gleam of hope

___Autumn and Spring
___In the course of time, Ode

___If Windsinger were...
___A graceful melody

___Poem to a Friend
___Lost for words

___Season's POV - SECOND PLACE
___Spring's wakening

___Anything Goes
___A writer's love
Official Event Security Badge MJ 2019 Poetry Contest
Entry 1

A Coatl landed near the Registration and Security desk – a lute strapped tightly over his shoulder– and looked around shyly. He was accompanied by a seemingly annoyed Serthis Archivist.

“See?! There's nothing to be worried about! We are here; you will enter the contest and actually share all those pieces you usually only let gather dust in some corner of your place. So, be proud about it and stopwhininginmyearsalready, will ya’?! You’ll do just fine, Zayin! Just think about it: someone will be actually looking at your work. You can pitch it to some people you never would have met otherwise! It’s a great opportunity!”

The dragon nodded – more confident now – and took a step towards Registration… only to turn around with an insecure look on its face once more. “I don’t know, Crevan. It’s been so long since I last entered a writing contest. What if t—“

Before Zayin could even finish the sentence, Crevan linked arms with him and dragged his shy friend towards the dragon sitting behind the nicely decorated desk.

“Happy Mistral Jamboree! Sorry for the commotion just know. I’d like to register this one here for the contest, please!”

Zayin smiled thankfully at his friend before taking over the conversation, stating his name and profession before actually handing in his first entry.
Judge Windriuffles sipped her cup of chai as the next Poet stepped up, or were they dragged? Oh dear, she understood the fear of sharing poetry with others. Their contest here was a good place though - everyone understood that fear.

She took the entry with a welcoming smile and checked it over. "Looks good, thank you for entering! We'll get this logged in and you can get your Security Badge over there."

by paintminion

Entry 2

“Hallo there! It’s us again! You see, my friend actually finished some more writings and I'd like to turn them in!!”

A rather calm evening came to a sudden end as Crevan came running in – Zayin a few steps behind him – while holding up two parchments. He passes them on to the dragon behind the desk and waits for his bigger friend to catch up with him. The arriving Coatl didn’t seem to mind his work being turned in; but he was grumbling about having an overexcited friend who just annoyingly loved to exaggerate!

“Is it that difficult to wait for just one second? I couldn’t even wrap everything up…! What’s more, the ink hasn’t even dried completely! I really hope – for your sake – it didn’t cause any smears!”

He also turns to the desk, nodding affably at the dragon. “How does it look…?”
Abigail smiled as Creven handed her the poems, her usual shy demeanor standing out against his seemingly loud personality, but she looked ever polite and thoughtful and giggled softly at their interaction. Looking down her list of requirements, she nodded. "They look wonderful; everything checks out!" she said softly. "Good luck!"

by BrookInTheMeadow

Entry 3

“Are you serious?! You wrote something about friendship and it isn’t about me?! How could you…” Crevan gave his friend a deeply disappointed glance. He followed the dragon while that one handed its work in; still, the beastkin was sulking the whole time.

“I just hope, it isn’t that good a poem.” Crevan added with an iniquitous tone.

“Is that the green-eyed monster speaking? … you are my most dearest friend, Crevan. Don’t forget that just because it once isn't all about you!” The Coatl gave his jealous friend an affectionate nudge to calm him down. “Come on~ You also like Megs` clan! They have been our friends for such a long time now! Snap out of it!…”

Zayin rolled his eyes and turned the scroll in. An address was attached to it so it would reach Meg and their family as soon as possible.

But the Serthis Archivist couldn’t help himself, always wanting the last word. “Well… it’s not your best work, Zayin. … Just saying!! …”
Windruffles yawned, the day had once again started well with a cup of chai and a crisp spring breeze on a sunny morning. She lay in the window seat and daydreamed about someday meeting Windsinger, and would he like her poetry?

Suddenly she popped up and looked around. "Oh dear, what time is it? It's the last day of Mistral Jamboree and the Poetry Contest! I should be there working on the final entries and get ready for judging!"

The wind teased her fur and wings as she took in the next batch of entries and thanked each poet for their participation.

"Glad you could get in your entries! Today is the last day for us! Good luck!"

by paintminion

Entry 4

Zayin approached the desk, all alone for a change. His bright friend was still cheesed with the poet and wanted to sulk a bit longer in their tent. There was nothing that’d snap Crevan out of it right now; so Zayin decided to have a look at the other poets amazing writings and broaden his mind.

But first, he had to turn in those final scrolls at the desk!

“These should be my final entries for the contest. Thank you very much for your help during this whole process! I really appreciate it. … and sorry for my friends’ behavior, he can be intense sometimes. But he means well!”



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